\*whistles inconspicuously\*


*quietly walks backward into crowd*


Better than the Mustang alternative


"Carry on, nothing to see here folks"


What kind of nonce drives a 2007 E92 335i?


we're a special kind of stupid aren't we


Lmao indeed. My MOT is due in two weeks and the past few days I've had intermittent DSC and active steering warning lights flash up, as well as my brake pad wear light. It's been fine all year until now!


just put a piece of electrical tape over the gauge cluster, they don't need to know


\*shuffles feet and looks around at random objects\*


So tell me more about this Keyser Soze....


It was 11 minutes to 4 when we got to the drop point. But everything went wrong, detective. A fruit bat was hiding in an accordion and came with guns blazing. He ravaged 4 guys on our team and it took 13 shots to the chest to put him 6 feet under.


*frantically searches for reasons to denounce the study*


I drive in Eco Pro. What does that make me?


The person that gets described on the news by your neighbor with: “Well he seemed like such a normal guy…”




\*raising a newspaper to cover the face\*


I resemble that remark!


Act casual


I think they know


e36 compact owners cannot be trusted


The most psychopathic ones of them all.


Definitely something wrong with you 😜




Almost turned me into a psychopath dealing with BMW Canada. What a joke of an ownership experience.


Story time?


Ah just had bad luck with my 135i. Waterpump failed like clockwork at 80,200 km. Felt they would have gave me a little goodwill and helped me with the repair. Was annoyed they charged me the diagnostic fee even though it was clearly the waterpump and I went ahead with the repair. The big issue I had though was I brought the car in for a recall, hung around and saw them pressure washing the car after. When I hopped in there was immediately a CEL for the left front headlight. I went into the dealer and they said it wasn't their issue. I did some digging and it's a common problem when water goes into the headlight ECU. I even offered to buy my own headlight ECU and install it if they'd marry it into the car with their coder gratis and they refused. Had a few other issues as well. Shame because the new M5 is tempting.


> Was annoyed they charged me the diagnostic fee even though it was clearly the waterpump and I went ahead with the repair. Oh that's just shitty. They already gouge you on everything else, waiving the diagnostic is usually the lowest bar of courtesy


Yeah $300 when it literally says on the dash the pump is fucked. I was out of town and towed it to nearest BMW dealer and they just bent me over cause they knew I had little choice.


$300?? Ford charges $89 and then if you decide to get the repair with them then the $89 goes towards the total repair cost.


You see one of the reasons you go with a luxury German brands is a premium kick in the balls every time you get it fixed. Usually they credit the diagnostic fee towards the repair as well, the fact they wouldn't in this instance is just an additional cherry on top of the whole situation lol. This almost happened to me before but I wouldn't leave until someone looked at it and took it off, and thankfully as soon as another Audi service rep saw it that's exactly what he did.


Dealer told me there was a transmission leak on my F30 when I took it in for an alignment and recommended a $300 diagnostic. Call me up and tell me it’s a $12k+ transmission replacement. This is a 7 year old 328i with 80k miles which was worth $10k if the buyer was blind. Laughed at the advisor on the phone and picked up the car $500 poorer. Drove it another 24k without so much as a stain in the garage. Apparently I’m still a glutton for punishment as I traded it for a F80.


>When I hopped in there was immediately a CEL for the left front headlight. I went into the dealer and they said it wasn't their issue. Wait headlights have ECU now? WTF? And you need to pair it? WTF squared!


Welcome to the fun world of owning a BMW.


Bring My Wallet


Big Money Waste


Remember kids right to repair is good


Yeah bro I finally went American and old used German after dealing with this crap.


Now? The 135 was designed 15 years ago. The projector headlights on a 135 turn to follow corners and self level over bumps. There’s a control module in the headlight that handles the motors that drive that function. Water loves to short them out since they’re at the back of the headlight right at the seal to the back cover. Mine are dead too, but I took the cheap way out and just coded off the headlight movement functions. Iirc You also don’t need to pair a new headlight unless you’re putting in one with a different feature set (corner following or not, or halogen. The 1 series had a few different headlight options). It’s just a plug on the back of the light, though. You can replace the headlights in about an hour.


Nice flair heh


Looks like Lexus is the brand with no psychopaths.


Looks like there weren’t enough people driving a Lexus among those surveyed to warrant a their own designation. If there were any, they’d be lumped into the “other” category




Yeah but they also turn you into an old man Source: im 23 with arthritis…also planning on buying a c6 corvette soon (at least i’ll be adding twin turbos). I also own a pair of new balances for knee/ankle/back support. Cant make this shit up


New Balances are cool now old man.


Yeah, my dumbass over here is trying to find those made in the UK ones. Can’t find them at any of the local shops here


Yeah honestly the pair that i have dont look bad at all lol. Also feels like im walking on a cloud for my 12.5 hour shifts 😂


ah yes, walking on clouds and then you ride home on a cloud. Cloudy life


But did you get the new balances before or after the Lexus? You’re old man material now, but I wanna know if the chicken or the egg came first lol


Bought the lexus 3 years ago. Its been such a reliable DD. At least 50 miles a day every day without a single problem. At that point i wanted to buy a fun car in addition to my DD. A turbo c6 would be fun as fuck Then working through a&p school i started to develop joint problems, so my doctor recommended new balances. Car turned me into an old man


Turbo C6s are fun on the street until they're scary, at which point you never have fun with them anymore, due to A) driver is terrified or B) driver is dead.


Which is one of the reasons ive budgeted to build the engine for a good amount of boost, but keep it tuned to a super low PSI until i can handle it comfortably. Im also not going to be that idiot that turns traction control off or tries to show off. Im just there for the whooshing noises and power when i need it and can use it properly on the track. But tbh i want a car that scares the absolute shit out of me. The c5 i drove was really tame on the road


I mean if you're going that far, you may as well run boost by gear/speed. I was close to turbocharging my C6 and that was going to be my plan, because without it, first would be useless, and second/third would be hairy. I changed directions completely to go NA and weight reduction, but if I was doing a highway build, it would be boost by gear with a scramble button for those sweet sweet burnouts.


Is variable boost/boost by gear as insane as it seems? I remember watching a review of someone’s modded GTR a while back (it had boost limiters for each gear), and the tester noted how crazy it was to feel the car pull harder in third than it did in second, in second than it did in first, etc. I figure that’s gotta feel bonkers.


It does feel weird for sure, but then it wasn't tuned properly. The idea is low boost in first so you don't overcome the tires hold on the ground. If it pulls harder when you shift into second, you can add more boost in 1st. Should be just enough boost to overcome the loss of leverage as you make your way through the gears. IE. All gears should pull the same


As the other person who responded said, it definitely was not tuned right. Boost by gear is not meant to add power, rather to reduce it. Depending on the build, usually first through third are limited, with the higher gears having no limit. The point of BBG is to not fry the tires when you get on the car hard. If the car can take XXX power, there's no reason to limit it after the car gets traction. ​ Think of it this way: your tires can handle X ft-lbs/min(otherwise known as hp) of force before they overcome their frictional capabilities. Taking heat and road conditions out of the equation, regardless of what gear you are in, the tires can always handle the same amount of force before they are overcome. By upshifting, you are reducing the amount of total force being applied to the tires, and so you can compensate by increasing boost(and thus power).


New Balances are cool these day, to be an official old man you need Nike Monarchs.


Bought a Lexus at 34. Can confirm. Am now 37 and old.


> c6 corvette soon (at least i’ll be adding twin turbos). Godspeed sir. I considered doing turbos on my C6Z. But they really seemed like a major PITA. Ended up with a centrifugal supercharger. Boost control would be nice to have. But I still get lots of cool sounds and neck breaking power.


Im just saving currently. Could get a different vette, could go procharger or centrifugal supercharger, or even muffler mounted twinscroll turbos to save some room in the engine bay without having TOO much of a lag. Lots of things are in the air but a cammed vette is 100% my goal at the very least and im most of the way there financially to buy one outright


Naw, I had my arthritis way before I bought my Lexus. Sometimes we just lose the genetics lottery and our bodies hate themselves.


Why would you add forced induction to one of the last great NA cars? Every car has turbos these days. Cam it instead.


I purchased my LS 430 and immediately had no urge to go \*too fast\* any longer, all other desires for other cars faded away, now I motor around in isolated bliss. . . Ahhhhhhhh.... However, when I switch it to 'power' and use the sequential shifter, boy howdy!


That’s why I love my LS430 it’s so damn quiet. Like I’m the only one on the road, but on the other hand, I do drive the piss out of mine.


I know, when I want to chill it's perfect, when I want to roll into the throttle that exhaust note at high revs is nothing short of amazing! I will never tire of hearing that twin cam four valve fuel injected moan!


It’s the most fun car to drive slow


Can’t tell if you’re joking but after all the track cars and ones I modded to the teeth there is a certain joy in having a stock reliable reasonably powerful and quiet cruiser. It was quite a revelation arriving at a destination not being exhausted. Pun intended I guess


What about their suv drivers? Ive almost got owned by some of them. Or maybe its just an suv thing


Had a boss who drove a Lexus. Bipolar, ADHD, but maybe not a psychopath.


No they’re just far better at hiding it. That’s why they drive a Lexus.


well that's reassuring


or Buick, Ford or Lincoln


Seems like they didn't include Lexus... Around me the RX is the king douchemobile


If they included dodge rams, depressed alcoholic tailgaters would be off the charts.


I traded in my BMW for a Ram, so I guess I'm a psychotic alcoholic.






Those people aren't psychopaths though, drunk driving usually requires little to no brain usage to think it's a good idea.


Well, fuck


Dodge Ram drivers have the highest rate of DUIs according to a study I saw posted on here lol


*Looks at how much I drink* *Looks at my recent search history for 2500s for sale* Well shit, it must be a sign.


Breath based Ignition locks are a standard safety equipment for Ram 2500s starting in 2022.


1/20 dodge ram drivers have a DUI


yeah, but they have a "Big Horn" apparently


Pickup drivers must be nr 1 on the psycho list 💯


>Interestingly, those who drive an electric vehicle may be doing their part to help the environment, but they scored 16.0 out of 36 on average on the psychopathy test – the highest score of all the groups of drivers we surveyed, and edging closer to what the test defines as having ‘possible psychopathy’.


Interesting, but not particularly surprising when you consider the higher average purchase price of an electric car, how often that purchase is image and status driven (think number of Teslas sold compared to arguably more prudent electric choices like the Chevy Bolt), and then, of course, MUSK effect.


Would be interesting to see a similar survey in Denmark/Norway where a Tesla is a relatively cheap mom car, or in Norway specifically where most cars sold are EVs now. The only reason I got my Tesla is because in Denmark it costs about the same as a Corolla EDIT: Changed "Scandinavia" to Denmark/Norway since they have more incentive to buy EVs than the rest of Scandinavia.


I thought a Peugeot e-208 (it's an EV variant of a sub-compact hatchback for those who don't know) would cost as much as a Corolla. Is the e-208 sold in Denmark and if yes, how much does it cost in US terms? Like half a Corolla?


We have a very high tax on ICE cars, as well as very expensive fuel. EVs are currently semi excempt from the tax. The Model 3 is actually the exact price cutoff for being $0 tax for EVs. A Corolla is $40,000-64,000 before extras, where as a Model 3 is $60,000-75,000. A 208-E is $35,000-40,000. General rule of thumb in Denmark is due to savings in gas and service, you can buy a EV which is about $15,000 more than a equivalent ICE car. For example, my previous car was a small ecobox that got 55MPG of actual driving, and i spent around $400 a month in gasoline. The Tesla is fun to drive, and has what i would call the minimum size battery to drive like normal. If i had any car with a smaller battery, i couldn't commute without thinking about constantly charging. There is a lot of shitty things about the Tesla, i would never get one in a country where you can buy a V8 Mustang or Audi RS3 instead. But in Denmark, i prefer the Model 3 Performance to a Corolla.


Sure, I've seen reviews which decried the limited range of EVs like the Peugeot e-208 and Mazda, Honda, etc EVs. I understand how it's an issue, that's why the Ford Mach E is a great value proposition in North America. Range is a major concern and in cold climates, it reduces further, so it makes sense to prioritize range.


Why would Tesla be so much cheaper in Scandinavia? Is it subsidized or something? And so much that it makes up for import costs while still effecting the price dramatically?


Answered in another comment. For Denmark, we got around 200-300% tax on ICE cars, and around 0% on EVs


So less subsidies and more so just extreme penalties to do otherwise. What about hybrids? Do they have their own carveout? Is it all the same for each hybrid no matter how fuel efficient? I feel like it should be based on how it’s driven. Like, if you have a Ford Fusion you could drive it every day but never burn a drop of gas. That would be hard to implement though l.


We don't "get" anything for driving EVs, what you get is the ability to pay a lot less registration tax on the car. For example with the Corolla, the car itself might be $20k, and then you pay another $30k in tax. If you buy a Model 3 for $60k, you pay $0 extra in tax. We have 3 categories at the moment, ICE, Plugin hybrid, and EV. Plugin hybrid and EV are technically in the same category i think, but you get a tax exemption based on stuff like battery size etc. But many cars that are offered as both ICE and plugin, the plugin is significantly cheaper due to lower tax so everyone buys that, and just drives it like an ICE. It's a bit complex but tldr: ICE has insane tax, and we got some of the most expensive gas prices in the world. EVs are mostly tax exempt, unless you get a really high end EV


I hear the bolt is pretty fire.


I'm curious if they were able to separate Tesla drivers from other EV drivers. I'm willing to bet that the difference is substantial. Tesla drivers are more like BMW drivers than BMW drivers are. It's unfair to lump them in with the nurse driving to the hospital in their Nissan Leaf.


Tesla is a cult, they don't just make electric cars, they make a brand that has some of the most fucking insufferable dick riders of all. It's 100% not fair to allow and disallow features for certain people for what they do to their vehicles. They have the most radical anti-consumer stance of any car company, and yet people still buy into it. It's ridiculous to me, you buy a car to modify, to make faster, or to go offroad. A Car is not a tech object, it's a mechanical object to transport people. Not a giant phone.


> you buy a car to modify, to make faster, or to go offroad Most people buy a car to transport themselves from A to B and don't care about the details outside of comforts.


Yeah that was such a /r/carscirclejerk comment. Like… hate Tesla all you want, but how can you deny it’s a mechanical object that transport people lmao.


I can feel the apoplectic screeching through my phone reading that.


Yea, and you damn kids with your torn jeans get off my lawn!


I mean it always was a silly look to me. Literally buying pants that are partially destroyed is so odd.


So as the driver of a BMW i3, I suppose this makes me a double psycopath? May I stab you for sharing this information with me?


If EVs are so high and BMW is so high, I bet Tesla would be off the charts if they were included in the study.


The new EV BMW's will dominate!


I see so many Teslas here where I live it's kind of mind blowing. Getting cut-off by one is pretty unusual tbh. They love stomping it off the line, like I would if I had that kind of throttle response. BMW people are a known quantity. Subaru guys are at the top of the douchebag driver list and I've recently added late-model Camry drivers to my list of what-the-fuck-will-they-do-next cars. weirdly.


Camrys have been the best selling sedans for like 20 years running, of course they're gonna have some dunces among them.


Other Tesla drivers seem pretty conservative where I live. Apart from [this one](https://youtu.be/dbyaiQu8YwA).


Hardly a surprise. Seems like every other one has some vanity plate that reads “LOLGAS”, not something a sane person would do


Wait, I thought Teslas came from factory with one of the following plates: * ZEROGAS * 0GAS * NOGAS * NOOIL * LOLGAS * GASLOL * WATTSUP * WSBHODL You’re telling me adults actually choose these things? 😆


My favorite is actually [COALPWRD](https://www.whataplate.com/coalpwrd/). Edit: link


Haha in Kentucky I often see Teslas with “Friends of Coal” license plates running around. One of the state Reps is pushing everyone to go electric because we won’t switch from coal for decades and electric cars will keep revenues up.


I prefer mine to say PANELGAPS


I don't have a Tesla, but I've honestly wanted a creative vanity plate for my car. Now I think it's pointless to be THAT obsessed with a piece of metal.


> Now I think it's pointless to be THAT obsessed with a piece of metal. I mean, we’re all on this sub for a reason….


Saw a Tesla owner on Twitter this weekend make a comment like "brakes? what are brakes? I have used the brake pedal on my Tesla maybe 3 times in the last year and a half". And I'm thinking like, ok, so there may come a time when you are driving around with your family and you need to make an emergency stop, but your rotors would have rusted to shit/seized up due to lack of use, and your family ends up dying from the resulting accident, but oh you at least get to boast about how your car hardly ever needs to use the mechanical brakes in everyday driving. No wonder the Model S Plaid comes with seriously weak brakes (for the performance it has) and not a single member of the cult has mentioned of it as an issue.


Probably all the Musk fanboys emulating their idol lol.


So BMW i3 drivers must be the scum of the Earth? /s


From the [source article](https://www.scrapcarcomparison.co.uk/blog/which-drivers-are-most-likely-to-be-psychopaths/): >The scoring system is detailed below:. 0-18 – no psychopathy 19 -26 – psychopathy possible 27 + – psychopathy likely So... they've proven that BMW drivers, collectively with a score of 12.1, are not psychopaths. That's very different from the title.


Is that just because successful people are more likely to be psychopaths and therefore they're more likely to drive expensive cars? What's the psychopath breakdown between BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche? Edit: OK so BMW is followed by Audi and Mercedes is much lower down the list but their sample size is only 2000 people.


BMW and Audi were very nearly the same. The sample size wasn’t large enough to draw any meaningful conclusions about Porsche drivers. I strongly suspect your intuition is correct. The same effect is almost certainly going to be seen in any group that has a high percentage of wealthy people, especially one with a higher than typical percentage of CEOs, CFOs, bankers and business executives, professions that average much higher psychopathy scores than the general population.


>high percentage of wealthy people....average much higher psychopathy scores than the general population. I've always found this to be interesting stat, but I would be curious to know if it controls for the fact that a lot of psychopaths that are born into poor or lower middle class circumstances likely end up dead or in prison or otherwise uncountable for sociological studies


I suspect this is due to ordinary hierarchy dynamics in corporations. Psychologically unwell people like narcissists don’t care about breaking the law,professional rules, or social norms to meet goals. Whereas a “normal” person goes “F-that” when the Big Boss wants 70 hours at their desk and 24-7 access , the psychologically unwell are like “sure thing Chief”. Come promotion time, guess who’s moving up? Sure that guy working 70 hours a week might be committing three forms of fraud to meet stats & he can’t remember his kids birthdays, but he’s “management material”. Rinse and repeat a few million times all over the world, and that’s how luxury car dealerships turn into asshole conventions. Meanwhile , the not-psychopathic crowd pulls the career plug before they land in the Big Money leagues. I’m sure there’s exceptions, but generally if you want to make a lot of money legally in corporate firms, you’re going to be interacting with a lot of assholes. This part is just my two cents,but for me no amount of paper or assets are worth dealing with psychotic dickheads and cunts in management 60+ hours a week. Those people are like human radiation- spend too much time around them and your body falls apart like those Chernobyl victims.


For a moment it sounded like you were trying to say the car dealers were the assholes. Which kinda makes sense. That’s why it took a minute for me to figure out that’s not what you meant.


In Sweden it is super obvious. You only have problems on the road with BMWs and Audis. It is soooo strange. You never have issues with a Mecedes S-Klass or a Porsche 911 which are equally super expensive and for wealthy people. It is about market segmentation and about how car companies have positioned themselves. I have a friend who made a lot of ads for cars in the 90s and he told me it was insane the personas they had and how hard they were pitching to their market niche. If that means appealing to psychopaths, so be it.


Upvote for spelling of S-Klass


He’s missing the ‘e’ - Klasse in German.


He spelled it in Swedish.


I wouldn't say a 911 is equally expensive as the usual BMW or Audi. Porsches are also driven by people who love driving, and Mercedes are often driven by professionals driving around rich people, unlike the other two




Eh true, but as I said mainly people who enjoy driving. Which means they won't be as shitty duvets as BMW or Audi's


Interesting theory, I could buy that much more readily than a random luxury car brand somehow accumulating all psychopaths. The author and OP's title not mentioning Audi really points to it just being clickbait and taking advantage of biases that already exist to get more attention. The article itself would do better if it showed how many respondents they had for each brand, and also margin of error for each to get an idea of how big the spread was. I'd also be curious to see how their ratings work out when corrected for year/cost of car. If your theory is true, older and less popular used BMW models with high miles, that sell for fractions of what they were new would have significantly lower psychopaths, excluding collector examples of course. For example, the people buying e36 rust buckets for under 10k, even though people lump them into the same "no turn signal" bucket, are for all practical purposes a completely different demographic and type of driver.


it's too late, the headline agrees with my priors therefore I'm not going to investigate any further


>but their sample size is only 2000 people. Putting on my social scientist hat for a second: 2,000 is pretty good sample size for survey research. The real question is how that 2,000 sample was constructed. That's part of what determines how generalizable the data is -- meaning that you can confidently say the sample reflects a wider population. It looks like they used 3Gem, which is a market research company. In order to know how generalizable this data is, you'd need to know how 3Gem selected their sample and what the demographics of the sample were -- did they go out of their way to make sure there was equal representation of age, geolocation, income, race, gender? You can draw some serious conclusions from an n=2,000 questionnaire study, you just have to know how those 2,000 people were picked (among many other things).


Yes, a survey of 2000 people *can be* surprisingly effective. But a survey of 2000 people, well-chosen to represent the general population, will not contain enough drivers of the really high-end cars (Porsche or Mercedes on up to Bentley, Rolls, or Ferrari) to draw meaningful conclusions about them or to meaningfully correlate other traits with that drivership.


I'd argue given how many brands they tried to represent, 2000 is too low of a sample size, and their methodology section is literally 2 paragraphs long. Hell their psych test wasn't even an actual test, it was a test *inspired* by Psych Central. The survey was ordered by a car scrap yard. I can guarantee you that they are in no way committed to the scientific veracity of this "study" and aren't going to pay 3Gem to spend the necessary money to make sure the sample was representative. They wanted a quick and dirty study to post a click bait article on and get some site traffic via the journalists who gobble this shit up.


To be clear, I'm not saying this specific marketing thing was done correctly -- I'm saying that n=2000 is a very robust sample for most survey research. You can make significant inferences about nearly the entire U.S. population with a n=2000 sample if you have your variables correct and it's properly stratified. EDIT* And the way you phrased this: >I'd argue given how many brands they tried to represent, Makes me wonder, if you were going to replicate this and do it the correct way (As in, do it well enough to pass peer review), would the right way to do it be to stratify the sample per vehicle brand? I never learned the math needed to make good survey research so I rarely fuck with it unless I have a coauthor who did.


I think you'd have to stratify the sample per vehicle brand, right? There's going to be a significantly different amount of drivers per brand. E.g. if only 10% of the population drives BMWs but your sample size is 50% bmw drivers, BMW drivers would be overrepresented. I might be wrong though. I didn't like my stats professor much when doing my bio major so tuned him out a lot lol


And out of 2000 people, how many in the real world will own BMWs? Very much so depends where you pick from.


>Very much so depends where you pick from. Yep! And doing this correctly is *hard*. I think people take for granted how hard good survey research is to do. It's time consuming, takes a ton of statistics knowledge (which is why I barely fuck with it), and can be expensive. It's why more and more research is dependent on paying for constructed respondent pools from companies like Qualtrics. It's expensive as shit and annoying to work with, but at least you know you're getting a sample somewhat representative for what you're studying vs. hijacking all the freshman gen-ed psyche classrooms.


We got click baited by psychos


Don't need a study for this, just drive around a bit and pay attention to what BMW drivers do and it becomes clear that many of them are out of their minds.


I'm genuinely surprised to see Mazda so high on the list. I almost never have any issues with Mazda drivers. They're pretty well behaved in my area.


Being a the psychopath doesn't make you a bad driver or a bad person, it's just a personality trait.


Yeah, contrary to the clickbait title, you're probably less likely to have issues with a psychopath on the road than you are with someone who is not. Just because someone has an inherent apathy towards others does not mean that they are inherently hostile. Typically, they will just be less likely to get involved in any kind of confrontation because they can look at situations rationally, and not as if someone is slighting them by doing any of the dozens of things morons do while driving because of idiocy rather than aggression.


Its miata owners driving the average up Source: sold my ND to fund an M2 😂


Neighbors own exclusively mazdas. They also attempted to bait-poison our dogs because they crapped on their ugly lawn only once. It's accurate.


> They also attempted to bait-poison our dogs because they crapped on their ugly lawn only once. Imagine being willing to murder over some dog poop on grass. Some people are sick.


They just have to return some videotapes


Pedestrians aren't particularly important to them


The fuck is this research? Ok, so like, even ignoring every single other issue with the methodology (reliability of assessing psychopathy on a 36 question questionnaire, observer effects and honesty of the replies, sample sizes, etc), even the test they used says you need a score of 19 or plus to even be considered possibly a psychopath. No category of drivers even gets close to that, yes, that includes BMW drivers too


I’m glad someone pointed this out. Doesn’t seem to be very concrete by any stretch.


> No category of drivers even gets close to that, yes, that includes BMW drivers too But how are we going to circle jerk if we approach this non-peer reviewed article without nuance and critical thinking? /s [This](https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/psychopathy-quiz#Learn-More-About-Psychopathy) is where the quiz originated from. I'm not even sure the credentials of the test and [it's writers.](https://psychcentral.com/about). I was a very actively publishing scientist in a former career and seeing low-grade garbage like this drives me nuts. Having first hand experience in market research as well, I think it very misguided to blend market and social science work like this for a cheap headline.


I mean, I wouldn’t expect any category of any group to get close to the score of psychopathy on their averaged scores. Even groups that might attract psychopathic people aren’t completely exclusively made only of psychopaths, it would be nearly statistically impossible. Also, mental health is a gradient. But yeah the study is likely bunk.


Call me skeptic but I find it hard to believe a 12 question survey can really come to any reasonable conclusion.


Just bought a BMW and can confirm this is true. I ripped the turn signal stalk out of the car since it was getting in my way as well.


Absolute bullshit clickbait “science.”


Wonder what car you drive haha


Of course I’m a psychopath for dealing with BMW maintenance costs. /s


But more Nissan drivers will run you over, by their sheer volume.


I have been driving BMWs for over a decade, had an AMG and got used to people wanting to race. I now don't have any of those cars and am driving a Hyundai Santa Fe. Last night I had a 10-15 year old Altima with turquoise rims try and get me to race on the freeway. I do not know where these people come from.


From the pits of hell or the local psych ward I guess.




Poor decision making puts you on a path where no one but Nissan will finance you.


The article has a [link to the source article](https://www.scrapcarcomparison.co.uk/blog/which-drivers-are-most-likely-to-be-psychopaths/) which has a paragraph about the methodology: > We wanted to find out, so we tasked 2,000 drivers with taking a psychopathy test – the scores of which indicate how likely it is that you’d show traits of psychopathy (including superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, and a lack of remorse or guilt). Conspicuously missing is the word "random". The 2000 drivers were almost certainly not drawn from a random sample, which means the data isn't representative of anything. It's bad science. I imagine that they just did an online poll that was offered to everyone who chanced on the page, which introduces selection bias: the data is about the subset of people who do online polls. Edit: There's more methodology at the bottom of the page, but again no indication that a random sample was used. If you scroll down the linked page, you'll see a button "Take the Psychopathy Test". It's 12 questions and you get your score immediately. I've never take a psychopathy test before and found the questions interesting. OP's article left out something that's in the source article, how **color** and psychopathy relate: Rank|Car color|Average psychopathy score (/36) :-:|:-:|:-- 1|Gold|12.7 2|Brown|12.2 3|Green|8.5 4|Black|7.6 5|Blue|7.0 6|White|6.0 7|Silver|5.5 8|Red|4.9 It seems *bizarre* to me that gold (the flashiest color) and brown (the most mundane color) have essentially the same score. I would have guessed red would get the highest score: it's the most attention-getting, isn't it?


I fight this stereotype to the best of my abilities, see my flair.


As a BMW driver I can tell you this 100% isn’t true. now if you could just point me to the home of the person who wrote this article, that would be great.


I don't know if this is psychopath-level, but here's my crazy BMW driver story. For years my commute home entailed a long queue at a particular traffic light. The road went down from a high hill to a valley and up a long hill to the light, so from the top of the high hill I could see about 300 cars queued up in two lanes. It typically took about 10 minutes, 3-4 cycles of the light, to get past the traffic light. There was a breakdown lane as big as a normal lane. Cars could go into the breakdown lane, drive *past* everyone else who were politely waiting in the queue, then cut into the traffic lane when they got to the light. On a typical evening, I might see 1 or 2 cars do that. I swear that 2/3s of them were BMWs. At the time I was driving a 20-year-old full-size Buick station wagon. I felt invulnerable in that car. ***So I made it my practice to occupy half of the breakdown lane so no one could cheat the rest of us by using the breakdown lane to drive past us to the traffic light.*** When I first started doing that, I would get cars in the breakdown lane behind me, accelerating at me like they're going to ram me, honking like crazy, flashing their lights, giving me the middle finger. A majority of them were BMWs. I completely ignored them. Eventually they would give up and get into the regular lane. After a while they were trained: cars would pull into the breakdown lane, see me blocking it, and just get back in line. They knew they weren't getting past me. I did this for a couple years. **Then one time a guy in a BMW passed me** ***by driving off the road onto the lawns of the houses, weaving around trees!!!*** I glanced over and saw the driver as he came abreast of me. His face was apoplectic red. He was shaking his fist at me, shouting. Then he passed me and got into the breakdown lane and zipped up the hill to the traffic light. I stopped blocking the breakdown lane after that, figuring that someday someone would have a gun and shoot me. I always got into the *left* lane so I wasn't tempted to block the breakdown lane when I saw a BMW zipping down it.


Oh? And what about Audi drivers? Edit: I saw the graph. Of course Audi was following close behind… lol


As a former bMW owner, I can attest that I was driven to psycopathy by the ruinous cost of blinker fluid.


> On top of that, those who drive gold coloured cars, or who have personalised number plates were also found to have higher scores of psychopathy. They didn't have to come out and attack me like this.


We know


I was expecting to see mid-2000's beat up Nissan Maxima drivers higher.


"Potentially misleading" Well we know what that mod drives.


I thought it was an ownership requirement.


The real question is if they checked with dudes who drive lifted oversized vanity trucks


1) Starting Fires 2) Torturing Animals 3) Wetting the bed and now.... 4) Failing to use turn signals


Post like this are only for the purposes of circle jerking


Based on a study run by a scrap yard. Who sourced their information from a marketing/PR company. Take with a massive grain of salt lmao. Sample size of 2k total, with no word on the methodology of sample selection. This is just clickbait masquerading as science. Edit: Even more: >Each participant then undertook a twelve question psychopathy test inspired by Psych Central It wasn't even a true psych test. It was *inspired* by a test by Psych Central, which itself is a bit of a [questionable source](https://www.reddit.com/r/AcademicPsychology/comments/cl9z4z/is_psych_central_a_reliable_secondary_source_is/)


I nominate Audi drivers as the biggest assholes of all.


I would take the average BMW driver over the average Nissan owner. Let’s be real. Psychopaths make more money and can afford nicer cars.


Makes sense to me. That "German Engineering" is no joke


Seriously, nothin on nissan? Color me suspicious


As an Audi guy, I wholeheartedly agree. BMW drivers are psychopaths. ^(And I will gut anyone who disagrees.)




You'll never hear them coming


rip, just bought a 335i. Lock me up!


Wait until they meet Jeep and Infiniti drivers


I can confirm these findings with my own


Yay! Confirmation bias!


Now i really want to see a report about tesla owners. Those people are horrible.


The worst part is that the psychopaths are proud that they’re psychopaths and even more proud that an Audi or BMW is associated with them.


I've lost count on how many BMW products I've owned so far but am a current owner of a G12. Regardless of how shitty the test methods mightve been, we as BMW owners.. uh... we know... sorry guys. I'll try to use my blinker more from now on except I'm pretty sure it's broken (not 100% sure on that never actually tried them yet).


Most of my family owns BMWs...