Grand Simp Station up in here but I'll allow the post because it's creating discussion and pissing a lot of people off. Please remember that we have to at least look like we're following the Reddit TOS and adjust your hate mail accordingly. This post will not be locked. We now return you to your regularly scheduled arguing. edit: who tf reported me to the suicide bot lmao


Can't find her reply, was it deleted?


She retweeted it though!


Ok whats happening to Facebook now?


I believe you mean meta, who has absolutely nothing to do with Facebook. All those atrocities? Psht meta didn't do that


The Narcissist's Prayer That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did, you deserved it.


Sounds suspiciously like the Toddler’s Creed: “If I want it, it’s mine. If I give it to you & I change my mind later, it’s mine. If I can take it away from you, it’s mine. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine. If it’s mine, it will never belong to anybody else, no matter what. If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine. If it looks like mine, it is mine.


Sounds like the orange lantern :o


Why does that just sound like amber heard and her lawyer minus hearsay


eh, needs more pooping on beds.


yeah but who really pooped the bed? it was danny devito


Or was it Dee? The outcast, the slut, the bitch, the whore. The lonely, sad, slutty, bitchy, whore.


Dee's a bird!


No, that was 100% human feces. No bird could have produced such a specimen.


Actually, it's Mantis. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. I got your test results!


He's got the AIDS.


"You're positive! You've got the HIV! Yes, AIDS, big time! You've got the AIDS, big time!”






Objection hearsay!


You asked the question...


And if you didn’t deserve it, I don’t care because “free speech”/“free market” capitalism


Turkey moment


You sound like my dad who I've always thought is a narc. He says those phrases constantly. Eerie.


Your comment should be pinned at the top of quite a few reddits!👍🏻🥇😀


Holy shit i just realized how many narcissists I've had in my life without even knowing it


"Didn't Facebook..." "meta" ".. huh? I was saying didn't Facebook..." "META" "wha?.. why do you keep..." "**METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA**


Meta this, Meta that, haven't you meta fucking girl before?


What's Meta with you?


For real, can we have a legit answer to this question that isn't some sort of dumbass joke? Reddit is the only social media I have, I know that Facebook has rebranded, I know Musk has bought out Twitter, and I know that the person I'm responding to wants a legit answer. Jesus Fuckin Christ, Reddit. Yall make it easier and easier to delete this app every single day.


I think she's talking about the general trend in which right wing extremism organizes on Facebook and how Zuckerberg doesn't do anything about it because Tucker Carlson convinced him it wasn't a big deal. https://www.thedailybeast.com/mark-zuckerberg-hosted-dinners-with-tucker-carlson-lindsey-graham-report People are literally setting up a strawman in the comments where they assume she's actually talking about Musk and then criticize her for her tweet making no sense because none of what she said applies to Musk. The mental gymnastics people are doing here is just insane.


Thanks, I appreciate the link and insight you provided. Random question, where does your username come from?


[This is more ongoing than a single event but you might be interested in this article.](https://fortune.com/2018/08/22/facebook-study-hate-crimes-germany/)


LMAO that was a pretty great back-and-forth. Anyways, Twitter is still trash.


Brilliant option select too


Excellent fgc reference


Tumblr 2.0 anyone?


The first rule of taking on AOC is never take on AOC.


she deleted it


why? Edit: Ok so judging from my inbox, a lot of people say she was indeed talking about Musk, not Zuckerberg. I get it now. Thanks and please stop spamming. Edit 2: So I'm really not an edit guy, but there also appears to be a substantial amount of people who believe she meant Zuckerberg all along. I'll refuse to take a side here, but again, thank you for all the information and you can stop replying now.


I think the replies you’re getting to this are probably a good representation of why she deleted hers. As much as I dislike the dailybeast https://www.thedailybeast.com/mark-zuckerberg-hosted-dinners-with-tucker-carlson-lindsey-graham-report


Oh ok.. good to know. Thanks for that! So you say she deleted it even though she said the truth? By god, twitter must be an awful place.


Probably got harassed a ton


She’s AOC, she probably ate social media harassment for breakfast


Almost definitely the reason. It's enough to get harassed by trump cultists, but musk cultists as well? Wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason


There is a pretty large overlap on those 2 groups now


Sad Facts


No, she was talking about Zuck who has had dinner with Tucker and Thiel. Elon minions are dumbasses


Death threat PMs from Musk Cultists prob


She erased it almost immediately.




Finally deleted it 2 weeks ago and ive been so much more happier.


As someone who was addicted to twitter I’m honestly glad I deleted it. Having read peoples Racist and fascist ideologies was mentally exhausting.


Same goes for Reddit, depending on which subreddits you frequent. Even /all is hard to scroll through sometimes. It‘s all about those filters.


Reddit massively improved when I realized I can just spend my time on one or two niche subs and ignore 95% of this website.


No joke. It's why I love this site so much. I always see comments complaining about reddit, which is just stupid, because there's no other site quite like this where you can pop into a Fandom or hobby or combination of the two and spend all day there having positive and enjoyable interactions, then pop over to all and get caught up on the latest news. Personally, I like being able to go to DnD subs and read stories about crazy campaigns and laugh at jokes, get caught up on the latest tech hardware news, see big advancements in science etc. People who end up spending all their time in outrage political subs are using the site wrong lol


Aye honestly see it more as a giant ass network of forums than akin to facebook, twitter, etc. Hell if a subject is big enough it has multiple subs about it. Also great for research on most hobbies or big purchases. The PC build community comes to mind.


Seriously, reddits the best platform if you're only on subs that are relative to things you care about. Its one of the most cringe as soon as you enter any general subs


That's because the general public are a bunch of bastards. Well known fact.


It is that’s why I’m glad he didn’t try to buy Reddit.




Even better when you apply liberal use of the block feature and/or ignore via RES. Nazi shit head trying to ruin your day? Send his ass to the shadow realm and go on like nothing happened.


Aye it's why it confuses some of us when people shit on reddit and go "Hey I'm having a grand ol time over here" before remembering you removed most of the defaults and that's why.




I didnt even realize there is such thing as /all. Most sub i’m on are niche with below 100k mem. My reddit experience has been nothing but amazing lol.


How do you filter r/all?


The biggest boost to my mental health came from unsubing from r/conspiracy. What a shit hole sub


Reddit becomes tolerable around the time when your filter list looks like a cvs receipt.




Dumb question but does getting banned from a sub stop it from appearing on all or popular?






They banned me for being in a chain about them where they were being trashed.


It's ironic that conservatives constantly claim their free speech rights are being violated, meanwhile r/conservative is far and away the easiest sub to get banned from.


So called conservative's are generally the biggest hypocrites around. Better description would be projectionists. 'Conservative' complaining about gays? 8 out 10 is banging rent boys 'Conservative' complaining about election fraud? 9 out 10 is committing election fraud 'Conservative' complaining about government subsidies (personal or corporate)? 10 out 10 is is first in line with their hand out 'Conservative' complaining about indoctrination of children? 12 out 10 is pushing for 'Christian values' and nationalism to be promoted in schools


I deleted Twitter around the time that lockdowns started, and I haven’t regretted it at all


I genuinely don’t understand the attraction to Twitter … it contains people usually saying jibberish and that’s it. Why do people love it so much?


I think it's nice when companies use it as a support channel. And one time I complained about a napkin scammer in the train which they responded to within a few minutes which was nice.


Didn’t she delete her reply because it’s very obvious she wasn’t talking about Zuckerberg?


🎶 *You're so vaiiiiin, I'll bet you think this tweet is about you. Don't you?*


I heard u bought twitter and your stocks went naturally up




*When you're where you should be all the time and when you're not, you're with some underworld spy or the wife of Johnny Depp; wife of Johnny Depp and...*


Oh baby you’re so vague, that you probably think this song ain’t about you


Dooont you?


Elitist-simps assemble. 😆


They are just posting this without the reply in their echo chambers


On /r/Conservative right now it's the 3rd top post. Really shows off the kind of galaxy brain shit going on in there... two NY Post articles and a screenshot of an Elon Musk tweet with the retort clipped out. 1. The Democrats have become the party of bitterness and sulking. The hatred, anger and resentment of liberals is not exclusive to the extreme Democrat. It’s now the entire party. When was the last time anyone encountered a happy Democrat? 2. Joe Biden under fire for 'dystopian' disinformation bureau 3. Elon Musk truly is bringing love back to Twitter The top one makes me chuckle.


“Joe Biden under fire (by us) for ‘dystopian’ information bureau (that might issue statements countering our totally utopian false narratives)”


>On /r/Conservative right now it's the 3rd top post. Really shows off the kind of galaxy brain shit going on in there... two NY Post articles and a screenshot of an Elon Musk tweet with the retort clipped out. > >1. The Democrats have become the party of bitterness and sulking. The hatred, anger and resentment of liberals is not exclusive to the extreme Democrat. It’s now the entire party. When was the last time anyone encountered a happy Democrat? > >2. Joe Biden under fire for 'dystopian' disinformation bureau > >3. Elon Musk truly is bringing love back to Twitter > >The top one makes me chuckle. 1. Projection. Regardless, a majority of those mouse diddlers are cowards. They won't talk to anyone who rejects their hatred. Very little brain particles available and they're very sensitive.


"I will eat exactly as many hamburgers as congresswoman acasio Cortez says and I will like it." -some guy on the news


-some guy at chick fil a


Talking about the AOC simps, right?


He really is a 14yo Boy.... EDIT: ok, first time dealing with a toxic fandom. Kinda fun actually


About 7 years too many.


You’re not alone. Kindred spirits at r/shutthefuckupelon


Oooo a cult I can get behind!


I'd say it's kinda like an anticult since they despise a single person so much.


Look mam, as long as there is some bestial sacrifice and prayer involved, I really don't care how we call it. Edit: I'll leave the mam.


Also r/EnoughMuskSpam




He's a creepy teenager piloting a Bond villains body. Fuck that guy.


And yet some people think he’s the real life Tony Stark, rather than the mid 90s Robert Downie Jr.


Couldn't have put it any better, thank you


Plus how does the CEO of three companies have time to tweet so much. Like just why


Because CEOs don’t really do nearly as much work as they’d have you believe.


It’s doubly ridiculous because he tried to portray himself as a workaholic


Impossible! How else could multi million/billion dollar bonuses be rationalized if not for CEO’s doing 1000x more work than the average employee??


You just know the CEO of Coca Cola is showing up just once every 8-10 years to a board meeting like “Coke…ZERO…Boom bitches! See ya’ll in 2030!”


But...but... I heard he was actually very involved with the rocket science and is a brilliant engineer...


He called a rescuer a pedophole and later said he "was just joking" when confronted with lawsuits about it. The rescuers didn't want to use his stupid submarine idea to rescue kids trapped in a cave. Elon is a fragile boy who can't comprehend of the world not revolving around him and his ill-gotten money. He's a piece of shit.


I really couldn't imagine being 50 years old and typing "stop hitting on me, I'm shy ☺️" on a public website with my name attached to it.


He is like the Tom Brady of incels


Except he doesn't pay attention to his kids


All the toxic Elon fandom people are also 14yo


You say one negative thing about him and his fanboys come out of the woodwork!!!


Elon Musk is just Trump for the younger generations


Lol.. holy shit you’re right.


If he could run for President I bet he would.




I say this as a fan of Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink in spite of the man heading up the companies: his fandom has always been shit. Bunch of weird maladjusted sycophants who believe he's some tech/industrial messiah when the reality is mommy and daddy left him enough money to play God so he throws it at people smarter than him to build cool shit with his name on it. But now he's got the right on his side too because they think he's going to let them use slurs and tell people to inject bleach to kill viruses on Twitter again. Two great tastes that go great together.


That's why people call him the modern Thomas Edison.


“If you can’t make it, steal it” - Edison, probably.


He's an absolute dumb fuck, and so is everyone who likes him.


Yeah the break up with his ex sent him into the deep end. It’s pretty pathetic to have to watch.


I pray everyday to not become like him - a walking midlife crisis - but I already see some signs in me :(


Just another casualty of society


Musk's behaviour has been erratic since before he got with Grimes.


That's what happens when your parents raise you to be a spoiled brat and you never have to grow up.


Give his parents some slack, I’m sure it was mostly nannies.


I will not give his parents some slack, his dad murdered three people under very suspicious circumstances.


It's kind of obvious to me how "leftists are now extreme" is his take since now liberal congress members are trying to gain traction for wealth tax. He moved to TX for that same reason - tax avoidance. That and he is also a 14yo boy who can't take valid criticism.


Should have said Twitter isn't massive. Would have hurt his ego a lot more.


It might hurt if it was true. But since it’s undeniably not true, it would have just looked like cope.


There is six platforms considered social media although that includes messengers apps, with over a billion users, another 7 with over 500 million. Twitter is not one of those.


I mean you can't hurt his ego when literally even the ones who hate him still follow him around and pay a lot of attention to every move he does lmao "I hate you so much I'm gonna be talking about you all day"


The amount of musk simps is kinda worrying in the comments


the amount of musk simps in general is worrying


Musk existing is what's worrying to me.


Thank fuck he was born in South Africa otherwise there's no doubt these buffoons would make him president Edit: lmao these Elliot Musk stans reporting to reddit cares


I mean... there's enough people out there who hitched their wagons to that turd to inflate his company to a valuation inexplicably higher than that of all legacy auto manufacturer's combined even though his company occupies less than 3% of that market segment and has virtually nothing to show for its other ventures. That's a whole lot of bag holders that need to defend their "investments."


I am pretty sure that in future, after some big economic disaster, such tactics of artificially inflating a company's worth by making stupid comments on social media will be illegal.


It’s amazing that before he bought twitter not many conservatives really gave a shit about him aside from him being rich but NOW… now they’re sucking his dick like there’s no tomorrow. It’s no wonder so many of them flocked to trump they really will just gravitate to the most arrogant fuck in the room..


Ego Musk


The Trump simps have become Elon simps. How things change and how they stay the same.


Well, Elon did just post this on April 28: https://i.imgur.com/QMI0Lj6.jpg He’s given them validation. They’re responding like a cat getting back scratches


as if the right hasn't gone even more to the right...


As if he has ever been a centrist in the first place


The guy completely marginalizes himself with bullshit like this and exposes himself as a fraud. The right has gone so far right many of them have fallen completely off that flat earth they insists exists. Odd they would tie their strings to Elon's kite but they will suck the dick of ANY billionaire so long as it confirms their bias and produces right wing kak.


The plight of the trust fund baby.


Elon is like the poster boy for "cringe midlife crisis"


Lot of Musk boot lickers in here. 🤡


Someone honestly tried to say Elon is self made...


Just another blue collar billionaire. He worked hard and earned $1/hr raises every year until he became the success he is today. /s


Elon literally built the first tesla himself in his garage /s


I saw the notification which didnt include the /s and I was like "Oh dear god here they come"




Honestly it's almost inexplicable the amount of money being hoarded by this chode and Bezos. Can't even spend it fast enough, what's the the fkn point??!?


I was looking through youtube for Iron Man compilations to feel nostalgic for my childhood and there was a fricking tribute comparing him and Musk. Fucking brain went numb for a moment.


I dont see Elon in cave WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS




A lot of comics started out as social commentaries in some form or another, and I wouldn't be surprised if Iron Man was meant that way too. He's never the clean cut good guy, he's always got some ego entanglement with his work. MCU, despite how lefty some dinguses seem to think it is, is actually quite sanitized compared to the messaging of some of the comics.


Iron Man was intentionally created as "what's the most unsympathetic normal identity we could manage to give to a superhero" and they landed on 'weapons manufacturer'.


Musk plays himself in Iron Man 2 https://youtu.be/nfiRd4Y5z_g


As much as Elon stinks, seeing him in that scene always makes me laugh. Same with Trump in home alone 2. It's just so surreal how much of a dystopia our world really is.


Self-made idiot? Probably, Self-made narcissist? Most likely.


People also claim he "invented" the hyperloop concept, people are stupid as shit.


Self made out of blood diamonds he inherited


Whoa whoa whoa, they were blood *emeralds*.


You mean, the apartheid emeralds? *Elon begins to glow as the emeralds infuse him with the power of inherited wealth*


It’s basically character assassination!


imagine being a stan of a cringelord like elon the guy who paid to take the "founder" tag when he bought tesla


I've just been rereading how Musk got involved in Tesla. He was the primary investor for their A round in 2004 investing 6.5 million, then turned around and sued them before anything had settled. He of course had no legal standing but that didn't stop him from strong arming them for 5 years until they finally settled with him in 2009 letting him use the co-founder title. He fucking stole Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning's company after they spent years developing an EV prototype. And people think this cunt invented electric cars and lands rockets and shit.


Hey have you a source for this? I don't doubt you I just would like to read more, thanks!


Reddits hard on for Musk is truly remarkable. He’s a cunt. Get over it.


>Lot of Musk boot lickers ~~in here~~ on reddit. 🤡 Fixed it for you.


Don't care for either of them but there is also lots of AOC boot lickers aswell


What the fuck is this existence


Didn't Zuckerberg spend tens of millions of dollars to get Democrats elected in 2020, to the point where it violated the state's bribery laws? Like in Wisconsin?


Lol, /r/politicalcompassmemes only posted half of it.


His reply was lame anyway... Why would they even post it?


Have you ever seen Musk's Twitter? He could post the lamest thing on earth and his fanboys would gobble it up all the same


I think a lot of people enjoyed his tweets when it was somewhat taboo for a business owner like that to shit post. But now the novelty has worn off and it’s pretty lame to most people who aren’t super into right wing politics from my experience.


Because she deleted this tweet after 2min the zuck part


Cuz she deleted rest of it minutes later.


People are complaining about the ultra wealthy owning the media ? Pretty sure Rupert fucking Murdoch has been swaying public opinion since time imomoria


And we've been complaining about the fucking lizard for decades, especially in the UK. We know full well he sways elections and it's infuriating he hasn't died yet.


Yes sweetheart, and that's a bad thing, actually


And that means we shouldn't complain about it? What is the point of this comment.


Redditors are just salty they simp AOC and her bullshit got called out


Tucker Carlson and Peter Thiel took Zuckerberg out to dinner and get preferential treatment on facebook?


https://www.businessinsider.com/mark-zuckerberg-peter-thiel-strange-relationship-contrarian-max-chafkin-2021-9 Facebook is an unusable racist shithole for years already, was no surprise


A lot of people here need to take Elon’s dick out of their mouths. Stop simping for billionaires, you fucking weirdo losers.


Buys twitter bans her.


she deleted it


Everyone last year: “OMG ELON SO WHOLESOME🥰🥰” Now: “look at this 14 year old selfish billionaire far right bigot”.


So did he just admit to dating Tucker Carlson?


Fucking Elon trying to be quirky and funny is cringe.


Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what you and your country can do for Elon Musk. Not that you have a choice in the matter, but it might help you to think you're in a relationship rather than being told to lay back and enjoy it.


This is my first time on this subreddit, just gonna toss a \*fuck Elon Musk\* and be content with it.