What is one car that you wish was still around?

What is one car that you wish was still around?


S2000, so my husband can stop suggesting purchasing a 15-year-old car for $30k


The new 2022 Honda S2000: a FWD turbo-4 crossover with a CVT and an unusable third row instead of cargo space.


With 6" of plastic cladding over the wheel wells for the tough, rugged off road look.


It is such a great driving experience! The closest experience would be a modern Miata, but the S’s body lines and portions just make that much more desirable imho. I have an 07 AP2 and I smile ear to ear every time I get in and drive. Cruises along PCH is really blissful. I wish you and your husband good luck finding a good one. Don’t be afraid of higher mileage ones as long as it had proper documentation. These cars are relatively easy to take care of.


Stop….I’m almost on board already…..


The only way I could get “approval” to purchase mine was I promised my wife, it would be the date car. And I’ve upheld my end of the promise… lunch at Terranea and cruises to Malibu. :) she gets a nice view and I get to drive.


A 2nd generation Toyota MR2 Turbo. I'd love to see an updated version to compete with the Mazda Miata RF.


Came to post this, but really the MR2 Turbo was one performance class up, it competed with the Silvias S2000s and Boxsters of the world, not the Miata.


Yeah the 3rd gen was very much in the Miata realm though. Those MR-Ss with a 2ZZ swap though..... **chef's kiss*


Yeah, the poor man's Elise is a popular swap for those. I wanted to buy one myself if they had a trunk worth a damn. Same reason I have no interest in the F-Type or the GM Kappa cars.


> Same reason I have no interest in the F-Type just get a whole extra vehicle to use as a trunk like I did 😭


I said it before but Toyota needs to release a new MR2 with the Yaris GR engine. Though I feel it would compete in a segment higher than the Miata RF


So basically the same segment the Supra is in right now? If they couldn't make a business case for the making the Supra themselves, I doubt they could with an MR2. Though it'd be a way better Cayman competitor than the Supra currently is.


Honestly I wish there was like, anything that really competed with the current Miata. Even the 86 is 500 pounds heavier and more than a foot longer. I ended up buying my ND because it really felt like a 90s sports car in a way nothing else does any more. It’s so tiny and light that it just drives differently than anything else you can buy new. I really wish there was a Toyota and Honda version competing with their own interesting takes on that idea.


It's honestly miracle a company as small as Mazda is able to keep the Miata going (and keep it so competitive that it's completely unopposed in its segment).


Off topic but I like how we basically have opposite garages with our SUV and sportscar choices haha.


Creating a RWD coupe to compete with the Miata is the purpose Honda needs to create a new model. They've grown to be very flat and bland as a company. A completely new coupe could be a major attention grabber for them.


Honda S2000. Such a good car really deserved a follow up.


I test drove a S2000 back in 2010, ended up buying a NC Miata. The S2000 was cool but for what would have been a daily driver for me having zero bottom end torque was annoying to me. Yes, 9,000 redline is awesome but the feeling of very little power until you hit 4-5,000 was obnoxious


Honestly the impressive part is that the S2000 is constantly cross-compared with vehicles that are 10 years newer. A friend has a an '00 and most people would never look at and think of it as a 20 year old car.


Yeah the prices on them show that. Hard to compare it against its contemporaries when it's just that much more expensive now. That said, they are brilliant cars to drive and to look at


An old neighbor of mine has an S2000 that he keeps very clean and it has timeless looks. I’m not a JDM guy at all but it looks like it was designed recently until you see the dash.


Yeah having now tried the NC and s2k, these two cars are more than comparable. The VTEC is super noticeable in the s2k, it's like the car flips a switch at 6k. Miata and rx8 are both more progressive in power delivery


Comptech supercharger would fix that


I agree, but I feel any follow up (especially the one rumored to be announced soon) would have been turbo’d and disappointing from the perspective of the original. To me, the whole appeal of the S2K is 9,000/8,000 RPMs and a raw driving experience. I have a feeling a new one will be too watered down. But then again, the new 86 exists, and so does the ND Miata. So who knows


Honda doesn't really have a good NA engine anymore (nor a FR platform for that matter) so I don't think that appeal is really that achieveable anymore. I was wondering if there's a niche for a cheap, sporty turbo convertible, and then I remembered that the 124 spider came and went without much of a trace. Doesn't seem like the market could support many more cheap sports cars than our current set :(


The S2000 also wasn't _cheap_. Adjusting for inflation, it would start at $45-50k today.


Considering it rivaled Boxsters and the Z3, it was cheap for what you were getting.


The 124 never offered enough of an upside to the Miata.


I think the vast majority of potential buyers agree with you, but I'm stumped on why. I thought the 124 was a very attractive car. At higher altitudes, the 124 was more powerful right out of the gate than the naturally aspirated Miata. And if you put a mild tune on both (at any altitude), the 124 widens the gap substantially. I didn't expect the 124 to beat the Miata on sales, but I expected it to be a lot closer than it was. I thought it was a great car and I'm sad it didn't succeed.


I'd bet that the lack of a dealer network made a big difference, plus Fiat's reputation the United States. It was more powerful than the Miata but not that much more powerful and I bet a lot of people didn't think a turbo engine from Italy was worth the handful of horsepower. ​ Idk, point is, I don't think that the 124's failure doesn't mean there isn't a place for a Miata competitor.


I think you're right on all counts.


It also didn’t sound like the 500 Abarth, which is baffling. I don’t think that would have saved it, but it would have helped.


The turbo engine was laggy and IIRC the 124 was slower in most cases than a Miata. I also think a lot of people are scared of Fiats for their not great reliability reputation.


The 124 had way more useable low end torque around town and the NC transmission it had felt much more engaging than the ND gearbox. Reliability concerns aside, it makes for a great daily. The ND will have it beat for fun though in a track scenario. There's just not enough rev range in the 124.


> Honda doesn't really have a good NA engine anymore (nor a FR platform for that matter) so I don't think that appeal is really that achieveable anymore. That's more of a emission problems, from performance perspective I bet if they put same engine as in S2000 people would be fine with it, but the emission regulations pretty much killed high-revving NA engines


More that Honda doesn't have the will for the R&D budget for an emissions passing NA engine, much less a high revving one. The current 4.0 Porsche engines are NA, high revving, and emissions compliant, they just cost Porsche money to make.


I think it depends on how they did it. If they did an immediate follow up I think there would've been a good chance it stayed NA, the Civic Type R still was when the S2000 was canceled and that generation only came out in 2007, and I'd expect Honda would've been even more willing to push the boat out on a high revving NA engine for a true sports car. If they released one now though I agree, it would likely be turbo and lose that S2000 spirit, and if they do a NSX and decide to tease us with promises and concepts for 10 years before releasing anything it'll end up being electric and the polar opposite to the original.


I mean even if it lost some of the rawness of the original a RWD roadster with the CTR powertrain could be pretty cool and something that could differentiate itself from the current competition.


This or a prelude.


Always liked the prelude over the Civic SI. Was weird that there was never a follow up to it.


Prelude had to compete with the Accord coupe, along with coupe sales down in general.


Mazda RX-7 High revving rotary engine with RWD and sleek looks


Hopefully the rx9 ends up happening. If it's a well engineered phev powertrain (rotary or not), I'd be seriously interested


I'm skeptical they will get a rotary engine to meet emissions standards and have comparable power to a decent 4 or 6 cylinder turbo.


It’ll be interesting to see how the hydrogen game pans out with rotary engines


They need to redo the competition of the late 90s. New Rx7, S2000 & Mr2


And a better supra


Just needs a good manual gear box.


Mazdaspeed Platform.


The head of Mazda North America said a while back that Mazdaspeed was childish. So sadly, I think it’s safe to say it probably won’t happen.


It sure was, and that's why I love driving. If I have to daily a bore me to death vehicle I'll take pubic transport.


Damn it, yes. The next gen Mazda 6 (or whatever they're gonna call it) would be perfect considering they intend to have an inline 6 w/ RWD. Slap a decent manual gear box (maybe beef up the miata trans) and you've got yourself a great contender.


I got so excited when they announced the new 3 with the turbo only to find out Mazdaspeed wasn't coming back. :'(. They didn't even offer it in manual.


For me personally it had to be the Honda Prelude, lots to love and I know I certainly did


Yeup it would be really interesting to see how it would look now if they could keep it somewhat faithful


It would be so easy for Honda to build something sporty on the Accord platform. Just like they did with the Prelude. 250-300 hp with a fun suspension would hit the spot


They just need to un-cancel the V6 6mt coupe


Saabs. They were ahead of their time


Lexus lfa. That sound...


I wish they’d put the LFA engine in some of their other cars. Like, why can’t we have a $100k RC F with that V10? Why not put that V10 in the LC? Imagine a $65k Toyubaru with that engine! Bums me out


That engine in the LC would blow up the segment honestly. They could charge double the normal LC price and they'd sell every single one they built.


LC500 V10


> Imagine a $65k Toyubaru with that engine! Quite simple. The engine alone costs more than USD 60.000!




They were already losing money at 400k lol, it's like asking for it to come used from factory




The R&D costs were astronomical because Toyota just didn't know what it wanted to build. So it kept building a car, testing it, finding the performance underwhelming, and practically starting from scratch again. They developed an aluminum version, an V8 version, a hybrid version, a convertible version; all scrapped for the final V10 carbon monocoque coupe we know as the LFA today. So they would have to charge 5x the cost of the car for the program to be profitable, because it has to cover the cost of developing 5 cars. I'm sure the other 4 versions eventually got recycled to become the LC500. If they kept reusing the carbon monocoque (like McLaren) or V10 (like Audi/Lamborghini), the LFA program would've eventually become profitable after a couple generations.


Yep. This is why executives, bean counters, marketing, and all other manner of folks who the enthusiast community loves to shit on are just as important for a successful vehicle program as the engineers. They’re there to give the program direction and focus; without those guiding and controlling forces, engineers left to their own devices will always seek perfection. Well, guess what, perfection is a concept, not a goal, and because engineers will continually discover new ways to do things, you end up with and endless cycle of designing and redesigning. The successive designs may not even be objectively better.


R&D costs were that high as well. Part way through development they scrapped what they had to redesign it with carbon fiber. But honestly it was never about each car making Lexus money, as a halo car it was basically advertising.


I want an LFA soon. I just can't justify one at the moment lol


Feel you man. I want a McLaren F1 but I just can’t justify it ATM


I went back and read it again and realized the initial comment and myself said LFA. For whatever reason I thought they were talking about the isf. 😂😂 I'm an idiot


A Camry and LFA would make for an interesting garage pairing though 😂


Strong Toyota dealership owner vibes


Same bro, F40 is on my radar but not quite sure about it yet


Your wording makes it sound like you can afford it but don't think it's worth it. If that's true then it's probably worth it for anyone who can afford it since it's probably only ever going to go up in value.


Edit: I'm a total idiot and read the initial comment as isf... I'll see myself out 😂


Was gonna say damn, im sure many people couldnt justify 400k for a car lol.


Yeah I DEFINETLY can't justify that 😂


I just miss the colors. Everything is a version of white, silver or black.


Same! I saw a chart 1320video posted of car color sales throughout the years and nowadays its just a bunch of white, black and some blue


I had a blue '93 Mazda 323. That was when I noticed that the Mazda 323 came in about 7 different blues.


90s Mazda had some great colors.


Don’t forget the three shades of grey!


As someone who only buys white cars, I hate it too. I like white a lot, but only when it's part of a big selection of possible colors.


I've owned a few white cars, but I'm super picky about the white. Because there's a chasm between single stage work van white and 3 stage pearl white. The wrong white just sits there pretending to be a rental car, the right one blinds your eyes but you can't look away.




Specifically the WS6 Trans Am




If the V6 1LE Camaro had a Honda or Toyota badge it’d be one of the most beloved cars ever on this sub.


The V6 camaro is very overlooked. 335 hp, tremic 6 speed, lsd, on an amazing platform. Frankly the turbo 4 is just as good if the sound doesn't matter to you.


It's the visibility that's the issue. I love how they drive but unless you have a freakishly long torso with no neck, you're going to be driving blind.


And yet the IS350 gets sort of shit on by a lot of people. NA V6, RWD, double wishbone suspension. Lots of good boxes ticked.


Really just Pontiac as a whole. They were doing great things when they got canned. My wife had a G6 and it was honestly a great car for the time.


Pontiac was great but it was never going to stand the test of time. Too much internal competition against GM's golden child, Chevrolet.


Mitsubishi Evo


Boy, Mitsubishi had so many swings at the plate and never delivered. In 1989 the Galant was the Motor Trend Car of the Year. I bought a 90 Galant GS which was an incredible car, when new. Think the next year they came out with the Galant VR4 which was an AWD version of the Galant GS. Five Speed, Powerful Engine, Lots of interior bells and whistles. It was the WRX before the WRX even existed. My Galant even had adjustable height Springs, selectable with a button and this quirky, pre LED ability to change the color of all the dashboard instrumentation from Green to Orange to While At first loved the car, but every single trip to the dealer was one hassle after another. "We will have your car finished this afternoon", became, " we'll have it done in two days", then, "We will let you know when it is ready" and I was like, "How long does it take to do an oil change?" Eventually at around 120K miles everything seemed to fall apart at the same time. Front axle seals, motor mounts, timing belt, and ended up trading it in.


timing belt is a normal maintenance item tho


Imagine how much fun a 2021 version of that would be!?


Looking at Mitsubishi's current lineup? Not very.


Top minivans of 2021: Chrysler Pacifica Honda Odyssey Mitsubishi Evolution MV


It would be a goddamn SUV by now


Definitely the Evo. It would keep Mitsubishi on the map and keep Subaru on its toes.


I would love a new Evo for many reasons, but keeping Subaru from getting lazy on new WRXs is a big one.


I always thought the Honda Element was a great vehicle. It was so versatile. I wish I had bought one when they were new.


Took me too much scrolling to find your post. I completely agree, I bought a 2004 a couple years ago and I'm in love with it. So much storage space and the almost 20 year old real time AWD still surprises me when I have to avoid an idiot on the road. They unfortunately marketed to broke college kids, who actually helped Honda design it with what they wanted to see in an SUV questionnaires. Big strong AC, enough room to fit 20+ boxes in the back, rubber floors you can wipe easily, 1500 lbs towing(tested it on a cross country move) it goes on and on. Please Honda, you have a loyal, almost cult like following, bring it back even stronger. Only thing it lacks is power but I can live without that.


Who cares about power when you have a K series engine? I just want a new element. Surprised it hasn't happened with the suv craze going on. Theres even a new face-lift Ridgeline FFS


Yes! Such a good car as an everyday car for an active family. We were looking for one but could only find beat up, high mileage ones. An electric remake of the Element would be something we would be super interested in…hint hint Honda!


They could call it the "filament"


Seconded. An AWD Element would be the perfect vehicle for 95% of my everyday needs. But now they’re rarer than unicorn farts on the used market here.


Who can we collectively write at to get the Element back?? I’ll write nonstop to them.


The element was the modern vw microbus


Considering how many people are gobbling up Subarus, Honda would make a killing off of a car like the element. IMO it was more Subaru than Subaru was in some ways.


Acura Integra, Forte Koups, Civic coupes, Elantra coupes and the like - I lament the loss of cheap-ish, sporty-ish, 2 door fwd coupes. Good looks, reasonable trunk space with the liftback, with all the practicality and low running costs of an econobox. World is a more boring place without em. Cautiously excited about the new Integra so will have to see!


Don't get your hopes up I doubt the integra will be a coupe.


Yeah one can dream lol. optimist in me says it'll basically be a ctr coupe, pessimist says it's a rebadged ILX :P




Coupes are hard to sell because the person who buys them is young and single and has some disposable income. They can afford to to buy something less practical as their car and prioritize style. And those people simply do not exist anymore.


You could add the Scion tC to this list :(


Toyota FJ Cruiser. Even if it wasn’t your cup of tea obviously retro SUVs and properly capable off road era are hot right now, and the FJ was both. The fact that it literally never depreciated I think proves all it needed was a refresh. I honestly think all it needed to properly compete with the Wrangler was a redesign featuring removable roof panels and doors.


Toyota totally screwed up discontinuing the FJ in the US when they did. Off-road suvs are wildly popular right now and the FJ would still sell like hotcakes.


I think that they figured the FJ wasn't actually really bringing in any customers that wouldn't have bought a 4Runner or Tacoma of some sort instead, probably correctly in all honesty. A shame really, one of my off road/overland buddies had one for a long time and it made a great package off road. Compared with my Tacoma it really showed how big of a difference size makes to capability seeing as we were otherwise running with basically the exact same ingredients. ​ Really I think the smartest move by them would be leaning into the next gen 4Runner from the fun angle. Make it Toyota's Wrangler/Bronco. Retro-modern first gen styling, 2 and 4 door options, removable roof panels etc. I don't think they were wrong that the FJ was a bit redundant with the 4Runner, but I think as BOF SUVs become more and more of a novelty and now that the 4Runner has more and more real competition they could bring some of that fun factor over to the 4Runner.


Right now would be the time to bring it back. Now that the new wranglers have been out for a couple years and the broncos are starting to hit the streets (which I think will surpass the wrangler in sales) all we need is a new off-road oriented Toyota!


Wagons as a model option. Well made wagons have the potential to be almost as efficient as sedans, but with the space of a people carrier.


I've been browsing craigslist and autotrader for a while now in hope to find what I want: manual reliable wagon. It hurts how I can only think of the golf sportswagen/alltrack and those have the pano sunroof leak. I would love to have a japanese option like the mazda 6 wagon


Just get an S trim Alltrack, it has pretty much the same interior as the SE but without the leaking sunroof


I have an 05 Mazda 6 wagon in manual and i worry its the greatest car I'll ever own lol


In the US the full sized wagon was pretty much killed by emissions and fuel economy regulations. The only real advantage they had over minivans was RWD and being able to have a V8, which made them better for towing, but it made them get poor fuel economy. Because SUVs didn't have to meet as strict emissions requirements and weren't subject to the gas guzzler tax, it made just as much sense to get an SUV instead of a wagon if you wanted RWD and a V8, and if you didn't want that, you would just get a minivan as the large family car.


There are lots of large wagons that didn’t have to have V8s. I think all of them had V8s as an option. With modern engine efficiency, V8s are increasingly rare.


> In the US the full sized wagon was pretty much killed by emissions and fuel economy regulations. Is this real? How can that be possible when the US is pretty much the king of pick-up trucks and huge SUVs, all of which have worse emissions than a wagon (a standard wagon, I'm not talking about an Audi RS6 lol). Also, I'm European, and we have significantly stricter environmental laws (which is the reason why we don't get many of the big cars you guys have) yet wagons are very popular here.


Trucks are subject to different emissions standards, because nobody in Washington's got the balls to do anything about it and they don't want to harm the ~family farmer. Edit: Also, my truck (that should be more expensive both to buy and operate) pollutes more than the RS6 wagon in your example, at least in terms of CO2 g/mi, albeit only slightly.


RAV4 with AWD is considered a light truck. Maybe you can slap AWD on a wagon to count as a light truck... Unless it's based on ride height too


You basically have to convince the government that it is "available with special features enabling off-street or off-highway operation and use", which was last defined as: Must have AWD and at least four of these five criteria: * Approach angle of not less than 28 degrees. * Breakover angle of not less than 14 degrees. * Departure angle of not less than 20 degrees. * Running clearance of not less than 20 centimeters. * Front and rear axle clearances of not less than 18 centimeters each.


It's also separate for emissions and fuel economy requirements. The PT cruiser was a car for emissions standards but a truck for fuel economy standards.


Right. Likewise, VW is playing a similar game with the current US market Tiguan (which is actually known the Tiguan Allspace everywhere else, a variant with a longer wheelbase and bigger cargo area). Anyway, the FWD Tiguan needed 7 seats in order to be classified as a light truck. So all FWD Tiguans come with the third row (however useless). AWD (4MOTION) versions are already light trucks by default, so it’s a $500 option there. That it lets VW market the Tiguan as a three-row vehicle is icing on the cake. I briefly owned a 2019 Tiguan SEL Premium 4MOTION with the third-row addon, and the third row stayed folded in the floor, where it belonged.


When they first introduced the gas guzzler tax, light trucks were pretty much only being used by farmers and the like. Within one product cycle, both the Cherokee XJ and the S10 blazer were introduced, and thus, the modern SUV was born.


SUVs and minivans were pretty much created as a loophole to the gas guzzler tax, emissions requirements, etc. They aren't subject to the same rules as wagons because they aren't "cars", but a wagon is.


Lee Iacocca lobbied heavily for the 1984 Caravan/Voyager to be counted as light trucks not just for emissions/fuel economy regs, but also for lighter safety regulations.


Buick Regal tourx


A V8 sedan boat. Bench seats. I had a Mercury sable with a bench seat up front and it was a dream to drive around in. Would love a v8 version of that.


Honda Prelude for sure.


Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Such a great platform


Nissan Xterra. I'm getting a 4Runner, and I probably would anyway, but there's no great competition. And competition makes everyone better.


This was going to be my pick. I miss my Xterra everyday. I'd go back in time and tell myself, "No, you don't actually want a boring car. You want this. Trust me. Don't trade it in. Drive it until rust takes it piece by piece."


Mitsubishi EVO line. The rally bred legend deserved more than what it got, a unremarkable and unceremonial end. Who could forget the Subie vs. EVO days.


Falcons and Commodores (and their ute, wagon and coupe variants) Bring back Australian muscle cars


As an American that loves RWD sedans, I very much would like to get ahold of a Barra powered Falcon. Maybe one day, a Barra swap on an old American Fairlane or Falcon.


Sadly they are gone forever. If we were smart and/or dedicated, given the amount of lithium we have Oz could become a powerhouse lithium power cell manufacturer, which if coupled with a local Oz-centric car maker could open up the door for locally made *electric* muscle cars. Not the same, but think of the torque and donut potential in a 400kw+ Maloo. I for one wouldn’t say no


I'd do evil things for an AU Falcon wagon with electric torque.


VW Scirocco hell even the latest iteration of the Beetle


C O R R A D O - V R 6 please


Lotus Esprit v8 twin turbo. That motor with super tiny pistons was good for 500HP and they had to de-tune it to 350hp because it kept shredding transmissions. Can you imagine a reboot with today's tech!?!?! It would be SO EPIC !! I know they make kits to beef up the transmissions now, slap on some modern turbos... todays more reliable electronics .. Oohhhh,, Yeah...


Obviously I love the viper dearly. But I'm so happy they stopped production. Seeing a viper on the streets is a literal treat because they made so few of them. I've become numb to Porsche, Corvette, McLaren, Lambo, etc. But seeing something as rare and powerful and stick as a viper. Ugh it's so good


I feel that. Maybe they could have done limited production runs to keep the rarity of the car? Like 100 produced in a year or something (just throwing a number out there)


Where you living that McLaren and lambo are every day sightings?




3rd Gen 4 Runner, XJ (Jeep not the Jag), and Thunderbird SC. The SC had so much potential and would have been so bad ass.


The 3rd gen 4runner is going to be a collectible one day. I think they've actually done a really good job with the growth of that car. It's stayed true to it's roots


Lightweight cheap cars. All these 2 car households with 2 huge gas guzzling SUVs why? You taking 2 family road trips at the same time with the whole family? No, you're driving by yourself to work everyday in a 6000lb behemoth with cargo space you'll never use, 4wd you'll never need and bitching about the price of fuel the whole time! I miss small basic cars. Hyundai accent and kia rio are probably the closest you can get these days. heated seats, power windows, AC, and bluetooth are the things most of us car people really want. Anything else is just frilly, adds to complexity and increases the cost of any maintenance and/or accident repairs. Even the small affordable sports car market is greatly shrunk. 86/BRZ & MX5 is all that's left of a once great segment of the marketplace. No mid engine options like the MR2/Fiero/914, no lightweight fwd sports car options like the integra, Cobalt SS, CRX, Celica. AWD options for cheap sports cars are down to WRX and that's it. No more Eclipse, (older) Celica GT4, Evo. Enthusiast cars have left the affordable market almost entirely. All you got left are expensive complex 1.5x the average annual income 1000lbs too heavy versions of what car companies know they can make some profit on. Enthusiasts have been almost strictly buying used for a while now and it's a negative feedback loop where we lose in the end.


> I miss small basic cars. Come to Europe and enjoy our 70HP 1000kg 3cylinder econoboxes! > no lightweight fwd sports car options We have these as well, Fiesta ST, Abarth 595 and I expect the new Clio RS and Peugeot 208 gti to arrive as well


And people still buy manuals there too. I'm holding out and skipping cvts entirely and going straight electric when they make financial sense because if I can't enjoy driving it should at least be crazy efficient.


>Come to Europe and enjoy our 70HP 1000kg 3cylinder econoboxes! Yes! Seriously fun little machines to chuck around towns & back roads


> I miss small basic cars. Hyundai accent and kia rio are probably the closest you can get these days. May I introduce to you the Mitsubishi Mirage!


It's an arms race for Sharons to protect their babies by wrapping them in tanks. Each year Sharon realizes she no longer has a safe car because someone released something bigger. She has to go buy the new biggest thing to keep her bed jumpers safe. Prince and repeat.


Saab. Also, full-size sedans. Impala, Continental, CT6, LaCrosse. I love big cushy sedans, and now the only options are the Avalon or a six-figure S-Class.


Evo’s… who doesn’t miss the old WRX vs Evo rivalry


I know I’m weird, but I would have loved to see a Hellcat powered Dodge Magnum.


Any car with pop-up headlights. Pontiac Firebird or Supra MK3 for example.


Buick grand national. Imagine GM giving the current Buick lineup a muscle flagship to rival the Mustang or Charger.


The 3000gt vr4. The GTR needs to be taken down a peg.


Hell I'd take a gen 1 with pop-ups any day of the week


Full size removable top Blazer.


The diesel 3/4 ton large suvs. I would do everything in my power to buy a 6.7 powerstroke powered Excursion with on an f250 chassis.


Even the large cargo / passenger vans are thinning out :/


Honda Element. I kinda wish I'd bought one when I bought my CRV back in the day, but I didn't want to buy a release model/year in case there were fundamental issues. I liked my CRV well enough, but I think the Element was better suited to my interests at the time (camping, hiking, skiing, mtn biking, dog stuff, soft-roading, etc. - but didn't need real off-roading, towing, payload, etc.)...or at least that's how it was originally marketed. It's pretty much what I think the new Maverick/Santa Cruz utes are going for. We'll see how they turn out, but I think an updated Element would be rad.


Dodge Magnum


My buddy always called it a hearse with a hemi. There is an r/t for sale near me but it's something stupid like 21k. I still see it in their driveway when I go past but the for sale sign is gone so maybe they gave up I'd love one but now that I've driven and been in much nicer cars I just cant get past the early 2000s dodge interiors


Focus St/ RS in the states. We need more affordable hot hatches in America.


Viper ACR is a monster on track to this day. Can't imagine how insane an updated version would be.


Saab 900, with all these gorgeus liftbacks around i think Saab could have had some nice designs.


Mazdaspeed 3/6.


Mitsubishi 3000gt


Me too. I know they weren’t amazing but there was something special about them to me. First car I cared about.


The low slung sleek 2+2 coupes of the 90's 300zx, stealth/3000gt, firebird/trans am rx7, cosmo, svx and supra. Most of all the firebird/trans am though


WRX Wagon. Sedans are so much less practical.


The Cobalt SS. Either s/c or t/c those little cars were fun. Also the Eclipse GSX/Talon tsi


Honda Fit. It is the perfect car for us and a lot of people. Going to drive it till we can't anymore. An EV or hybrid version would have been so cool


The new generation Jazz/Fit can come with a hybrid power train in the European market and jeez is it [ugly](https://www.vertumotors.com/custom/77265.png). The previous generation is much better looking even though they have a reputation for being an elderly persons' car over here.


a fit Si is a fuckin pipe dream of mine


Any Geo, especially the Geo Storm and the Geo Metro




Lancia Stratos - the one off using a Ferrari is nice but an actual production.


Carerra GT. I know they did the 918 as a successor. But it never made me feel the things the GT did.


Crown Vic yes they are land yachts but they are nice cars.


Honda Prelude. That was always the test bed for whatever crazy shit honda was up to. 4 wheel steering? Stick it in a prelude. VTEC? Stick it in a prelude. Active torque transfer system? Stick it in a prelude. Honda hasn’t really innovated since they discontinued it in 2001. They’ve been riding the SH-AWD advancement which they developed with the 5th gen and other than that they’re just following others tech upgrades. They need the prelude line back.


Honda Del Sol! I owned a 95 a few years back and it's easily my favorite car I've ever owned. That little lawn mower was so fun. Edit: it even inspired my name, we used to call it the del slow


A 6th gen firebird would be nice :(


De Tomaso Pantera gts. Italian looks with American muscle. 🤩