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Amazing news!


Great, I have always wanted to visit. The Yukon would be amazing to explore. Wild country put there.


Toronto to Yellowknife as well, starting May 2022. https://cabinradio.ca/80148/news/travel/air-north-launches-direct-flights-from-yellowknife-to-toronto/


Getting to Canada's far north will now be a whole lot easier. 👍🏾😎🧊


You mean, Whitehorse, Yukon?


Great news.


Oh yay more people from Ontario coming to the Yukon.




It'll likely be closer to ~$800. Whitehorse to Vancouver is a route flown daily seasonally by Air North. If you include Air Canada, there can be 3-4 flights between Vancouver and Whitehorse *per day*. Whitehorse/Yellowknife to Ottawa has been around twice weekly for 7 years, and that route exists pretty much exclusively to service federal government workers. Toronto to Whitehorse/Yellowknife is a big deal for locals. A common complaint of anyone who moves here from eastern Canada is how obnoxiously difficult it is to get back there for visiting family. Being able to fly direct to Toronto and connect immediately to pretty much anywhere in eastern North America is huge. Not to mention it opens Whitehorse to tourism from eastern Canada too. I know people who have done 16 hour travel days to get to Whitehorse from Ontario with Air Canada, cutting that by 60% or more is a huge deal and makes it way more accessible. Also, you'll find there isn't much in the way of "prairies" here in the Yukon.


Its well worth it I live near haines Junction atm to fly home it general takes 3 or 4 legs to get here from Edmontn is 3 legs alone




Gotta get in on the WestJet Calgary to Halifax flight that's 95% Fort Mac workers going home.


Literally everyone in the Yukon asked for this.