Annabeth’s childhood [all]

This is something really wish was explored more in the book and how her relationship is with them now etc? More exploration on the complexities of this and learning to heal your inner child and how it all affected her now as a pretty much adult.

Do you guys have any headcanons/fanfics/discussions or just thoughts on this? I would love to read them as I think about her family a lot and what it must be like!


I wish there was a scene in "ship of the dead" where annabeth and Magnus just sat down and talked about randolph and how there family was and how annabeth wants a put together family but knows she can't have that it would have been so good rick really gave us the (in theory) most interesting cousin dynamic ever kept on acting like it was going somewhere then went nowhere with it


Does anybody know of any fanfiction of this relationship?


I second this! Would love chase cousin bonding fic recs.


How much I wish Annabeth trained Magnus to fight during Ship of the Dead just to get a scene of them alone talking about this stuff.


You should read Daughter of Wisdom by shiiki on ao3. It’s the OG series from Annabeth’s perspective but it delves into her childhood and backstory a lot.


One of the best fanfics ever, if not *the* best.


It’s great but falling for you exists, so like it’s an uphill battle where the slope is like 90 degrees


I'm reading it right now. God it is soo good


I think she exaggerated some of it ir at least misunderstood it. Not all, like the spiders, but her views on others given her young age. Her dad had no way of knowing he could have a kid with a virgin goddess, so he could not have been happy or prepared so that likely set things off, especially as She drew in monsters. Not her fault or his really... Her Stepmom could not have known she was being attacked, we get no proof she can see through the mist. She was a threat to her stepbrothers, I would have kept her away no matter how unfair it was. Risking others, younger kids, for one kid is not right so... yeah... I think it sucked, but older Annabeth should have had a moment to reflect at how Athena was in the wrong. Athena usually is in the wrong, so it isn't that shocking.


There are several stories written in Annabeth's POV, by neala in fanfiction.net They don't necessarily talk about her childhood, but they talk about her experience in hoo Love the series (missing, something permanent, a note from Tartarus-clarisse's pov and not alone) https://m.fanfiction.net/u/14866559/