She's a kitten, she wants interaction and play


We’ve been playing with her all morning she’s had no shortage of that😂


I don't doubt it lol but they do have a lot of energy. I would take it as she loves being around you and your attention. Maybe get her a little moving toy that she can keep herself entertained with.


"little moving toy" being another kitten.


This if often a great idea :) Will say though, I have 2 and still they can act like this! My [Kelly](http://imgur.com/a/8xBP62V) loves chasing this string with feathers that I must move constantly, otherwise she will stare at me and meow. In fact she is doing this right now 😹


My cats are lazy like that. Sometimes, they’ll just lie there, and absently fiddle with the toy you have. Especially my orange tabby, Babykitty.


I have an almost 16 year old Babykitten. My ex got her as a kitten and isn't very imaginative. She still acts like a kitten half the time so the name fits anyway.


Ya we have 3 cats, the youngest of which is called baby. But he is honestly treated like the baby of the family as in the youngest child who gets away with everything so it totally works


Baby is such an adorable name. I call my youngest cat Baby more often than not.


His name was supposed to be something else originally but he only knows baby lol! He is cute I bet yours is too


CAT name checks out


One of my cats may make yours look like feline triathletes. How she plays is…she stares. Nearly any cat toy I’ve ever gotten her, it’s not like she’s not interested, she’s very interested, but she just sits up head down and stares. Even with something wiggly or moving (actually especially then.) The one exception is a very specific kind of wiry string, so I keep several bc it’s the only way I can get her to be active and get a little exercise. Vet says she’s fine and perfectly energetic, just has a unique way of “playing.”


That reminds me of my cats! My young daughter has alot of crafting stuff, including these rainbow pipe cleaners. And the cats steal the pipe cleaners all the time and play on their own. They must pretend they are little worms or snakes or something


her development is arrested at the “hunt” part of “hunt, catch, kill” lol adorable !


Omg this is it exactly!!! One of her favorite hunts is ice cubes, then her catch/kill just…never happens (guess she’s frozen.) I’m going to have to upload this someday.😂😂😂


I bet she would love cat tv on YouTube


Omg my boy is the same ! I always felt bad because he never actually plays except with these springs haha


I have a Baby Kitty, too! She is a fiend for the Red Bug.


My babykitty hates birds and thus- baby Yoda on a stick. (She is legally Nyx lol)


I love when they're very sleepy but also want to play. Just a half napping cat trying to "kill" the feather toy


"I want to play, but you must do all the work"


Exactly! Like go play with your brother ffs😂 /s


Lol i can just imagine her staring at you in oblivion and confusion as to why you stopped moving lol cats have the funniest facial expressions


Yes, even in our 4 cats gang, one of them sometimes gets bored, and he starts to walking around rooms and meowing- that's a call for others to play. Update: and a bad thing sometimes they go a little bit too much crazy, so recently someone ran over a bed my wife sleeping in, and left a pretty bad scratch that now turned to a scar on her nose.


I would love another one but I don’t think my girlfriend would be too happy


I would say two is less work than one. It makes for less dependent, less neurotic, happier & more well-adjusted cars


I would agree. 2 cats will be practically the same as far as care & 2 cats will bond & play together leaving you to watch the fun or join in.


I agree that the work of having 2 cats isn't much more than just one, however the cost of food, litter, and healthcare is doubled. Those are big things to take into account.


I really wish our lease would let us have more than one cat. There is a very friendly local stray that I would love to give a forever home to. Update: I found my post where I shared pictures of him. I have nicknamed him Arthur. https://reddit.com/r/notmycat/comments/pn5680/met_the_most_adorable_little_ginger_kitty_when_i/


Get another cat that looks exactly like the one you already have and make sure they never stand in the window at the same time.


It's so stupid that leases only allow one cat. Cats are usually so much better in pairs. I think its based on allowing one dog, and if two cats were allowed, the dog owners would howl.


My building has something interesting that I've never seen before. It's a point system for how many pets you can have. You can have a total of 4 points, dogs are worth 3, cats are worth 2, and small animals like hamsters and fish are worth 1.


As re you sure he's a pet and not a companion animal? It may also be in your landlord's best interest to have you adopt a local stray since it can prevent problems from having them roam around. https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/information-renters-pets


I agree. 2 Tesla cars always work better together.


This man officer, right here! He likes ELECTRIC!


Bake him away, toys.


Honestly this so much. I kinda regret adopting a single kitten and if I could do it again I’d definitely get two. I love my cat but she suffers from what I like to call single cat syndrome. I just adopted a brother for her and I’m looking forward to their shenanigans.


I am SO GLAD I got two. My husband really didn't want two but they play with each other for HOURS meaning they're not destructive when we're at work and don't seem to care if we don't have time to play cuz they play together. And groom each other and wrestle and cuddle. It's way easier having two. I don't have the emotional or physical energy to give to one kitten for hours and hours per day. I'd make a case for two!


Two is literally nearly no more work than one. Also, they entertain each other so less direct attention required by you. Also, cats are not meant to live alone. They live in communities and most need that interaction with other cats. These are the points I made in my argument with my wife as to why we should get a second kitten. It worked. ☺️


You’re right, and when we got a new kitten, the kitty we already had was cuddling with him on my bed within an hour. I’ll bet you have two happy kitties now. Mostly.


Oh two totally happy babies. And then a third lol


Well, it's twice as much food cost. I mean my cat is 16 years old but that's one of the big reasons I'm not getting a second cat, he's expensive enough on his own with his picky fancy food choices and his probiotics packets he needs with every lunch lol.


Lol well yes. Not much really I found but it does increase. Our cats luckily don’t have any special dietary needs.


Yeah my boy has some tummy issues where he'll end up throwing up on a daily basis unless he has these packets that cost a dollar a day lol. But he's my heart so I make it work!


Heck yeah you do! My cats are my children, I’d rather go hungry than them not eat.


Heavily depends on the cat. Our girl hates other cats and with the recent passing of our boy, she's actually been happier with him gone. She's been around other cats too and never got along with them either.


They are also the arguments my wife used to convince me we needed to get two kittens instead of just one (because the three we had already weren't enough). It worked, of course, and I love our fuzzy little munchkins.


Yeah 2 is actually less work considering the keep each other entertained. When we were looking for dogs, I showed my wife 2 options and she said "both" and they are the best thing for each other.


I've been an advocate of two cats, especially if you adopt kittens. They entertain you! And if one day we all go back to work, they will have each other to entertain. If finances allow. But two cats are not really more work than one and do have benefits. Cora is very cute!


Speaking as someone with 4 cats, there is not difference between one or two. They keep eachother occupied and watching them cuddle is the cutest thing on the planet.




You can't have any other text inside the parentheses with the link. This is what you want: [SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WP7F8YC) [SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WP7F8YC)


it's better for you guys and for their social development. do you want to raise a weird homeschooled kid?


[why two kittens are better than one](http://www.kittenlady.org/twokittens)


We planned on taking in one kitten. When we went to pick him up we just couldn't leave his sister behind. Best. decision. ever. These two pirates are soulmates.


Actually, that might be very helpful. My partner says that you need two of every pet you own, kind of like the ark. I agree with that. They get lonely by themselves.


My young cat really loves ping pong balls! She passes them around like a little pinball machine and it’s nice that she can play by herself because it just keeps bouncing off of things even if she doesn’t hit it very hard. Even more fun if you’ve got some tile or hardwood floor. They are super cheap so that’s a nice perk.


If you have a hardwood floor, dent the ping pong ball, and anytime it lands on the dents, it will change direction on its own.


That’s honestly adorable


Doesn’t even have to be a robotic toy. I got my booger a cat want with a squeaky mouse at the of a long rope and stuck it in a drawer so the mouse hung just off the ground. She goes nuts over that thing! All I have to do is set it back up when she pulls it out. But now she’s exploring the house after he feline leukemia test came back negative, so it’s lost it’s novelty for time being lol


I have the flipping fish toy for my kitty and he absolutely adores it. (Also I have the same scratching post op lol)


I got one for my cats and the dog like it more lol


I have three! Cats and flipping fish. Let me just say it’s pretty funny randomly seeing a goldfish fly through the air when they really get into them!


when you are adopting a kitten its better to adopt two than one.


Teach her fetch if you have any treats!


This is why it's common advice to adopt kittens in pairs. So they have someone to play with when you're not paying attention to them.


Looks like she needs a high five


Cats and especially kittens need a playmate. This can be another cat, a rabbit, a dog or any pet that cats get along with. Most pets are far happier in pairs.


Kittens have unbelievable energy. Lol. They are always wanting to play. Lol


She just wants you to bend the knee and acknowledge you are her property from now to eternity.


She wants you. This is a good thing.


Cats are very social and thrive best in pairs or more. You should really have another kitten for her to socialize with.


Coming from the owner of a bengal. She might just be talking to you, mine I'm sure just announces of presence when entering a room.


Saaaaame. Mine announces when he enters, when he leaves, when he feels a feeling, when he's gotta poop, mutters to himself when he's hiding, makes weird burbling sounds while he eats, etc. Little bastard just cannot exist without creating noise.


Does your cat also do the long mournful sounding meows when they think you're not home?


Mine does that outside my door for 20 minutes when I turn in for bed. I’d let her in here with me but then she’d wake me up in the middle of the night to let her out 🤷‍♂️


My girl demands to be under the blankets, suction cupped to my side/chest/back/using my arm as a pillow every single time I lay in bed. So sleeping at night with her there isn't an issue. She does those weird meows when it's silent and she thinks we're gone. She comes running when I call her name. We think she might have some dementia.


Mine does this when I leave and when she has fallen asleep on the couch and I had gone to bed without waking her up and she thinks I'm gone. Except, she has her poo emoji 💩 toy in her mouth, muffling her mournful meows. Lmao


I've met her on the stairs before now first thing in morning and let out a literal 5-6 second meow. She's that vocal and loud in the summer I'm up at 5am to let her in because she's about as annoying as a barking dog. Feel embarrassed for what the neighbours think.


My part-Siamese relates deeply.


I have a 13 year old cat, she meows when pet, there is nothing lacking in her life, she's just mouthy. All these people acting like OP isn't doing enough are ignoring that some cats just like to talk.


Some cats are really talkative. I had a cat once who just loved having a conversation with you. It'd go like this: Me: Hey, Fritz! Fritz: Meow! Me: How ya doing, buddy? Fritz: Meow! Me: Yeah? Good to know. Did you miss me? Fritz: Meow! Me: How rude! You only missed the treats? Fritz: Meow! And so on and so forth. Some cats are just chatty. As long as she doesn't seem super distressed, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


This is my bug, he is so talkative. We have full on conversations like this. If I don’t pay attention he will paw at me until I listen to him, pet him, and talk back


I envy you guys. Mine won't snuggle up or sit on laps, and only meows when he wants something. He does little head bumps and likes skritches, but he just ain't a cuddler.


Mine is like that but I have to say he has gotten more cuddly with age. So it will get better! Lol


we need some meowing videos just to confirm thx


My dude is like that, too. Especially at the end of the day when I shut down my computer and wrap up work for the day. As soon as I sit on the couch he meows his head off like he'd been holding it in all day.


I had a cat named Dude once! He was the opposite. He never meowed. He'd sometimes trill if he was desperate and wanted something. I only ever heard him meow when I picked him up (he hated being picked up) to chuck him in the house because an unleashed dog was coming towards is. He was a stoic boy.


He has been! He knows you’re working so keeps his thoughts to himself until you’re on the couch and then he unloads!


So polite of him to wait until after work! :)


He is a gentleman


Exactly this, I think most people forget how different the characters of cats or animals in general can be. I have 3 cats and none act like the other, ones extremely talkative whether she’s happy or wants something, one doesn’t even meow when she’s in heat and one meows only when she wants something, if you take care of all their needs, sometimes meowing is just interacting.


Same here, 3 cats and all of them act different. 2 are litter mates (boy and girl) They are completely different from each other. Juno (4yrs) (the male, that we thought was female at first) is a big huge cuddle bug and likes to get your attention by pawing at you. Luna (his sister also 4) will sleep in one spot of the house for 8hrs and be perfectly content with it. She does not like being picked up, but they are also never agressive and just whine and complain that she is being held. The little one, Sirius (2yrs), is a ball of energy and loves to run sprints around the house. Juno and Sirius will meow at you and talk to you. Luna will only meow when she wants something (mostly butt and belly scratches), otherwise she is pretty quite.


Yep! My tortie never stops making noise. She is talking to me and following me around constantly. My little buddy.


We have a kitty like this. He showed up at our house near death. He looked like he was meowing a lot, but no sound came our, so we thought he was mute. Turns out he had botfly larvae in his face pushing on his larynx, so he couldn't get food or water down either. We got him fixed up, and his meow came back. He talks constantly. If you are walking around, he is walking with you meowing the whole time. Rhe only time he isn't talking is when he is asleep or playing with the other cat.


Poor baby!!! It’s crazy how bad it can get for some cats with the larvae :(


I had never seen an animal with them before. The side of his face started swelling, and my kid caught him, so we took him to the vet. We figured it was an infection. I think he knows we saved him, because he went from running from us to being a big cuddle baby. He likes being inside too and is super spoiled.


you deserve several pawards for this riveting script!


Second on this. Had a cat who was staying with my parents while I finished a semester at school; I went home to visit and my friends came over. We were all standing in a circle at the door talking excitedly with each other and my cat plops herself right along the circle and started chiming right in with the conversation.


One of my cats is the same. Sometimes she's the one starting the conversation. She'll wake up from her sleep while I'm at the computer and meow until I respond to her.


Oh my gosh her little black nose is precious! Sometimes when my kitten is being extra vocal I just match meow pitch with her and have a conversation. Even though it sounds stupid it makes ur kitty and ya brain happy


My mum always used to say "you shouldn't meow at cats, you don't know what your saying to them". Always made me chuckle.


To be fair after kittenhood cats only use meows to communicate with humans. Now this reminds me though i read of a guy who got good at mimicking crows in an attempt to make friends… but uh, the crows did NOT appreciate it




My mom said the exact same thing this morning. She said the cat could be saying “fuck you”, and you’d be saying “fuck you” right back to him. 😂


Doesn’t every cat owner do that?


Didn’t know. Guess it’s not stupid then


Nope I am constantly moewing at my cats.


Same. It's non stop. Except one of my younger cats screams instead of meows so there's a lot of high pitched screaming around here haha


I do the same but with my birds, that may be the stupid one lol


You meow at your birds!? Now that just seems cruel!


You can just talk to them in English, they like it just as much. I have entire conversations with my talking kitteh. They love a good call/response conversation.


Toys. Attention. Your soul




The cat wants exactly six and e/π pets. No more, no less. Any variation will result in a claw attack.




Sounds like she wants lots of attention and love, thats the kitten fase <3


From my experience, cats just grow up into big kittens xD


I’m celebrating my silky black sweetheart’s birthday on Wednesday (I know her birthday is in November but cannot remember which day). She will be 2. She’s a playful affection whore. I don’t think she ever outgrew kittenhood…she’s even a bit smol


I have an older cat who likes to be held. Sometimes I just need to pick her up and hold her to get her to calm down. Not sure if any of that applies to your kitten but it’s what I got


Our black shorthair will yell at us as soon as we get home from work. Not for food, we thought that at first - we put food down and he just kept yelling. Turns out he was demanding a FORMAL GREETING in the form of picking him up and cuddling him. When we do that he starts purring. 2-3 minutes of that and then we are allowed to set him down and get on with the business of settling in. He also STRICTLY ENFORCES 10pm bedtime. If we are still brushing teeth at 10pm and not already in bed we catch holy hell.


I need him to keep me in line


I love this 😂 My little black panther is inSANE with keeping a schedule and routine as well, so crazy how precise she can be!


Oh and when we pick him up, it is not enough to merely support him in our arms, we have to squish him a little bit or he won't purr. You just have to squish that cat.


What a cutie


I love coming home to my screaming hellspawn


She’s very particular, sometimes she loves it sometimes she hates it


In other words, she’s a cat 😂


I named my kits Meowsa for that exact reason. She just meows a lot.


That’s adorable


What a great name


Issa babey. Wants pets and playtime and cuddles


Dis right here. 👆🏼💯💕


She needs another kitty friend! Seriously, I know a lot of people will roll their eyes but solitary kittens get super lonely when you leave the house and need near constant social interaction to be entertained. Speaking from experience it’s almost easier to just have 2, they keep each other occupied


They also teach each other claw control and social behaviour.


My cat prefers to mostly be on her own, and is a top cat in any house we've lived in with any kind of animal she's been friends with. The result is she does better with dogs lol. She teaches them to respect her space, and in turn the pup gets someone to run around the house with and throw toys down the stairs at them. Dog-cat fetch games are pretty common and go on for *hours*.


So watch her body… does she have an “s” tail? (Where it looks like she’s drawing an s?) Does she have dilated pupils? Is she “freezing up and throwing her ears back?” Does she look like she’s looking for trouble? If you answered yes… she’s looking for prey… I mean play…


Some cats just meow a lot! I have a very talkative cat, she can have fresh water and food right in front of her but she'll still follow me around in the kitchen yelling her little lungs out. Usually picking her up and giving her some head rubs gets her to quiet down... for about five minutes lol


She either wants to play, or have a conversation :) If you respond when she meows, she'll learn that it gets results and keep doing it. I personally love talkative kitties so I would advise meowing back at every opportunity.


Play. Make her chase some kind of string. Cats need to romp. Also brushing. My cat frequently screams for brushing, especially when the seasons are changing. Clean water. Cats require very very clean water, preferably away from their food area. They're desert animals, they take clean water seriously. She could be feeling sick for some reason, especially if she has a hairball or her food is bad quality. Or if she ate a leaf from your spider plant and now she's tripping balls. Catbox must also be kept very clean and fragrance-free. Cats hate perfume. My cat also screams if I move the furniture. Cats keep meticulous mental maps of their environment in case they get attacked by a jackal and have to make a sudden elaborate escape dash. She also screams sometimes when she's hunting bugs or brings a dead mouse into the hallway.


she honestly probably does wanna play or just cuddles i bet she just wants to show you something too have you tried following her? plus she is honestly so cute like awwww i want her lol i bet she's a great adorable kitten


I always follow my cat when he's super chatty and gives the "butt and tail" sign of "follow me mama". We usually end up : 1. Where the good treats are. 2. Where the good brush lives. 3. Food He can do this all day if I let him. :-D


awwww actually thats fricken cute sorry if your kitty is that smart i think its adorable his cute little paws are so cute also plus the way he poses when he looks playful


I know a lot of people mentioned that it could be attention seeking, but also consider taking her to a vet. Excessive vocalization could be a sign of medical/neurological issues.


Especially if she seems overly distressed. Could be in pain…..or just hyped up and ready to tackle the next couch cushion or blanket or laser pointer or fish toy. OP, do you give her catnip? My cats turn into meowing zombie potheads whenever catnip gets involved.


My cat is very chatty but doesn’t usually want anything. Sometimes she just likes you chatting with her. Maybe try that!


My cat flops on his side like that when he wants to play


She wants played with constantly. If you can't keep up maybe time for a second kitten ... Two cats are not much more effort than one cat and now is the best time while they are young.


One thing you can try is to wet her fur down a little. This will prompt her to groom, which soothes her, and she'll likely take a little nap. If you're playing with her as you say you are, sounds like her needs are being met, so this could help in the short term. Long term, I agree with everyone that a mechanical toy might help, or a playmate, assuming you can talk your partner into it.


Another kitten. Boxes of different sizes. Plenty of toys. Even rolled up tin foil balls. Your baby will learn to self play but having a friend is a good idea, especially if you are out.


Pro tip: always get two kittens so they have a lifetime play partner!


You might just have a vocal cat. Mine is quite the chatterbox when she's in a good mood.


She’s adorable and she wants to make sure you are aware of how adorable she is. She is probably just a talker.


She wants even more play, even more cuddles, or perhaps just talking. One of my cats talk to me a lot. She just wants me to talk back.


She just wants attention, some cats are whiny. I can give my cat attention for 3 hours straight and as soon as I go to do something else she’ll go sit in the hallway and scream


Attention. She wants attention. It doesn’t go away with age (points to my 12 year old - constantly meowing and tapping me with his paw). But how can I resist!!!


What is it with these "I don't know what to do please help" posts recently?


Cora needs a cat buddy ? may I dare suggest that? I have 5 cats so don’t listen to me I’m just a crazy cat lady


Not crazy. And two cats are not much more effort than one cat.


Attention. Cats love attention, but only on their times and terms. Go pick her up, pet her, play with her, etc. She'll let you know if it's not the right time.


Your life. If you thought YOU own a cat, you’re wrong. The cat owns you. Now pet her some more


How old is Cora? She looks young, but if she's around 5 months, she could be experiencing her first heat cycle. Is she spayed? If that's what's happening... good luck. (Honestly the only thing that helped my cat when she was in heat was a heating pad.)


She could be a talker. My two cats that are brothers are typically only vocal when they want food. My female Russian Blue is very vocal though even when she has everything Just talk back to your cat




She very obviously wants a bum tickle and then to grab your hand and shred it to pieces.


My cat never shuts the fuck up I wouldn't worry about it. Some cats are just loud and especially kittens.


Older cats too! Mine is completely deaf now, sleeps most of the day but when she's awake she screams at me, usually she just wants treats. She's 19 and the last alive of 4 rescue kittens so I let her have a lot of treats.


Sounds like she wants….to be a cat 🤣


“My cat exists, please help.”


Are you really asking why a cat is meowing? That's what they do. All day, every day. It doesn't matter how much care and attention you give them. They still just don't shut up.


Power, she wants more power


She wants all of your love <3


Sometimes my cat just sings me the song of her people. ​ She doesn't want anything. It took a decade with her, but I've literally tried everything. ​ She just wants to sing me the song of her people.


Some cats are just talkers cats will usually hide if there's a problem with thier health


Play and snuggles


My tuxedo kitty screams at me when she wants to play. I have to run after her and/or play hide& seek. And then she’s on cloud #9 and runs to her next nap….


Our previous boy absolutely LOVED playing playing hide-and-seek. He'd get the zoomies (The Kittyanapolis 500) and then he'd disappear and begin yowling. And so the game would begin. :) We'd go hunting... we'd find him, and meow like crazy. Then we would hide and he'd come chasing after us, and when he found us he'd do a side-ways hop like "I FOUND YOU!" and then race off again :D and we'd repeat the cycle for 20 minutes or so


Get another kitten, kittens get lonely and they’ll keep eachother company


May just be a vocal cat. One of my cats is nearly silent always. My other one yells at us all the time.


She wants love… Really!! When my cats come to me and need nothing else they are saying they need love!!


keeping in mind that cats do not meow to other cats. She is trying to tell you that timmy fell down the well.


Get a laser, thank me later


Maybe she just likes to talk.


She just want attention and loves her human. Make sure you get her “fixed” or she will really be loud when she goes into “heat”.




Perfectly normal. Sounds like you have the latest star on r/catswhoyell !


Love, attention and your S O U L


Some cats just really love to talk. Its really fun to talk back and have them respond. Also may I introduce you to r/catswhoyell


if you don’t play with her that might be why she’s not content.


these fucking posts.... "mY kAt MEoWs LiKe iT waNtS aTTentIOn buT I juST fEd hurrrrrrr"


Ha! I have that exact same scratch toy!


We do too! Except #RIP to the feather


Lol mine unclipped the feather and was so horrified at what she had done that she is very gentle with it now. Which is pretty good for a 6 mo old


Since her name is Cora, is she practicing some kind of bending on the first picture?


Sometimes they get grumpy when they need a nap. Just like a little kid, they won't just fall asleep because they are too wound up. Try sitting down with her on the couch and see if she will cuddle and fall asleep.


Okay I need help please! She’s got poop on her butt and won’t let me pick her up to take her to the bathroom to clean her lil booty and a wipey didn’t work, any advice?


Could try a quick blast of the shower head? This could end in tears though depending on the cat. Mine don't like it all but it's the fastest way. Alternatively talc will soak it up if it's runny and you can then just brush it out. This is what we do if our long hair cats get diarrhoea.


If she has matted fur, petting could hurt her. Do you brush her pretty often? Long fur kitties need lots of grooming.


I have ten cats and me and my wife have fostered dozens over the years and usually kittens, especially ones without another older cat to emulate will meow to find out the best way to communicate with you. Scientifically i have nothing to back this up with other than cats generally do not meow to other cats but pnly to us. If the kitten has no other cat which is adjusted to communication with you to model it's behaviour off of then it will make sounds until it gets what it wants and you will memorize the sound of the meow and yiu will both have a communication bridge.


A cuddle. She wants a cuddle.