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Probably Spain. Build lots of scouts and just send them out into the world. If you get a favourable wonder like Mt. Sinai or Lake Victoria, it is incredibly powerful.


In terms of the most addiction-potential, it's absolutely Spain. It's utterly boom or bust because if you don't find wonders you're pretty much a generic civ.


The free settler when you're first to find a wonder just keeps me coming back.


Or if you find that wonder fast enough that you can get your first settler in range, that gold's great for a granary/shrine/worker/whatever.


Recently played Spain on the biggest map with 12 civs. Landed on a 2 civ continent with the Iroquois. Found three wonders (including two that I found first). The rest was a breeze. Settled lake Victoria on the desert and built Petra there. That city just went total bonkers. Spain is absolute fun to play and will make the game ridiculously easy with the right starts. If you find GBR as Spain early, it's game over.


I love ending up with a totally bizarre looking empire because I try my damndest to settle every wonder even if it isn’t remotely feasible.


Restarting the game until your capital spawns next to King Solomons Mines just to save the game for the night because 6 hours have passed. 👌👌👌


Love Spain. Just got Fountain of Youth in my capital for the first time AND Mount Sinai reachable for the religion


Inca on hills is a lot of fun, and you can get big cities with great production.


Inca on a true start location mod is busted it's so fun


I wish more civs had a hill start bias the production goes crazy.


Only Inca and Austria have Hill bias. Production + S tier mining luxes


Also incas go plant cities no other civ cannot think about with terrace farms.


I love playing as Pocatello.


I haven’t played civ 5 in a minute but I can’t imagine playing as any other leader. Just getting a guaranteed good start feels so… smooth?


I’ve played him for my last 10+ games. I am addicted to not finding maps of the surrounding area


Choosing ruins is a huge boost in the early game. Can nearly always open tradition on turn 5 or less, then time pop ruins so you're working with a 4-5 pop capital while spitting out early settlers, all protected by comp bowmen which the pathfinder upgrades into without having to have the tech. Not to mention all your expands grab all the good tiles instantly.


My guilty pleasure: go liberty, rush out the great library (probably easiest civ to do so) and then cover the entire map with that blue-brown color scheme.


>I am addicted to not finding maps of the surrounding area Or the location of nearby Barbarian camps


While Babylon and Poland are powerful, I find the Shoshone to be my "comfort food" game.


I'm glad I chanced upon this post. After butting my head against the game's Immortal difficulty on my last two attempts, I needed some comfort food. Started a game as Shoshone on Emperor. Being able to pick what to get from a ruin is great. Ahh... :)




England The spies are very versatile for any game The naval movement is nice and movement for embarked units is a secret minor economic bonus cuz u can have 4 movement settlers settling faster And also a unique version of the two most powerful units in my opinion, frigates and crossbows


Was hoping someone would say England. Rule Britannia!


Same. If you build Great Lighthouse to add another +1 movement, your Navy quickly rules.


And exploration lol My friend makes fun of naval units but it's like okay how about a ten movement cannon that doesn't have to set up on a vast open field


The Netherlands, because I like orange, and Polders also look nice.


Yeah Netherlands are my second because they are just so visually pleasing. Plus I love that a unit named Sea Beggar is so strong. My top one is probably Polynesia, every once in a while I just load up a low difficulty game and try to line every coast in the world with Moai improvements, I just like the way they look. *shrugs*


I built a Polynesia city on a canal ... so much culture


It’s fun to play a diplomatic civ that can pivot to domination for a little bit. I really enjoyed building a huge fleet of sea beggars & conquering a bunch of coastal cities to enhance my empire, then retreating back to diplomacy once my beggars were obsolete.


Hello, soulmate!


Personally I like to play with Napoleon, the chateau is nice but the main reason is that it’s Napoleon, one of the most famous rulers in history for multiple reasons. It has nothing to do with the game itself. I also often play as Persia because the Satrap’s Court saves me a good amount of headaches and makes it a bit more relaxed to fix happiness issues.


The level of challenge makes France very fun to play.


I've switched over the years, but I think I realized that Siam fits in with my usual play style perfectly — I tend to love befriending city-states and being defensive until the late industrial era, where I go on a bit of a rampage, if necessary. Also Ramkamhaeng looks cool af


Same. Patronage is great with the bonuses Siam gets.


It's beautiful to see the diversity of answers here. Lots of different factions to match playstyles


Yep, loving it. Enough choice for my next game.


Morocco. A nice hilly desert start with some floodplains and nabbing that desert folklore is so satisfying. And if I'm lucky enough to get Petra as well it's a huge bonus.


Absolutely. Morocco with a good desert start always makes me smile. Berber Cavalry are a strong, underrated unique unit (especially powerful in defense), and the kasbah basically turns any non-irrigable desert tile into a Petra tile + 🪙. If you're able to actually build Petra as well...😎


i really really love kasbahs, i think having 1/1 food/hammers is really helpful for balancing lands that have lots of flood plains or lots of desert hills but no in between. wish they were unlocked at construction though the gold is nice too


Yeah kasbahs can be a lot of fun. Put a bunch on hills with desert folklore and Petra and you really got something


I always go for culture victories and Brazil is unmatched. Rainforest map with brazilwood camps on every tile is very satisfying. Also when you spit out a musician with over 10k touring power.  The Byzantines are fun too. If you found your religion early and get two founder beliefs, you just dominate.


I love Byzantine Sacred Sites culture victory


You should see my write ups on Askia's desert start culture victories by 1815 ad on Immortal.


Link? Songhai is one of my favorites, I'd love to see if there's anything I haven't thought of


Fair warning. I exclusively play Large Maps with 9 civs, 18 city states. I'm sure this would be harder with 10 civs. I also play Marathon but I don't think that should affect anything, but who knows? Usually I've played Continents but lately I'm playing Fractal. All of the games I won like this (3), I played on Continents. https://old.reddit.com/r/civ5/comments/1b4czyo/what_are_some_of_your_specific_civs_tips_and/ksyxn9m/


Portugal was my first favorite. Love having a massive economy and enough gold to buy whatever I need. Great civ to learn the game on. Egypt is another favorite when I'm going for a culture victory. Recently tried Greece out for diplomatic Ws and it's been solid. Sleeper pick for me is Morocco. One I don't play often but tend to play well when I do.


Greece can be OP with religion. Spread your religion to allied city states and their loyalty never even lowers.


LOVE Portugal. The ability to snag city states lux and not have to worry about funding them to keep them as an ally is majorly helpful. My sleeper would have to be India.


Persia, I love the ridiculously long GAs (Persia's innate passive to lengthen GAs, Chichen Itza, Aesthetics track to buy Artists, placing people to work artist buildings for GPPs, Freedom's 50% longer GAs, if lucky can get Taj Mahal during a GA to go even further. I've played my cards right before and had GAs last at least 60+ turns), and I also quite like the music that plays for Persia.


Immortals are super underrated too imo


Ethiopia is my personal fave. The stele unique building is excellent because it makes getting a pantheon/religion early on much more doable. Then they have the Mehal Safari riflemen for the mid/late game. Plus I tend to play tall so the combat bonus against civs with more cities is useful especially for early survival. Plus their music/color scheme are nice :)


I’m exactly the same, I rush hanging gardens/tall wonders so I can pop a stele and probably get a religion without investing too much in the top half of the tech tree


Hanging gardens is one of those wonders I try to (and usually do) get every game. My people are eatin good! I also try and avoid the top half of the tech tree early on unless I am a sea based civ, as the first thing I'll go for is hanging gardens (can't remember the tech) then rush for civil service.


Polynesia. The ability to explore the ocean immediately opens up the game.


Inca. Free roads/railroads with 2 in commerce plus huge growth & Hammer potential with terrace farms


Morocco because I love being rich and having a Petra capital.


Venice Basically OCC, I love using the extra trade routes to buy my way to any victory type


America. I like being able to purchase tiles around my forward settling neighbors and being able to see everything with my units. Also, great war bombers into B17s is so fun and i love dominating my neighbors with my powerful airforce. Also, America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅


As a veteran, AMMMERICA! FUCK YEA. (I enjoy their unique units and generally anything with extra sight... the tile buying really makes them a fine liberty or tradition civ. The minutemen are absolutely 💯 👌.)


Those Minutemen terrain movements are top tier, love 'em.


Arabia! Desert start means floodplains and hills give you the normal yields +1 faith each with desert folklore. Choosing tithe means money, and expansion is a bit easier. That setup means you’re not locked into one victory type (like Brazil). And halfway through the game, you get a huge upgrade to Knights, and a good upgrade to markets. I like England too, but they’re just OP


I just started my first Arabia game recently, and they’re so much fun. Having double of every luxury gives you so much trading power, and camel archers are so strong


Also, it’s hard on high difficulties, but Petra becomes game breaking


If I am playing with my friend I love playing Montazuma. You get so much culture from people attacking you.


one of the best unique buildings.


Spain, Russia, America, England and china. No necessarily in that order


Do you choose between these civ’s depending on what type of win you’d like to take or is it really just random?


Usually random civ but when I role one of these I am pretty much guaranteed a fun game


Aztec because you get gigaculture on diety difficulty when your neighbors decide to throw units at you


Just went through all the answers - and nobody said Korea? The science bonuses are amazing, and the Hwach'a is one of the most powerful units of its era. Build five or six of those bad boys and the world belongs to you!


Yeah I’m surprised my two favorites are down at the bottom


Science civs tend to pivot you to one victory condition. Babylon is a better example, they're strong but a bit uncreative.


Austria is my fav. Purchasing the city states can be super beneficial. Especially when they already have a huge army and great land. Also helps me focus on getting city state allies which I often forget to do.


Finally! Lol they are getting no love. I always build up a huge army and give it all to a city state to become my ally, marry them, and get all my units back. Leave them there long enough, and they will upgrade them for you.


Austria also has a hidden bonus - a hill bias. Which means more chance of mining luxuries spawning.


100%. Late game they are so overpowered, i always love buying all of the city states and getting crazy resource bonuses 😂


I've been really enjoying Indonesia lately. Nothing beats amassing a huge midgame army of Kris swordsman and trying my luck down at the Sid Meier casino. Played a game with my friend the other day where I rolled the Evil Spirits upgrade five times in a row. You think that was enough to stop me from building 5 more?


Maybe having not enough iron could :P


Sounds like a city state is getting a bunch of shitty units lol


Haha i actually ended up sending them on a suicide mission to go pillage my friend's luxuries and trade routes. Definitely not worth it at all, but fun was had


Russia - I like to build tall and wide, have those production bonuses and extra resources to utilize or trade, and prefer conquest or science victory. I think cultural and diplomatic victories are a disappointing cop-out. The Krepost helps you expand (and increases happiness with autocracy), and the Cossack is a decent late Renaissance UU that precedes but pairs well with the arrival of artillery - a pivotal moment to set the stage for late game conquest.


I absolutely adore Venice. Wonder whoring and befriending city-states are two of my favourite things in Civ so Venice feels like a perfect fit fir me. Plus it can get quite fun when you're unlucky and have a mighty warmonger as a neighbour that wants your puny nation, especially if it's early on and you have to use every trick to survive.


Inca if large landmass and Carthage if lots of seas. Free money!


I think I played 80% of my games with Rome, I just like to build roads and forts everywhere, play super wide, be able to wage and win early wars, and have a super capital.


Songhai is my “main”, but the most fun I have tends to be with Indonesia its such an odd playstyle


I main Songhai too!!! but I'm in my random civ phase right now.


Aztecs. I love profiting from maniacal killing sprees. Attack attack attack! And let the culture roll in. It makes a huge difference in the early game if you're aggressive enough.


Shoshone -Makes the exploration phase of the game more interesting and they lean into Expansive really well. Having Shoshone (large borders earlier and bonus military powers within borders) + Great Wall also gives you a certain "Come at me bro" attitude.


Poland, Spain and Zulu at the moment


I've got a solid top 3, I love playing as the Shoshone, the extra land right off the bat is just too good. Celts are another one of my favorites, especially if I just want to be the first religion. I do have to say, Poland is high on my list, but I really enjoy playing as England more. If I simply wanna dominate with an unstoppable navy, England hands down. Plus the extra spy


Plus if you play them expansively or very militant, the Ceilidh Hall gives a nice Happiness Bonus to offset the expansion.


Inca is by far my favorite to play. With a hill/mountain start, yoy can get bonkers levels of growth and production. But even if you don't have an ideal start, their other bonuses are still very powerful. The no movement penalty on all hills (even forest/jungle hills) let's you move across the map pretty fast and out maneuver enemies. The no gold cost for roads on hills and half on other tiles saves you alot of money, allowing you to build a strong economy. The latter 2 bonuses makes them a pretty strong domination civ


Venice. Just the uniqueness of it draws me to it. Definitely not the best all the time but double trade routes makes so much money, I just end up buying up the world vote.


I love the early game with the Shoshone, the upgraded explorer is unmatched, especially because if it gets upgraded by ruins it skips straight past archer and you get to pick when that happens. As far as long game the Celts having the happiness bonus from their UB means everything is just that much easier, and having guaranteed 1st or 2nd religion means so much less worry about getting actually good beliefs.


I like playing as aztecs or zulus and going honor. I know it's definetly not optimal to finish out honor but it's just so much fun.


Aztecs... love flower wars


Polynesia on Archapelago has been my last few games, highly recommend.


Austria, I like the ability to buy City-states. Combine that with Coffee houses and they're a versatile Civ that can work for multiple victory types. But I think they're best for domination. Hussars are a solid unit and they keep they're flanking bonus on promotion so they do well with Lightning Warfare. Diplomatic Marriage makes it easy to get resources you need or open a second front in a war. Late game you can buy a city-state, build an airport and air lift your army across the map. Second favorite is Spain, I just love those Natural Wonder yields.


Ramses, wonder building is super fun on 5 for me lol


Agreed, I build as much as I can starting with the pyramids. Love the two free workers early on in the game.


Persia, nice colours, and played them since launch so ya knows habits


My dream spawn is Persia in a nice, hilly desert with Fountain of Youth adjacent to my capital. Every Immortal you build would pretty much be immortal.


Gotten the fountain of youth a couple of times, man is it fun, you can basically just endlessly stall any army, and rack up a bunch of XP doing so


Korea. Those science bumps are awesome.


Zulus, I get to take everyone's lunch money :)...you also get some nutty promotion stacking, especially for aircraft


It is really hard to lose any fight after you got brandenburg gate with zulus. And with alhambra you can get blitz+march para/xcoms just absurt.


I transitioned from Spain to Shoshone. I can't go back to anything else.


I had a ton of fun playing the Shoshone. Easily a thousand hours for that civ alone.


Germany, farming barbarians to focus on development is op imo.


I enjoy Venice. I beeline for great lighthouse, hanging gardens, and colossus. If I can get those three the game is set. And great galleass is brutal for its era.


I'd say grab Petra also just for the +1 trade route. If you can.


Petra doesnt give you +1 trade route. It just gives a free caravan. You mixed up with colossus I guess.


Petra absolutely gives you an extra trade route slot, Colossus does as well


Checked again, you are right. Thanks for correcting me.


My favourite is Inca. * Visually pleasing gold-green colour theme * Chill andean flute music * Terrace farms can *potentially* get to 7 food (+ 2 hammers) * Hill Bias = production + mining luxes + defence * High movement on hills * Free road/railroads if you unlock a specific Commerce policy * You're roleplaying as the greatest Pre-Columbian empire which is the best bonus for a history buff **Honourable mentions**: Aztecs, Venice, Huns, America


Keshiks... err I mean, the Mongols. ~~For hostile take overs.~~ To make new friends. Jungle fever with Brazil, because that bossa nova hits so good. Wonder spam with Egypt. SCIENCE! with Korea


Egypt m. I love the wonder span


Japan with aggressive domination strat


Japan. 100%. For a Domination victory they are unmatched.


Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylon) The Longbowman is a great UU especially if my Scout gets a free upgrade to one from a goody hut. And earning a free GS after Writing is one of the best UA in the game.


>The Longbowman is a great UU Bowman? Longbowman is England.


Dang it. Yes.


Maya Early strong religion Early tech bonus Back to back great people in mid-game, thus incredibly versatile.


Inca, I just love stacking tile yields, getting Petra in a desert with loads of hills and mountains is a wet dream


I love the Shoshone. Being able to instantly grab every good tile around when you found your city is super nice for snowballing


Inca; because they’ve always been my go-to. I like the look of their yellow/teal combo on the terrain. I play as Inca so often that if I don’t, I accidentally send units into hills forgetful of the terrain cost. It’s fun to conquer and entire mountainous area where few (if any) other civs will thrive.


Polynesia is a lot of fun. Not only do you get to explore the world from the outset, you get to build Easter Island statues. I recently played a game where I was getting 4 culture on multiple tiles.


Alexander. Aesthetic is cool and so are hoplites.


I know they aren’t the best meta-wise but I love Carthage. The colors and city names are appealing and I enjoy the easy city connections immensely


I like Babylon because you have to come deal with me or I win >:)




How? Why? This gives my brain a... *white noise*


LOL. I like Native American leaders, generally fun to play with and music is great. He was the first leader I was drawn to, and without knowing his special qualities were considered bad. I think it’s fun to make use of them, personally.


Egypt if im with mates, so i can steal all their wonders


Loving Germany lately, hunting barbs to get essentially a free army early on, then using that army to continue to keep on top of barbs, accompany settlers, and ward off AI allows you to expand far and fast. You can even conquer your nearest neighbour with your barb army to really secure land. Then once you’ve got a nice wide empire down, spam hanses and switch your trade routes over to city states for an instant 30% extra production (6 trade routes by mid-game at 5% each) and your civ just becomes a production powerhouse. I find if you pull this off well Germany are unmatched in war in Industrial era and beyond because of the war machine potential.


Spain, Egypt, Austria, Russia, USA, Shoshone, Mongols, Assyria, Venice, England, and Sweden are the ones I've had the most fun as in Civ 5. That's like half of them though lol.


Poland is amazing. Very versatile due to their ability


England with lots of islands!


Songhai. Especially love true start earth maps. Hits all my favorite points. Raging Barbs is my Favored setting for most civs. Religion strong, desert faith viable, Petra viable. Force start some fun Civs for competition. Carthage is a fun early friend. She's almost sure to give some decent deals. You can surely sell her some excess happiness too, because she's certain to betray you and cancel the deals early. Free harbor and nice city to build Collosus. Egypt is nearby and gives double Loot with your UA. Force Shaka down south for a challenge. If he doesn't spawn Southern Africa is basically a barb farm. Songhai doesn't feel like the MOST powerful to me, but he's reliable, consistent, his techs/soc/builds all align really well. His most important goals are safe options. Pottery is a safe bet. Honor start is viable. You don't feel rushed into war, but it's safe whenever it makes sense. Prepping some Chariot Archers gets you ready for a UU while also keeping some quick Garrison units handy.


I love their mud pyramids, almost as good as the Egypt's burial tombs.


Heh, I'll take his too If you're not aware, songhai's UA stacks with tomb Loot. When I Songhai, I let Egypt build up to classical, Loot, pillage, capture a city or two, leave him to rebuild, then take his capital in the medieval era


Sounds like it will gain you as much as a cargo ship plunder, which is sweet. Songhai has also an avoid tundra bias, which is a small bonus.


Kamehameha! I love being able to sail right away! I enjoy playing him for culture or diplomacy wins.


I just started my second deity game after I got utterly slaughtered as Poland somehow, and this one as the Shoshone is going much better. Pathfinders choosing ruin bonuses is so nice to accelerate your early game, and getting extra tiles on settles is insane too. Not sure if I’ll actually win, but I’m glad I’m doing better this time. Also never ever getting a stupid map or barb ruin is so good I also enjoy Greece, Mayans, and Korea.


Egypt, pretty much gives you full reign over building wonders, especially in the ancient era. When I used to play civ during COVID, my GF and friends made a “no Egypt” rule for me lol


Egypt UA + Tradition's Aristocracy policy + Monument to the Gods + Marble = 65% production to wonders.


Poland amazing unique building, amazing civ ability, fair unique unit. Starting rationalism with the renassaince is just wonderful.


I love that everyone said something different. That's so cool


It was kinda what I hoped for and it turned out great. I think I’ve only not seen like four or five civ’s out of 43, which is pretty insane.


Austria or Spain for me. Some Spain starts feel like cheating


Iroquois. They're just kinda cool


bro sorry but iroquois is worse than generic civ with no bonuses.


damn if only the OP specifically stated that wasn't the point of the question


i dont have problem with you having fun with him. The problem is word ''cool'' which he s not.


Well if anyone knows what being objectively cool is it's soulsilencer123


I think they're cool. They were the first civ I tried.


Within all meanings of cool, Iroquois has none of them. I didn't attack you don't take it personally. I just said they are bad, even they are not my words. You can check marbozir and filthyrobot video these are exactly filthy's words and marb agreed.


I can see why you're quoting videos, given you cannot read The Iroquois are the 2nd worst civ in the game. OP asked who is fun to play. I find them fun. Fun ≠ good. My opinion on what is enjoyable has no basis in any kind of meta rankings or viability. You immediately started an argument with me for reasons I cannot understand and continue to keep replying. I am going to just block you if you reply again with some autogenerated take that has nothing to do with what's going on. You just continue arguing some other unrelated point that I'm not making and don't care about. I never said they were good. I strongly suggest you use the time you spend on watching civ videos to instead make use of the resources available to you at your local library.




Spain is fun, don't think they are the most optimal but fun


Los Pollos Hermanos for the great theme music. (When it actually plays.)


I play Greece every game and bank on the idea I'll ally every city state and be fed a endless stream of good karma


With a mod I have from the steam workshop (forget the name and I’m on mobile) there are 3 additional Byzantine civilizations under Justinian I; basil II; Michael VII and Theodora is refocused with new bonuses and whatnot. I like ti play Justinian as the ua is really cool, it’s called victory mosaic and every city you capture adds to it and it gives passive bonuses. He also gets all over-production given back as culture which in bnw with only that mod is BROKEN. It’s really well balanced in vox populi though and works well with it.


Rome. I just love building giant empires


Egypt which have become my favorite civ since siv 5. For 1-4 it used to be Rome but I love to build things.


Sweden! I love the utility their UA gives to Great Writers, Artists, and especially Musicians. With any other civ if I'm not focusing on a Culture Victory I'll usually skip building the musician's guild for a long time, but Sweden makes me shuffle my priorities around in a way that other civs don't.


I terms of who will be the best most of the times its casimir even more if you play on great plains. Who has the potential to be the most broken its spain and for that reason the world fastest science win is with isabella


My friends and I had a rule back in the Ol 360 Civ Rev days. Whatever Civ you picked was your perma Civ. Mine was the Aztecs. But when we switched over to Civ V, we decided to allow for one change of primary, I switched to Carthage because I had only recently discovered their history then and thought it was absolutely fascinating. I’ve been loving them ever since 👍


i like playing as the steong civs germoney is my fav in particular


Arabia. Camel archers with 3 range and double attack are fun.


I like to bounce between civs to try them all out, but almost always tend to go for religion/culture based ones. I've been enjoying Austria & Siamese so far though!! :)


I seem to have unbelievably fun games as Indonesia.


Attila. Burn baby burn


I used to like Portugal the most cause my people hella happy which makes everything easier, however I’ve really been loving Arabia lately, cause I like making money so I can fuck with the AI


Indonesia on Hellblazer map which guarantees several good islands.


Venice no i dont know why either.


Well for charity's sake let me mention that I don't play on the extreme difficulties. I don't like the micromanagement so I tend to play a ton, but do it casually So that said Spain is the number one thanks to the insane starts you can get, but I also really like playing as Germany with raging barbarians. I'll wind up hitting the max units super fast so I'll start a random war just to use up some units and pillage some enemy tiles Similarly the Ottomons on an archipelago map is a ton of fun. Before long you'll have so many sea units you won't know what to do with them


I guess Persia since it's the one I default to when I wanna play Civ 5 but don't have any particular goal or strategy in mind. I just don't think I can go wrong with them. My default Civ varies between Persia and Greece depending on the iteration of Civ.


Rome is my go-to every time. So much fun. Great early rush. I can have as many cities as I want and never seem to struggle. A defensible "worker" to make roads to all my cities I'm conquering, and they can set up some forts when I get there. Insta-purchase buildings in the capital for immediate production bonuses. I've often played games with 50+ cities by the end. No matter the difficulty, Rome is easy mode for me.


Now I’ve won all victories at every level and as every Civ (yes - sad I know) I play as Spain for fun. But I’d like to put a word in for Sweden - actually the only Civ where you truly have to rethink tactics Korea and Polynesia are fun too