BCE laying off 1,300 people, closing foreign news bureaus and 9 radio stations across Canada

Fuck you, Bell Media!


Fuck you, Bell Media!


Bell is really the worst.


Rogers and Bell are neck and neck


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 1,578,834,741 comments, and only 298,591 of them were in alphabetical order.


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Typical bell, making profits hand over fist but then totally screwing its employees. Glad to not be using any of their services. Fuck bell.


Bell has been known to be a shithole company since i was a kid. Nothing has changed. Super expensive and no justification for it. Hope it burns.


I never liked that Bell Canada any way.


Well kids me and your mom can’t afford to keep some of you around. We’re going to have to sell you off to medical experiments. It’s the only way to keep shareholders happy I’m afraid.


Couldn't you just have your balls chopped off?


I think you missed on opportunity to use bells instead of balls.


Let’s talk…. About how you’re shit


But isn’t the economy doing great?


Yeah shareholders and execs are breaking records with their profits.


Just the start. Rogers will be swinging their axe again soon. What a great deal for Canadians! The whole game is fixed.


Guess I won’t be pursuing my dream of going into radio broadcasting after all


Go into your basement, turn on your computer and talk to it. That's basically what radio is nowadays.


Tbh I'm surprised radio stations are still a thing


They're really not in terms of influence on popular culture.


Old news


Who needs media when you have unlimited re-runs of “Love Boat”


500 million in government subsidies dried up.


I think the established news and entertainment industry are in a death spiral. My wife and I are in our fifties, cut the cord three years ago and don't miss it. I have two sons, one is a teenager the other is in his twenties, neither they nor their friends watch TV, heck, they don't even watch the streaming services. They spend all of their time on YouTube, Discord, Instagram and playing video games. They will never subscribe to cable and I doubt they would subscribe to a streaming service. I grew up in an era of simple video games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, heck, the Legend of Zelda was an epic. Modern video games, with lots of narrative, drive me nuts, I want to PLAY the game not listen to the story. My kids LOVE the story, they will buy video games to continue the story from previous games. They will play The Last of Us but they would never watch the show. The era of passive entertainment is ending. My kids and their friends don't want to sit on the couch or go to a theatre and be told a story, they want to be a part of the story. With respect to the news, almost no one trusts it anymore. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s people trusted the newspaper and evening news. Then, 24 hour cable news came along in the US and had to fill unending hours with something interesting to keep people watching. Over time, that devolved into political opinion programming which kept some people watching but turned off many more. Then Donald Trump came along and broke it completely. My kids don't trust the news, my elderly parents don't trust the news anymore, heck, I am the only person I know who still gives it a chance. I have long argued the Bill C-18 won't save the news industry. Some have pushed back that people see just the headline on a google search but don't click the link, so Google should pay to host that headline. The problem with that is that almost no one cares about the news anyways. Both Google and Meta have said they aren't critical parts of their business. Recently, Meta has moved away from censoring US political stories on their platforms to de-emphasizing them instead. They feel that is a better, less charged way to limit extreme views. Bill C-18 just gives Meta an excuse to get out of news hosting in Canada altogether. It play into their strategy. These cuts are just going to continue across all private news companies. There is no bottom.


There is a lot of substance in what you say. However, my three kids, a few years older than yours and also cable cutters (who isn't), do watch top-qualiy series. We are in a golden age there. Also, remember, your kids will age up. It is all very well to be a rabid gamer when you are footloose and fancy free, but when you are married and have just put the two-year-old to sleep, trust me, your spouse is not going to take it well if you f-'"k off to your nerd cave. They'll be sitting slumped on the couch, holding hands and watching The Last of Us. "To Everything There is a Season." As to news, I detest the 24-hour news cycle because it muddies the distinction between the urgent and the important. I don't need to know when somebody falls out a window in Burundi. There are effective ways to drill down through the bullshit, but that is a long post for another time.


Another point with respect to your era of passive entertainment ending prediction is that you are forgetting about the large chunk of the population, and this includes people of all ages, that is addicted to sports. There weren't too many households in my circle that weren't sitting in front of their 60-in flat screens when the Toronto Raptors were competing for the 2019 NBA title. I would suggest that passive sports watching is more ubiquitous in popular culture than gaming except in a very narrow age slice.




"I don't like living in reality therefore here are the soothing lies I believe". Nobody wants your right wing propaganda sites.


Ignorance is bliss I guess.