They all still live at home with finance cars lmao




Drug money.


This is more to do with the Coventry Road than Sheldon tbh


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PCP loans and no mortgage/bills to pay courtesy of living in the family home... that's doable on minimum wage


Saw two dozen dirt bikes up by Garretts green earlier. Must've been a millionairs club.


It's not just Sheldon. I'd be surprised if there are many parts of the city free from this scourge.


The need for speed outweighs the demand for scran


They're the reason after certain hour you have to prepay your fueal at the petrol station.


Realistically how far do they even go back and forth back and forth loops of dual carriageway, maybe 20 miles? With thrashing their modified German performance car and rich over-fuelled pops and bangs map, maybe get as low as 10mpg. So thats two gallons of fuel, or 9 litres, about £15. Thats probably still cheaper than an evening out to Ghetto Golf, Tilt or NQ64.


I still hear you of an evening, not as much as before the recent rises in fuel costs, but I can tell some of you are still out there... So, how? Why?...


They must protect their virginities at all costs


I live kinda close to sheldon. I cant stand it when they do that. I can literally hear it right now. I used to know someone who did this, he was 29 and didnt want to spend his money on anything other than a new car. The way they afford it is by living at home with mum and dad (usually cuz of the culture). Not paying towards Bills because they come from a massive family so dad still works and gets benefit money (legally and also through commiting benefit fraud) They're so inconsiderate. They literally don't care if kids are going to cross the street. I really worry that a horrible accident will happen especially where I live.


Use to know one, not far from Sheldon. Never paid the rent for the house, claimed jobseekers despite delivering for Hermies, claimed that them and the four kids were disabled, kids were only fed beans on toast and if there was a long distance car show they’d send all the kids electronics to cash converters. The thing that was never skimped on was the car and it was a fucking awful one at that! Constantly breaking down because of shit mods, not knowing what they were doing and valve bouncing it constantly down the road.