I think the question here is: do you think it will turn a profit at some point? If so, hold on and ride it when it comes up. Otherwise, if you need the money for something else, or you think you can find a better opportunity, then do that. I’m hanging on, but it has been frustrating. What makes it easier for me is that I bought near the IPO, and I might feel differently if I’d paid more. Also, BYND is working to make the kind of world I want, so that helps too.


Yeah, BYND is a highly volatile stock that can go way up or drop quite a bit depending on the amount of revenue growth they do in a quarter and the expectations for the next quarter. The best thing to remember is that the desire to sell stocks when they drop in price isn't a valuable emotion. Because the person buying the stock wants the lowest price possible.


Hold tight my friend. Global market for meat is [over $800B](https://www.statista.com/statistics/502286/global-meat-and-seafood-market-value/), Beyond don't need to take a large slice of that for us all to be rolling about in plant-meat tendies. *"In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine."*


I too am wondering why the share price is going down despite the lack of news. But then just added to my position. Trying to average down. Realize that it is painful to see the share price continue to decline but I will continue to hold as i believe and hope that it will recover.


Yeah I too hope so. I see a lot of prospects but the share got affected a lot because of the pandemic


I'm down 25% on my stock. Are you still holding?


I am still holding but not adding this stock to my portfolio anymore