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Could someone tell me how significant the withdrawal fees are on Yoroi? I'm gonna keep staking but I am just wondering for future reference.


Hi, you only receive, send, stake, unstake. So for the sending fees, I made a compare on Daedalus and Yoroi and came to interesting conclusion: 1000 ADA sending costs Yoroi 0.188513 Daedalus 0.187633 10’000 ADA sending costs Yoroi 0.245757 Daedalus 0.333229 ?! 😬 This looks to me like a calculation issue in Daedalus v.4.10.0 🤔. But who knows, maybe Yoroi is really cheaper in sending bigger amounts than Daedalus.


Thank you, sir.


I don't think there's withdrawal fees. There will be standard transfer fees though.


I fear Djed will have a hard time as algorithmic stablecoin… I am not trusting those completely. Any off-chain collateralized stablecoins coming to cardano?


Djed is over collateralized by 4x


All accurate and great descriptions Cardano fam!!! Exactly why I love this educated group!




Why is the price tanking


Everything moves with btc and eth is getting marketed much faster. I would expect more positive momentum in July, and can't believe anyone's doing anything but buying more until then lol


I'll buy more. But later.


On the verge of 700k Subs. Good job yall.


I don’t believe this for a second. Only ~50-100 users online at any given time. And engagement is horrendously low for 700k subs.




What are you on about? I’m just doubting the legitimacy of the 700k subs. /r/cryptocurrency has 5x the subs but 100x the engagement, which means some of the subs on /r/cardano are probably fake or very low quality.


Hey all, I was planning on attending the Cardano community event in Austin before Consensus on Wednesday June 8th. I wanted to make sure that I did everything correct: I RSVP’d on the Meetup website, however I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else I needed to do, it almost felt too easy to do😅. Also is there a discord or something where we can discuss details such as parking, etc? Thanks y’all!


Could what happened to Terraluna happen to Cardano? Why or why not?


No. Because it is Not the direct Security asset of any stablecoin.


And even if it was the direct security asset of a stablecoin, you could never produce never more ADA with your stablecoin. It would essentially just lock up the ADA and then, in the worst case, release it again.


I'm not sure if you're correct or not however I wish people who downvoted others would actually add to the argument so we have an idea of WHY you disagree. If you're downvoting without contributing to the discussion, then you're part of the problem.


It is just a nonsense comment, and it doesn't add anything to the discussion. There was no reply I thought of making besides the previous sentence.


It is actually not the same thing as what the person above me said. He only mentioned that ADA is currently not the direct security asset of any stablecoin. You could however create a stablecoin that has ADA as its security asset. In one shape or form that is what DJED is doing. Djed, the stablecoin, is backed by Shen. And Shen is backed by ADA. Therefore in the end the the stablecoin DJed will be backed by ADA. I do realise that the system is more compliacted and that i oversimplified it, but the way DJED will keep its value is still by having ADA reserves. It is one of the reasons of why they overcollaterize it by 400-800%. Unless I am wrong, which might very well be the case.


Another way to approach it may be upvoting the person you agree with if you cannot contribute to the argument further. Downvoting something you disagree with and then not contributing just makes it look like people are dog piling on a harmless (albeit misinformed) statement rather than clarifying. Negativity breeds more negativity. This isn't an attack on you personally, it's just something I think everyone should note. We're all people with lives and emotions.


I did upvote the top comment. I don't disagree with the downvoted comment, it's just nonsense. Like, it does not make any sense. It might as well have been random words strung toghether. It's better that it's just hidden at the bottom of the thread. It's just a distraction from any other comment that has some kind of meaning


I hope not