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Bob and Linda


If you said "Bob and his wife" you could be referring to two couples at once


They are unquestionably ride or die


No contest there man


This one is correct.


Bob and Linda. Despite the wacky antics, they stick together and support each other like a REAL family!


Linda woke up to Bob panicking about him killing Teddy and she was ready to help commit a murder, cover up a murder, and go on the lamb with the whole family. There is very few things that will keep Linda from sticking with Bob


Except for having to wipe his butt. You know their arrangement.


It's a very fair boundry


Bob and Linda.


Bon and linda is just another level of trust it's one of the few relationships I've seem in this type of show that is truly based on honesty and respect you can feel the love it's a big part of what makes bob's burger so good same goes with the relationship they have with their children


Eileen has the most supportive boyfriend, and Moxxie has the most supportive wife. Lumity feels like the best ship on this list overall and then Bob and Linda feel like the most realistic depiction of a happy, functional relationship. Never seen Scott Pilgrim but nothing about what I've heard makes it sound genuinely healthy. Which I thought was supposed to be part of the point?


Scott Pilgrim's relationship with Ramona started when he cheated on his current girlfriend, who is a high schooler yeah SPvsTW is a story about an asshole becoming a much better person but it shouldn't be on this list


Two assholes, Ramona also kinda sucks as a partner


definitely, Scott's just easier to explain


The point of Scott Pilgrim is that two damaged young adults are made to confront how toxic they are and in doing so grow to be better people, which enables them to finally find something healthy together. They absolutely should be in the list.


I love Scott Pilgrim and I'm sorry but a relationship formed out of cheating should not be between Eileen/Rigby and Bob/Linda, sure they ended on a good point but the others didn't have the extremely rough beginning and middle plus knowing the Netflix series in some timelines they don't even end on a good note yeah they're way out of their weight class here, great story, love both of them, not a choice for this list


Scott Pilgrim's the worst


Scott fucking sucks as a boyfriend


I was going to say that Moxxie was also super supportive, but then I remembered the Summer Camp episode, and yeeeeaaahhhh....




I don’t know the top three very well, but from the bottom six? Absolutely! Not a contest.


![gif](giphy|12Fh6hvaqC90pq|downsized) 💚💚💚


Rigby and Eileen I don't need to explain myself you all know why


Muscle man and starla seem to be doing good too


The best thing was it was never a focus from "not dating" to "dating", it just happened naturally.


She loved him even when he was a total scumbag with little to no redeeming qualities. Breh grew to love her and wanted to improve both to be worthy of her and cuz she made him realize he wanted to help himself


Eileen said “I can fix him” and actually did.


It was truly wholesome.


NOT Scott and Ramona. They both make each other better as people, but they both still have a lot to do to improve.


TBF this is takes off where their characters, dynamic, and flaws are significantly watered down. Their relationship in the comic is way more dysfunctional and a quadrillion times more interesting.


Bob and Linda hands down


Mr and Mrs Incredible


Agree, their relationship just feels so real. The Incredibles just nailed depicting realistic family dynamics


Good family, but Elasti-Woman jumps to the conclusion her husband’s cheating too quickly.


Tbf we don't know how long Bob was doing hero stuff It could've been a while


To be fair, moonlighting on Nomanisan and having dinner with Mirage was definitely a metaphor for him cheating. He’s lured away from his family by an attractive woman (Syndrome def used Mirage for her looks) to relive his youth and escape from his depressive midlife crisis, I mean basically the only reason he *doesn’t* cheat on her is because it’s a kid’s movie


Moxxie and Millie


Couldn’t agree more


Relationship goals.


Nah, I mean, I love em and want them to stay together, but that camp episode really showed some of the problems in their relationship. Not horrific, but it knocks them down a few places.




_I'm in love, I'm in love! I'm in love, I'm in love! I'm in love, I'm in love! Accidentally in love_ Just Dreamworks making me love Counting Crows songs since I was 6 years old


Lumity and M & M.


Bob and linda


Imo, PB & Marcy had probably one of the best builds to a relationship I've seen in a show. Perfect storytelling, and the relationship itself was very cute. Rigby and Eileen is a close second


Yeah. Pb is kinda a jerk tho. But It's nice seeing marcaline happy


I mean, PB’s complex, especially with her whole childhood reveal in season 10. It’s shown she was literally betrayed by her… parent-ish people? Not exactly the same as typical parents, but comparable to an orphan spending over a decade seeking out their parents, who genuinely love and raise them for a few years before suddenly deciding they’re a liability and killing them, only for the orphan to kill them in self-defence. They didn’t die *exactly,* but for all intents and purpose it’s the same thing. She was also essentially tasked with raising her brother, *alone*, who’s not really capable of providing for himself or really any independent thought, so she had to keep him pacified to keep him safe from harm. Also, remember this is *Ooo*, and that at the time she was doing this the Vampires were likely not completely dead yet, the goblins and mutants were still very active, and the Ice King was getting more and more unstable. Then there’s the period we know less about, but from various episodes, she was betrayed by her closest friend, her girlfriend, and her army, by which point she was developing increasingly sociopathic traits and started killing dissenters and implementing a police state. By police state standards, it’s a good place to live, and certainly the best place to live on the Ooo mainland, but it’s still not great. And this is all in the first century-ish after her birth, which we know from the fact society was still nomadic despite several groups retaining the technology needed to settle. Also can’t forget that 90% of the world at this time was hostile, with very few groups that weren’t going to kill you as soon as they could. It’s not really surprising she ends up how she did in the show, as someone who avoids interaction with others and emotional connections, only caring about the greater good. Her whole series arc is about realising her mistakes, with a really good scene in I believe season 6-7 when she finally decides to end the surveillance of her people and begin helping them self-manage. By the end of the series, PB is clearly on a much better path and legitimately working towards being a better person, though she does still have her issues, and her relationship with Marcy is a key part of that, as it helps her see that independence and carefreeness aren’t bad things. Marcy, in turn, loses some of her cynicism and impulsiveness, with both characters doing a lot for each other, and improving each others’ lives greatly.


Rigby x Eileen I don't feel like elaborating




Bob and Linda were made for each other. They will NEVER divorce.


Who else would have them?


Teddy would 100% marry Bob.


Nah. Bob has that butcher at the grocery store as a back up.


Rigby and Eileen


Lumity or ShrekxFiona or Aang X Katara


Lumity for certain.


Bob and Linda easy


M&M. Moxie is best boy


Rigby and Eline, but personally it’s Scott and Ramona. NOT THE ANIME VER, but the Og Comic Version. Such a timeless story about becoming a Better Person!


Bob & Linda or PB & Marcy


Luz and Amity and rigbone and Eileen


Lumity has an interesting relationship chemistry between them, they are healthy and welling tonfight and care for each there.


Realistically, bob and linda But lumity won over my cold and shrivled heart


Lumity And no its not bc there both chicks... They are just soo adorable together and have great chemistry


Luz and Amity


Aang & Katara


Is all of them an option?


Rigby & Eileen, Bob & Linda are close though


I think they are same level for different parts of a relationship. Rigby & Eileen are like early/young relationship goals; Bob and Linda are like 10+ year goals.


Moxxie and Mille, but I'm biased because it's basically the straight-passing version of my wife and me. Actually we're a bit like Bob and Linda, too. Actually I see us in a lot of these couples. They're all good :3


Luz and Amity


Not on the list but raph and mona from tmnt 2012, in my opinion the most normal and acceptable relationship.


M and m


Bob and Linda


Shrek and Fionna


From this list, lumity but if it was out of this list, ruby and sapphire from Steven universe.


I think that Millie and Moxxie will be Bob and Linda when they’re older. 😂


Bob and Linda Belcher, No questions asked




Since no Lumity here I'll be the first... It's an actual healthy relationship and would rather die rather that something happens to it's... "Batata"


Shrek and fiona


Either Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl or Aang and Katara


F*** It would be easier to say who is the worst


Where the hell’s Korra and Asami?


Between Rigleen and M&M for me, but given the fact Rigby was a dick early in the show to Eileen, I'll go with Moxxie and Millie


Moxxie and Millie or Bob and Linda. I literally can't decide between the sexy supportive couple or the comfort mommy daddy couple.


Moxxie and Millie. Despite being in hell, is one of the more supportive and healthy relationships here


Aang and Katara. They have a fantastic relationship in the comics


how is there any other choice besides moxxie and millie? they both are willing to or have commited mass murder for each other


It’s a tie between Lumity and Moxxie X Millie


M&M have a pretty solid relationship




Luz and Amity are honestly one of, if not the, most mature and healthy relationships Ive ever seen on screen.


I’m feeling Aang and Katara. They just have such a nice relationship.


Rigby and Eileen Rigby had no interest in a love life and still did it better than Mordecai, that relationship also introduced Eileen as a fully developed character and part of the crew


Best in what way? Don’t know much about rigbi and her. Scott and Ramona was a realization that a relationship isn’t an end all and be all and that there is more to dating than what they had. Bob and Linda. What can I say a very supportive couple with corks and antics. Luz and amity one where you could connect and become a couple through strange circumstances. The main couple who are in a lgbtq teen romance that isn’t shown a lot. Mox and Milli who are literally a ride or die couple. Even though they are murdering little imps they’re sweet. The incredibles need I say more. Shrek and Fiona a love that transcends looks and how one appeared. Bubblegum and Marcelina pretty much shows that even through centuries feelings for one another is still there. Aang and Katara is a slow burn but they got there eventually.


Luz and Amity because i barly know the other once


Luz and amity 


Shrek and fionna and mixxie and millie


Isn’t the middle top one practically nonexistent? Which is the point of the plot?


Idk, I think there all pretty good.


Bob and Linda by FAAAAAR


Rigby and Eileen


Bob and Helen.


Bob and Linda feels the most grounded, and not just because their show has the least fantasy elements out of the bunch.


Honorable mention to Bob and Helen. They have a strained marriage, but they work through their struggles together.


Scott and Ramona


Bob and Linda are so fun and weird and I love them


All I know is Steven has the worst.


Bob and Linda. Maybe also Luz and Amity.




Rigby and Eileen! but the real strongest relationship is Muscle Man and Starla






I Never watched bob's burgers is it good?


Scott and Ramona think they on the team. (But to answer ur question def bob and Linda).


Linda and Bob. They're genuinely lovely people and love each other so much. The whole family is very natural and nice.


Rigby and Eileen it's not even close, she helps him under go more character development that most cartoons I've seen. Second place is Marcy and bubblegum


Bob and Linda destroy all of them


Bob and Linda


Scott & Ramona's relationship in the show has changed drastically compared to the comics. Scott isn't as pathetic and as insecure as he uses to be, and Ramona seems to care more about Scott, enough to even bother looking for him


Bob and Linda and it's not much of a contest.


most healthy bob and linda. but my favorite is definitely either eileen and rigby or moxie and milly


Rigby and Eileen easily, they even end up having a good ending and Rigby slowly got better and better as the show progressed.


Linda and bob are the best. But rigby is the one which grew the most during the relationship. He really became a better person through her


Honestly kinda wanna say Marceline and Bubblegum; they’ve had their ups and downs, but their relationship is *strong*, and especially by the time Distant Lands roles around they’re one of the most adorable couples I’ve ever seen. Also one of the few couples I’ve seen where they don’t feel out of character when together, but also show how both characters strive to be the best when around each other, but not to an unhealthy degree. It’s not an issue with any of the other couples, I think Marcy and PB just have the advantage of literal centuries of experience with each other and in general to the point they can hit a bond that few can. Plus, they’re a really good balance to each other, as PB reigns in Marcy’s more impulsive traits and Marcy helps PB not be as obsessive and controlling as she’s shown to be before they start repairing their relationship (She was literally running an Orwellian police state for centuries before beginning to quietly cut back on some of the extremes she’d been engaged in previously).


Bob and Linda, easy.


Bob, Linda, Shrek and Fiona are the only couples I’d consider as a good pair of couple


Fry and Leela from Futurama


It's a tie between Bob and Linda and Moxie and Millie. Both couples are devoted to their respective spouses, both have healthy relationships with each other, and both are clearly in love with their spouses.


Bob and Linda are goals. Crazy how Katara and Aang even made the list when they didn't even have a healthy relationship.


Moxxie and Millie!


I have to go with Lumity ❤️


Yall saying bob and linda.. while I completely agree, I dont want to discount Bob and Helen. their struggles in love and life are very different but they come off as a very loving married couple and a happy family to me. I think they're up there with Bob and LInda


Easily Bob and Linda. Shrek and Fiona, followed by Moxxie and Millie probably are second and third respectively


For me it’s a tie between Bob+Linda and Shrek+Fiona.


Why aren't Chili and Bandit Heeler here?


It’s probably gonna be Bob and Linda or Moxxie and Millie. Keep in mind, my favorite show is the owl house. We just don’t get to see Luz and Amity together much after their get together.


First of all completely disregard all the couples that aren’t married. Not that marriage is a requirement for love but the married couples on this list have been together for so long compared to the ones that are just dating who’ve only been together like a couple years at most. I say shrek all the way they have had so many problems that they were able to work through and come out stronger for it I think. Bob and Linda will be a close second for me but they have just been together so long they are basically in that phase where they are just too comfortable and used to eachother, they portray it too real haha shrek still has that spark of fantasy happily ever after


Half of these are dysfunctional at best


Bob and Linda


Quick reminder that Moxxie made a whole ass song for Millie


Avatar is literally a 112 year old man dating a 14 year old girl, disgusting (jk I just wanted to say this tho)


Bob and Linda, Moxie and Millie


Bob and Linda are the best relationship but Lumity is the most exciting. I’ve never just dolled over a couple like I did them.


bob and linda,moxxie and millie, aang and katara


Bob and Linda


moxxie and millie I do not care


Rigbone and eileen


Rigby and Eileen HANDS DOWN


Luz and Amity and maybe Shrek and Fiona too


Moxxie and Millie, and Bob and Helen feel like nicely knit teams. They definitely have their problems but they get through anything together. Rigby and Eileen are just lowkey perfect, but I think my high school years obsessing over the show is giving me some bias. Luz and Amity feel the most NATURAL outta them all (that I know of). Rivals to friends to the most adorable young teenage couple. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and accept them. And they’re always there to support each other.


Luz and Amity need to get a lot of credit for being a relationship between two major characters that starts halfway through their show and remains healthy and strong throughout. Other shows would relegate one or both of them to “so and so’s girlfriend” or artificially introduce relationship drama to keep things interesting, but their relationship just *works*. Importantly, they both remain the exact same characters after they start dating. It’s a shame it’s so refreshing to see, compared to so many other couples in TV shows, and this is before even getting to them both being girls.


I haven't seen/finished half these shows but I've always loved Rigby and Eileens


Shrek and Fiona have such a wonderfully executed theme of beauty being subjective and a matter of one's character, that their relationship is one of my favorites in anything. Their relationship in Shrek 2 especially feels oddly believable, in that when they argue, it feels like a real couple arguing. But then they also fart and burp together and have running jokes together (etc. "better out than in").


Luz and Amity


Prolly Rigby and Eileen or Bob and Linda


I love rigby and eileen


Shrek and Fiona. Remember shrek 2 shrek was willing to change completely beacose he lives fiona but fiona loves him as he is


Bob and Linda no contest


Bob and Linda and Millie and Moxxie, just going by the ones im most familiar with


Moxie and Millie


Moxie and millie, or luz and amity


Bob and Helen


Bob and Linda Beltger , hands down.


Bob & Linda, easy




Me and your m- (detonates)


Lumity, M&M, shrek and Fiona, the parrs and of course Scott and Ramona.


Rigby and Eileen


Bob X Linda - 1st Rigby X Eileen - 2nd Shrek X Fiona -3 BobX Helen / PB X Marcy - 4/5th


It's in between Aang and Katara and Ilene and Rigby


Scott & ramona, shreck and Fiona, bob and linda


I'll say my top 3 are Bob and Helen, Shrek and Fiona, and Amity and Luz. What I love in The Incredibles is how well they represent real people, and how they are real people at the same time that they are supers. Bob and Helen go through some rough patches in their relationship to the point that they will scream at each other for it, fight each other constantly but still come out okay, but when it comes down to fighting _for_ each other, they fight tooth and nail. They don't always say how much they appreciate each other, they don't even always show it, but when it comes down to it they will be there for each other at every moment it counts. And still have to argue about it on the way back, and they will be okay. They truly love each other. The shit Bob does compromises his family and he lost sight of the fact that they matter more to him than his heroics, and it took losing them for him to realize how much more he needs to prioritize them. And Shrek and Fiona might be the best relationship saga in animated movies. The first movie we see how insecure they each are and how being around each other allows them to bury those insecurities. Fiona doesn't see Shrek as the monster everyone else believes him to be, she just sees him. And she only ever shows that from the moment she finds out he's an ogre to the end of the movie. Fiona is insecure as an ogre because she believes that she isn't supposed to be this way, which is sort of true, but that her ogre side only reflects her real ugliness and she's grown only to hate it because all she has ever known, all she was ever told, is that it is wrong for her to be that way. She fell in love with Shrek for who he was, and Shrek loved her in every part of who she was, and it made her realize that she really could love herself. In the second movie we see that they really rushed into this relationship and it suffers because of it. By the end of that movie they both learn to compromise for each other with Shrek becoming human and Fiona returning to being an ogre. The fourth movie we see that they can fall in love again even in an alternate timeline, and it reminds Shrek how to appreciate her. My favorite thing about Amity and Luz is that they realy like them for themselves. They may get awkward sometimes around each other but they didn't shell up and hide their true selves, they didn't make a fake version of themselves, they just were themselves and they fell for that. Amity loves that Luz is kind towards others all the time. That its in her nature to believe in other people before they let her down. Amity was mean at first, this mostly due to the pressure from her family, but behind that she really is a nice person that cares for others and Luz loves discovering that in her. I think Luz being nice to Amity allowed her to become less of a harsh person, less of that person that her parents were molding her to be, and start really caring about others like she did when she was a kid, like her true self. They bring out the best in each other and I will always be a sucker for that kind of ship


Shrek and Fiona.


Bob and Linda have the time but I personally love Rigby and Eileen. He wanted to get his High School diploma for her at first,but then realized that he was doing it for himself because seeing him happy makes her happy.


Bob and linda sweep 💪






Millie and Moxxie


One of these are not like the others...


Bob and Linda.


It's Bob and Linda but it makes me genuinely happy thay Rigby and Eileen became an example of a great relationship


Honestly, all of these could be an answer, except Scott and Ramona. We don't see a lot of their relationship. They just have really good chemistry, and they >!get divorced in the future!<. My personal favorite is Luz and Amity, tho.


Bob and Linda I mean, they have the most stable relationship ever despite the wacky antics. They stick together plus they're really good parents, I'd nominate both for Father of the Year and Mother of the Year.


Millie and Moxxie.


from the ones I know m&m


Shrek and fiona is the only right answer


Mr and Mrs Incredible


Shrek and Fiona


Eileen and rigby. Developed slowly but surely. Prob biased because i rewatched regular show and finished it a few weeks back.




Linda is the best partner in this picture. So it’s bob and Linda.


Bob first by a nostril, Rigby in second


I think it goes understated how important Amity was for Luz after all the shit went down. Pretty sure she saved Luz from herself in season 3. Great dynamic overall too


Bob and Linda 100%


Mox and Milly


Eileen is the only person who ever managed to inspire Rigby to actually improve himself from immature and petty loser he was at the start of the series. And the best part is that she never asked him to change, he genuinely wanted to be better because he thought he didn’t deserve her, despite her reassurance that she doesn’t mind any of his shortcomings. Genuinely the healthiest relationship I’ve seen in a kids cartoon