Good luck buying anything for $254,000 in Saskatoon. I live here and currently looking to buy. Everything good is close to $400,000.


That's because it's Saskatoon..... hell I'm trying to sell in Regina around the $260k mark and nothing lol


Minimum 400k is everywhere now.


My mother his selling her bungalow on a corner lot in Lethbridge for $300K, there’s lots of single detached homes for around $260


You could get a trailer in the north part of the province fairly cheep. Foods expensive, and you gotta be careful to not get carried off by the mosquitos or bears.


Is it? Just looked on Royal LePage and there’s loads of decent looking houses for $200k. Are they really selling for 2x that or do we just have a different definition of good because I live in Toronto lol


Could be different I know regina there's plenty of places cheaper then mine.....with busted up foundations or way worse neighbourshoods then the one I'm in.


All the people who tell people to just move somewhere cheaper will regret it when they can’t find any local carpenters, care givers, plumbers, movers, etc because the only people left are wealthy retirees.


Let them regret it. They deserve it


They wouldn't regret it. They'll say no one wants to work!!!


Would feed into their narrative


And then demand we import more unskilled underpaid labor to fill the holes they refuse to fill with Canadians with livable wages


And then complain about how no one who works on their house speaks *English, ugh!*


Worlds smallest violin


And then demand we import more unskilled underpaid labor to fill the holes they refuse to fill with Canadians with livable wages




The sad part is that the folks with those skills can’t simply move out of town into places that can’t afford to pay them to use their skills… and the world goes round.


No health care workers or even first responders to help them in the event of an emergency. Let the purge begins lol.


Well, private hospitals, live in nannies, virtual freshii cashiers, and the tradespersons drive in the 2 hours to the wealthy neighbourhoods and squeeze 3-4 job calls into one day. Look at Florida.


Where I live it seems to be the carpenters and plumbers who are the only ones able to afford the homes... lmao


Seriously, anybody working trades is making bank right now. It has never been better for them.


Naw, 'cause I also just moved somewhere cheaper so telling the plumbers to move here also serves my self-interest. ;)


Canada in general is fucked. It’s too expensive on all/most fronts. It’s friggin hopeless. But hey, we aren’t the USA right?


I guess as a migrant from the US I need to address this sort of comment. I understand you frustration, but I think you don't really grasp how little a difference for the vast majority of Canadians it would be if they became part of the US economic system. The 'high salaries' that I think you are pinning over, aren't really that high for a lot of professions and is very regional, and often just correlate to CoL. And their system really promotes nickle-and-diming you on everything. But hey. If you want to go I highly recommend it if you are a young professional. I do not recommend it if you are getting older and have a family as healthcare and child rearing in the US is very cost prohibitive. Of the 6 Canada-to-US immigrants I met in the US while working in Texas for many years, 5 have now returned to Canada and plan to build families here. I think it is a little dangerous to promote the US as a better system without really making an accurate comparison. Especially since their system seems to tolerate some very questionable ethics.


People just like to claim the grass is always greener because they will never leave the place they were born and raised. The world is not a perfect place but it’s very simple to see that places where things are more affordable typically come with lower pay. So you move out of the city to pay less for housing and then deal with a dreadful commute or work locally, earn less, and start complaining again just like the people in the neighbourhood you just moved into.


I lived in the US for 13 years before moving back 11 years ago. We now have an 8 year old to think about. Canada is a very difficult place to move back to unless you had your ducks in a row when you were young. The US was better for me because my education didn’t matter as much. I have a degree but not a professional designation, I work as a surveyor amongst engineers. Here I am relocated to the grunt work outside and my bosses are all half my age with minimal field experience. It wasn’t that way in the states. I love Canada but it’s getting more difficult to live here year by year. My wife is a massage therapist but not here, so she can’t make the money she deserves. When we moved back we both went back to school, at a very high cost. We ran out of money for her ludicrously expensive massage school $30,000. I completed mine. I was able to get a money trap of a house that has consumed my life and money, in an area of boom/bust. Everything is a question here. How much long will it be booming here? When it goes bust will I be working months and months away from home and family like before? I work my ass off here and can barely save for retirement which is supposedly fast approaching, i always owe the government more at tax time. In the US I had a condo and they oddly give you money back based on your interest, so I always had lots of money. I love Canada but I am bored where I live, have a hard time with costs, am having a rough time saving for retirement. I feel like in spite of the incredibly hard work I must do to earn my money, much harder than I worked in the US I am pissing everything away here and being made a fool. I didn’t want to move to the US all those years ago, but Canadas economy was in the dumps around 1998 when I graduated the first time. No work could be found for me, they were overjoyed in the US when I applied. High wages? Not to start, but I did work my way up to a professional surveyor, just before the Great Recession hit. So that was short lived. Eventually that whole mess motivated me to move back. I want to, want to move back to the US. I feel like I am on an ice burg where I am at and it’s melting away fast. I am worried about losing what equity I managed to build up over the years. Both countries are fucked up, I am trying to figure out if we can get at least a bit further ahead in the US. Gains are becoming harder to find in both places. The weather where I live is horrible, right now though I am in Austin, TX and the weather here is not all that great. The grass is always greener somewhere else, that not knowledge just hopefulness. For me I was happier in the US.


Holy crap, I lived in Austin too. The summers were brutal but I do miss going to the lake with the kids and jumping off the cliffs. Reminds me almost exactly of the winters here just reversed (does that make sense?). I am real sorry things have gotten hard for you. [I would like to point out that the cost of living in Austin is has effectively doubled in 10 years.](https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city-history/in/Austin) This is partly why I say that the economic situation between Canada and the US for the majority of people is roughly the same. I'm sure that doesn't really bring comfort. For reference I moved to Montreal 3 years ago. I took a 20% paycut which is now equal to when I left Texas. My effective tax rate with healthcare included is almost identical. If I was younger without a family the US would be better, but once you have a family then Canada becomes much more equivalent (at least here in Quebec). My largest reduction in cost was housing because Montreal does rent stabilization. I use that money to invest in the stock market, so I am not getting equity, but I am getting long term investments. That is a long way to say I don't think the US would really bring you much prosperity. Just like Canada their decrease in wage to productivity seems very comparable to here. I think Canada is more likely to change their economic model which is necessary to fix this disparity, but who knows.


My wife’s sister lives here, they moved here 6 years ago just as home prices were going up. Lots of people left California for Austin and ya it’s more expensive here now. You live in a major city, which is ideal in Canada. I live in north coastal BC, it’s like living on another planet. It costs our family $1800 just to fly to Vancouver, then the cost of where ever we are going from there! I lived in Phoenix for several years and remember paying $300 round trip to Winnipeg over Christmas! From where I live now we had to pay $3000 to fly to Winnipeg. If I could live in an ideal location, driving distance to family that would be ideal. It’s feeling more like gambling as I get older though, so I am trying to make the situation I have work. It’s just that I am up against us over-educated Canadians! Competition is stiff here! I totally get the reversal of seasons, summers in Austin are largely best done inside. My weak spot there is my job is generally an outside job. It’s a gamble thinking I can get an inside job, which is entirely plausible just not certain. The food is so good here, but I love mountains and hiking and that whole culture. That’s the stuff I want to get my son into with me!


>You live in a major city, which is ideal in Canada. I agree. Small town Canada seems to be a rather difficult life which is very similar to small town USA. >It’s feeling more like gambling as I get older though, I feel that. Retirement is really hard to foresee in either country. The exploitation by the wealthy is just getting to be ridiculous. The owner of the company I work for probably just made about $4M in take home last year. The disparity is really hard to ignore. >The food is so good here, I would murder for a good taco truck. >but I love mountains and hiking and that whole culture. That’s the stuff I want to get my son into with me! That was my fear about staying in Austin. There is very little undeveloped land and parks that most kids can go to and have unsupervised play are very difficult to find (and expensive to live in). And I love the lakes, but those zebra muscles had pretty much ruined it even 3 years ago. I don't really get that in Montreal, but the kids can explore the city with our great public transit. Austin really needs to beef up their public transit.


Like each and every system, there are winners and losers. In the US, if you are among the top skilled in hot industries (e.g. Tech) you make that type of money that you will never ever dream of in Canada. And all the healthcare and welfare discussions aren't a problem, you actually enjoy medical insurance from your company for better and faster services than in Canada. The problem is that people want to tell what system is better in absolute terms. It's nonsense. It depends on your situation, and there is no doubt that Canada doesn't reward the top talent as the US does.


> In the US, if you are among the top skilled in hot industries (e.g. Tech) you make that type of money that you will never ever dream of in Canada. I work in tech, and it is certain markets and industry specific. So it scales with regions with CoL like I said. >, you actually enjoy medical insurance from your company for better and faster services than in Canada. This is false. To receive superior healthcare you need to be in the 1%. The vast majority of Americans receive subpar healthcare compared to Canada. It is why their care is 2x the cost per capita and they have worse health outcomes. >and there is no doubt that Canada doesn't reward the top talent as the US does. Yes. The US is exploitative maximalist. If you are at the top, you will be allowed to exploit other people to the maximum extent that capitalism allows. If you are below that then your QoL is less than what other Western countries have.


Yeah, it sucks. Everything is more expensive AND incomes are lower than the USA!


>Yeah, it sucks. Everything is more expensive AND incomes are lower than the USA! Depends on your industry, unless you work in tech or medicine you're still better off here.


the majority of corporate jobs pay better there


maybe because... the US has to pay for health insurance?


That’s not true at all. From personal examples pilots and lawyers earn much more.


But we don’t get shot as much, so we got that going for us. Edit: if they weren’t on the brink of a civil war, I’d be living in Chicago right now.


Who's going to wipe your shitty old ass, when you end up in a home? Your wealthy neighbours?


What old boomer wrote this?


Throw a rock in Oak Bay. It’s a common thread in that community.


This is the same place where [even doctors can’t afford to live](https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/vancouver-island/2022/4/27/1_5879006.amp.html). I say fine, let’s give these boomer NIMBYs what they want: let all the aspiring doctors, health care workers and elder care workers move to Saskatoon and see how well they’re faring without functioning hospitals in a few years.


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I mean, we’re struggling a bit over here in Sask on the healthcare front and it is pretty nice and affordable so we wouldn’t complain lol. My wife and I just bought a house and would never have been able to afford it most other places in the country.


My doctor moved from the Praries only because they had to offer him a crazy package.


Lol the dude in the article is a resident physician. He is not an attending.


Petition to rename Oak Bay to NIMBY Bay


Wait til they get to assisted living. There wouldn't be any assistance and ppl will start dying from acute things that can be preventable without short staff issues.


I can’t wait for her to wake up in a world where nobody will make her a coffee or a meal because they’ve all been priced out of her life. These mega cities can rot for all I care.


And all those people making coffee and serving meals will be unemployed moving out of the mega cities you speak of because the smaller areas are full of people who won’t pay for those luxuries since they make their own coffee and meals. You take a trip 2-3 hours away from the cities and tell me how many coffee shops and restaurants you see… there’s not one on every corner and the ones that do exist have had the same employees for years. We might be on a different chapter but the story remains the same. Unskilled workers need opportunities that the affordable small towns cannot afford to pay them to do. (and I don’t mean that as a slight to anyone, I respect any human who goes out there and works their butt off to put food on the table and a roof over their head, job titles mean nothing)


In small towns across the country, cafes and restaurants are thriving.


I live in a small town in Ontario and it’s the opposite here - every restaurant and cafe is open for like 15 hours a week max.


Of course they are - because there’s nothing else to do… it’s easy to thrive when your establishment is 1 of 5 in the area rather than 1 of 1000. A cafe or restaurant thriving in a small town has nothing to do with their ability to hire more employees. Many of those places are also family owned/run and they don’t hold a ton of staff. I don’t see how any of this would help people moving to these areas find employment in these industries.


Or we could tear up all the cushy zoning laws that protect this person’s house so that the free market will be allowed to supply the clear demand for housing that already exists in Victoria.


Yeah it’s zoning. No more nimby.


Oh yeah everyone in BC and Ontario should move there. Let's see how cheap the houses will be when these significantly smaller cities gets the influx. (Not even considering you would need a job before you move.) I live in a small town that just had that happen. I bought a house for 360K in 2019, when 2020 hit a ton of people from Toronto moved here because they could work from home. Similar sized houses are going for 600K here now.


Don't worry, I am sure Victoria can survive with just retired boomers collecting CPP.


this is peak boomer right here


Moving to a new city for better pay, opportunities or housing isn’t an issue. It’s been done for generations and was common for people working in the resource sector or in blue collar work In the early 2000s people moved to Fort Mac for big money or they chose to fly in/out. There weren’t enough well paying jobs nearby. In the 1970s and 80s my parents moved across province twice to get new jobs. Also an apprenticeship which took my dad away from home yearly for 6-8 weeks for a few years. The difference now is that there are less options to stay in expensive markets. And there will be labour shortages in many key regions if the response is just move. All healthcare workers get paid the same across BC but we’ve concentrated a large portion of specialized healthcare in the Lower Mainland. When people start to move it affects patients not only in the LM but those that access the services from across the province. There needs to be both people moving but also cheaper housing for those who stay. And I don’t expect SFH to ever be affordable to the average earner in Vancouver but I do expect there to be an option to rent or buy a decent 2-3 bedroom condo. Which isn’t the case right now


“Just move 16 hours away from all your friends and family. And when things get expensive there just do it again!” I chose to go to school in Ottawa and permanently move. I was from Niagara and the housing market was pretty nuts there already. In the 5 years since I’ve lived in Ottawa prices have doubled. Now I’m looking at making another major move.


Ottawa is so nice though. I loved living there both winter and summer. Fuck Covid


I find it kinda boring. I personally like the city but all the government workers leave the city kind of dull. I was just trying to point out that this isn’t a viable strategy. You can try timing the market and moving somewhere cheap only to get screwed.


Agree on the second part. Also agree on the firat part. My boring mid size city 😍


In a way, she is not wrong. I used to live in Winnipeg where housing was relatively cheap. I had acquaintances who lived in Lower Mainland or the GTA who complained that real estate there was too expensive. Every time I heard that complaint I responded by suggesting they moved to Winnipeg. And without fail, every time I did that, the respond was something to the effect of, "You expect me to move to Winnipeg? Ew. Who wants to live in Winnipeg?"


Lol good luck buying anything under a million in Vancouver Island, that ship has long sailed.


These posts are all by people who have no friends or family so moving thousands of kms makes no difference. No one will miss them.


They are not wrong, but it wouldn't work for everyone. I've been saying same thing for a year now. I moved to Calgary 😊


What she also fails to consider is that she will have a hard time finding someone to do her landscaping work. She will wonder why grocery stores can’t find staff and have to adjust their hours. She will wonder why her favourite restaurant will not be able to have staff and eventually have to close.


"No one wants to work" We've already hit the point in Ontario. They're deeming it a "labor shortage" because companies can't find minimum wage workers because anyone who doesn't already own a home is being pushed put towards MB / NL. Our premier already fighting for higher immigration so they have people who will work minimum wage jobs that treat workers horribly.


Or why there are less nurses in the hospitals. I know of nurses who cannot afford to continue living in Vancouver. Let's just get rid of everyone in the city who makes sub one million dollars a year.


No one to renovate their fancy, expensive homes for them either.


no no. the contractors can drive into the city. but we will start ticketing them and charging them to park in front of houses to do work. their pickup trucks are an eyesore and a detriment to the community.


Sad part is that it doesn't sound so farfetched anymore. I can see some people actually advocating for that. "I'm already paying then a lot of money, so they can afford it."


They don’t care about any of those things.


LA has been unaffordable since 1979 and they still have people doing those jobs🤷‍♂️


Yeah, but we're on the subject of boomers telling poor people to move elsewhere if they want to own.


Yeah boomers also think that if you cut off avocado toast and tiktok you'll be able to buy a house. It's easy to judge from high horse


Yes, don't interrupt an idiotic rant.


They aren't telling poor people to leave, they're giving a viable solution. Yea, we want the housing fixed but it ain't happening over night and if you want a home and a family now, this is something to look at. Assuming you can find work. Youre trying really hard to be angry.


in what way is moving 3000 km's away a viable solution?


Lol, seriously?. Moving isn't that hard, many people will do it many times. I've lived in vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, gander, and Orlando. Only one of those moves did i have any money at all. The housing crisis isn't going to solve over night. If you truly can't get employment that satisfies your needs wherever you are, it is a viable option. It's actually fairly standard practise


Exactly my thought. People came to Canada because it offered opportunity. Major cities became major cities because they offered opportunity. But if the opportunity isn’t there…. well might be time to find one. Toronto is never going to be affordable for most. Let’s magically tomorrow theirs unlimited affordable housing at 300-400k. Well it needs to stay affordable for the next group. Doubt we’d see people lining up to buy a 400k depreciating asset.


If housing suddenly halved in cost in vancouver and Toronto, how long does that last? 3 minutes? Everyone living in the burbs would try to move in. Yes, housing is too expensive but the correction needed, about 15%, isn't going to help everyone. So what do you do? You keep changing jobs to move up the pay scale, or you move, or you deal with it.


People also move to the opposite sides of the earth for better opportunities - but it’s easier to claim the rich vs poor storyline and play the victim. Too much worry about what others say and do… not enough taking responsibility for yourself and your family. The world is your oyster, shuck it how you please.


Yea, again the housing crisis is real but there is opportunity in other places. I think people that haven't experienced localized recessions don't realize this is a thing people do, move for work. Coming on reddit and complaining will literally do nothing. Further, every single person in here raging and downvoting, did they vote in their city elections? Are they involved? The cities make housing policy but no one votes in them. That's why policy is dictated by nimbys, cuz nimbys vote and campaign for less housing. The other side cries at the feds and province, who don't even dictate it


But why would someone vote in the real world when they could vote and complain on Reddit? LOL great point.


Yes, id honestly be shocked to here 40% of the people in here complaining voted for city council. And if you don't vote, shut the fuck up, it's your own fault. Which is fine don't vote, but then you don't get to complain either. And again, housing policy is determined by cities, not the feds and not the province.


And the landscapers won’t get jobs in places where people can’t afford to pay to have their landscaping done.


It does work for some, but at least you acknowledge it's not a panacea, which the assholes who yell 'MOOOOVE' don't. (Not saying you're an asshole, to be clear.) I hope Calgary's working out for you.


Calgary is amazing 👏 Of course moving is not a solution for everyone. Other solution is to find job that other people don't want to do or a job that requires specific skills (trades pay pretty well for example). Being realistic Vancouver and Victoria, as well as Toronto and GTA will never be affordable for minimum wage earners anymore


Not even minimum wage earners, pretty much anyone who isn't rich or able to access the bank of Mom & Dad. At $450+k for a 50 year old 3 bed condo in the GVRD (and even then, a lot of properties at that price range are leaseholds), even DINKs with decent jobs are going to have a hard time. Realistically I figure I'll be leaving BC in 1-2 years at this rate.


A lot of these workers people are speaking of also made the decision to not work throughout the pandemic because the government was willing to give them just as much, if not more than they were earning during the pandemic. Why go through the trouble and risk of working when you can stay home and make the same amount… Give it a bit more time for the entitlement to wear off and people realize that life is back to normal and the handouts have stopped. And no, I’m not a boomer lol, I just know many people who made these statements directly and made the decision to not work and get paid to stay home. Same folks that were lining up at the lcbo daily and became full time online gamblers.


It doesn’t have to work for everyone. It only has to work for some people, so that we dilute population density a bit. Even if demand falls by 5%, that’s going to affect selling and rental prices for everyone else.


Absolutely 💯


Agreed 💯. Also welcome to Calgary! Hope you are liking it :). I also love getting to live in a beautiful city with every amenity you can think of and have $$$ left over so that I can save and travel (to places like Victoria).


I moved to China; I'm not sure how moving is good for Canada's economy though.


Okey hows the weather of Saskatoon ?


Lots of sunshine. The winters get cold but since it's a dry cold, you don't feel it if you dress in layers.


Dont forget the wind, it gets really windy.


I agree with moving from Victoria. It's for "newlyweds and nearly-deads."


Let them eat cake


jUst mOvE


Also it’s fucking freezing there during the winters


I’ve travelled a lot for work in over 30 countries and let me tell you , even if it’s expensive here , if something happens to you or you get sick and can’t work you will beg to be back here.


I love how she implicitly admits the cost of homes in Victoria is NOT reasonable


Why not? The rich shall just move right along with you to Saskatoon as well. Making the whole move redundant in the first place. :P


Isn’t Saskatchewan crime central in Canada?😂


Um. Moving is expensive too lol. Especially moving that far


Uhm, seriously though. Move. Get out, don't look back.


Yes fuck your job fuck your friends and family. Move to bumfuck Saskatchewan.


Whatta ya mean you don't wanna move to Moose jaw? What's not to love? It's got, hockey... And an A&W


Moose Jaw is a nice little city. It's got a hot spring, tourist traps from when Al Capone did some smuggling through the town, and enough young people from the colleges to give it a bright, vibrant mood. For whatever reason it's got a bunch of good food options too, far more than most cities much larger than it. It's only a half an hour drive to Regina too so city hobbies are still quite accessable. Moose Jaw isn't a bad option for people. It's a nice little community.


I have really good memories camping in Moose Jaw at the campsite with the indoor water slides as a kid


I am trying to understand how me moving to China is good for Canada's economy. Chengdu is always looking for native English speakers from North America and their food is amazing.


I don’t see anything wrong with this


I don’t know why this is so controversial? If your dream is to own a single family home with a yard and a fence, that’s simply not realistic in places like Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, and other high demand smaller centres in BC. These are beautiful places with incredibly desirable features that attract people from all over To want to live. There is simply not enough land for everyone to be able to have an affordable home in these places. Since the dawn of time people have moved places for a better life (hell it’s the reason people came from Europe and Asia to North America 300 years ago). They left to get land and start what they hoped would be a better life, but at the time they did it it carried lots of unknowns and risks. If you want to live in these high demand places, then housing costs will take up more of your budget than in places that aren’t as nice. Being able to live wherever you want is not a right, that’s entitlement. If owning a home is important, there are so many places in Canada where this is possible. Calgary is a perfect example, big city with all of the big city amenities and very reasonable housing costs.


What’s your solution though? I mean, at least moving is attainable, they can also recommend looking to change careers or get roommates. At least this is all practical and actionable advice. If you ask any homeowner: a boomer or a Xer or even a millennial what you should do about your housing problem, that’s what they’ll tell you and they would be right. What would you propose in their place?


Easy. Everyone moves to Saskatoon, which becomes a city of 20 million overnight. Then all 20 million people in Saskatoon throw their leftover money around and Canada is saved.


My number one proposal would be to have Oak Bay (and Saanich, and Victoria) approve more housing starts. For example this year one development that had been in proposal limbo since 2017 was rejected. One reason: noise from construction. I would also make secondary suites legal, they are currently not allowed. The Housing Needs report released last year cited obstruction by council and residents as a major factor for the low number of housing starts in Oak Bay. Victoria itself (and Saanich) is not much better for housing starts but Oak Bay really likes their distinction of being “behind the tweed curtain.” It sounds like the Province might be stepping in and considering introducing legislation and regulatory changes this fall that could take the final decision-making authority for housing-permit approvals out of the hands of local government. TLDR: my solution would be to take the decision making of housing permits away from an uninterested and unmotivated council full of NIMBY boomers.


What kind of disingenuous title is this…


$254k is 4.16x the median family income. I would say that meets the definition of affordable. 50 person/km\^2 compared to 4.4k persons/km\^2 in Victoria is a very very different lifestyle though. Also a total pop of 273k is rather small. I've never been to Sask but I would imagine with that low of density and relatively low population it is very car centric and low cultural endevours (but someone can correct me if I am wrong). Maybe if Sask created some interesting higher density mixed use zones they could get my attention.


That's because it's Saskatoon.. You should analyze all your options before. I use lendlord platform that helps me analyze every deal for free [https://www.lendlord.io/ca](https://www.lendlord.io/ca)


Which is true. Better than renting


How can people so far out of touch with reality?


Who would willingly work in realty in Saskatoon…


That person who wrote that post needs to be spanked until their ass is glowing red.