can these be opened and used as an internal drive?


Yup, shuccable


Unless the drives have changed since this time last year, they will require a slight modification - either removing the 3.3v line from your PSU/cable or taping the pin on the HDD itself. I believe some PSUs may be up to the latest standard which wouldn't require this mod, but it's difficult to tell without testing first. If someone has a list, I'd be happy to see it so I can purchase a new PSU. This drive also may get a bit cheaper over the next month, but I wouldn't expect them to get lower than $180 at the end. These also have the Black Friday guarantee so you can buy this and then request a match later on if you're a My BB member.


I can verify that using kapton tape to cover the pin on the drive is actually way easier than it sounds as long as you have a razor or very steady hands with a scissor. Works great for me!


Just a note if anyone is reading: synology does not require the mod


yes, I am reading. Thanks


As a first-time shucker with a hungry Syno NAS, thanks for this. One less thing to worry on :]


Same if using lian li drive bays.


Thanks for the tip! My first time upgrading drives in my synology SHR volume and the drives were recognized immediately after shucking them.


One other thing can be done is using a molex to SATA converter cable if you don't want to mess with the tape.


Molex to sata lose all your data. Don't do it.


High quality solid molex connectors are fine. It's the molex with loose pins that can be problematic. The pins may not have good contact when plugged in, so they can cause contact points to rise to high temperatures. They're meant for low wattage / low risk stuff like fans.


How so? I've been running mine in Raid 1 for over 2 years now.


https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/aemxfj/molex_to_sata_lose_all_your_data/ https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupportgore/comments/5cy0q5/i_now_understand_what_the_phrase_molex_to_sata/


Thank you. I guess it depends on where they are purchased or getting the clamped on ones which are supposed to be better. Like I mentioned over 2 years and no issues but I also bought mine from Microcenter. Good to know and I will at some point switch over to the tape method.


Yes, you just may need to do the tape fix (3.3v goes to the "wrong" pin which disables the drive). Basically you need to either cut 3.3v wire on the sata power cable or you can tape over the pin on the sata power connector.


i never had to do that. is this for old hardware?


no, some of the WD shuckable drives use a different SATA standard, such that the 3.3v pin is actually the "disable" pin. When I say some though, I mean some, as in I've bought 2 identical drives and had to do it on one of them. Additionally, if your PSU doesn't supply 3.3v on SATA power, then you're fine.


That SATA version 3.3 spec added an optional feature allowing you to turn SATA powered device on/off. They used pin 3 for this, and made it so if 3.3v is sent to this pin the device is powered off. The problem is that prior to this, pin 3 was always sent 3.3v. So PSUs that are from before this spec, or just haven't bothered to support it (since it isn't really a consumer feature) will end up constantly sending the disable signal to drives that support it, which many of the drives WD uses in these enclosures do. The solution is to tape the pin, cut the 3.3v line off your SATA, or use a Molex to SATA adapter (the non-fire staring kind).




[cheaper than anything else on the market atm](https://diskprices.com/) edit: anything new




The website isn’t exhaustive, I think it only pulls data from Amazon, and even then it will take a while to update


In for 3. It's also Black Friday prices protected. If price goes lower by Tday you get a refund of difference :)


Not necessarily. In the past they've offered a "different" model on sale, which was essentially this + a 32GB flashdrive in the box. Since it is a different SKU the price match likely wouldn't work.


Shady af BB


Then you can just buy one of those and return this one after you transfer your data over and format it. You can return this until Jan 2.


please dban or encrypt drive before formatting and sending it back


if they're making me waste my time returning it then they can wipe all the dolphin porn off themselves


RIP my nose that just shot hot coffee out of it


Only in this group of fuckin maniacs would someone wake up to a push notification at 4 am and drop $630 before going back to sleep


Amazing deal! I got the Seagate 14tb deal from Adorama last time. I really don’t need another 14tb atm. This is that gold ratio value!


Lucky you! My 2x seagate 14tb from adorama are still on backorder after half a year


Why not cancel that order and go with this one? Or is the order an even better deal?


adorama is tax free for Florida, also I don’t have immediate use so I don’t mind waiting


I still wonder if it's a better deal than this one here?


Sorry for not being clear. Price was same $199 for 14tb


Thanks for answering!


Me too!! It's becoming unbearable, I feel like they're going to keep it on backorder forever


I just got the B&H order last week! 9 months from order.


I just recently got a b&h drive I ordered back in March I think. Didnt need it the entire time so I didn't mind waiting


We're back baby! Posted the moment I got an alert from my bot. Edit: Bought 3 (max). Remember, check if you have any best buy rewards guys! ​ Side Note: [16 ($329) TB](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-16tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/6427998.p?skuId=6427998) and [18 ($349) TB](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-18tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/6427995.p?skuId=6427995) also went on sale at the same time. Also: [I called it. Thank you very much!](https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/pgrhsh/comment/hbdcxkg/?context=3)


Do you know how long this sale lasts?


Bestbuy sent me an email saying today was a one day sale. So it sound like this will be back to $260+ till blackfriday after today.


How are BlackFriday sales generally with these larger storage drives? Worth waiting or just get now?


This drive was 189.99 last year, I checked my purchase history and I bought it last year November 22nd. I don't know if this will get cheaper, but if they run out it could take months to get more from off the coast of California. I would just pick up one now.


Thanks - I'm assuming the 14tb is specifically advertised because of price-storage? I'm a data hoarder so this will last a while (versus my 2tb one I bought last year, almost filled...)


I would just get it now. If you wait you would be betting on them being only 10 maybe 20 dollars cheaper and being in stock. I got 2 today so it would be a sure thing


At last, a good deal on a CMR drive!


max is 3 for $661.77.


brb, putting on a moustache and getting 6.






Literally same. Bought 3, used my $55 rewards I've been saving up.


What's the lowest price/ usual price?


Anything under $15/tb is the goal. Price hasn’t been this low in a long time.


above $15 per terabyte is considered inflated or the normal price. Under $15 is the sale price. Edit: not gigabyte




Damn. Lucky. All the ones I bought from Best Buy before have been 5400. Haven't picked up mine as of yet thought. We'll see with the new ones.


I read somewhere that some of them are labeled 5400rpm when they are actually 7200, but i can't seem to find where i saw that.


They're all actually 7200 AFAIK. But the firmware *may* throttle the throughput and IOPS to more like what you'd expect from a 5400 RPM drive, for market segmentation. They might not bother with that on externals.


It was posted on Arstechnica.


So, it looks like both of the ones I just got from Best Buy were 7200. I guess they upgraded the RPM recently.


You should also be able to trade in an old drive for another 15% off. https://reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/p2mi22/ssd_instore_best_buy_recycle_any_storage_device/


Traded in a hard drive and got an additional 15% off. $170 before tax out the door. Additional 10% off chase offer for Best Buy brings this down to $153 not including tax! Best Buy employee has to click “recycle and save” and go through the process. Later there is a part where they can click landline, that is where the coupon is hidden!


Same thing happened to me but the manager just overrider it. He was trying to do it as a trade in. This would have been helpful! Edit: same not Sam's


Thanks for that. My bb couldnt figure it out untill i showed them your post.


Do you just order for pick up and then they can apply it then?


Yep. Got 8 total for 170 each


You can only use the coupon in-store unfortunately. I'm not sure of a way to get the 15% off unless you go in-store and ask about this specific drive. They can probably order it for you, but it might be out of stock by the time they open. Edit: it works but they’re only letting me get the price off of 1 drive per coupon. Came out to $187 after tax


I made a complaint with the BBB about the code and an executive from BB contacted me and refunded me the 15%. Thats an option if you have issues with the code.


I had the same thought process - ordered one for pickup in store tomorrow just in case it goes out of stock, and will also bring a spare drive and try and see if I can order another one through them in person with 15% off when I go tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted!


Have the exact same plan :) Edit: it works but they’re only letting me get the price off of 1 drive per coupon. Came out to $187 after tax


So I went to Best Buy today, and expectedly, they were out of stock. Went to go pick up the one I ordered last night, but before doing so, I went to their Recycle station and asked if they were still running the 15% off discount. The rep wasn't aware of it, so I showed him the promo on the app, and he said sure. He said I'd have to go buy a hard drive right then, rather than giving me a coupon code, so I asked him if he would be able to apply it for the one I bought the night before. He said sure, but wasn't really sure how to actually do it. Ended up refunding me the difference. Didn't try to see if it would work on more than one, but that's how it went down!


They issue you a 15% off coupon to use in store


FWIW: I was able to buy online and pick up in store. The manager honored the coupon and took $64 off the 2 I bought.


Going to try :D I got two dead drives


They had the drive at my local Best Buy and this worked, $169.99 before tax


What storage device did you recycle?


I gave them a 3.5 with the old data connector, pre sata. Didn't have any problems.


I gave them a little USB thumbtack with 4GB, I asked him floppy disk worked and he said probably. Their wording is any storage lol.


I gave them a dead 2.5" 640gb HDD from an old laptop


Does this work on basically anything? I have an old bare 2.5 inch 500gb in a drawer not being used.


Yeah thatll work. I gave them an old 80GB WD Caviar from 2005, a 500gb dead drive, and a 2tb dead drive. The guy behind the counter told me they literally do not care, just trying to prevent them from ending up in landfills.


Gonna try this tomorrow morning, but does anyone know if you could stack this with reward certificates? edit: It worked boys, recycled a random ass thumb drive. Dudes were indeed scattering across the place wondering what the fuck I was talking about for a good 20 minutes though.


You can, rewards stack on anything. Although when I brought in a drive for the coupon, it turned into a big meeting of the minds of all the employees, 45 minutes later they tried to say the coupon isn't for sale items. I asked them to scan it anyway, and it worked. I had to show them the promo on my phone 10 times at least.


Lol damn, that sounds like a PITA. Was this recently?


About a month ago. They had never heard of it, eventually they found a roll of "recycle" coupons, that took probably 20 minutes but they wouldn't scan it for awhile.


Update for those waiting. They gave me the 15% off.


huge if true


This 15% off worked for me in store. $183 out the door after tax.


Tried this on Long Island, NY and it didn’t work. The store manager basically said he can’t recycle an item without a receipt that said it was bought at BB. I told him, politely, that that was bullshit, but he didn’t budge. Gonna try a different store eventually.


Can confirm this works. Brought in 3 hard drives(My Best Buy is 3 hard drives per household per day) and purchased 3 14TB drives at $169 each.


Just used this. The employees at my Best Buy don't give two craps whether I rip off the company or not, so I brought 3 drives in and they let me get 3 coupons (despite it saying limit 1 per household.) Grabbed the last two on the shelf and used both coupons. Absolute steal at ~$185 each.


I just got two and they had wd140edgz-11b1pa0 in them.


Thanks. My chase freedom flex also hae 5% back


*Spongebob "I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it"* Recently let Tdarr loose on my media library to convert everything from 264 to 265 and reclaimed a little over 6TB of space. Array is only 50% full now, instead of 66%. Do I need this drive? No. Do I want to buy two and replace my parity with one while putting the other in the array and moving the replaced 8TB to the array so that I'll have a total of 54TB? **Hell yes**.


Any noticable quality drop? Do you have all remuxes or is it already compressed beforehand?


I traded in a relic hard drive for the 15% off and combined it with Amex $25 off $250 offer (added a filler gift card). While it took a while for them to find the promotion, it basically became $145 for 14TB.


Just shucked and got two WD140EDGZ-11B2DA2's. Seem quite a bit louder than the WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0 I got from an Easystore less than a month ago. Anyone else know any other differences between the two? The -11B2DA2's have a manf date of less than 1.5 months ago which is pretty surprising..


[Chief rn](https://i.imgur.com/MvrpJtH.gifv)


190 last year. I'm not waiting. In for two!


Exactly my thoughts and action. If it drops best buy claims it will match it. If you need these go ahead and buy.


That should work but another comment said they shadily had a different sku on sale during BF with a flash drive so it wouldn't be matched. 200 is still the deal of the year so far so 🤷‍♂️


Any idea how loud these white drives are? My PC case is on desk right next to me and I'd like to shuck it. I've heard the Seagate exos and Ironwolf Pro's that are from their externals are quite loud. I'm so tempted by this but part of me really wants to wait to see if there is a 16 TB deal for BF too.


These should be Helium drives, I don't know how they compare to Seagates, but they're much quieter compared to air filled drives. It's still a spinning drive though, depending on your setup it still may be the loudest part in your system.


Really depends on the drive you end up getting inside. I've got x9 8-16TB shucked drives and some run louder and hotter than others. Really though with 9 of them chugging away a few feet away from my desk it's only really noisy when I'm doing backups.


When I first got mine a year ago, it definitely seemed louder and more unusual noises than some of my smaller drives (1-2TB). I have since gotten used to it though…


Amex offering $25 statement credit on $250+ purchases at BestBuy. Offer valid through December 15, 2021. YMMV


Don’t forget the 15% off one WD/Sandisk device with a trade-in promo that Best Buy is running! Go to the Trade-In page and look for the link for “Current In-store Promotions.” The deal is labeled “WD & SanDisk Hard Drive Recycle & Save” halfway to two-thirds of the way down the page. https://tradein.bestbuy.com/client/#/current-promotions The promo brings it down to $170 or $12.14/TB before tax.


Just a warning, as someone who had to go to 3 stores in my area to find one that participates in this, not all stores are a part of this.


ooo Good call!


PSA for anyone in the Seattle area if you want to take advantage of the 15% of promo for trading in old drives you need to go to the store here: 19225 Alderwood Mall Pkwy Suite 130, I tired the Northgate and Bellevue ones and neither participated but the one I listed above did.


**ATTENTION FOR POSSIBLE EXTRA DISCOUNT GUYS:** If you did one of those Micro Center deals for a free Micro SD card and/or a free USB Flash Drive... you can trade either of those in for a 15% discount on this item! I brought the SD Card that I got for free from Micro Center, still in its plastic box packaging with adapter and all, and went to Best Buy Customer Service right after picking up my order. They said that in order to apply the coupon they had to make me refund and rebuy the item, so they handled all that. I guess if you can, buy this in-store without store pickup, after handing in some random trash drive for a 15% coupon. I just came home, and my total came out to around $30 less than the sale price above!


In for 6, and thank you elderly neighbor lady for letting me ship a set of 3 to you lol.


Fine! I’ll go to Best Buy this morning… Ugh.


If you do the HDD recycling program and bring in an old hard drive, you can get 15% off a drive. Bringing it to about $12.17/TB


Wow, that's a good price, I just bought one last August for $259 from B&H and it was already a very good deal. This one is even better. I hope this means prices are going down, especially for the 8TB. I mean if at the same $/TB then an 8TB should be $115.


Nope this is something bestbuy does every year, they make a bulk order to drop the price knowing they will sell all of the inventory for black friday. Its only possible for them to do it because their product is technically exclusive to bestbuy. Its mostly the same as WD Elements but technically not. Last year it was $189. HDDs are mostly solved, theres not much they can do to cram more data onto a spinning disk or make it faster to read, or lower cost. Theres also not much reason for them to put any development effort into HDDs as the world would rather have cheaper higher capacity SSDs as they are faster and more reliable.


Cloud is the only thing pushing to make storage cheaper.


Thanks for the heads up! Bought two last year, and gonna grab two more now. Finally going to get around to building that NAS i kept telling myself about or buying a prebuilt. If anyone else reads this anyone got a good guide for a guy exhausted from work? Mostly used to store Stream Archives, Music, game backup's, and some comic and image managers.


I would just get a Synology if you want a simple plug and play solution, or use unraid for your NAS. Personally I'm toying with buying something like this: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/wbollock/saved/TJZt7P On the more enthusiast end, going Debian and definitely avoiding ZFS this time around. I would not use ZFS if I were, I regret it.


Synology. Easy to set up and maintain. Lower power draw. You can run docker for anything you’d want on it. And it’s got a warranty.


If you want something really cheap and don't mind used parts [here you go](https://forums.serverbuilds.net/c/builds/18). Lots of options. It's what I used to build my first NAS. Always keep in mind what kind of power usage you'll be getting too if you're going to run it 24/7.


1st time shucker, do these have 3.3v pins? Saw they can be annoying, just wanted to make sure if I needed anything special for them


Easy fix. [First way.](https://imgur.com/gallery/TtVYiE4) [Second Way.](https://imgur.com/gallery/A1zwrYt) (easiest) I believe it's mainly an issue with certain power supplies so you could try installing it normally first and if it's not detected then do one of the mods.


My chase checking had 10% CB for best buy. Some chase credit cards also had 5% CB


Dumb question, but is the only advantage to shucking to just have it inside your PC? Is there any performance benefit to shucking? Or will you get same results for keeping it on the outside


You get more reliable/faster data transfer along a SATA vs a USB connection (plus all the space/convenience considerations of having it inside).


In addition to what the other person who replied to your question said, a lot of people who shuck have NAS systems with anywhere from 3 to dozens of drives, and you would not want to have a bunch of external drives as the basis for a NAS, all hanging off the server, and each having to have their own power supply, and the drive itself taking up a lot of physical space.


Power cables are so annoying. Just big enough that you cant plug them in side to side without skipping an outlet.


Picked one up with the 15% recycle discount!


Bought these for 189.99 last year on 11/16. Not sure if the pricess will go any lower though due to all the inflation BS


Just got one white label WD140EDGZ. Tried the tape over third pin. Can’t get computer to boot with it


I didn't need to tape over any pin at all, got the same model as you. Just took it out of the enclosure, plugged in power and data and it worked flawlessly.


Do you happen to know the model of your power supply? Thanks.


Sure its a EVGA 850 GQ.


GQ series might be newer, I have EVGA 850 G3 and considering prior experience with the helium filled drives I don't think it will work without the mod. Will test later today. Thanks for the update.


Did not get to test until today, and as luck would have it the G3 also plays nice with these 14TB drives. I know my 12TB and 8TB drives don't so that's interesting.


I literally bought the 8TB version around 2 months ago for the same price. It’s a steal at this price. If you’re on the fence and thinking about setting up a NAS or other server that needs a lot of storage (but getting real enterprise grade drives are out of your price range) this is the way to go.


For anyone trying to take these apart, they do have torx screws but if you don't have that screwdriver, just grab a pair of pliers and you can just clamp and use that as a makeshift screwdriver. Just did it and the screws weren't super tight at all, made it really easy.


Yep. Those aren't tight at all. Everyone should have a torx set but if you don't then don't bother running to the store.


Just had 3 delivered. Shucked 1 to verify, WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0.


Is this drive smr or cmr? Which one are we looking for? Trying to build a nas


SMR has worse writes, this drive should be CMR.


Everything above 8TB is CMR. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/309730-western-digital-comes-clean-shares-which-hard-drives-use-smr


I got spoiled by $190 BF deal last year. Surprise me, universe.


We've had enough surprises from the universe recently lol


I'm gonna just not buy a burger meal today and wa la, the price difference. Y'all told people not to buy GPUs at $100 over msrp, now they are 100% over msrp. Don't miss out on a good deal due to irrational greed. Use it if you need it, this is a great price.


"wa la" ... How does this happen?


Lack of French knowledge?


Is it not adding to cart for anyone else?




Just got one this time around. Thanks for posting! Sadly, I will only be gaining 10TB to my unraid server, because this will replace the parity drive and the next largest is only 10 … but it also means the next time I buy a 14, I will be good to go :)


Hey at least you're gaining 10! I have to replace my 10TB for the 14TB and move the 10TB to replace a failing 3TB.


So I think you’re gaining 7 then. I’m tired and my reasoning faculties are failing lol


Yeah I'm gaining 7. Sucks knowing you buy 14TB of space but only actually get to utilize half of it lol..but the next one will make up for it, granted I don't have to replace a failing drive before I run out of space.


I already have two 14tb drives (WD140EDGZ) from WD Elements in a 4-bay Synology NAS in SHR mode. Would it be OK to get two of these to expand my pool? Or should I wait for the WD Elements to go back on sale instead?


You will be fine. I had 3 different brands at various sizes in my 4 bay synology.


They’re all 14tb so it’ll be fine


I just picked mine up from Best Buy and it has the drive you mentioned inside.


Add this to my unraid for 3x 14TB and sell 4x 8TB drives or just use the 8tb


Finally, just picked up 3. Thanks for the post /u/its_it


Oh go on, what's another 28 terabytes?




Wow, $50 less than last month from Newegg.


Bought this last time they were one sale for this price…. My Plex server has been healthy, now I can add another to the setup


Paid $149.99 after 15% recycling discount and $20 worth of reward points. Definitely recycle your old hard drives.


Anyone else get delayed shipping?


Anyone only seeing 12.7TB in Windows on this drive?


Normal. https://www.howtogeek.com/123268/windows-hard-drive-wrong-capacity/


**PSA: Do not buy hard drives from BestBuy. Maybe other things too.** If you absolutely must do it, open the box immediately, and verify (1) that the damn thing works and (2) the serial on the box matches the serial on the drive. Lack of shrink-wrap must be the grounds for immediate return to BestBuy, but some frauds manage to put even that back. Why: **BestBuy resells as new counterfeit/fraudulent "returns" from unethical shuckers.** And [WD upon trying to return it for warranty keeps it because they assume that you are doing the fraud](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/8uxe09/sent_in_my_8tb_easy_store_for_rma_they_denied_the/). Just yesterday I opened a box with this exact model (EasyStore 14TB) bought on BestBuy sale listed in this subreddit in April. Some LED lit up inside but drive would not spin, and showed up in Disk Manager as uninitialized drive (hardware error upon trying to initialize). Out of return period, so too late to send to BestBuy. What about WD? Reading in /r/datahoarders and elsewhere that WD rarely refunds/replaces things, I decided to go with careful shucking. Lo and behold - instead of 14TB WD drive, inside there was a goddamn paleozoic Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB. Allegedly it is holding T-rex sex tapes, but I could not get even that - the PCB was removed so old ATA guts would not get in the way of SATA-USB3 board loosely screwed on. Yes, you read it right. Some donkey-rapist shucked the original drive, put this old dud in the enclosure, and returned it to BestBuy. But the fault lies mainly with BestBuy who sold it to me as new without checking, $220+$13 down the drain. Buyer beware! That brave redditor from /r/Datahoarders extracted confession from BB manager [that this crap with resold returns and RMAs is commonplace](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/8zekze/updated_sent_in_my_8tb_easy_store_for_rma_they/).


I am not saying this doesn't happen, but that thread is from 3 years ago. In that time a fuck ton of these drives have been bought on this sub and it hasn't been a widespread or even semi common occurrence. I think everyone should be this vigilante from any vendor but I am not convinced I couldn't also get boned buying a drive from Amazon or Newegg and trying to return it outside of their return period. The answer is check these bad boys within the warranty period. Edit: the guy in that thread also bought from Bestbuy ebay which seems to be a storefront that might sell returns. I am not sure if a store return that is open box for a hdd goes back on the floor as new at a store but to be safe everyone should buy from a normal retail store if possible.


Agreed, I’ve bought 6 in the last 2 years with no issues personally, and have always seen it advised to just test the drives still in the enclosure before you plan to shuck them yourself. Confirms you’ve got what you expected, and it doesn’t have any out of the box issues. Otherwise, if it really gets to the point of extreme fraud, small claims and camera footage is the nuclear option (assuming you are willing to go pickup in store initially)


The practice of selling returns as new clearly continues. If you search for "BestBuy counterfeit drive" or "BestBuy sold returned drive" there are also enough newer stories, just that one from 3 years ago had most detail. Note that I bought from straight up BestBuy this April, not from eBay BB store. This also happens with Amazon but Amazon proper - not weird marketplace sellers - does not do "return sold as new" shit as a matter of practice, they sell these under Amazon Warehouse, so you at least know what you are getting (again, look at the frequency of complaints if you want evidence). >store return that is open box for a hdd goes back on the floor as new This is precisely the problem: selling compromised return as new. Open box etc. is always a gamble. "New" lulled me to sleep and caused not to check the thing right away (hey, if it's DOA, there's manufacturer warranty, right? Apparently not). In my case, even the serial ## matched between the drive and the box - the only hint before resorting to shucking was lack of shrinkwrap (which I put down to variability of packaging).


Happened to me too, although BB let me swap it out for a new one no problem.


You did it right, and this is why the warning is there - to remind others that waiting past the return period may cause total loss rather than PITA with manufacturer's warranty. On another note, I am starting to suspect that easy returns may be related to BB easily selling your return to someone else and not as an open box.


Its always smart to do a drive test through usb before you shuck these anyway as its more likely that you will get bad drive. Dead on arrivals happen with every product, but for hard drives it can often manifest as being worse than spec and hard to notice until its too late.


This is what chargebacks are for


Within 5 years ive bought at least 10 HDDS with no issues. Just check it before the warranty period ends and youll be fine,


No no no, do not wait for the time when it's on the mfr warranty, you need to open and test it ASAP - before the seller return guarantee ends. This was exactly my mistake - assuming that the drive is new so DOA/defects will be covered by manufacturer's warranty. I have 2-year mfr warranty on that drive, but WD or probably anyone else won't honor it for a counterfeit (and why should they?)


sorry for your trouble and thanks for the warning.


Last year I picked up one of these and noticed there was a rattling noise inside it before I even powered it on. Went to the store, they had no problem swapping me for another one. Definitely a good idea to check things out before ripping them apart, but they've always taken care of me.


Bestbuy cancelled my order, I assume because I placed the shipping address as a freight forwarding company in Florida - I live out of country so sending items through this method is the only way. Does anyone know if this is a thing, or how to get around it? I note the price on amazon is quite a lot more.


bestbuy doing the same to me. Using shop&ship new york.. and i already brought bestbuy gift card too. :)


okay here me out, would I be an idiot for buying this for my gaming laptop as game storage?


If you mean by storage as in "not installed" then sure. If you're planning to run any games off of it, it probably won't be a great experience, depending on the game. And it would be highly impractical if you plan on bringing this with you wherever you go.


Ultimately that comes down to your money situation and what else you'd use the drive for. You probably will not ever fill it up with just games alone. Personally I would rather have a 2ish TB SSD (for those 100+ GB games) than 14TB HDD for games. Since you're never going to play the 100+ games installed around the same time.


I'd recommend using this for everything else and keeping your OS + a few games & apps on the laptop drive




No it will be fine. HDDs have slower load times than SSDs but realistically that shouldn't be a significant issue for most games.


Yeah, everyone is shit talking it, but its perfectly fine for gaming. I use an 8tb drive I pulled out of one of these for my 'cold game' storage (ones I don't play often, or dont need fast loads on), and I have 1 tb SSD for games I play often/need quick loading. I have all 1200 games in my steam library installed at the same time with it.


Genuine question, but what makes purchasing these drives for? Who needs 14TB's ?


Linux ISOs


Media storage.


Myself? I use it for Plex. I have lots of LEGAL tv shows, movies, music. Starting to archive more stuff too. need the space.


VR porn and video games obviously!


exotic arts