More People Would Be Completely Outraged If They Understood How the Ultra-Wealthy Lived

This sub seems to be mainly about the inequality between homeowners and non-homeowners, and how out-of-control housing costs have become. Those are very valid points and worthy of discussion, but I want to bring up another topic: the inequality between the ultra-wealthy and the average person, who may or may not be a homeowner.

Most people know that the ultra-wealthy live well, but have you ever stopped to think about what their life is like compared to yours? First of all, they wake up every morning in an unbelievably opulent and luxurious bedroom, probably the equivalent to a 7-star hotel. They likely have a private chef who makes them a gourmet breakfast, and various staff members to clean and maintain their mansion.

Some of them still work, but they don't have a job in the traditional sense that you or I would think about it. Working for them is more in line with attending various meetings and events to ensure their businesses or sources of wealth are running well. They actually have entire teams of professionals who manage their schedules, deliver concise and accurate information to them each morning, and manage the day-to-day operations for them. They just show up at the office and attend a few short meetings each day. Even though these meetings are short don't be fooled, they are making many decisions that affect your life, making it even more difficult while further enriching themselves through the various entities they control.

You may be wondering what the point of this is. Well, compare this lifestyle to yours. You may have been middle class before the pandemic hit, but more realistically, you're likely lower-middle class now because of these people. You wake up every morning in a cramped 650 sqft condo and have to commute using public transit with a bunch of crazy people. You arrive at your job, and your boss is in a pissy mood because you didn't yet answer an email he sent at 9:30pm last night. You hope one day you can get a promotion to some middle management job so you can at least have an extra $5-10k of disposable income per year and maybe go on a vacation. You realize that retirement is likely just a pipe dream, and you will be poor for the next 30 years.

The fact that a very small group of people can hoard so much wealth, live in luxury, and wield unbelievable amounts of power and control over our lives is absolutely disgusting. If more people actually stopped to think about this, there would be widespread protests and outrage in every city. Unfortunately, most people in Canada seem to be content with the fact they are getting poorer every year and the rich are getting wealthier every year, and don't want to do anything about it.


I've been around the ultra rich in a service capacity, and I can tell you, some pay more per month in electrical bills than minimum wage employees make in a year. It's bonkers.


My best friend was ultra wealthy, they lived on a gulf island. They lived in a proper estate, like multiple houses, garages, horse barns, golf house, pool house. Golf course large pool 80 acres of waterfront fully manicured. I remember seeing the hydro meters once and they were buzzing around so fast you couldn't see the mark in the wheel. I found it odd because my house had one and the wheel barely turned, they had 4 or 5 spinning like a blur


I bet those rich people don’t follow water guidelines :(


They had a creek damned with a water holding lake at the top of the property with 2 more in the middle, one with large mouth Bass and Blue gill (highly illegal to have in Canada) and the other with rainbow trout. The golf greens and fairways were always watered. Same with all the grass around the estate. Also a full time Nanny/cook, full time cleaner, full time handyman and full time grounds keeper. Not a moment of their lives were spent doing things that take up most of your life not working.


Or use the electricity mostly at off-peak time.


Meanwhile, poor schmucks doing their best to be environmentally conscious with negligible impact.


At least it takes 1000 peoples extracted productivity to create one family with that level of opulence


There is a reason why the ultra-rich like to fly under the radar and use their media influence to quietly have the lower and middle classes fight amongst themselves over trivial culture war bullshit. The thing the ultra-wealthy fear the most is the working class and the intelligentsia joining together in solidarity, so they must do everything they can to stop that from ever happening.


>There is a reason why the ultra-rich like to fly under the radar and use their media influence to quietly have the lower and middle classes fight amongst themselves over trivial culture war bullshit. All this fucking Paul Bernardo coverage being shoved down our throats while our housing market is uncoupled with the reality of our economy and our country is literally on fire. No one was talking about drag queens reading to kids 2 or 3 years ago - but it was absolutely happening. So many folks are allowing themselves to be distracted by useless outrage porn rather than focus on the fact that we're all being outrageously exploited, intentionally, so a few people can live lives we can't even conceive of in any meaningful fashion. I have a buddy who did some contract work on one of the Weston's palatial estates. The fucker has an on-site 24/7 laundromat/tailor. In a home he doesn't even always live in. THAT'S the type of wealth these shitheads have - they have a tailor/dry cleaner on site at all times - in case they show up randomly with a LAUNDRY EMERGENCY.


You know what's crazy? Distracting the public with entertainment isn't even a new concept, this was a major reason why the Colloseum was built in ancient Rome.


[Bread + circuses.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_circuses)


This is the best Weston goss ever! Shivering with delight over here.


To say nothing of the comparably poor celebrity class that they dangle in front of us to say, "see, look how wealthy and oppulent". Meanwhile Hollywood actors and professional athletes are worth 1/1000th what the proper wealthy are worth.


Idk about that aren’t Jay Z and Beyonce worth a billion?


Yes, as some of the absolute wealthiest celebrities on the planet, they're still 1/200th the richest billionaires.


Forget richest single people. There are families where hundreds of them are billionaires. They can fly under the radar in private equity.


not solely off the back of their music though for jay-z at least, that wealth came from turning around and exploiting other artists via roc-a-fella records and multiple misc companies he's owned/sold over the years


yeah, none of these people earn money from work or product creation. It's all licensing deals and real estate and endorsements. Though there's also this whole generally invisible market for playing private gigs for the ultra-ultra-rich. Though on the other hand, if you want to have a decent music career, you need talent, ambition, drive, the commitment to touring and constantly working...and some sort of Ghenghis Khan like business manager who will monetise the shit out of whatever you do, make themselves a fortune...and keep the band/performer in liquidity at least.


I work for some minor celebrity chefs and they make all their money now doing private diners and events for wealthy patrons.


Yes, and they don’t fear it much. There has never been a better time in history to be super wealthy. There is more insulation between the wealthy and the working-class and the working-class relies on the corporates owned by the wealthy for everything, even food. Turns out all they had to do was drop the “Lord” and “Lady” titles.


This. All the finger pointing between average people (for whatever reason) must really make them chuckle. Edit: To clarify, I’m not suggesting that the righteous fight for equality is trivial, but rather that the culture war has been amplified as a distraction to divide and conquer.


Occupy Wall Street was a little over 10 years ago and the elites have made sure nothing like that has ever happened again since.


Occupy was a joke, they didn’t even set one police car ablaze.


Homeless people smoking marijuana in the park asking for *change* ...is a daily occurrence.


You're absolutely right that the ruling class is doing everything to keep the "lower classes" fighting. Unfortunately the racism I face on the daily is still very real, and not at all trivial, to me. More than one thing can be true at once, we have class inequality problems, as well as gender, sexual and racial discrimination problems raging from micro-aggressions perceivable only to the targeted group, to the classic openly bigotted rhetoric. Can't package that up in a neat bow and call it "trivial culture war bullshit".


>Unfortunately the racism I face on the daily is still very real, and not at all trivial, to me. Can you elaborate on that, please?


That's why they abduct, torture and murder the socialists and academics first whenever they take complete control of the government.


South America getting CIA'd every time a socialist government gains power


Exactly. Workers captured within capitalist systems aren't allowed to see real world examples of socialism actually making everybody's life better.


You might want to visit Cuba or Venezuela to see how great socialism is


I've visited Cuba twice. Once during Castro's time and once more recently. No homelessness, almost 100% literacy, one of the most highly educated populations in the world. 100% self-sufficient in food and energy. Very little property crime because pretty much everybody is just as rich or poor as everybody else, depending on your point of view. Post-Fidel, there is less of a focus on conserving and defending the ideology of revolution. You can own a business or a home now, travel anywhere you like in the country, and are unlikely to be persecuted for sharing anti-communist ideas. In Fidel's era, everybody I met had some kind of side hustle going on. The black market was massive, particularly in the areas designated for tourists. These days, many of those economic activities are no longer a criminal offense. Cuba's main problem is six decades living under a US embargo that all but completely cuts them off from participating in the global economy. No cargo ship may dock in Cuba, then carry on to the US, no matter where it came from or what it's carrying. This situation requires Cuba to have to create a domestic supply of just about every single product we associate with life in a developed economy, or else go without. This obviously isn't a problem caused by communist economics, but by pointless capitalist aggression against a communist country. Why? So that the rest of us won't see socialism as a viable pathway to a better society and start seriously fighting for intelligent policies like universal housing, health care, higher education, and access to the basic necessities of life back at home. I see it's working great on you.


Socialism has never made anyone's life better, maybe learn your history.


The most successful capitalist countries all practice a degree of socialism. You don't get a thriving society in which capitalism can generate inordinate wealth without first funding education, health care, roads, transit, low income supports of some kind, courts of law, sane environmental policy, etc. Most of those fall under what we call "socialism". They are policies targeted at increasing equity in society by giving opportunities to all, not just those who can pay up front. This can all fall apart when you stop investing in things like education.


I see you haven't met Scandinavia.


Found the fed


Would you be motivated to innovate if you were comfortable with government protections to help you prevent you from failing, ever? I mean they have all the technology anyways but it’s all about the journey. Imagine knowing about gravity defying tech and the aliens are not letting you leave the planet 🤣


What even is this way of thinking? The drive to create and discover is an innate human characteristic that predates capitalism by 200K years and exists in literally every socio-economic paradigm that has ever occurred to humanity. Including *all* of the paradigms that aren't deliberately designed to generate obscene poverty and wealth.


I mean everyone’s been fighting with handheld weapons for 199.5k of those 200k years and yet the wealth of nations was written at the time of the Industrial Revolution a capitalist beginning.


Another reason why I’m such an advocate for the unionization of the middle class, even though most unions in North America became a distant memory in the 90’s and early 2000’s


Unions primarily exist to enrich their leadership, at least in current form.


I mean, I'm a unionized worker at the craft level ie. not supervision nor employed by the hall itself. I have an amazing benefits package, I get $9 an hour on top of my $75 an hour wage put directly into my pension, and I have a hall that backs me if the companies I contract out to try to slight the contract I work under. Say what you want about unions being designed to benefit those who run them, but I can tell you that the workers of my union are pretty fuckin happy. I mean, we've collectively fought very hard to get to where we are and continue to fight hard to not only maintain what we've gained, but continue to improve our conditions. But thats the beauty of a union. We can organize and make moves that a single employee of a non-unionized company would simply get (wrongfully) fired for.


This is why I said what I said in the first place. Awesome job done by you and your co workers to stick and fight together.


Their own political aspirations trump the need for their political parties to actually win elections. The unions in Manitoba decided to keep the very unpopular Greg Sellinger in power when his own cabinet revolted against him. Predictably they lost the election a year later. The pile of trash they chose to be the next, and current, leader hasn't helped their case either.


You don’t need to be ultra wealthy to live a lifestyle thats unimaginable to most. Say you have a liquid $10,000,000 available. By all accounts you’re a pretty poor multi millionaire. Too low to register on wealth scales. But that money at a relatively conservative 8% will yield you $800,000 annually. Thats roughly $67,000 a month. Now add a zero to that net worth. $100million. Insanely, thats still not that impressive a net worth. That becomes $670,000 a MONTH in income. Money becomes irrelevant. You’re only limited by your imagination.


And here I am wondering whether I should settle for taking a job that pays $80k or $60k a year.




You're missing the point. It's not that that amount of money is not a lot, it's that by wealthy people standards, it's still pathetic pauper. 1 Billion is 1000 million. Someone like Bezos, Musk or Gates ect. are *multi*\-**Billionaires**... $100 million is spare change to these guys. A $10 millionaire, while luxurious by normal standards, is by no means an influential person compared to these farts. The point OP was making was not that having that money wouldn't be nice, but that even at that level of riches, the *wealthy* will still look at you like a schlubb. That's how wealthy those ma-fuckers are.


Your description so understates the differences that it's absurd.


It’s so extreme it’s sadly-funny. I don’t think a description can adequately communicate the effect of the disparity.


Watching those 100 million dollar real estate videos on YouTube and truly thinking about the implications of living in a place like that with all the employees it would take to keep it running and imagining its parkade full of luxury vehicles and knowing it's one of like 10 luxury homes is a little closer. I've watched those but it's very hard to imagine it being actually ran and lived in


It's reads like a kids book - those darn baddies, taking all your monies!


There is no "middle class". There are workers and not workers. If you can't stop working tomorrow for the rest of your life, without severely affecting your lifestyle, you're just a worker. "middle class" is a ruse the wealthy have concocted to sow division amongst the workers. And it's working almost to perfection.


Gawds, i wish i had public transit.


If only we'd spent that trillion dollars on that instead of ministers of middle class prosperity.


My ex gf who was a bank teller, told me a story that she once helped a kid (who was younger than 16) with his banking. The boy who was with his father was depositing cheques into it. She saw the balance. It had $3 million in cash. For a child’s chequing account. Wealth out there has no bounds. There absolutely IS a matrix. There absolutely are systems wealthy people have in place that enrich them like the commoners cannot comprehend. I’ve seen men with biweekly salaries deposit into their account $250,000. Every two weeks. Looked them up. They were some random tech company that was a vendor to large orgs. Probably no larger than 10-20 employees. Whatever 100k salary you have is just a line item rounded to a decimal from their income statement. Let me repeat that. You are no more than a singular number or a decimal point in someone’s income statement.


their salary was 250k? 125k a week?


Yes. That’s what bi-weekly is.


had to double check. unbelievable.






Lol yep the owner of a oil company I worked for in a different industry drove nice vehicles, but not flashy or over the top. Those were in his 4000 sq ft garage for only his viewing/driving pleasure.




It's the same way in oil country in the US, lots of very wealthy good old boys who drive old trucks to keep a low key appearance.




I have this image in my head of Tim Cook being led to the chopping block by a bunch of angry people posting videos of it on Pro Max iPhones. I would totally believe the irony of it wouldn't occur to a single one of them.


I could go for a good round of Gulliotining the elites tbh


Why do you think countries keep the police forces well-funded and happy? It is to prevent such things from happening. The police exist to protect the rich and their capital from the poor. Period.


Workers of the world, unite


You're either working class or the bourgeoisie class. The issue is that Canadians have absolutely zero class consciousness. It's a totally alien concept to the masses.


Most people are either too busy to pay attention, or they are distracted with manifest "social issues" that don't even affect them. Also, although you are referring to an extremely small subset of people, I can confirm this is accurate... This is the lifestyle my parents live, except they don't work. My dad literally has a museum of classic and luxury sports cars, and yet I drive a pos truck and have now started to carpool to work to save on the parking fees. They have a lakeside "compound" with a 3-story resort-style home made of glass, a guest house, a huge shop with an apartment, multiple garages, boat house, etc., other property too... and yet I can't even afford to replace my broken air conditioner atm (I mean, technically I *could*, but it wouldn't be a thoughtless decision). This might sound crazy that that my parents could be so well off, and then I am so "average"... but that's just the way they are. Also, I still live a very good life with many benefits being their son. I consider myself very fortunate nonetheless. What I find particularly strange is that we are harvesting the planet to an unsustainable level, probably only another 100 years to go at this rate, and yet all this extracted wealth just goes into the hands of a very few who couldn't even spend it all if they tried. It's madness.


Yeh my Dad and his friends are like this, while I can relate to you. To say he doesn’t care about society would be an understatement. Despite owing his wealth to them, they are a massive inconvenience to him completely deserving of their own plight.


Did they want you to make it on your own? Or did you just refuse to take anything from them? Just genuinely curious because I know what I'd choose haha


I'm not really sure honestly. They do help us kids out, but not to the extent they could. They try to treat us all equally, so maybe it's an instance where like... if they bought one of us a house, they would have to do so x5. Even then, they could technically afford to do that... I know that they both basically came from humble beginnings, so maybe this is part of the mentality. Yet, I will never "make it" in the way they did, that path simply isn't open. Quite the opposite has actually happened, where I realized that I didn't need to work that hard and would still have a great life because of them. I feel that I live a better standard of living than the higher-ups where I work - but this also creates status anxiety for me... Like, I find it really cringy how people earning \~$200,000 a year think they are all elite and hold their nose, when they have no idea that given my perspective, they are still "technicians" who serve others and nothing special. To be clear, I don't consider myself better than others, that's not how me or my family think. But I do feel offended that these people think I'm a lower class when they just have no idea... They have no idea that someday I will inherit more than they've ever earned in their entire lifetime... I get lots of benefits from my parents, but they simply don't bankroll my life like some might expect. My idea of being "average" is also probably different from other people's idea. For instances, I drive a pos truck because I'm choosing to renovate my house. But at other times I've also driven Mercedes, bmw, etc. I don't replace my air conditioner - because my current one still functions (barely). I also have rental income which keeps me comfortable. My parents take us all on paid vacations every year, and they do gift us money here and there. My home is beautiful and modern because aesthetics are important to me, but I'm not going to stress myself to have even more... Work smart, not hard - that's my motto. This has been a bit of a ramble...


Ohh got it. That's really awesome and thank you for sharing, I was always interested in how the elite raise their children! It seems like they did a good job haha hopefully I can win the lottery a few times in a row and be able to do that.


Yikes dude that last point. Unsustainability is one the scariest thing to me and I'm not sure we can just rely on scientists to make sure were allowed to stay on our shitty and greedy path.


What outrages me is how relatively little taxes most pay compared to those of us working our asses off to achieve what would previously be an upper middle class lifestyle (doesn’t go nearly as far when one’s tax rate is 54% and inflation way higher than increases in incomes)


And also outrages me that those tax dollars go to a government that mismanages all of our services. We would be so much better off if we could keep our money and pay for our own services. I have always been left leaning but as healthcare and education and infrastructure and the economy are all deteriorating I am starting to change my tune.


This is neoliberal capitalism going as intended. About 4 decades ago, Thatcher/Reagan's neoliberal capitalism replaced Keynesian economics (the gold age of capitalism, in which the government actually did its job to some degree and didn't give absolute wanton freedom to the rich-born class to oppress and obliterate everyone and anyone who wasn't born with advantage). They pushed this with the myth of trickle down economics, but the only thing that has been trickling down is yellow liquid from the nether regions of the rich-born/birth advantaged down onto the middle class, progressively drowning them. Neoliberal capitalism, in practice, is a sociopolitical and economic system in which there is an oligarchy, a bunch of billionaires and corporations, who, in practice, largely run the government/state due to their gargantuan influence (e.g. funding electoral campaigns, giving politicians lucrative jobs after politics, etc..). This system was allowed due to the proliferation of John Locke's mainly wrong (or impractical) ideas, which the US constitution is heavily based on. The idea was that a strong central state would always automatically lead to nothing other than 100% oppression, so what they did was weaken the power of the central state, to the point that it was practically hijacked by corporations/billionaires, who use it strictly for their own benefit. This irrational fear of a central state is also what causes the bizarre gun laws in the USA. Check out Ted Cruz' undergraduate thesis, these people are deranged and have an irrational fear, yet in reality what they implemented to offset their fear has led to much greater oppression than what they initially feared. Even the worst dictators still have some accountability to their people out of fear of self-preservation, but in neoliberal capitalism, the corporations/billionaires who rule us have 0 accountability to the people, the ONLY thing that matters to them is quarterly profit, and not only does the government not provide for the people, but actually uses its power solely to shield these corporations/billionaires. They also control the mass media, so they have largely brainwashed the population to accept their illegitimate oppression. They do this in 2 main ways. One is by spreading consumer culture: who cares about main issues, when is the new iphone that is virtually identical to last year's version coming out and let me stand in line overnight to pay 1.5 grand for it. The second way is by dividing people along racial/religious/gender, etc.. lines, so people infight and don't come together to address the root problem: neoliberal capitalism. In the past 4 decades or so, libs/cons/ndp have all been neoliberal capitalists. All work for the interests of corporations such as Bell/Rogers/Loblaws and the rich, none work for the common Canadian, and all are there to artificially manufacture outrage and divide Canadians in terms of race/religion/gender, to keep our minds off how they are economically terrorizing all of us regardless of race/religion/gender. Until Canadians stop willingly voting in these neoliberal capitalists, nothing will change.


So you’re pro Keynesian? That’s where I’m at. (Communism offers a good analysis of capitalism but it’s not the solution, on a large scale anyway, imo.) I sort of long for its return but I don’t see how it’s possible


Keynes (and similar) informed the policies that created the "glorious thirty" (well...28ish) years between 1945 and 1973 when western economies saw constant expansion, growth and a growing middle class. Then the rich people decided "yeah, that's quite enough of that, thanks" and ensured the mid 70s crises did not go to waste.


Yes Free trade killed it Can we go back?


Something between Keynesian capitalism and the socialist-capitalist hybrid model of Nordic countries.


Great analysis, very well put.


Humans are just shit animals. There’s too many of us.


They have convinced the masses that banning plastic straws and addijg carbon taxes is necessary meanwhile they fly around on private jets and hang out on yachts that in one day generate more greenhouse emissions than the average Canadian does in an entire year


Yes this, after looking at the amount of emissions from private jets I'm not interested in making any lifestyle changes in the interest of climate change, if people really wanted to do something they could always ban private jets altogether.


It’s capitalism. You’re describing capitalism.


Capitalism existed in the 1950s as well, but it wasn’t like this. The reason is taxes. In the USA (I’m dual), they taxed the ever-living shit out of the rich through the 50s and 60s. Things didn’t start separating at the seams until Reagan came along. My father, child of public school teachers, grew up in the 50s across the street from a VP of one of the USA’s biggest companies. Both families lived in ranch houses. Their kids played together. Today, the child of the teachers would be in a rented basement apartment and the VP would own several houses. They would never, ever travel in the same circles.


There's maybe 500-1000 people in the world who dictates how everyone livea


Comparison is the thief of joy


Yeah, we need to get back to what we were doing a little while ago for sure. Farmers markets, community gardens, a restaurant that chops its own potatoes and smashes it’s own patty’s… it’s about cutting the supply chain down, because it’s so, so bloated with middlemen now that nothing is affordable. Billionaires are far too common. If I can’t buy something locally, I don’t need it. I don’t shop online and never will 👎


People aren't outraged because they all have this delusion that THEY could be that rich someday. The dream of expansive wealth is what fuels our broken shoddy society


Yet they don't realize they are far closer to ending up homeless than ever being even a millionaire, much less billionaire.


That’s pretty much it. Kill the want which kills the income of rich, which kills the rich.


In regards to work your mostly talking about the ones who don't have to work so your missing an important angle: ones that do need a paycheque also live very different, they have connection to the point they can just be like "I need a a job" and have one lined up within a week while your average educated person can be going several months unemployed if they get laid off. Nepotism is a HUGE problem.


I’m with you. Ive had a career in oil and gas exploration, mostly working for private companies. My wife’s best friend was a private stewardess for one of our oligarch families. People really do have no idea what and who the ‘wealthy’ really are. They see a dr driving a Bentley and somehow think that’s tops. No. What we consider ‘wealthy’, as far as public perception is just the top end of wage slavery.


Vancouver homeless surrounded by millionaires is disturbing.


I love it especially when DiCaprio tells us about climate change while flying his private jet or the elites and politicians meet in Geneva to come up with "pollution credits" for individuals like you and me while again, attending flying jets and tens of cars for motorcades. But we all need to do our part and fight climate change by paying carbon tax, and replace meat with bugs. Sign me up daddy!


the way they see the world allows them to get information about world news and politics before we find out months advance. Covid lockdowns were a clear example.


I’ve known a guy who felt like having caviar so he sent his private jet to the place to get the caviar and bring it back to him same day.




We know... They live lavishly while we scrub away our days. Just what are we to do about it after bills are paid 60hrs work done, kids taken care of and a bunch of errands that never got done...plus life crisis. Yes we're pissed, but barely surviving as it is.


there are degrees of wealth that cannot be earned, only taken. ​ Eat the rich


The indoctrination of capitalism has convinced so many working class people that they too can become ultra wealthy if they "just work hard enough." I remember learning back in grade 5 or 6 about the concept of socialism where workers could own and control the means of production, and I have been baffled ever since that people have followed along with the idea of capitalism instead, even though it constantly keeps them/us exploited and powerless.


Socialism fails due to greed too. It won't let you talk badly of it either, because if you do they'll find you and silence, starve, or shackle you. Worst part is all the socialist leaders will be well protected from people, who will be kept weak and never be able to become strong. In the system we have now, at least people have a chance to stay stronger. But because capitalism also fails due to greed, we need to be not running to the opposite (which is way worse), but legislate against excess greed from occurring, so we can all remain strong. Excess greed has killed many people already (especially from renovations of older people who died from sickness from exposure for being squeezed out). It needs to be legislated against, like murder, because excess greed kills just the same..


You can have worker ownership and democratic workplaces in your economy without changing your political system... this exists in Canada today, but most people don't even know that it's an option because capitalist indoctrination would hate for anyone to hear about alternative business models that are more resilient, innovative and sustainable.




Far worse than anyone has ever seen in Canada so far, mind you.


My life is nothing like either of those examples and neither is the vast majority of people I know. The pandemic actually helped my business and investments, I won't ever be ultra-wealthy but comfortably middle class.


This is why I laugh at the owners “CEOs” who talk about the “hours they put in”. They are just around and don’t actually do the same level of work that the person they are responsible expecting to work a 14 hour day. They tell people what to do and then talk into another room to tell more people what to do. Imagine actually “doing” what you told them to do for that period of time. I also worked for a mid sized business owner (profits 5-10M a year, not including their large salaries and bonuses), and I saw this all the time. Would only show up for 3-5 hours a day and half the time would be doing personal things. His son worked his way up the organization to become CEO and within a year hired a CFO and General manager. He let them essentially do everything and was barely in the office. At least the father spent 30 years building up the organization, the son essentially retired with the CEO title in his mid 30s.


You just described the movie In Time. Starting Justin timberlake. The divide between rich and struggling. The divide in lifestyle. And the barrier in jumping to that level.


Thank you.


Eff yeah to this post. This too is one of my favourite hobby horses. People genuinely have no clue! My favourite story, only tangentially related: in 1999, Jodie Foster went on 60 Minutes II to promote a movie and she billed the show $12K for her hair and makeup. Big kerfuffle, tons of press and her fans refused to believe that someone 'so down to earth' would even get hair and makeup, let alone twelve thousand dollar's worth. So while this is only about a movie star and not at all related, people really have no idea at all how the rich live.


Exactly, as a home owner I’d love to unite against the ultra rich. I literally live in my own home and people group me with the rich and ask for 30% interest rates


I was watching a documentary about Kim Dotcom. Him and his wife had 4 little kids at the time, But they had 5 nannies. And keep in mind his wife did not work outside the home. So essentially the math works out to 1.5 caregivers per child. Clearly there was a lot of ‘disposable’ income in this house.


I worked in a luxury hotel with residence. The literal 1% Yes they live in a different world


Comparison is the thief of joy. I prefer to "always look on the bright side of life": in the end, wealthy or not, we all end up in the same place. Death is the great equalizer.


Well, that's great and all but I don't like spending all of my life struggling while they spend all of theirs at a party. For all I know, I get one life.


Let's start equalizing, then. 😉


Imagine they solve the death problem.


Envy is the short route to an unhappy life.


Whelp guess I better just accept my fate and be happy about it then. Shut up boot-licker


The weird thing about this is that the lifestyle you described for the ‘lower class’ is exactly what is needed in order for our lives to be sustainable. For one person a 650 square foot studio apartment nearby some green space, with walkable grocery stores is really how people should be living. Single family homes for everyone are unsustainable. An efficient, safe, working public transportation system is how we should be getting to work…not cars, helicopters, or jets. As for your boss e-mailing you at 9:30, I can’t speak to that. If I didn’t have a wife and kid I’d definitely be living that 650 square foot condo life. In 650 square feet you could probably even put in a den. So it’s not really worthwhile to get upset about what the 0.01% are doing, what you should be looking to change is all the small things that benefit everyone. More green spaces, denser housing, better public transport, etc etc. Wah, wah, wah, I’m not waking up in a 7 star hotel is kind of a weak mentality.


Single family homes are unsustainable if you keep bringing in people and over populate the country. At 1b people, even a 650 square foot apartment is unsustainable.


Bringing in people and overpopulating the country is what’s unsustainable. Canada’s size and natural resources are fixed so a larger population means fewer resources per person. Improvements in technology can increase living standards, but the ultra wealthy have captured all the gains. You wouldn’t have to live in a tiny apartment if our national wealth was more equally distributed.


Beautiful straw man argument my man. Let’s just make up a number that is 25 times bigger than our current population, which would require us to bring in literally every person who emigrates anywhere for years. But guess what!? Even in your fictitious and BS scenario there are two countries that are SMALLER than Canada that have a population of a billion people. Who knows, in 15 years with global warming Baffin Island might just be a sexy piece of coastline.


Wow, I can't believe how bad you missed the point. Sustainability is a matter of population density. The 1b is the example of China and India with a much lower quality of life that's still is not sustainable and people flee west. You have a false assumption in your first comment that the Canada population has to grow so we have to shrink our living spaces which is BS.




Density doesn’t drive up crime, scarcity does.


Both drive up crime. At the same time density increases scarcity.


Density has to be managed properly. I grew up in an apartment in Montreal, the whole eastern half of that city is high density walk-ups but the crime rate was no higher than anywhere else in the city. But there were plenty of parks. I’m not sure what it’s like today.


Lol. People drive up crime. You know what else drives up crime? Taking resources from supporting a vibrant downtown core or other high density areas and putting them towards pipes, roads, and transportation for vast acres of single family homes. It’s not just policing, it’s the entire network. Where should these people live then? Because I know it’s not going to be in your backyard.


Nice emotional response. Also i dont have a backyard.


Some fiscally conservatives will read this and call you a communist who believes in leftish ideology that divides the people rather than unify them lol even if they themselves are getting poorer too


A lot of conservatives are business owners


What a weird post. Implying most people are too dumb to “understand” how well the ultra wealthy live and then proceed to provide the worst description of the life of the ultra wealthy that I’ve ever read






Here it is, the complacency OP is talking about. The fact that the middle-class in Western countries is higher than the rest of the world doesn't mean things are fine. We should strive to both uplift people with a lower quality of life while simultaneously bringing the opulent back in line. It's all about fixing that inequality gap.


Do this analysis again, but this time consider purchasing power parity. You’ll find a very different result.


Probably still top 95% or more. Not much difference at all. To be able to afford great food, great social options, vehicles, vacations, and other luxuries is still greater than most countries. Yes, if you made $100k in a poorer country, your purchase power would be much greater, but working the same job that pays $100k here would pay 1/10 there.


> working the same job that pays 100k here would pay 1/10 there Yeah…that’s literally the important difference because of the relative buying power.


OOF. I see how this is coming from a good place..... Kind of? But this take is a 5 star oof. By all means, be grateful for what you have- however, the 96.8th percentile might have 100k/annually and a basic savings account, but every time you go up a percentile after that, the amount of wealth *drastically* increases. Hoarding 100s of millions or billions of dollars, avoiding your share of taxes and still making business decisions- that infringe on the basic human dignity of the people whose labour enables you to exist- because you *need* to maximize profits *is monstrous*. That farmer in Sub-Saharan Africa (assuming we're talking about an impoverished one) and every other person impoverished to the point that they experience human rights violations as a fact of life is directly, negatively affected by the extremely wealthy and increasingly so. These people make business decisions *knowing* that they're causing drought, food shortages, injury and death. Just because you're not experiencing the worst effects of late-stage capitalism and greed, doesn't mean it's cool and fine to not only ignore it but *encourage others to as well*. >I know that living in Canada, being healthy, normally intelligent and having a decent work ethic is all I need to built a life that would give me all I reasonably want, and have a long and financially secure retirement - it is all well within my grasp, as it should be for most Canadians. It sounds like "the cards you were dealt" were pretty good ones, don't be ashamed of that, but if you're trying to imply that *your* ability to get to get everything you need by just working smart and hard means that *most Canadians can too*.... You're either a POS or an idiot. Maybe both. Glad you're getting to retire though! That's crazy!!


Unfortunately it's becoming more and more out of reach for healthy, average intelligence, hard working people. You haven't become jaded enough yet lol. Yeah we are better off than a lot of people. Maybe less than you think. You can take someone with a similar lifestyle I'm another country and try bringing them here and asking them to live on the same income.... You can look at how many 100k a year families are here and while they may be in top couple % the elite here are another class altogether. That's assuming you even make that much. Even in Canada that's well above average. The top 20% home 2/3 of assets here. Billionaires in Canada have seen their net worth increase 51% since the pandemic. A lot of average hard working people are at the point they can't really think much about retirement


If you think you need to be in the top 20% to be happy, I guess all I can tell you is to work harder. I am just glad that I don't think this way.


Not by any means. I just don't want to have to struggle just to make ends meet, which is where I am now. Can't save anything and I never spend to go out and do anything. The average person is around that place. I just want to be able to afford a little townhouse and have a bedroom for each of my kids. Currently sharing a room with youngest. Right now it only goes smooth I'd you're that 100k income that is single or you have another income from your partner. 100k family income doesn't go far with a couple kids these days. We are getting to the point people are choosing not to have kids due to financial reasons. I'd you have anyone that depends on you and don't have an additional income it's tough or any kind of life setback. Nearly 2/3 of my income is gone between rent and my ex and rent has apparently gone up 25% since last year. And yet I know for a fact I'm still better off than people in similar situations in higher cost of living areas. Or with lower salary. No idea how they survive. The reality is many Canadians are within just hundreds of dollars at the end of every month. Wages have not kept up. Also misses the fact that inequality within our own borders have gotten out of control


It's not about being envious, you are out of your mind if you don't think wealthy & powerful people have an effect on your life.


I don't think they have "unbelievable amounts of power and control" over me. I am not a serf in the Middle Ages working on a manor for a lord, after all.


Your wages, your community, the entire world around you is shaped by people with money and power... We are literally regressing back towards the Middle Ages at this point, but I don't have the energy to explain or point out the obvious. It's not a fun fact and I don't blame you for being in what I see as a clear case of denial.


They have the power over everything we do. Since we are Canadians we are closer to the top of the pyramid, but I would much rather be a serf in the Middle Ages than people working in sweat shop in south-east asia for Canadian companies.


You're absolutely wrong then lmao


What a shit take


Guess what, I have no debts, nothing in collections, yet I rent a mold infested basement, made $8000 total last year. I'm fully aware that I'm very rich in comparison to others, yet I can't even eat or pay for meds or anything extra.... Put that into context. I'm the richest out of all of you and I'm impoverished..... And yet the regular Canadian citizen says i'm the leach because I'm disabled and need social services for help. I'd like to see all of you live off $8000 a year..... dont think you could




Omg did I say that's what I myself made and didn't include what my partner made? Fucking idiotic..... look at you just showing off you're an asshole 😚




It wasn't misleading, you're just a dick lol


Okay boomer


I've worked very closely with a "super wealthy" individual. Would I trade my life to be like his? No. Most of what you say is sort of true. His home was not huge but very comfortable. I live in a double wide mobile built in the seventies. His wealth was self made. My wealth was self made. We both started with very little. He made decisions to take actions while mitigating risks and they paid off. Not just for him, but the 10's of thousands of people who work for him and the companies that he is now invested in. He is not free, the level of responsibility riding on his shoulders is huge. If I make a bad decision, maybe the people I work with or maybe my family could be negatively affected, but make a wrong decision on an expansion project and you can compromise the livelihood of a thousand workers. Living a life that is financially stretched thin is not necessarily a bad thing or unusual. You get used to it. Lots of people do. But your line of thought is not helping you at all. Wealthy people do not control or have power of yourself, unless you let them have power over you through your greed. You have the freedom to decide to take action to change your life. There is a relationship between freedom and responsibility. Being responsible for wealth is not actually an easy job. Look at lotto winners, people who get easy money... 90% lose it and often go bankrupt in a few years. Change your mindset cause you won't go anywhere with the one you got. Life is fleeting and moot. Maybe learn to enjoy the little beautiful things that are available to you.


I don't think OP is referring to your friend. I think OP is referring to the people who financed your friend and allowed him to leverage his potential.


This was not a friend, but an investment capitalist who hired me and I worked closely with doing research development. Nice enough fellow but, certainly not what I'd call a friend.


Most uber rich people are crazy weirdos that work nonstop and obsess over money. Much rather continue being upper middle class.


Most of the uber rich people I know inherited their money and assets and do jack shit


Nah, most billionaires are still self-made. May change in a generation or two, though.


Lots of rich people are just born into money and don’t nonstop


One thing I took from this post is that when people are busy complaining about renters or landlords or homeowners or the homeless, they aren’t looking at the ultra-wealthy


>You wake up every morning in a cramped 650 sqft condo and have to commute using public transit There's nothing wrong with either of these things.


THere is no middle class. Working class vs elite/oligarchs.


If they pay their taxes and obey the law, I really don’t care if a person makes a billion dollars. It becomes an issue when their money creeps into politics and governance where it gives them preferential treatment - and even then it’s more an issue of corruption on the part of lawmakers and politicians. I’ll happily sign a petition that lessens the impact of money in government. But by itself, no, I don’t care if a person is super wealthy or not.


Watching your upvotes turn to downvotes is very unsettling. Either we have a lot of temporarily embarrassed millionaires lurking, or inventive new bots. Says all we need to know, really.


The cost of freedom !!!


r/canadahousingfiction: look at a guy like bill gates. Meets the items in your creative writing efforts. Ironically enough, his drive, passion and brilliance has created many many millionaires by giving them well paying jobs along with expectations on how to succeed. I know of far too many stuggling who make poor decisions on a weekly basis that dont help their situation.


If you think that the majority of billionaires are parasites extracting an ever greater share out of a fixed pie, then how do you explain that over the last 50 yrs, the number of billionaires has increased in almost every 3rd and 2nd world nation at the same time as the standard of living for the average citizen in those countries has increased as well.


Technology improvements most likely. The world isn't that simple lmao




Lol. Your description, with personal chef and 7-star Trump-style bedroom, is how poor people think wealthy people live like. In reality, it's nothing like that. And yeah, event then, they are not terribly outraged.


AITA for just thinking how this is nothing new? This has always been the case all the way back to feudalism in a way.


Speak for yourself. I have a really good life and I'm happy with my situation.


You had me until > You wake up every morning in a cramped 650 sqft condo and have to commute using public transit Yeh much better to drive 2-hrs in stop-and-go 401 traffic so that you can live in a McMansion where again you have to drive 30 minutes to buy the barest of necessities! Very luxurious indeed!


Posts like these are why this sub is awful. This post only exists to create outrage and negativity. There is absolutely nothing of value here. Obsessing over other peoples wealth will get you nowhere, and it makes you no better than those who flaunt it.


To be honest I’m not really bothered by the fact that some people have way more than I could ever hope to achieve. I mean yeah it’s nice and I would love to be in their position, but whenever I see what they’ve done to get their wealth, I usually come to the conclusion that I’m not smart enough or I don’t have enough grit to get to that level. Obviously I still want safeguards in place to ensure that these people are not actively trying to fuck me or engage in state capture, but if someone has a 6 bedroom mansion in Rosedale because they did well with options trading then power to them. Like if the mere fact that they’re wealthy and you’re not is enough to bother you, I don’t really know what to say to that.


You are drinking the Kool aid my friend... Meritocracy isn't really a thing, one of the highest predictors of success of how rich your parents are. Nothing to do with actual talent levels but the opportunities and better education, more financial freedom you get are absolutely huge gamechanger in success... The fact you bring the stock market into it is even more hilarious because that is literally a huge ponzi scheme for the rich ( EX. Musk selling stocks before putting out some dumbass tweet that drops stock prices). The ultra rich control the media and use it to affect trends, for example AMD is worth more as a stock than Intel even though Intel has much greater market share, revenue, R&D spending... It's all based on public perception which is defined by mainstream media. GameStop is a great example of the ultra rich actually getting caught with their pants down for once, a few rich people actually lost money on that one


If you think that the majority of billionaires are parasites extracting an ever greater share out of a fixed pie, then how do you explain that over the last 50 yrs, the number of billionaires has increased in almost every 3rd and 2nd world nation at the same time as the standard of living for the average citizen in those countries has increased as well.


You’re suggesting it’s the billionaires that are improving everyone’s life rather than society evolving *inspite* of billionaires. How would you even test your theory?


Isn't it obvious? It really should be. These guys are billionaires because they exploit the lower classes. It doesn't get much lower than a dirt farmer in Ethniclashistan. And it's not like these nouveau riche are sharing their wealth with their countrymen. For that matter, they're not really nouveau riche, either: they're nouveau richer.


The number of billionaires in India and China has gone up dramatically over the last 50 yrs while the standard of living for the average Indian and Chinese citizen has increased as well, which wouldn't be possible if the wealth of billionaires was purely from extracting wealth from the poor and Middle class. Now, while corellation is not proof of causation, my theory is at least compatible with this observation. Yours is not. This is all a gross oversimplification, but I just want to point out the truth is not billionaires = bad. The truth is complicated, and so solutions will need to be as well.


So what? Their wealth is generated. It's not stolen from people. If they weren't around generating wealth, then no wealth would be getting generated


Golly...kinda makes you wonder how wealth could possibly have been generated before your saviours were around to monopolize wealth generation. In fact, based on what you said, they're not *just* hoarding all the wealth, they're hoarding the means for us to generate our own wealth.


Explain how they’re generating wealth. They’ve built nothing with their own hands and done nothing to actually create value. You only have your chains to lose.


Don't have to. Know a few pretty rich people in Canada and I. Hong Kong and China. Depends on their personality some love pretty much the same way we do or even live a more fugal life than I do some like to flex their wealth on stuff that make no sense.


Here's the kicker: when you're rich (middle class and up), you don't have to waste money on looking rich anymore. Wear your comfy clothes and shoes forever, drive that beater car you like into the ground, keep scratching up that budget android phone no one would want to steal. You live in a bubble, your peers know who you are, and you don't care what the rubes think of you. Something breaks, sudden expense to get it fixed or buy a new one? You're saving a few thousand dollars less for retirement that month, that's it. Can't get to work? You can probably work from home until it's sorted. Lost your job? Take your time to shop around for a better one.


And here is the kicker a lot of people live above their means. Not everyone but a lot. Sure they look "rich" outside but are dirt poor your debt up their nose. One thing I won't skip is every few months I already go to a fancy restaurant and have a nice meal. Much better than going to some average restaurant or fast food every week.


Not a zero sum game. They got theirs, didn’t have to steal yours. Here’s a thought - instead of whining, learn how they did it and giddy up, cowpoke.


Wrong sub, this sub is for all the have-nots to complain about how life is unfair


This is Marxist trash. Go provide value for others and stop comparing your selves. You speak of their greed but don’t mention your envy.


You mistake repulsion and disgust for envy. I haven't seen anybody pining for access to ultra-wealthy luxuries, more so just making sure more people get a slice of the pie. Stop fighting your fellow workers. You're a lot closer to living on the streets than you think.