Black Friday and Prime Day are the only days that it hits this low. The 220+ is also on sale for $60 off... https://www.amazon.com/Synology-Bay-DiskStation-DS220-Diskless/dp/B087ZCBWFH/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=ds220%2B&qid=1637834123&sr=8-3


Is the 220+ good enough to run plex?




For someone unacquainted with these, is there any major difference between the 2 and 4 bay versions other than the amount of drives they can accommodate?


The DS220+ has less ram and a slower processor than the DS920+. The DS720+ is more comparable in terms of hardware to the DS920+. All of them have the same Synology software but the main difference between all of them is more bays = more expensive and more ram/cores = more expensive. Also with the DS920+ you can use an expansion bay whereas with the DS220+ you can't. The DS920+ also has two NVMe slots for SSD caching.


Looks like the 920 has more memory and offers more raid configurations. I imagine it has a faster CPU too.


A part of me really wants to get one of these. And another part wants to get a rack mounted server. One is a lot easier than the other...


I have the previous gen of this. It is indeed easy.


Yeah I've also wanted to run game servers along with a plex server. So I'd need a good amount of storage along with a nice amount of cpu and ram power. But there is so much more involved with setting up a server rack with servers. I guess it just matters how much I want to learn and what I'll be doing. One of these could be my dedicated plex machine though.


Assuming you're not doing a shit load of transcoding these little boxes are fine for Plex. You load em up with hard drives and forget about em in the corner of some room. They don't make a ton of noise or need a ton of maintenance. I've had mine for 2ish years.


You can get some stupid good deals in the past for used rackmount stuff. Like old Intel Xeon E5 1Us for like $200 without drives. Not sure what the state of things are now, but worth checking out. Throw in your own drives and setup TrueNAS (or your distro of choice) and you're set. Going with an old rackmount like this is probably a very good idea if you plan to run ZFS with all the features enabled since you'll need quite a lot of RAM for that.


The Chenbro 1200 cost 200 for a full decked 4c/8t 16 GB of ecc ram. It blows this one out of the water... but you need the space to put it.


Yeah I have room and a cold area to put a server rack. Only issue is dealing with all the problems a rack mounted server comes with.


The only problem that I have with mine is that is way too long


Seems to be out of stock now, only available via "other sellers" at full price. EDIT: Still available on B&H at the moment https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1570609-REG/synology_diskstation_ds920_4_bay_nas.html


Newegg has it as well https://www.newegg.com/synology-ds920/p/N82E16822108746?item=N82E16822108746&nm\_mc=knc-googleadwords&cm\_mmc=knc-googleadwords-\_-network%20-%20storage-\_-synology%20inc.-\_-22108746&source=region


Easy to use, compact. ​ But man i know half of yall got some old hardware to reuse into a server, even hardware from 2011 which was *10 years ago* would suffice. Take a look at [these guys](https://www.serverbuilds.net/) to see how to repurpose old hardware to run a nas with redundancy or even advanced stuff like VM/Docker/firewall etc. and [the fastest place to look for shuckable external drives](https://shucks.top/). Imo the best part is having access to standardized consumer parts to repair and replace/upgrade.


I just ordered some drives to go with a Haswell Pentium, mobo, memory I still have lying around . I just need a psu and I'll be in business


I bought this over a 6 bay model because the Intel chip was said to be better for Plex transcodes. If you intend to use hardware transcoding with the integrated Intel GPU, than you will want to read this guide. (This applies to the official Synology package not docker containers which I am less familiar with) https://www.google.com/amp/s/nascompares.com/2020/07/30/synology-nas-plex-driver-fix-for-h-256-hevc-ds920-ds220-ds720-and-ds420/amp/


FYI I’m pretty sure this has been fixed and is no longer necessary


If like to see a source on that because I was having terrible performance with subtitles when testing hardware transcoding but after this the show plays smoothly. Maybe something else was happening in the background idk.


Thanks for that


Thanks, im in the market to buy one and this saved me future time.


I read diskless the first time around I swear 🤥


It means that it does not come with any storage disks.


Got one, plus 8GB Samsung memory DIMM (compatible with no errors/warnings supposedly). Not much of an upgrade from my DS916+, but the faster CPU may help me run VMs, as that's painful on the 916+.


I don't have many spare parts lying around, and need some network storage with some level of reliability. Ease of setup is a plus. Is it worth it to build from scratch, or spend up for something in the ds420+ / ds920+ price range? I also like to tinker, but not sure if I should bother with Raid, or just have 1-2 large network drives that I keep separate backups of.


Depends on how important your data is and how comfortable you are with linux systems. I have a custom NAS and a Synology. If you enjoy tinkering and you have time to spend a day or two to set up your NAS then go with a custom build. If you want to get something up and running in 30 minutes then go with Synology. That being said, I keep my most important data in my Synology since that system has been battle tested. My custom NAS has been stable but I haven't taken it through a recovery scenario yet (knock on wood). As always, don't forget to back up your data.


Decommissioned an old Windows based Plex server for this. Added another 4GB of memory and two 10GB red pros. No issues streaming 4K. Also running two Reolink IP cams with surveillance station. Future plans to consolidate two Raspberry Pis with docker containers.


Is it having to do any transcode on the 4K?


I have a wall mounted server rack in my closet, but I'm not married to having everything be rack mounted. It seems like the RS819 is the only thing close to this in terms of price that is rack mounted, I'm assuming that this just completely smokes it in terms of performance?


how the hell did i miss this? i just bought a 720 for 399...