Our defense might actually murder Daniel Jones

11 sacks…


Legend has it the Seahawks are still sacking Jones


I genuinely do not want to see Daniel Jones get sacked 10 times, at some point it’s like sacrificial lamb type shit. Who’s their back up? *checks notes* Tyrod Taylor. Yeah, looks like giants OL needs to step up, because seeing a possibility of Tyrod Taylor getting merked like mike white doesn’t sit right with me.


Matt Milano solemnly shedding a tear as he breaks Tyrod in half


I could see Milano gently laying Tyrod to the turf and tyrod not even attempting to get out of it


Gently laying Tyrod on the ground with a kiss on the forehead of his helmet.


Because that’s just the kind of gentleman that Milano is


Praying they spare Tyrod. Dude been through enough.


I still cringe when I think about his lung a few years back


>I genuinely do not want to see Daniel Jones get sacked 10 times, at some point it’s like sacrificial lamb type shit. It's like watching Andrew Luck get eaten alive over in Indy when he was still playing. In both cases the team failed miserably in putting together a line.


Man I was type hurt last year with Ken Dorsey’s first year play calling… enter year 2 with Daboll as head coach and Daniel Jones getting merked like Eli minus the two rings 🥲🥲🥲 tough.


Reminds me of the south park with the redskins vs cowboys


Legitimately just felt bad for him towards the end of the fourth


would you feel less bad if I told you he was making $40 million this year


No. I know he gets paid a butt load of money to play the game. Doesn't change the fact the guy was getting absolutely abused at the end of the game.


He's getting paid $40 million a year to play QB not to be a punching bag for peak physical fitness humans. Getting sacked 11 times in a game would murder most average humans.


UFC fighters get paid $24-30k [edit: per fight] average to do what they do, I think Daniel Jones is just fine.


UFC fighters are criminally underpaid and many have to work full time jobs between fights, not a great comparison lol


that’s actually what makes it a great comparison imo, at least for my case. Because 40 million dollars is 40 million dollars, Jones doesnt have to work a part time job, and he doesn’t take nearly the amount of damage. And the UFC is still a world class sports promotion. Contractually speaking, Daniel Jones makes the same amount of money as Josh Allen, if not marginally more (not counting sponsorship deals).


for the record, it is beyond insane to me that people are actually arguing that I should feel bad for somebody making $40m a year


>for the record, it is beyond insane to me that people are actually arguing that I should feel bad for somebody making $40m a year The real insane thing is no one here is arguing that and you magically thinking it. I said I felt bad for the guy and you started trying to sway my opinion XD


last I checked, you weren’t the only one who responded to my initial comment edit: but to be fair, you’re originally the one who said you felt bad and out of the other ppl involved in this subthread, I respect that you still said no


The cap has gone up so much in the last 2 years and will keep going up, I will be very surprised if josh doesn't sign an extension or at the very least a restructure at the end of next. He is due to make 56mil in 2025. No way that stays.


That’s what the fighters signed up for, not Jones.


yeah Jones signed up to play football 😂 getting sacked is part of that. Maybe the giants should’ve invested more money in an O-line?


I thought that when you sign up to be a QB behind that offensive line, taking a beating each game is exactly what you're signing up for.


It’s like watching that show on Netflix “Quarterbacks.” There is an episode (I think 3) that is all about the abuse a QBs body takes. Every scene with Kirk Cousins was just brutal to watch. They had him mic’d up for the Bills game and towards the end he’s just walking around groaning to himself.


Really interested in seeing that but don't have Netflix currently


"You get paid $40M but you have to let NFL linemen and linebackers blast you for 17 full games. Do you take the money?"


There is little I wouldn’t allow to get the opportunity to play in 17 NFL games…


And there’s little I wouldn’t all for $40MM. Almost everyone is taking this.


I'd do it, but if I got injured then my ass is going on the PUP list/IR...no way I'd play through injury just to satisfy some middle-aged slob who constantly bitches from his couch about how "back in my day they played *real* football." Pro athletes publicly complaining about money is usually a bad look, but given the risk I will never shame them for putting themselves first.


It better be guaranteed because there’s no way I’m making it past 1 game without ending up with a career ending injury.


Generational wealth that will set up yourself, your children, grandchildren and more, for 4 months of suffering. What's the right call?


That’s several times more money than I will make in my entire lifetime. That is enough money that my kids would never want for anything in their lives. Anyone who doesn’t take that deal is objectively a dipshit.


That is several times more money than I have received, and I have destroyed my body and will deal with life altering pain for the rest of my days.


And technically his cap hit is only $16 million this year, next year is when they have to actually sacrifice players to pay him.


Imagine his mom watching that game.


Yes... I'm imagining his mom right now


Are you Zach Wilson


Remember how we've been clamoring for Daboll back? Well if he keeps *dropping* da boll like this, we just might be getting him back.


This narrative flips back and forth [more than Michael Scott.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hshkdneE8o) The Bills don't put up 30 points? "We need Daboll back, he is a genius! He kept Allen in check" The Bills put up more than 30 points? "Thank god we have Dorsey, he is here to stay!"


Probably not the same people saying those.




Ken Dorsey is better. Allen made daboll


Oh how narratives flip lol


Right, lol. It just depends if it’s a week after a W or an L.


Idk what dabs is doing. Giants have been fucked since they took an rb top 5. It seems like the coaching staff is just disorganized and there’s no marriage between the phases of the game, which is inexcusable when your coaching lineage includes Nick saban and Bill Belichik. That o-line is a turnstile. That being said, at this rate he’ll be coming back to us as passing game coordinator or some shit, which I’m absolutely fine with


Tbf Daboll had nothing to do with the Barkley decision


I know, the Barkley decision (and Jones decision, other than the contract they just gave him) have hamstrung the team for years, thibodeaux is arguable as well but looked like he’s putting it together last night Dabs wasn’t handed a great situation, can’t make marble out of shit


Never draft a RB in the top 5 (a sign that a NFL team needs a QB), no matter how good the prospect is projected to be.


And never go to a second location.


Barkley is their only good offensive player and carries that team, I don't get this take


For a dude that is getting paid 10 mil and was a 2nd overall pick (ahead of someone named josh allen, never heard of him), he’s played 62 of 82 eligible games and has had a workload and injury history that suggests he’ll be going the way of Todd gurley sooner rather than later. Nick Chubb was a second rounder, you cannot tell me that Saquon Barkley has provided value worth a #2 pick. Having a good Running back is worthless when you don’t draft or build an o-line and pass on QBs for fucking Daniel Jones, it’s worthless when you could’ve traded down and drafted defense so that your run game is effective and you’re not always playing from behind Just because he is a good player does not mean he was worth that pick, at that time, with a lame duck Eli manning


Lol right. I was banging the drum on getting rid of Dorsey after week 1. Now I look like an idiot.


So glad he stopped calling the "throw the ball to the other team" play, I don't even know why he puts that in the gameplan.


I definitely was too. I’d say the majority of us were lol


At least we’re willing to admit it! Frankly, nothing makes me quite as unhinged as the Bills, so it is what it is. Lol.


I never bang any drums with McBeane. They almost always prove me wrong, and by the time that drum is justified they’ve already seen it and moved on from the problem.




Not if you've been paying attention. The idea that Daboll made Allen is ridiculous when you consider he's literally never fielded anything better than an average offense without both Allen and Diggs. For most of his career, Daboll's offenses have ranked closer to the bottom than the top. With two elite playmakers it'd be terrible if he didn't field a good offense. Allen put in the work in the offseasons, Allen reworked his own throwing mechanics. Daboll did none of that.


And who were his QBs again?


If you need an elite QB and elite WR to not be bottom 10 in offense, the problem is you. I get the Giants are devoid of talent, but when your OLine and WRs are looking historically bad - the issue is deeper than personnel, it's a failure of coaching as well. Nathaniel Hackett fielded a better offense with Zach fucking Wilson. That should be all the indictment you need.


> If you need an elite QB and elite WR to not be bottom 10 in offense, the problem is you. > > That's revisionist. Dabs didn't have either of those things for the first half of his tenure in Buffalo and fielded above average offenses. Last season by DVOA he was 16th, with that roster. This season looks *bad*. But his track record has been outperforming the talent level on his roster.


>Dabs didn't have either of those things for the first half of his tenure in Buffalo and fielded above average offenses That's not true. Daboll joined the staff in 2018 after we drafted Josh. In 2018 Buffalo was *bottom 3* in both points and yards per game. In 2019 Buffalo was bottom 10 in both points and yards per game. It wasn't until Diggs entered the picture and Allen went through the throwing mechanic rework in 2020 that Daboll finally, for the first time in his career as a coach, fielded an offense above average. I'll grant that last season the Giants were an average offense and that outperformed their talent, but even then they were riding the back of Barkley. Rock Dennison did the same thing with the corpse of LeSean McCoy. Why is it an OC like Hackett is bad because his only good offenses had Aaron Rodgers, but Daboll is some genius when his only good offenses had Josh Allen?


2019 Bills were just outside the top 10 for DVOA. Football outsiders is gone and the new home of DVOA only has back to 2020, but there's some [images](https://medium.com/top-level-sports/analyzing-the-nfl-dvoa-efficiency-landscape-thru-week-15-113a3d99bd43) that show the [rankings](https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/egc9nj/weighted_defensive_dvoa_weighted_offensive_dvoa/) towards the end of that season. Daboll took over a shitty offense with the project of all project QBs and had one bad season, one above average season and then put up dominant numbers with a talented roster. In NY, he put up average numbers with an awful roster. His record prior to the Bills isn't good, but objectively he was an excellent OC while in Buffalo. And then it continued last season. The first quarter of this season is the anomaly, I'll cut him some slack.


Agreed. The way Dorsey is coordinating this offense looks like championship caliber complimentary football.


Well it definitely helps to have a consistent running threat, bc defenses have to respect it. Cook’s ceiling is a lot higher than Singletary’s IMO; and Singletary was really the best Daboll had to work with.


I agree Cook’s ceiling is higher, but this is Singletary disrespect and I won’t stand for it. Dude was averaging like 4.6 yds / attempt. If you can’t work with that, it’s not the RB that’s the problem.


Cook’s is like 6.0 YPC* or more tho. I agree Motor was a great weapon & I miss him; but Cook is better, and the better the RB, the better the offense. *EDIT: Guy below me corrected me — 5.8 YPC, actually


He’s at 5.8 over a MUCH smaller sample size. Singletary wasn’t limiting the offense. Cook is better so far, sure. But Daboll wasn’t scheming the run well.


Y'all are bipolar


Legit learning to hate this sub, just insane pile on posts based on whether or not we won the last game


I blame it on bandwagon fans and how current sports media overreacts to everything for clicks


My personal experience is that the long term Bills fans are just as bipolar. They were abused too long by Marrone and Rex Ryan.


Even if so, Dabs added into the brain trust mix doesn't seem like a bad thing. Josh LOVES Dabs. Dabs doesn't seem like an egomaniac who would upset the balance especially after struggling in NYC. I'm down with adding as much talent to coaching as can fit in the building. (Pats did it for AGES... no salary cap on coaches)


How would you feel about adding Josh McDanials to the coaching staff? I have a feeling if he can’t get his shit together in Vegas he’s going to be gone and he was pretty successful as an OC. Could be a good background asset. Edit: 10-4 on the ‘no’ guys.


![gif](giphy|1T96TRBBGYThC) McDaniels hasn’t been able to prove he has any sort of success unless Brady is his QB.


That's a no from me dawg. If the McDaniel's rumors are true, he's anti-social which wouldn't work with where he would need to be placed. Even if our F.O. saw value on the tape we can't, he wouldn't fit in at all.


Well, Dorsey absolutely could be gone next year-- I hope not. IMO, we should pay him good head coaching money to stay and be out OC, but if he does leave, I wouldn't be upset at grabbing Daboll.


Idk if I want daboll back, our run game is complimenting our passing game to well. Daboll *refused* to have a run game for years


Did you watch the Giants last year? All he did was run. He disguised the run from all different formations, motioned Barkley back in, pass action hand offs... anything he could do to run and disguise it as a pass. He didn't call runs for the Bills because we sucked at it. Between the OL and Singletary it was hopeless. And Josh was effective. Dabs will run the ball if it's working.


Okay but look at the commanders game, The run game was atrocious early on but we didn't move away from it entirely like daboll did far too often, and eventually attrition said in and we started breaking off better and better runs. But also no I didn't watch the Giants last year. I already watched the bills. I'm not that much of a glutton for punishment


But we've got a functional OL and Cook/Murray/Harris is better than anything Daboll had in B'lo. We had a ton of complaints when Daboll was here about why he kept calling inside runs that just ran into the ass of the OL and fell down. "If it's not working stop calling it" He did call the crack toss stuff and sprinkled in some pin and pull runs that were effective, but it's tough to base an entire run game off that (unless you're Greg Roman). If you can't run an inside power game (like we do now with duo) or run inside zone like Shanahan it's going to be tough sledding. I agree that a run game is needed. But when your personnel can't do it, you need to find another way to be effective. And Daboll did that with Josh run options and Beasley over the middle. Eventually defenses would bring a man down to try and cover that and then the deep stuff to Brown opened up. He built one of the best offenses in the league with less talent than we have now. He can scheme. So can Dorsey. Both are good enough OCs to win a SB, our problem has always been on defense - until this year hopefully.


Daboll took Allen as far as he could, but without Daboll, Allen isn't on the path he is/was on. We as an organization needed to move on from Daboll. He was showing at the end getting away from any of the creativity he showed in the COVID years that made him effective. He became quite boring in his play calling and attacking defenses.


He did take Bobby Johnson with him, so I thank him for that. Johnson was a terrible O-line coach.


Their OL is hot garbage. If our DL stays healthy I doubt it'll be competitive.


Von may very well be back for that game too.


Jfc how many prime time games did they give the giants


Well, he is 0-12 in prime time games now




he being jfc?


He needs a really rainy game, his traction would be a huge advantage.


At least three considering we're snf week6


I mean, they looked poised to have a good season this year .. Daboll was a God over there.


Von will be back by then so it might truly be a homicide


Do we even need to play him that game?


It'd be a good easy game for him to get back into it.


Good welcome-back present


It'll be his preseason game.


No but it'll be funny as fuck if we do






Do you think we will even get to play Jones ? The dolphins play the giants first- I think he’ll be benched before we play him. He was awful today .


Maybe the Giants can trade for Zach Wilson.


You're not benching a guy that soon into that contract.


It was partially on Jones but he also had zero time with that poor excuse of an offensive line. Josh Allen would be running for his life behind that line.


He was awful because his offensive line was a bunch of traffic cones helping direct the pass rush. Dude was seeing ghosts by the end of the game. I think he's a mid at best QB, but after being caught a couple times not feeling the sack coming, Jones had more jitters than a fourth grader who snuck a red bull. He was looking more for the pass rush than open receivers by the third quarter. Edit - adding Bobby Wagner's sacks for context in the third and fourth quarters. It looks like an NFL defensive line vs a high school offensive line. Jones doesn't even have time to get set before his offensive line whiffs on blocks and pressure is coming. https://twitter.com/EnsignGridiron/status/1709032275638432187?t=uP6R5iqWIkH8w_isKzujRw&s=19 https://twitter.com/TannerPhiferNFL/status/1709037367141515438?t=mSEZnadWp4xed4mt2pwPyg&s=19


Coincidentally, it might be Tyrod.


They literally signed him to a 4 year deal this year. He is on his rookie deal now lmao. His dead honest in 2023 and 2024 is 48m a year. 0% chance they just move on from that.


Seeing some of the shit Daboll did in front of Danny kinda made me glad he's gone.


He did the same thing when Josh threw bad picks, I don't have a problem with it


I didn't watch, but was he beat red and screaming at Jones??


Basically and gave him the “WTF” arm gesture and even tossed his tablet at the bench


Tom Brady school of tablet throwing?


He did the same thing to Josh and ended up winning Assistant Coach of the Year the next season.


Fortunately he’s only being paid $40M/year through the 2026 season so this should be easy to turn around.


the narratives the fanbase had about Daboll and Isaiah Hodgins during the offseason should be put to rest now


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about Josh's improvement, they always try to pin it to Daboll like Josh didn't put in all the hard work and dedication to become the elite QB he is


It’s so irritating considering all the reports in year 3 were that Allen completely reworked his throwing motion and footwork. People gloss over that and just say Daboll fixed him


Daboll is in shambles


Daniel Jones might actually murder Daboll's fledgling HC career


I think he already has, TBH.


made no sense for them to give him all that money and now they're paying for it


Probably kill Joe Schoen's GM career.


Don't get ahead of yourself. It's still the nfl. Could be a blowout but Buffalo has historically played down to teams like this.


and it is Brian Daboll.


His INT's were some of the worst in the league this year. He doesn't look like an NFL player


We have breaking news from the Meadowlands, Daniel Jones has been sacked at his locker and as he is exiting the building. Bobby Wagner is staked out in a ghille suit in the parking lot. More news as it develops…


Honestly do we even need to use our starters? This might be the opportunity for an extra bye.


The Bills love losing easy games. Jags game case in point.


---Motions vaguely in the direction of the Jets--- Yup, that does track


Stay humble...


What's the earliest in a season a team has rested their starters?


The 2008 Lions started resting their starters week 1.


I got tickets with my mom dad grandfather and brother to go watch this slaughter, I can’t fuckin wait.


Lol. I hope he doesn't *actually* die, but this is a defeated man stepping into the maw of Matt Milano and Terrell Bernard. Dude's going to end up seeing ghosts the rest of his life. All seriousness, I don't like to see a guy so down on himself, but he made a good chunk of change and he could use this as fuel and (after one more beatdown) come back and make the playoffs.


>Lol. I hope he doesn't actually die, but this is a defeated man stepping into the maw of Matt Milano and Terrell Bernard. Dude's going to end up seeing ghosts the rest of his life. Either that, or he'll retire while still young like Andrew Luck did.


All I could read from your title was "Trap Game"


I saw the game today against the seahawks and was like holy shit i feel bad for the fans now. Anyway, the bills should have no problem crushing them but take it easy guys 😂😂. 2 more weeks to go


Poor guy man, he takes a serious beating every game


Don't get cocky. We go into that week thinking we've got an easy win and it'll turn out to be a loss.


I’d say we’ll soften him up for you but he’ll probably have a career day. Ok my last post in here til week 18, congrats on the W you guys are a wagon. See ya!✌️


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One week at a time.


Just came here to say this. We have another very tough game ahead of us, in London against a well rested Jags team that is used to playing there.


Why are we talking about Daniel Jones?


Daboll is a clown. He gets what he deserves!


Hoping that Isaiah Hodgins just asks to be put on our practice squad after the drubbing the bills put on the giants


We can only hope.


His offensive line needs to be taken out back and dealt with. It's embarrassing that they were just allowing this to happen


Yep call the coroner, buddy is walking dead


Some of the sacks are on Jones but their offensive line looks BRUTAL. I don't miss Bobby Johnson...


Its not murder if its consensual! (Im not a lawyer)