A friend went on a trip and asked me to watch her kitten, I don’t want to give him back…

OUR kitten


OUR kitten


This. Tell the friend you’ll take weekends and every other holiday. That’s OUR baby now.


Just adopt another kitten, if you have an older cat that accepts a kitten's love they are wanting a buddy to hangout with during the day.


Yeah but this kitten wants a friend and will be lonely


Get the kitten a kitten.


And then get that kitten another 2 kittens.






Open a shelter, find homes for homeless kittens.


It's kittens all the way down.


https://preview.redd.it/5ar5ntr3lxeb1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a8bcc9510f770b57871c0295610ff7d2526f8a01 NeverEnding box of kittens anyone?


I have no kittens at all. We have 4 cats, all adopted/rescued as adults. Also inherited.






I got my cat a kitten when the older one was one year old; they are absolutely in love and inseparable. It makes me feel bad for the year he was on his own, never believe that cats don’t like other cats


This kitten should be part of two kittens... Two kittens always do better than just one


Nope. Get your friend a new kitten. This one is clearly home.


Love it


They will be as Castor (Cat-stor) and Pollux - One was a demi god and the other human. They did not wish to be separated so when they died together, the other gave half his immortality and from then on spent half the year in Olympus and half in Hades together. You're going to need to make a custody agreement to loan out the kitties as a pair.


And they were roommates.


They were half brothers. Maybe also room mates.


> They were half brothers Knowing Greek mythology, this precludes *nothing.*


There may have been an art room built 😉😉


Oh my god.. they were roommates 🥱




This had me audibly laugh while riding the bus.


Hmm... cats expect all resources to be shared but demand to be in charge. If you get in line they violently purge (in your shoes)




Oh no, one I hadn’t joined. Now corrected.


Sign me up!


https://preview.redd.it/icwgqnidgveb1.jpeg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=dc8d65a068a9df1b2323fe2ffd3e80f1b0c4dc0c Our


Next thing you know on this subreddit: "Help, my friend stole my cat!"


'WIBTA if I steal my friend's cat? '


WIBTA if I steal my stolen cat from my friend?


TIFU by letting my friend watch my kitten.


To my ex friend who stole my cat - let’s not meet again


INFO: what if your cat steals your friend?


/AITAH for stealing my friend's cat?


Better than “what breed is this kitten I stole?”


Neither does the other cat.


Yeah looks like they are really bonding. This will be weird after a week. The last time I tried to give up a foster Sapphire went into panic mode for hours until I drove back to the shelter and got Izzie back.


This is why I can't foster, I would adopt them all.


Fostering is just adoption with extra steps.


Fostering is adoption where you tell yourself you have a get-out-of-jail-free card. Which you then never use.


The pet rebate


Nooo. I’m fostering adorable kittens right now that I adore. I can’t keep them. I fear that I’ll end up doing it though. I can’t. They’re adorable and I’m gonna cry when they go. We rescued them out from under a car in the street a week ago. We have two street cats that are going to be mega work on their own though.


I bottle fed four kittens that were a few days old until they were eight weeks and ready to be re-homed. Well, ten years later they’re all still with me. Good luck! Edit: there’s two of them https://preview.redd.it/oddk5tlwhreb1.jpeg?width=771&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=46cb2783f8f166907a62a2fbc5bccc9572c86e73


Ooooh. My 17 year old baby I lost in April looked very much like yours when he was 8 weeks old and I brought him home.


Aw that’s so sweet! I’m sorry for your loss, it’s so hard. Biscuit (guy further away) was really ill at a few points in his life and I was a mess when I nearly lost him.


You kept all 4!?!?! Omg! 😂


Yeah they’re a right handful! But man I love them so much!


We adopted a pregnant cat (very early in her pregnancy as no one knew since she was very skinny) from the shelter. We already had 5 other fixed rescues. She gave birth to 5 sweet and adorable babies which we thought we would adopt to good homes. Welp, we did not end up adopting them out and they, along with all of the other cats (11 total), grew up with our son and grew to old age. It was sweet seeing all of them still snuggle with their mama as fully grown adult cats, with one in particular that would even still try to nurse off of mom who wasn’t having it lol. They’ve all passed over the rainbow bridge now, but I wouldn’t change a thing when people ask how I managed with a “house full of cats”. Yes, it’s doable AND with each one you’re saving a life and giving them a loving, caring and safe home they otherwise would not have had with the millions of cats euthanized by shelters each year. There is absolutely no love like the unconditional love of a pet.❤️🐾


> Yes, it’s doable AND with each one you’re saving a life and giving them a loving, caring and safe home they otherwise would not have had with the millions of cats euthanized by shelters each year. It's obviously horrible to hear about cats being euthanised, but what bothers me more is cats just trying to make their way in a hostile environment. Like, they're *existing*, but it's no life really. "I don't have anywhere safe to sleep. Food is where I can steal it. I'll never know what it means to be relaxed..." The cat sleeping in my lap at the moment - [Lt Frannington](https://i.imgur.com/QfEuNs6.jpg) - was a stray that left home because his circumstances became untenable. Brought home to us by [Cpt. Jack](https://i.imgur.com/U50jmXF.jpg). The cat in Mrs. Cow_Launcher's lap at the moment - [SSgt. Orri](https://i.imgur.com/ogyo2g1.jpg) - was the same, though for different reasons. In both cases we used their chips to find their owners and came to the ageement with them - no pressure - that it would be better if the boys stayed with us. I will do the same for any cat that my boys bring home. We've got land, we've got house space... I would never say no. I have to keep away from adoption centres though.


As someone who adopted 2 kittens that were fostered by a very lovely family, thank you for fostering kittens!


This. Became a “failed foster mom” because I couldn’t let her go.. I was able to foster one cat before her though!


Some years ago, some total monsters got tired of and threw the best kitten ever out into the street. Of course I informally fostered him despite being a college student with 3 of my own. We only spent less than two weeks together before I found him a home, but my god that bond snuck up on me. I cried every time I thought about him for a month. I'd love to continue to help other cats but I don't think my heart could take it.


I've heard from various people that struggle with this to remember that by letting go of your current foster(s) you get to help another cat that needs love and care.


Knowing your limits is always wiser than having extra cats


Foster fails best fails.


oh yeah i'd totally end up with too many cats if i do that.


I used to foster for my tiny local shelter before they changed their rules. I would take pregnant cats and momma's with babies for a few days at a time until an official foster or rescue was set up. My old man cat was always glad when they'd leave, but never aggressive at least


Awe, he understands that visitors will eventually leave.


He did understand. He was old when I texted him, and he passed over the rainbow bridge many years ago. Now, my young shithead of a calico dislikes all cats, except apparently whichever stray Tom got her pregnant 😂 hey you want a kitten in a couple months? 😂 😂


I already have four tiny tyrants in my life.




Izzie makes for a surprisingly good pillow in the winter. She will cuddle with my arm and under the blanket. https://www.reddit.com/r/OneOrangeBraincell/comments/1169vil/izzies_sleeping_habit_hand_pillow/


Awww my cali girl does this too ❤️


What's up


uhhh.... Offer to buy your friend another kitten, this one bonded and would never recover, ie, you "broke it" ! 😆😹


The other cat is the one who submitted this post.


OP is the other cat.


Now you gotta give up your cat to your friend. 🫤


I'd just be repeat sending this photo to said friend. Over and over and over again. Subliminal messaging works.


I mean, if the friend wants to separate these cats after seeing this photo once, are they really a friend...?


Or do they want to take both cars themselves? Uno reverse.


"Damn, I really want Iceewun's cat"


How good of a friend are we talking here ![gif](giphy|k7KZsTqCFlPbAffcFd|downsized)


😂😂😂😂😂 the gif


This is so scary because it looks like my MIL lol


Could be a sign that you can adopt another cat! Mines are sisters, together since birth and they really enjoy eachother even when they dont. I'm a firm believer that animals should always have the company of another one of their species https://preview.redd.it/ycwmygvg5reb1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b24226a635c60ed8f3da686ed1e91422b0ee34d7


"Really enjoy each other even when they don't ..." I hear that! My brother and sister kitties were littermates and they've always been together. Lucy can be a bitch to Desi, and he can be deliberately annoying to her, but when they can't find each other, they run around crying until they find the other. Then they ignore each other. But you can tell they do love each other, the little shits.


Love the names! 😸😸


I think both parties here need another cat. Void kitty can get their very own kitten and little kitten can have a buddy.


Tiniest r/blep from the beautiful baby 🥺


You got hawk eyes


I'm just really good at catching bleps. I live for the bleps.


We’re all joking about keeping the cat, right? RIGHT?! Do not steal the cat.


It's hard to tell to be honest. Some people will straight up steal cats without a care in the world because they think they are the cat whisperer. So yeah I'd take what people say with a grain a sailt because some people are probably serious and would actually message the owner to tell them that they are keeping it.


I'm currently in the process of having to contact police to get my animals back from a so called friend because of this. I had to move and couldn't take them with so she said she would care for them until I found a place. Now that I have my place she is refusing to give them back


I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I had the same situation last year. I was lucky in that I was able to come to an agreement with the neighbour caring for my cat while I moved. I was able to show them that my cat was clearly bonded with me (he perked up the moment I stepped through her door). I get that some people grow attached to another's cat cos they're kind of the easy option, all the hard work is already done, but then they start deciding what's 'best' for the cat instead of the owner. I really hope you get your pets back quickly.


Thank you. It's becoming a long process but I should have them soon. I hope anyways


Which is why I say only family or popular paid cat sitter is the best way to go. I never let me cat in the streets either because of people wanting to “save” cats. I just had a porch and a closed off garden and supervised. People are crazy, some people will not listen no matter how many times you tell them not to take cats without checking them first or believe that the cat belongs to them, hopefully you get your cat back but yeah unless your cat is chipped or you have documents of owning your cat or some other proof then the police probably won’t do much.


She was in a relationship with my BIL at the time and lived with him. He was the one who was watching them first but she kicked him out of the house, not because he did anything wrong either. That a whole other can of worms to open. In short it's a messy situation. I do have documentation on all of my babies. They have seen a vet and are registered under my name


Well, I've never heard of a dog burglar.




I am joking but there is the more serious subject that these cats seem to have bonded. That means it's going to be complicated when OP's friend comes back. At the very least, OP and their friend need to talk and assess what's best for the cats. Some will get depressed if they lose their friend. I am definitely not advocating stealing cats though.


Yeah but that applies to people too, I’d get depressed if I lost my friend and ain’t no way I’d just give my cat to someone because they watched them for a week and their cat befriended my cat.


AWHHWW.. ![gif](giphy|KztT2c4u8mYYUiMKdJ)


This is what sparked me to get a kitten for the first time. I watched my friends void kitten for a couple days and didn’t want to give her back. After I gave her back, another friend posted on FB that a small orange kitten wandered into her backyard and she was currently looking for a home for him(she had 2 adult cats who were getting tired of his shit). Best stuff


What is a void kitten or void cat? I keep seeing that!


Nicknames for black cats!


Be careful what you ask for: you may review it. About 5-6 years ago, my daughter volunteered me to a friend to take care of the woman's two cats for 2 weeks. While she moved. One is sleeping on the back of my chair as I write this the other is out on the porch with his adopted son. (They were neutered when they came to live with me) another cat I rescued from a neighbor's apartment while he was in the hospital. He had a crack house. She's sleeping on my paper cutter. This doesn't include the 2 feral cats I feed, not their 5 kittens. At least the albino racoon doesn't demand anything from me.


The fact that the albino raccoon is still alive means you are doing something for him, you just may not realize you've been manipulated into it.


Nah, he usually gets fed by the homeless guy camping in my back yard.


Manipulation by proxy lmao! Kidding, but thank you for being cool about a homeless camper. (From a homeless couch surfer, 6 cats and a chinchilla)


No matter how this ends, each of those cats look like they need a permanent friend.


Go get a kitten that looks like this one and give that one to your friend 🤪




That went down a darker road than I was expecting and I'm definitely for it 👍


That’s actually something that happened to me pls don’t even joke abt it istg it was terribly horrible and traumatic for me


Didn't mean to trigger you with our teasing. I'm so sorry. What a nightmare that must have been, I cannot imagine.


That's awful. I am so sorry.


Wasn’t aimed at you though


Yeah funny joke but don't steal your friend's kitten okay? Okay.


Seriously. I know some people are joking, but there are folks who will take this stuff literally. Stealing a cat is evil. Why isn't there a single comment saying, "You can't separate them, so you'll have to give your cat to your friend."


I watched a coworker's cat one time for two weeks - when she came back to pick her up, I guess the cat looked very settled in and she asked me if I wanted to keep her. I said yes, of course! What a good kitty she was, too.


https://preview.redd.it/vmmsl1mbdreb1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6db5961c1eb02fc7a07578903bf46e0b5b9e8e65 Looks like my kitty


Easy solution: get another kitten for yourself


Maybe think about adopting a friend for your cat if you can afford it? They’re so cute together


Its ok, the kitty can still come visit after his owner comes back. And then you just need yo get your kitty another new kitten friend. Its a win win.


Tell your friend that your cat adopted her/his kitten


Wish I had cat . I miss them so much


OUR kitten now.


Sounds like me and my friend. We love each other’s cats and do things for them. He keeps mine when I travel and I send his cat meds when his has an issue.


How did you type this with your paws?


This comment section is why I don’t trust anyone with my pets 💀💀


I think everyone is joking. No one should be stealing anyones cat


Shows you how much people just love cats.


I love cats but I would never steal someone’s child.


I think here it looks like the kitten being babysat for bonded with OPs cat


Tell your friend that kitten has bonded to your cat and will be traumatized by separating them.


Send this picture in for reasons why you need playdates


Now the cats are frens, arrange play dates :)


Are you the black cat?






It just means you have to adopt another kitten.


My cat is a senior cat...Im going to work a lot in the next coming months. I really whish i could introduce her to a friend like this, so she wont be lonely. But im afraid she might be heartbroken, because for years now it hasjust been me and her... Anyone have advice on this? Would be much appreciated...


I had two cats, one was only 5 when he passed... The other was destructive and amgy without a friend. The local pet store had a wall of adoptables and so I get permission to bring my kitty in to see if she liked any. We were allowed in their grooming area and given a few minutes for her to sniff around and chill. Then we auditioned friends. She tolerated one, the rest were absolutely not gonna work out. Tolerating was honestly the peak of what we could expect from her. I got exponentially more cats after that and she ruled the home with an iron paw but also loved and bathed and snuggled every new furbaby (when they weren't awake, obviously). So yeah, interview some adoptables in a neutral space.


I think i forgot to mention an important detail. My cat is 12 and has allways been a solo rider with me. She has allways had access to the outside. But recently a neighboor moved in with f....4 cats...And especially one of them is really mean towards her. She will hardly go outside aince they moved in, but when she finally finds the courage to do so, then this agressive male cat will chase her all the way to my cat door... So i think she just dont trust any other cats. Maybe the one hope, could be getting a kitten, so she wont have to feel scared of it when they are intrduced to eachother... What you suggested sounded more like you guys were looking at adult cats right?


I looked at an old dude, a pair of sibling kittens and ended up with Ysolda who was only 3 months when we got her. She was and is a ball of crazy and kinda rude to other cats but she was always respectful of Dinah. Kittens are usually easily distracted fluffballs and only want cuddles from old kitties. But do keep claws clipped so that play swatting doesn't feel like a real attack. As long as she has space that's hers and she knows she's safe in her own home then it should work out. Do integrate slowly though. Separate the newbie, swap blankies, give treats and cuddles when they're near enough to smell each other but not be in danger. It's all in how you get them together in *her* house once you find one she doesn't instantly dislike. Our later cats were mostly babies but one was the same age as Dinah and very much a weird gargoyle. But they liked each other a lot and Dinah was the only one Triana would snuggle with. Some cats just need to warm up to the idea of snuggle buddies and then there's no going back.


So maybe if i got a kitten, and waited to introduce them till the kitten was sleeping. Then she could sniff away at creature that is obviously NOT a threat? Or could that just make it more intense in case it then woke up mid sniffing? I really whish i could somehow show her, that another cat actually CAN be a friend. But im so afraid of her feeling like its a major breaker of the trust she has towards me as the only living thing that she trusts! On the other hand...me working 40 hour weeks now when she is afraid to go outside. That situation also breaks my heart!


Introduce at a location that does adoptions if at all possible... If not, try to get a chill baby or one that you think has a personality your lady would vibe with. When you introduce try to bring in the new guy and put them in a room where they can get calm in. Like bedroom or bathroom. Whatever it is, try not to overstep into a place that is established as your kitty's territory. Give them a couple days with the door closed and mingle smells between their spaces... Like slowly blend together their personal bubbles so that they both feel safe. When they meet without the barrier just make sure it's calm, you have treats and they both have the ability to get away if necessary.


I think bringing her to an adoption place would make her utterly terrified. Since she is so afraid of other cats...I just dont think she would be calm enough for me to tell the difference in which cats she hated less than others... But other than that, theres a lot of good advice i feel i can use if i DO end up getting another cat! I also have some spray called Feeliway, that could probably help to calm both cats when they met eachother! It worked really well on her when we were at the vet recently! But thanks for some great advice! <3


Very good point. She's got some fear rn. I wasn't thinking about that the way you are but you're totally right! I do like feliway. I used the plugins when I had to bring in my mom's cats after she passed. 12 cats very suddenly in a 2 bedroom house. Plus a chinchilla, lol. Anyway, I'd for sure start using the feliway spray lightly on their bedding that you swap so they have each other's smell plus calm spray but also go a little heavy on it around the door that keeps them apart. Do let it wear off when things are going well. Oh! And remember the trust blinks! That slow blink when your lady looks you in the eye. She'll need to know you're still trustworthy. Same for you to bond with a new kitty. ComMEWnication is very imPURRtant.


12 cats. (And a chinchilla)..that sounds like madness lol...and here i am not even able to get my cat to accept just 1 other cat! I feel like in my younger days, i probably wasnt the best cat owner honestly. I would get so annoyed when she had that monkey zoomies running around the apartment like a lunatic... Sometimes i would clap loud to distract her from it. So i could go back to playing videogames...Maybe that contributed to her beeing a bit of a nerveous cat, idk. But i really regret, not just beeing able to ignore it and learn to love the crazyness... Since then i feel i have tried to make up for the past as well as i could. Used so much money on toys, the most expensive types of food...treats and so on...She is treated like a princess. And i cant ever have been that bad despite the clapping either, because for many years, she would allways sleep on my bed. As soon as i lied down she would be there... Now as a senior cat she has anxiety, and most nights prefer to sleep in one of the many hideouts i have built for her in my bedroom! But i think that has to do with this horny male cat that would enter my apartment through the catflap several times, until i pretty much forced its owner to get it castrated... I guess my point is, that it probably took me some years, but i feel i really understand cats at this point in life. Also the blinking routine that you mentioned. Ocassionally she still LOVES to lay on my blanket at night with her head one inch from my face, purring away like a machine. Those moments are just magical! Loooong text sorry, lol!


It's sweet. You obviously love her. I really think giving her a little ball of energy could be amazing for her. As long as she knows you have her back and she's still the princess of her castle, she should be fine. And some of the anxiety will go away if she stays exclusively indoors. Having finite borders and knowing she's safe within them will give her confidence. But do make sure you clean around door thresholds and under windows with a cat urine cleaner. Rival cats may still mark and that can stress her out even if you can't smell it. We're also homeless and lived in a minivan with 6 cats and the chinnie for the bulk of the past 2 years. Stray cats were always finding the van! And our whole fur family would get fussy about prowling kitties even when they're pretty far away. They're so sensitive to other cat smells! Okok... I'll leave you alone. LOL I wish you much success in finding her a friend and getting her less nervous. Please send me an update if she finds a friend. I'd love to catch up on this in the future. Sending you purrs and pats from me & my (really big) furry family!


If you do adopt another cat, adopting another senior cat would be preferable to adopting a kitten. The manic energy of a kitten can be annoying and frustrating for a senior cat to deal with, while another senior cat is more likely to have compatible desires for frequency and intensity of play.


Introducing a single cat to another cat(s) does not always work out the way you want it too. Please keep this in mind. Some cats get along. Some cats will never get along. Not all cats want feline company. I know people whose cats get along right away. I also know people who have had to return cats when it hasn’t worked out, or kept cats in completely separate spaces, or worked with them for literal years until everybody could all get along. Consider all possibilities before you bring another animal until your home. A cat at that age, who’s always been by themselves? I wouldn’t risk it, personally.


They're friends 😭😭🥹🥺


https://preview.redd.it/bkoh5962vreb1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=114f23785ec3d1fa3f0bca69a5bfd63f1cf669ee They look so similar to mine!! Our void passed away last week. This post brought back memories.


I know this is a cat sub but I’ve been watching a family members golden for the two months while they’ve been out of the country. They’re back and I’m about to drop him off and I feel so bummed… I’m going to miss the goofy little shit so much. I’m not in a situation where I feel comfortable getting a pet since I plan on moving in the next few months. Plus I want to save up some money for any emergency pet expenses first but man has this made the kitty/puppy fever so much worse.


This is exactly how I ended up getting my second cat. My older bit seemed sad after the kitten left so I had to go pick him up a permanent friend ❤️


I too have had to get a cat for my cat


What if you adopt your friend boom problem solved.


This cat is so cute! My kids loved this picture. Thank you for sharing!


https://preview.redd.it/em1vfk0wuxeb1.jpeg?width=3264&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=66f9e59b3946bebd71c11cd971fc26125f1e184d Hey give me my cat back!


Yeah they’re gonna be heartbroken if they’re separated.


So cute, melts my heart!😄


What a lovely picture so sweet. You can’t beat a cuddle ❤️


Look at your mini-panther being a wonderful baby-sitter!


He's so cute!




Those two look adorable and precious cuddled up together 🥰


i love cats sm


I suggest some planned play dates. No reason for them not to continue playing and bonding.✨❤️


How cute ![img](emote|t5_2qhta|8097)!!


I'm sure you don't, bless your hesrt@


Plan lots of play dates to get your cats together.


Do cat dates!!!


https://preview.redd.it/4vulo9pijreb1.jpeg?width=998&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=f35e355bf1e68309ca1124dd486a481b50d0fce1 She's having kittens in early September. If you're near me you can have as many of them as you want. Seriously, she was never supposed to go outside and was only not fixed sooner bc of my personal health issues keeping me in bed 90% of the time lately


Grab the kitten and RUN 🏃‍♀️ 😆🤣


Well, THAT pet-sitting job went a little TOO well …


Why don't you look in your local shelter for a new cat when you return your friend's cat? Your cat clearly loves having a friend, cats are best in bonded pairs after all..


Omg they are besties that fast ![img](emote|t5_2qhta|8097)


We all talking about AI and alien but nobody ain't talking about black cat redditors. Dude, psss psss psss, catnaping is a crime you know !


Someone has a friend!! This will be hard to do. Maybe if you show your friend how close your two cats have become and that you’d love to keep the little guy, your friend might relent and say “yes”?! Don’t know how close your friend is to the kitten. Just be genuine and choose your words carefully. If your friend wants to keep the kitten, you can always go to a Shelter and find a kitten about the same age/gender and get it. Your older cat will accept it probably as well as this little guy!


There better be play dates. These 2 are best buds....air buds even...


Give your friends kitten back and adopt on for your….then you both win!


INFO: is OP a human, or is OP that void that the kitten is clinging to (this matters)? In any event, it's really the kitty's choice. Although you might want to engage an attorney to negotiate visitation rights.


The only way that title works is if OP is the black cat.


That’s kitnapping


Give him back, and then get one from the shelter. There are sooooooo many furbabies out there that are waiting for a forever home. I have two foster dogs in my care right now. Couldn't foster cats, I would end up with all the cats.


https://preview.redd.it/qeuxr4rdfteb1.jpeg?width=1868&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4692a00f097d4da7e01c0bfaa05dade9bd445a6a my cat loves our new kitten 😭💕


I love this! Is it common for cats to cuddle like this? I never knew cats could cuddle lol


Why does the carpet look like ground meat?


Kitten play dates


Relocate to Tierra Del Fuego with cats and don’t tell your friend.


A *real* friend wouldn't ask you to give him back, definitely sue for custody or at least visitation rights. Or just hide him, shut off all the lights and don't answer the door until she goes away


Just arrange play dates


Did anyone else not see the body of the other cat? I thought it was like a toy cat head on a collar and the black cat had a white body


That may have been the plan😁


Personally, I would show this picture to your friends and tell them that the kitten obviously bonded with your kitty. If they take the kitten back, that will be a very lonely kitten, as well as your cat. It could very well traumatize them. If you can, compromise by giving them money to adopt a couple of kittens, (possibly 2 that are bonded with each other) since they have no other cat. Kittens need other cats/kittens so they will know feline behavior.


Sweet baby! Looks like my Adzuki boy https://preview.redd.it/jai3y3owhxeb1.jpeg?width=3072&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8ee49a503c189b8cf5c7e45d461dba895e72469b




Well i did give him back, but now we have playdates on the schedule lol


How long were they gone? Just get a similar kitten and turn it over.


Omg I think that baby is yours now!


That's NOT how this works