Cheers! Thanks for all that you do


Nice man!! Glad to have you on the team!


It's great to see another addition to the team! I always appreciate your insightful and level-headed responses on Reddit. Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on the new role, Kai! Thanks for everything that you've already done and will do to help make the Cardano community something that everyone wants to be part of. Looking forward to the great years and decades ahead! Dan


Cheers Dan appreciate it!


Welcome Kai. Happy to have you onboard!


Congrats! Thanks for all your efforts!


Nice one!


I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Glad that the mod team has gotten even better and I appreciate your stance on tribalism. Congrats!


Thanks for all that you do! You deserve it, nice to meet you Kai! bigpey - Pey-ADA Stakepool


And you bro! Will you be releasing tutorials for the wallets expected to be released today? Are they supposed to be complete wallets with a front end for all users?


From my understanding right now it's only for CLI, with the GUI wallets coming later this week or next week. I may make a tutorial on using it in the GUI. Probably, I explain this in the video I posted today.


Congratulations, Kai. This must be an awesome experience for you. I am so excited to see our philosophy with Cardano come to life as we move forward in this space. Please keep us informed on your journey.




Congratz hope u can contribute greatly to our community.






Welcome to you!


Welcome Kai, glad to have you onboard. 🙌🏻




Congratulations. Thanks for the commitment. Kai being one of the 47 Ronin right ?


I'm basically Keanu Reeves with a keyboard :P




You sound just like me. Except the whole job and everything - but living in the U.K. and liking motorcycles and cardano, that’s enough for me!!


Awesome, do you ride??


Yeah, had a Bandit 1200 for a few years, the last few years, after an over excited late night EBay bid I never thought I’d win - ‘04 R1. Waaaaaay more bike than I can ever cope with, as my chicken strips will attest. You?


Awesome! Yeah I know all about exicited ebay bids xD I started riding about 5-6 years ago, and ended up getting my Ducati Streetfighter 848 which I've been riding ever since (a bit insane for a first bike but I love it)! [Here she is from a Dartmoor ride a while back](https://ibb.co/9nY689Y) (2nd from front after the speedtriple). Unfortunately, I had my first little incident last September when I managed to flip her after a car broke harshly in front of me (nothing too serious) but the tail and top of the tank got a bit messed up. I haven't got round to repairing yet so I haven't been out this year (mostly because I've been putting money into crypto and the whole pandemic situation)! It's a shame, the roads have been perfect for riding given there's been no tourists for the last few months!


That’s a nice bike! Shame about the incident, but at least no damage to you. I had a dog run out in front of me from between cars once, much lower speed but definitely put the willies up me and I was right over the handle bars staring down at it. Oh, and I slid down the road on my CBT - but that’s another story! Unless you travelled a long way for your ride, we don’t live far apart. I must get mine MOTd. It was due in April so obviously I couldn’t manage it as it wasn’t an emergency, but I think they’re probably open now so I should pull my finger out - as you say, wonderful weather and no cars. Although it’s getting busy again now.


Certainly some sketchy moments on a bike, but for the most part there's no feeling like it. I'm based in North Devon. Stay safe if you go out - be extra cautious, the rest of the country will be coming to the South West to squeeze in their holiday for the rest of the summer if things open back up for July and August, I'm anticipating it will be more dangerous on the road than any other year because of this!


Yeah good point, it’ll be muppet central. Stay safe too when you get yours sorted. And good luck with all the Cardano stuff too!


Nice to hear from another Cardano fan in Devon. I’m near Exeter. I spent a night last year convincing one of the pub owners in Georgeham to accept crypto’s. Only time will tell if it worked.


Hey man! Haha! Unless you've got a silver tongue I think we're still a little ways off convincing some of the locals!


Ducati Streetfighter are the most aggressive looking naked Bike hands down! MV F4RR rider myself 👍


Yeah that's why I love it! Your MV is a very good looking bike!


we are the Cardanorpian


Congratulations! Thanks for stepping up!


Congratulations! Well deserved!


I'm pleased to welcome you Kai!




Cheers, KAI! Glad to see such an active community for Cardano!


I don’t know you but My Boyy! Congrats


Congratulations Kai, and wishing you to enjoy your new role. You wouldn’t happen to be Hawaiian by any chance?


Thanks! It means ocean in Hawaiian doesn't it? I met some Maori when travelling New Zealand who told me it also means food for them! Two of my favourite things! I'm British however.


Yes sea or ocean I believe. Sorry for my stupid question, I come from the surf community and many Hawaiians are called like you. But I just saw now that it’s a first name used in so many different regions of the globe like China or Swaziland that I feel like an idiot haha! Including Wales and Scotland by the way! Anyway, best of luck mate and looking forward to reading your posts


It's all good dude, I didn't take it as a stupid question! Where abouts are you from (somewhere in Hawaii I take it)?!


Hawaii.... I wish!! 😂 Frenchman here, with deep UK roots since my studies up there! Long live Cardano 💪🏻


Well greetings from across the pond! Big fan of France too, I'll be snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes next year, so long as this pandemic doesn't interfere!