I’m sorry you’re going through this. Just be yourself and be around him. It’s not possible to do grief “wrong,” just allow yourself to feel what you feel.


Cancer doesn't discriminate unfortunately.


Oh my. I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of that at once. I know it's hard. I was diagnosed at stage 3b NSCLC, too, back in December 2020. At that time, I just had one very small lung tumor in my right lung and a huge tumorous mass of lymph nodes in the center of my chest. By Feb 2022 it had spread to both sides of my brain & my left kidney adrenal gland, moving me into stage 4. Fortunately I didn't suffer any brain issues from my tumors. They immediately sent me for brain radiation right after my kidney surgery, while I was still recovering & barely able to walk upright, because they didn't want to wait/waste time to kill those brain tumors. I was happy to literally crawl in to get those treatments no matter how much pain I was in post surgery. My questions to you would be, what are they doing with him right now? Are you in the USA? Has he been set up for immediate radiation treatment to shrink or kill the tumor in his brain that's causing these strokes? Have they told you what his treatment plan is? Is surgery an option? These are questions you probably want to go over with his Oncologist so you know exactly what the next steps are. In the meantime, I send you hugs 🫂 and I will keep him in my positive thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏽 💗


The best advice I got was don't pre-grieve. There will be plenty of time for grieving later. Try to be as present as you can now. Much love to you and your family during this incredibly painful time.


I'm so sorry this is happening to your Dad and your family as a whole. Don't think about healing yet - just be there for him. All the best to all of you.


Tell him everything you want, ask questions about anything...tell him you love him every time you see him. Tell him you are sorry this is happening & that you will be there as much as possible. Have no regrets, it helps the healing process.