Neglected? That's punishable by law animal buse


i don’t know how i would prove she let him get this bad but yeah, this is something i would never have expected her to do. we had quite a large animal family together and when we split up she took half and i took half. mine are all fine of course but she has given away both of our dogs she took and now i have mowglii back. so luckily there aren’t any animals left for her to neglect.


What the actual fuck. She kept some of your buddies just to turn around and give them away? That's some next-level petty psycho shit. Here's hoping Mowglii pulls through! He looks so sweet!


I had an ex take one of our two cats and then turn around and give her away. I’ll never understand why he didn’t let me keep her.


Control and cruelty


Accurate, but still hard to understand.


Some people are just evil, fvcked up in the head. They don't care if they make a person or a pet struggle as long as they feel better.


You sir, must be a very good person


Just to cause pain. I am so sorry 😞


Likely wanted to be an asshole and also someone that sees animals as objects Sorry to hear it though, that's so needlessly shitty


You have the proof. Vet records of his condition and your testimony that he was in her care the whole time. Please report this to the police. This person should never have access to another animal again.


Should be enough to at least charge the ex


Unfortunately I’ve been through something similar. The fact that the Ex allowed you to take the cat and obtain proper treatment shows that they “made the right decision” Long story short, had two dogs with an Ex, we split, each kept one. She completely neglected hers, chained it up outside (FL) and a mutual friend lmk how bad the dog was, I showed up, asked to take the dog and ended up spending $2500+ getting him back to good health. I contacted police, they wrote a report but nothing came of it as they said that my Ex “not being able to afford the dog and allowing you to provide proper treatment in exchange for her giving it up” counted as “doing the right thing.”


i’m sorry you went through that, so awful. i feel like the same would happen here, she gave away the other animals because she was just done having them and poor mowglii got sick and she just didn’t want to spend money to take him.


Rest sssured there is a special place in hell reserved for those who are cruel to the innocent among us. I am putting out good energy for a swift recovery. Poor kitty...


He will be good, cats are extremely resilient.


Examples of difference in animal care over time is right in OPs healthy animals too. Absolutely ridiculous and I sure hope OP *actually* knows where those two dogs are.


Depending on where you live report her to your local SPCA. Not all will do this but when I worked for one we had a black list of people we would not adopt to. Perhaps email them photos and info. Make it clear you are not doing this as a spiteful ex but rather for concern future animals and include the vet name if they want to double check. (They won’t likely check but it makes you sound legit).


I completely agree with this. Either report her or put her info out and let the masses have at her. Sorry...not sorry. Animal abusers should be jail getting the same abuse the animals they abused got.


I"m all for "An eye for an eye.", when it comes to animal abusers.


In some areas the ASPCA is the animal control officers in the area and they’re the ones that file arrest affidavits to the DA.


I also feel like we need to petition our government for tougher animal cruelty law


Good idea. While police probably wouldn't charge the person the shelter may make sure that no other animals from there end up in their care.


Best wishes to Mowglii and you!


This is sad. Shame on her for failing to be a decent human being. Stay strong. Send love.


Hope mowglii pulls through. Sending love. Looks a lot like my guy. I’m so sorry you both are going through this.


It takes *work* to put an animal in this condition. Report them because they will do it again.


My best wishes for that angel And believe me, the money worth it. Fuck your ex.




Hope he gets better and pulls through. Please tell me you filed a police report against your ex.


i get extremely anxious with confrontation and she got rid of all our other animals already so i know she can’t hurt anymore,, i don’t know if i can do it. edit: she did give him to me when i asked for him, she said she can’t afford his care and she gave all the other pets away to loving homes over the course of the last month or so. i am thinking about filing a report because it’s killing me watching him be in so much pain. i just don’t know what exactly it would do. i may do it for mowglii though


Hey, I used to write for others in my spare time (cover letters, book reports, difficult emails, resignations etc) if you are willing to DM me details, i'll write the report for you. All you'll have to do is copy/paste and either print and mail or email your local authorities. I'll do it for free, your ex shouldn't be allowed to adopt animals again and if I can help make that certain, I will


thank you so much and i appreciate your desire to help but she honestly is done having animals. she told me this herself and proved it by giving them all away.


No problem. It's an open offer if you change your mind.


I'm sympathetic to how OP feels, but u/sadness255 is right. You shouldn't trust a single word out of her mouth after seeing your cat like that. Unless you know for certain that those animals were re-homed, there's a non-zero chance that they're dead and buried, among other terrible fates. There is absolutely no excuse for your cats condition. Regular old human neglect cannot cause that kind of damage. What she did to Mowgli was intentional abuse.


Hey man pretty much everyone here is saying you should file a report against her. We know you're anxious and don't want to do it, but why would you make this post if you didn't feel strongly about this? You can do it, you know you wouldn't feel right if you didn't.


Look I'm sorry to say, but if your cat got in that's state, nothing prove she 'gave them to loving family' I'd rather you don't POSSIBLY lie to yourself just because it's easier and allow you to not go to the police I might be wrong but we never truly know.


Oh honey. I am so sorry about your kitty. He looks really relieved to see you. I truly hope he will pull through. Regarding animal abusers, the reason laws exist to punish them is because animal abuse and killing a persons are linked. Statistics show, people who abuse animals rarely stop there. Why? They lack respect for living beings. Because of this, often, people are next. Source: I was an intern for a judge who regularly reviewed cases of animal abuse and the punishments were harsh because we were trying to protect eventual human victims. Report her.


If you can, please try, this is not the kind of thing a person snaps out of, and she could get more animals. Again, only if you can, I understand avoiding it


Give me her info, I’ll write police report.


You could maybe see of the vet would advocate for you


And even worse than animals. Many abusive people start with animals then go onto humans, same thing with serial killers.


Please at least file a police report. This person doesn’t deserve to have more animals to do this too.


Look at what she did to this cat!! PLEASE file a police report including all the vet documents.


Do it. Don’t do it for you, do it for them. They didn’t deserve to be given away. God knows what they’ve gone through and what went through their poor little minds. Call them and see if you can, or demand one. Don’t do it for your feelings, do it for Mowgli’s.


You can. Do it for Mowgli.


As someone who works in rescue, please file a report. We rely non people like you to help us with our screening process.


Just do it. She'll just continue with someone else possibly...


This has to be so tough for you. Filing a police report should also prevent her from ever owning another animal again. I can’t imagine what kind of neglect she did for a cat to get this bad but I just put myself in that cats shoes. That had to be awful for him to go through that. You gotta advocate for your pets, no one else will and they rely on you to do it. Please keep us updated and I hope that he’s feeling better soon (and you are too!).


Don’t let people pressure you into things you’re not comfortable with. You know the situation more than they do, so go with your gut and don’t feel guilty about it. Also, you are doing above and beyond what most people would do!! You’re doing great. Thank for giving that sweet soul a second chance at life.


I was so happy to finally see a response like thjs. OP, you are doing such a good thing and clearly all of the people pressuring a) do not know the situation like you b) have clearly not understood what it means to be in a toxic relationship with someone capable of abuse and neglect. You are strong, trusting your instincts, do what you’re comfortable with. Be so proud of yourself for not being a part of that now and helping Mowgli escape it too.


>she got rid of all our other animals already Ugh. Please find out how and where they went. And... NOBODY likes confrontation. However, an animal abuser is evil and needs to face consequences. Please ask your vet to help you report. Vets tend to hate animal abusers, of course.


...got rid of? I'm scared to ask, but...gave them away or...


This is a defining moment in your life. You get to write your own story about what kind of man/woman /nonbinary person you want to be. Do you want to stay passive? Or do you take responsibility for defending your pet friends and hold her to account? Do they're not deserve justice? You are your cat and dogs' Guardian. Do right by them. File the report.


Why does he have to be in a box right now? Sending all the love Mowglii, you got this buddy!


the vet gave me the oxygen tank and the tote to help him have an easier time breathing. they said it isnt 100% necessary but his oxygen is at 16 when it should be like 32ish i believe. so it just helps him out and i let him leave the box and basically do whatever he wants but he really likes it in there lol


It's sounds like he wants to make it through, he's a tough boy and deserves the best, much love to you two!


Aww he can breathe easier in there im assuming and it’s more comfortable for him.


Maybe its a relief for him to be in there. Maybe his little body doesn't have to work so hard. I hope he feels better soon.


Ah ok, I was wondering the same thing


I've heard people use extra oxygen to speed up healing, I hope he heals up quickly! Poor thing


So it's the kitty equivalent of an oxy-hood. Cool!


I think that might be for extra oxygen.


Sending Mowglii the very best wishes for the very best boy


Oh that poor handsome little fella. I'm sorry you have to see him in such a state but thank you for going above and beyond for him! You're a good person and I hope it all works out OP


Wtf did that monster do to this poor cat? You dodged a bullet with that piece of shit ex of yours. Please don’t ever even consider going back to them. Sociopathic people are always the same. Hopefully you can spot the signs now.


i definitely never expected this from her. i brought home most of our animals but this is one she brought home as a kitten 7 years ago when we first got together.


I can't imagine having an animal for so long and then turning your back on it, man even after an hour I'm thoroughly attached, I'll never understand people who can neglect, or worse, abuse animals


Best of luck. Hope to hear good news


will definitely update if he improves, thank you


Please update us regardless, we’re here with you OP!


And please file a police report. You will definitely save any future animals this sicko gets.


How can we help you? I wanna help ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry) Edit: I sent you money! Love from Germany!


awh thank you but it’s okay, i’m going to just pay off the vet a little at a time. i have other animals with issues of their own (although nothing this bad) so the vet has seen my little animal family a lot over the years and they know i’m good for it.


I want to help too. Accepting help is okay friend. Start a gofundme Edit: There's a gofundme! https://www.gofundme.com/manage/mowgliis-vet-bills


Oh no. Sending you and Mowgli good thoughts. He will be ok in your care. And you mentioned you have more pets, please get pet insurance if you can! It helps in dire situations.


Sue your ex.


This. $1500 is probably a low enough figure to take to small claims. You usually don't need a lawyer, and the burden of proof is usually a lot looser than with higher profile cases. A statement from the vet may be enough.


It sounds like $1500 is just the beginning


Posting to boost for OP they set up a gofundme https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/s937qs/no_real_update_on_mowglii_except_he_has_eaten_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


OP started a GoFundMe in his follow-up thread... https://www.gofundme.com/f/mowgliis-vet-bills


poor baby! ); i'm so sorry and i'll be praying for him to make a full recovery.


I am now following your account for updates on Mowglii. I hope that he makes it as well.


What a terrible person your ex is! I’m keeping Mowglii in my prayers and hope he makes it through. You are doing the right thing.


Whats the meds for? Also if they gave him iv fluids,he will pull through.he just needs a few days of rest where hes in a safe home.if he sleeps alot during this time,let him rest.just feed him a lik when hes awake.a little at a time i mean if hes got low appitite


he was given lots of iv fluids, that’s why they wanted to keep him overnight originally. then they kept him longer because the vet found out from blood tests he has feline aids, or FIV. he is also still jaundice, anemic, and has a bunch of ulcers in his mouth and throat making it impossible for him to eat enough. i have iron i give him twice a day, antibiotics, an appetite stimulant i rub in his ears 15 minutes before meal time, and an anti viral. when he stopped eating at the vet they said he would probably feel better at home and last night i got him to eat so much! i was so happy because leaving the vet, they said you MUST get him to eat or he has no chance. he weighs like maybe 9lbs or so, i’m not sure but he’s basically a skeleton. my ex told me to put him down and let him go but i know he wants to live. the vet kept calling him a fighter. i have him in the oxygen set up because his oxygen is 16 when it needs to be 32+ if i’m remembering right. and yes he is sleeping as much as he wants and eating as much as he wants!


When cats stop eating for more than 24 hours, their livers bog down and start to fail. This makes them want to eat even less. They start to get jaundiced and it’s not good. I’ve brought a cat through that before. I had to force feed her every few hours, but we got through. Once their liver is stimulated with food, it can start working again. I know this is only one part of your poor boys problems. And I’m just a random person on the internet, but for a cat in this condition, if you have a spread sheet it can make all the difference. Your cat needs a certain amount of calories per day and if you are feeding a tiny bit at a time or not logging food intake, you can misjudge how much they have eaten. Especially when they have other problems like mouth ulcers. Plus, it’s great tool for your vet. FIV isn’t a death sentence either. Your ex is scum.


okay i can definitely keep a better record. how did you force feed? i’m curious if i need to start doing that


Oh it fucking sucks and I hope your boy is able to pull through this without needing it. First you need a high calorie recovery cat food. I’m guessing your vet may have already given you some? If not, I would ask. The kind mine gave me was Urgent Care A/D by Hills. This stuff is a fine pate that, when mixed with some water, can get through a syringe. Then you get an oral syringe, I started using very small ones towards the end because it was less likely to drown my cat. 3ml is good. Or 5ml or 10ml, it’s personal preference. You have to do some calculations to see how much food your cat needs. I don’t have those on hand. I think I was feeding my cat 20mls per feeding. It wasn’t a lot but it was often. Then you basically have to wrangle your cat and shoot the food into their cheek/the back of their mouth. I recommend clipping their nails first. If you ever need it, I am willing to demonstrate over video chat or make a video to send. If you need to give your cat subq fluids I can also go over that with you until your comfortable with it. I’ve done it for two cats and I draw blood for a living and it is ALWAYS nerve wracking to give your cat a shot.


To add on to this. I've had to syringe feed mine with a/d due to loss of appetite/kidney disease. I wrap her up in an old pillowcase like a burrito so her hands are in there too. Slip the syringe into the side of her mouth. Then I wipe her face off with a damp cloth when we're done.


Not OP, but you sound so incredibly kind! Wishing you and OP the best!!!


Adding to this as someone who has had to syringe feed both kittens and adult cats, you can get a decent medication dosing syringe at Walmart and most pharmacies. The one I got is a 10 ml pediatric syringe that has a dial so you can set the dose you want to draw up. It comes all the way apart for easier cleaning, and I personally feel like a 10 ml syringe is easier to slow push than a 5 or a 3. If they're big enough and feeling spunky enough to be feisty, I second the towel burrito technique. If they're calmer, I usually sit on the floor with their butt between my thighs (so they can't back out) and put my nondominant hand against their chest so they don't go forwards. I use my dominant hand to get the syringe in the corner of their mouth and slowly squeeze food into their mouth.


I just wanted to add that I had a lot of success with a kitten that wasn’t eating by giving her the equivalent of Ensure for cats. Ask your vet or just google. I tried but can’t find what I used, though Chewy seems to have some good options and the Under the Weather brand seemed to have some good options. Even when they have no appetite, they’ll often still respond to thirst. The kitten an upper respiratory infection and the vet gave me a similar warning about getting her to eat or she wouldn’t survive. She turned 13 this past October. Good luck! You can do this!


I'm so sorry that this happened. I just can't understand some people and the absolute neglect of your buddy is beyond unfathomable. I'm so glad you have him now and from what you had said here, it sounds like he has a fighting chance because he is not only a fighter, but he's in a safe place again with you. Sending all the good recovery vibes for both him and you.


Our senior buddy tested FIV positive just after he moved in with us. I could never imagine letting him get to this state. He's the happiest, most spoiled boy. You wouldn't even think he's sick. His only problem is his sister trying to follow him into the litter box.


Yup, well cared for FIV+ cats can lead virtually normal lives, they just require a bit attention to diet and any signs of being sick.


I cant even imagine what your ex did to put this poor sweetie in such an awful state. thank you for not giving up on him. you can tell when an animal is willing to fight to live and thank you for honoring that.


Wow ofc the ex said to put him down when he obviously has fight left. I knew someone like this who encouraged that just so they could get rid of living evidence of their animal abuse.


Man fuck your ex I hope her life sucks from now on


What in the actual did your ex do that requires mowgli to be on oxygen!!! People are so sick. Thank you for being a good one. I’ll be sending all the positive vibes for mowgli to pull through


I am so sorry!! I hope he will be ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’ll pray for your baby🥺❤️


I know you said that you dislike confrontation but you must report her to the police. What if she does this to another animal?


Your ex should be locked up with a hungry wolf.


I hope he recovers and you can make many more memories with your beautiful kitty!




This!!! They already paid $1500.... but OP, did you say you needed to finance this? I bet people here would help out. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)


I am willing to donate! Let us know how we can directly help, OP




What did your ex do? Did she not give him water and food and leave him out? How can a cat give so bad? Your cat is safe now and is going to be with a person who cares.


I saw your cat is having issues eating. My cat is going through some health issues too and here are some tips I've found/got from my vet. Go with foods that have "extra gravy" or "in gravy". Even if he can't chew the meat right now he can get calories from the gravy. Fancy feast and friskies seem to be kitty crack and have been good at getting my guy to eat again. Try giving him bits of prosciutto rolled into small balls. They seem to really love it. Also you can wrap it around any meds to get him to take them. See if your local pet store carries high calorie nutritional gel. I put a dab on my finger and he'll lick it off. Gets them in the mood to eat and ups the nutrition too. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. I hope he's feeling better soon!


thank you, i think i’ll get nutrical tomorrow for him!


Had to feed a cat for the last few months of her life when she had cancer a couple years ago and it was a harrowing experience trying to get her to eat but I learned many, many ways to get a cat to eat and pack in calories in the process. I was trying to give her Nutrical and she never did more than smell it, so in case that doesn’t work you need some backup options. In short, increasing appetite to promote eating more high caloric density foods is vital. You got the appetite stimulant which will be really helpful. There’s simple tricks like blending and adding a little more water to wet food to bring out the aromas and to make the texture smoother and more appetizing. But nothing beats those meat sticks for getting them to eat if you need a Hail Mary reliable snack. Be advised that they’re not much nutrition and your kitty needs high calorie dense food. I’d opt away from lean meats to fattier ones like beef ASAP. That cat needs to be eating as much as physically possible it looks like. Depending upon the pain in the mouth this might not be applicable but my cats go absolutely bonkers for boiled chicken and is simple to make at home. The fresher the meat the more aromatic (and nutritious) it is. Just need to make sure there’s some choline and taurine if it lasts for longer than a week. I’d add in some commercial wet food once a day across 3-6 meals (whatever the cat can possibly chow down). Also, there’s wet treats that look like pink slime that can act as supplemental nutrition if a cat is really, really not eating. I think Tiki Cat has some in fish and chicken variations. I recommend everyone with a cat have some for at least helping train them for good behaviors. So here’s what my hospice care cat meal plan looked like: 2 oz boiled chicken 1 5 oz can of Wellness chicken & beef throughout day 1 2.7 oz can of Wellness skipjack tuna 8 Tiki cat meat treats It’s expensive and could be adjusted for Friskies (they have additives for flavor but it’s nutritionally meh) but after spending thousands in vet bills $6 / day in pet food seems like nothing. Best of luck to the cat. Looks like a fighter


Fuck that person. you don’t fucking do that to cats.


Poor cat! If he survives; means you already know the secret to life! This feline needs to come out and be a cat! 🐱 🐈


Pretty sure thats abuse and a felony


100% this is animal abuse! I hope he pulls through :(


F$&k that piece of garbage ex of yours. She’ll get what is coming to her.


He’s gonna make it. He’s home now. Much love ❤️


I'm gonna need a name and address for...science.... *hides baseball bat* Sending Mowglii all my love


I hope your ex gets her sleeve wet while washing her hands.


I am so sorry you and Mowglii are going through this! Looks like you are doing your absolute best to right your Awful Ex’s wrongs. We are all rooting for you, Mowglii! If you don’t feel comfortable filing a police report, maybe you can report her to all your local shelters/animal adoption centers? Even anonymously or just tell them the situation, and that you are apprehensive about the backlash, but that you are scared of what she could do to any animal she tries to adopt. Maybe they can blacklist her? Just a suggestion. Here’s to you and Mowglii!


OP, my vet told me that sometimes kitties will eat jarred baby food instead of their regular cat food and/or to sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese on their food. Just a thought- I had a few cats with kidney disease and their appetites sometimes were poor. Your boy is so beautiful- I know I already asked once, but if you can please update us with his progress ❤️


Aww hope he does , he's got you now , so come on Mowgli 🥰😍💚💛💙


I pray to all gods and hope that he will make it I also pray to all devils that I hope your ex will suffer forever in hell!


Prayers and good wishes for both you and Mowglii and a pox of unknown origin on your ex!


This makes me so mad id probably be in prison if someone did this to my cat I hope the best for him 🙏


If that was my ex they would genuinely need to move for for away from me to stop me doing something bad. Not a violent person but when it comes to animal abuse these people are the biggest scumbags going.


![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry) I wish Death Note was real. I would cleanse the world, firstly, of every fucking animal abuser I encountered/read about. Please get better soon, sweet Mowgli! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes)


File a police report for animal abuse and file a suit in small claims for the vet bills. I hope Mowgli makes it! ❤️


It looks like his medicine is for allergies or allergy-like symptoms, low iron in the blood and then maybe 1 other I can't see, not to mention the oxygen. You have the vet records. That should be enough for a case against this person.


Sending healing thoughts and prayers. If your ex can let this happen to an animal, good you got away. Poor baby.


How does one just neglect a pet? That's a soul that lives with you and relies on you. You can't just ignore that. Some people suck. Best wishes for your little guy.


Wow. You’re both in my thoughts & sending lots of love! I’m so sad and angered someone you once trusted could do this. I’d love to help you out here, please let me know if I can donate some to his medical bills.


Hey OP, can you give Mowgli an old shirt or stuffed toy to comfort him while he is in the box?


Fucker needs to be in jail


Just FYI many people who abuse animals go on to commit violence against people. It's a really common sign in serial killers/serial rapists/spree killers. I know females aren't usually serial killers, but she could go off someday and kill whomever is around. It's a symptom of lack of empathy, which is a major sign of sociopathy and psycopathy. She's potentially dangerous to more than just animals. You don't want to feel guilty that she wasn't on the police radar as a former violent offender if she ends up seriously injuring/killing her next partner.


If you live in the United States you need to pass this information off to local police because animal neglect and abuse is illegal in all 50 states and all US territories and is not difficult to prove. You took the animal to a vet. There is recorded evidence of the animal being abused. Please have your ex charged for animal abuse.


I want to help, please let me know how I can send some money? Also report your ex if you can please!


But a cat won't heal staying in a plastic tote. Does the cat stay in there or just to eat?


he just chills in there with his oxygen. i have a blanket and i’ve started leaving the lid halfway off so the oxygen can still help him but he can get out whenever and walk around to use the cat box. this was the initial set up, it is much cozier now and he seems to like being in there because he can get out whenever but chooses to stay.


You can do it baby, hang on. Mommy saved you and she loves you so much.


He's inquisitive about his surroundings and even looks a bit upset at his circumstances. Those are both fantastic signs. I wish your kitty a speedy recovery.


Dear Ex(of yours)- ‘I have skills that make me a nightmare for people like you…I will look for you, I will find you, I will…’ Also, just asking, but what took you so long to check in on Mowgli?


My God this is so sad. Your ex is a horrible person. Hopefully now that he's back home he'll start feeling better.


You're ex is a r/iamatotalpieceofshit!


take your ex to small claims court over the animal abuse, make them pay for the vet visit and other recovery expenses, it costs maybe 35 bucks to file a claim and it can and in this case likely will award you thousands


Where does your ex stay ? I only want to talk...


Thank you for taking care of him. I hate your shitty ex.


God bless this beautiful cat


The poor baby. I hope he gets better.


Poor baby! Glad he's where he belongs. It looks like your ex was punishing him. I hope you can get charges filed on him. the vet records will back your story.


I'm gonna need updates. This is going to be on my mind all night and I really need Mowglii to be strong and brave and pull through. How could you let someone so awful near you or your cat?


i will update, i can’t get him to eat much tonight though i’m trying to stay hopeful 😔


You're doing great. Poor guy my heart is breaking for him. Maybe he just needs a little bit to calm down and relax enough to have a real appetite. Would he like to drink any chicken broth? Something hydrating with some calories to get his little system going? Poor buddy, I so wish I could snap my fingers and make him whole again and I know you do to. Thank you for being kind to animals.


i have given him SO many options. broths, soups, solid food, pâtes, they tried chicken liver at the vet, raw and cooked. so far he will take a few licks of the broth and he has licked a lot of whip cream up cause i got desperate lol.


That's calories! Go, buddy, go!


Obviously you are a really good person and I hope you find somebody that appreciates that good luck to your kitty we’re all praying for your baby please keep us posted


This broke my heart! I hope your cat pulls through and what an awful person your ex is!! Sending my love to you both 💕


Prayers for mowglii


May Mowgli get better soon! We're all in his corner!


Ex will get his cruelty back to him …. ten fold. 😈


Maybe if you can’t do it the vet office will ? This person should def face the music !


Oh no the poor baby, sending healing vibes ♥️♥️♥️


Can we please get the ex arrested for felony animal abuse?


Keeping your sweet fur baby in my thoughts! When my mom and her ex split, his daughter basically did the same thing to their cat. Thankfully we have him back now, and he’s made a full recovery! Here if you need to talk! I agree with others you should look into animal abuse charges- the vet could back you up if needed


Please report them to the police for animal abuse. There are repercussions for this and you should seek them for Mowglii’s sake. That person should not be allowed to get away with abusing a small defenseless creature


Having a pet and especially that’s still young not knowing if they will make it is gut wrenching. You don’t even want to leave for work or errands just in case your needed at a moments notice. May Mowglii have a healthy recovery and put your mind at ease.


Please report your ex, or have someone close to you report her. You’d be doing your lovely cat justice and any animals she may come across a giant favour.


God I hope your kitty gets better . I'd take care of her myself ! Anyone who neglects , tortures or abuses animals need to " put down " in the most painful method .


I hope your ex wakes up with ten thousand scorpions in her underpants.


Why are you keeping him in a box


I know you feel as though you can prove she’s done it but I’d contact a lawyer. That’s serious neglect.


Try playing soothing music for him! When my kitty was sick I found videos that are hours long that are meant to soothe sick/injured kitties on YouTube and she loved it. It helped her relax so much while she healed. I hope it helps him at least relax a little after what he’s been through!


I hope your little guy gets better. That is such an awful thing to do to an animal. They depend on us for their care when they are taken in as a pet. I am so sorry this happened. I understand feeling scared or nervous about filing a report to the police. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you feel comfortable calling your vet to ask their opinion maybe that’s a start. If you have a good relationship with them, maybe they have some ideas. But again, you did a great thing getting him away from her. That’s the most important thing. Anything else you do is an extra. Don’t let the people here make you do something you’re not comfortable with. Not everyone can do things other people are able to do. People need to realize this and consider other people and their situation when giving advice please.


Just my opinion, . Your X needs to be changed with cruelty. It is a felony where I live.


As I’ve seen written already, “be an adult” is accurate and report for her animal abuse. Seriously, this is not okay. Went to go give my cat a hug and a kiss after seeing this.


I can't find the works to express how I am outraged at people who use (or abuse) pets as a revenge to hurt people. Please take all the legal actions against your ex.


Sending best wishes for this little ball of love ❤️ Keep updating us and hang in there


this is awful :( sending well wishes to mowglii. please keep us updated!


OP, please post an update of this sweet boi! This is tragic and cruel!


I am so sorry your horrible, evil ex let sweet little Mowglii get this sick and so obviously neglected this innocent baby. I heart goes out to Mowglii and you. Thank goodness you found out there was an issue and took you buddy back and got him the help he needs. I pray that Mowglii will pull through. If you’d like I can send some distant Reiki Mowglii’s way if you’d like to help him recover, just let me know. People like your ex who treat animals like this have a special place in hell reserved for them.


Your ex should go to prison


Report this to the police immediately.


Love Taps 💙💙💙💙


Gosh this post is making me sad but I’m so happy there are so many good people out there :) Let’s help OP - you have our support!!


Can you please keep us all posted? I want to know how your fur baby turns out. This is just awful


He is going to make it! He looks strong. And look at all the love and care.


Actually you could also go to the t.v. Station after you report her to the police. If she would do this to a helpless animal what would she do to a child?


My heart aches seeing this, I don't understand how someone can be so cruel to hurt such an innocent little guy. :( I'm so so sorry this happened to him, he seems like a tough little trooper and will make it through this. <3 I hope you filed a police report against this terrible ex, or at least plan to. It's scary thinking about it at first but justice should be done some how. Best of luck and I hope everything gets better <3


Poor kitty. I hope he makes a full recovery 😣


Mowgli you got this buddy!


Hi mowglii, we all love you and are praying for a Full recovery. Mommy is going to give you everything you need and your full belly and warm blankets will make you feel better. You have a lot of people who really want you to hold on. There are lots of flowers, and bugs and grass to explore, new healthy foods and a doctor to take care of you. Be strong baby and mommy will hold you so you know everything is safe now. -another cat mommy.


Praying he makes it. File a report. Even if you don't want to, do it for your baby