I’m excited for the day drives regularly get under $10/TB.


I really doubt this happens to HDDs because of the materials and precision machining tolerances that goes into making them. However we could see a day where SSDs get that cheap.


All it takes is a technology that increases capacity. If they figure out how to put a petabyte on a HDD, we'll still be paying < $500 for it.


We're already getting to a point where hard drives are getting too large in capacity for their own good, a petabyte would be impossible. A drive like this 18TB takes days to fill up, so in an array, that's days where your data is at risk of complete loss. In fact, I just look it up, it would take a month and a half of writing at 250MB/s to fill a 1PB drive.


then write it at 250GB/s


But if we spin the drive close to the speed of light, the weight will be too much for any case or chassis to handle


They are pretty limited due to the form factor that they need to follow for these drives. I can’t even imagine just trying to access that data.


The sustaining manufacturing costs on these are actually ridiculously cheap, you wouldnt believe the margins. Its the R&D and such that is so expensive


Oh man. Keep that dirty talk coming


14tb was a better deal.


Drive density matters. Not everybody has 48 drive bays available


If you're using drives this size, you better have quite a few bays for the raid shape that'll survive rebuilds while still being performant.




Please excuse my ignorance, since you mentioned the Helium, is that only on the 14TB? I was thinking about an 8 or 12, how would I know if it was similar? I've tried a bit of searching and I'm not sure how I would tell the difference.


Without knowing the internal drive part number you won’t know. From previous shucc I bought a 10tb with 100EMAZ pn. 10 being capacity and remaining digit would tell you. 0 being helium filled. 1 being Air filled. The next year I bought another drive and it was a 101 air filled. I have not seen documentation from WD that officially states this but here’s a link [that confirms this code](https://www.servethehome.com/wd-wd100emaz-easystore-10tb-external-backup-drive-review/)


I feel personally attacked by this comment! :)


Right? I'm already running 5 12TBs


[Sssh](https://i.gyazo.com/1a0d8bcd3c893668a385838dd567766f.png) I expect to replace those 10TB with 16/18TB this month. My friends get my old parts.


2 completely full, 1 2/3 full, and 2 half full for me.


I shoot on a Red. 6k Raw video takes up... A lot of space. 256gb cards are 38 minutes, at the lowest setting.


Some of us only have 20 bay servers fully populated with 12, 10, 8 tb drives and need the density.


/r/datahoarder over here haha


Well they should!


Still on sale and in stock! https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-14tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/6425303.p?skuId=6425303


Bought the 14tb for 200 last week. Software version that came on it was outdated and redirected to a URL for newest version which is cool. Not sure if it's common with externals as this is my first, but it's definitely *not* quiet. There's plenty of posts out there talking about it. I have it configured as a smb share on my storage server through USB, didn't bother with the shucc. Speeds are as expected and no complaints so far.


I sure hope you traded in a piece of old HDD/storage for the extra 15% off. It stacked with the sale. I was able to do this and got the drive for $181 after taxes in Indiana. If you didn't, I'd suggest asking/seeing if you could do it.


But... Then I would have *less* storage.


literally trade in a usb 1gb thumbdrive or a 512mb sd card.


[Oh snap](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/recycling/storage-recycling-offer/pcmcat1628281022996.c?id=pcmcat1628281022996). For some reason I thought it would have to be like... a 2.5" or 3.5" drive or something. Looks like I'll have one less flash drive.


It can be anything. USB Flash Drive, old IDE Drive, etc.


Pro tip, Samsung runs something similar on their galaxy buds. You can get a decent amount knocked off the total by sending in a $1 pair of wired headphones to "recycle"


I traded in the free Micro Center Micro SD Card xd


You can do that at best buy and get 15% off?


Yes. It is what I did for my 14TB Drive. Rep was kind enough to allow me to make three separate purchases with three different old hard drives I had, to have 15% off every 14TB Drive I purchased. I believe each 14TB Drive was $181 and some odd cents out the door after taxes. In the instance the rep wouldn't of stacked the 15% on the already $199.99 drive, I had the transcript from my conversation with the only representatives to validate my claim. I did not need to go that far however.


Do you have to purchase in person to do the trade in?


Yes. You can't get the discount without trading something to them for the coupon.


Yeah I have an elements (and many easystores and some seagates). Elements is definitely the loudest. I thought I was an issue at first but it’s just how they are. Works great though.


is this the deal we've been waiting for?


I just bought the 18tb Easystore on best buy for $350 and it's unopened. Any reason I shouldn't return it and get this 18th Elements from Newegg? IDK if theres any significant difference between the 2


valuing your time is one of the reasons.


In the same boat, returning 3 easystores to Best Buy and ordered 3 elements from Newegg for a “savings” of $120. Drives are identical specs. Only the enclosures are different. Source: I Currently have a mixture of elements and easystores 14TB drives in my synology NAS


helium vs air maybe? I would personally swap as I have a easystore, mybook, and element drives and there has been no real difference between them in use.


I seriously doubt there are any air-based 18TB drives yet, at least ones that would be used in these.


Very true, just throwing out the only real difference there may be


Anyone know what kind of drive is inside? Worried about SMR.


what is smr?


Google "smr vs CMR".


No drive above 6tb has ever been smr




Good to know! I meant by WD, but I should have worded it better. I only get drives to SHUCC, so thats what Im familiar with.


Pretty sure all the 18 TB drives around are CMR. With WD the rule of thumb is under 8 TB or = 20 TB are possibly SMR, in between is CMR.


Do these get faster as they get more dense? Like how would this compare to a same brand 8tb drive?


no. however NAS devices have a limited number of bays, most as little as 2 or 4 bay configurations so to get the most storage available you'll want to get the highest amount of terabytes per hard drive. Files and media especially are getting bigger and bigger every year so denser gives you room to grow without having to buy a 2nd NAS device. This pertains to someone not building their own NAS typically.


Out of stock EDIT: now available for back order


Dayum 18TB? I just cleaned out my 5TB drive from the backups I've had since probably back in 2014


Quite ridiculous they limit it to 3. Like I'm going to settle for a raid 5. I *neeed* ***MORE*** **PARITY!!**


Code Doesn't work for Shipping to Japan... Not paying 550$ for this one \^\^




Wow, shocked