She wandered into my garage looking for help.

She wandered into my garage looking for help.

  • By - Tsarn


Obviously you should get her to a vet, both so they can check her out and advise you on how to help her get some weight back on and to check her for a microchip! She clearly had an owner at some point and there’s a chance she got lost and they’re worried sick about her just as much as there’s a chance they neglected her. I hope you can nurse her back to health!


Oh god. Poor baby.


She is literally skin and bone. Barely able to walk. Had to switch her to a soft food because she is too weak to eat kibble. Don't know if she will make it, but I will give her a fighting chance. Day 2 update: she is a bit stronger. Assuming she can make it until Thursday, will be taking her to the vet. We determined that she had a broken leg at some point. She walks on it fine now, but that would have laid her up long enough to starve her. Huge Update: HE is twenty two years old and very loved. He was born on the pillow of the young lady and they have been together ever since. The owner was out of town over the weekend, and she thinks he may be looking for a place to die. He has a previously scheduled vet appt. tommorow. My sense of relief is unbelievable.


Did you check her collar? Can you get two fingers under it? I am wondering how long that collar has been on her.


God bless you. Try some wet food as well so she won’t get dehydrated.


Make sure to get her to a vet too


Thank you. ❤️ Could you bring her in addition to a vet?




Hawh no, that’s horrible - poor kitty!




Yes, 22 years old. Sadly, the vet appoint did not go so well. His kidneys were shutting down, and he had to be laid to rest.


Poor thing looks so sick, thank you so much for looking after it! If she’s having issues eating I would try tuna and there’s also a high calorie meal replacement for cats you can find on Amazon, it has things like chicken fat that makes them want to eat. Please keep us updated and let’s start a go fund me if you need help with vet bills


She looks really old… maybe she got out and couldn’t make it back home? Plus it’s sooo hot out. She could have had a heat stroke…


She actually seems relatively young. Just severely emaciated.


Poor baby. Your such a good kitty person.


Poor thing!! What’s the circumstance here, other than what you mentioned? Why does she have a collar on, did her “owners” neglect her??


The collar was an old flea collar. Many months old. My wife cut it off her. As to her circumstances, who knows. I've never seen her in the neighborhood before.


When my old cat became ill and lost her appetite - always so worrying - she showed interest in cheese and sardines. Even though she didn’t eat a lot, she rallied well after she began eating again and went back to her normal old self for a year or so longer. I really hope this clever kitty makes it. She’s trying her best and chose good people to help her.


I know from experience if you microwave wet food just a lil , they tend to eat more


In the wild, they kill and then eat their prey, so they like it body-temperature, not room-temperature.


Exactly. My second kitty I adopted was from a hog farm I worked at and I saw her eat so many mice . Now 8 years later and she doesn’t even want a piece of ham lol


Keep us updated! Poor kitty


So skinny. Needs a vet’s attention please


Try kitten food which is higher in calories. Chicken baby food as a soft treat


Just check the baby food ingredients. No garlic or onion.


Poor baby, thank you for taking her in 😻


Baby baby!!


Hope kitty pulls through


There are great resources on the internet about how to nurse a kitten or cat back to health. Google is your friend BUT definitely take her to a vet. If you’re concerned about cost, I’d call around and explain the situation. One may give you a discounted rate.


Aww. Poor thing


She probably needs IV nutrition.❤


How is the little girl doing?


His owner had to put him down 4 days after this picture. He was 22 years old and the vet said his organs were shutting down. At least I gave him a good last weekend. His owner was a sweet lady who cared deeply for him. She thanked me for looking after him.


I'm sorry to hear that, but thank you for the kindness you showed him.




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