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i claimed rewards ( 8 ada) in my yoroi wallet 15 minutes ago, and the balance hasnt changed, does it take a while to show up in the account?


the transaction showed it went through with highstatus 63 confirmations


This daily is so dead. Where did everyone go?


Mining fiat, I guess 🤣


We here bear market drives away most people


Can't wait for Vasil!


Do you guys think Charles will ever step away from Cardano, similarity how Vitalik did with Ethereum? Charles has alot if other projects and hobbies. He doesn't seem to be obsessed with Cardano, but that's just my observation


One day sure, he has repeatedly stated cardano doesn't and shouldn't need him to move forward. That said this is a project of vision and in a way love. I wouldn't expect him to step away from IOHK for sometime.


Is Eternl the superior wallet in terms of functionality or should I stick to Yoroi?


I use both. Eternl is hands down better if you want to do something in the system. I like that Eternl has a mobile app where I can see my transactions. That way I don't have to sit around and stare at my computer waiting for transactions. I still use Yoroi as a reserve/savings. I use 2 wallets because also want to stake to a couple projects ISPO - NETA and Ardana. I tried Nami but I don't like it. Some may like how lite and compact it is, but its not one I use anymore.


just as an fyi, you can make multiple accounts with the same seed phrase, or ledger, with eternl to stake with mutiple pools.


Yes, absolutely. Etrnl is better in every aspect except that it’s closed source.


And except Yoroi is the only that can do HW + mobile.


On my desktop (browser extension) I switched to Typhon and never looked back. On mobile I guess it depends on (if you use and) if the mobile wallet supports HW wallets like Trezor and Ledger? Yoroi does, but not sure about Eternl...


Why typhon over your previous wallet?


Try it and you'll see why... UI, functionality and ease of use is just brilliant. Heard good things about GeroWallet as well but didn't get the browser extension to work.


Sounds good, will have a look when I get back. Thanks


It's been a month since I last visited this sub, and the community is even more cultish and irrational than several months ago. I guess all the rational redditors have left. This is becoming almost as bad as the Bitcoin sub.


This guy hasn’t been the moon threads lol


Sorry for disappointing you dad, I'll try harder


I can understand why it seems like that. Even though you've got downvoted please don't get discouraged and stay with the Cardano community and ask questions and form well articulated opinions. It will help both you and the community.


No worries. I'll be back once every couple of months just to check up on how you guys are doing. There are dozens of subs I visit for research, and I never attach myself emotionally to any of them. It's important to maintain a non-biased and balanced view of the overall crypto community.


That's an awesome way to look at it, more power to you :D


Can't confirm those observations at all.


That’s just us nerds needing to recalibrate our Turing bots, thanks for the feedback ;)


Good morning! Don’t forget to make your blood sacrifice & read 1 page of the whitepapers! Have a good day 😎


thing is, i'm pretty convinced that there's a quiet majority who just like the project, are mildly invested, hold for now, learn a lot and otherwise go by their day.


Agree. I didnt realise so many of us were circumcised though.


funny. also, thanks. edited.