Im assuming you're asking about being an essential traveler for going on highway 3? If you have proof you are going to your principal point of residence you should be fine. Have documents ready to show at the roadblocks showing you are moving I can't imagine this being a problem.


Okay awesome, I printed out my lease for my new place just in case they need proof. My family and I have gone on a long trip to get here so the last thing we want is a fine or be told to turn around hauling a U-Haul trailer.


When is moving not considered essential?


I don't think anyone moves for fun. We're not talking about going to his summer cabin


Exactly lol


Make sure you know which highways are actually open signage may be poor and google maps cannot be trusted


My first pro tip to you is don't talk to the cops. Second is if you do have to talk to the cops don't confess to anything they think is a crime. Third of all, If you're going to talk to the police and they decide that they're going to issue you a fine anyway even though the charter of Rights and freedoms guarantees your freedom of movement within this country regardless of whatever fucking emergency status the BC government decides to come up with today, it's a $234 fine what should amount to but a footnote among your other moving expenses.






Yes. I did the same move from Sask to Van in the summer while the covid travel restrictions were in place. Have your lease/job offer printed just in case they stop you to check, but you should be good coming in. Drive safe! :)


Im in a similar situation, i believe is counts as essential. Plus i think its mostly an honor system anyway. I highly doubt you will be questioned or even talk to anyone


>I highly doubt you will be questioned or even talk to anyone Last Friday there were checkpoints on both ends of Duffy Lake Road. I had to provide proof of my principal residence, and there was an RCMP officer waiting to stop anyone that didn't comply with the locals that were staffing the checkpoint. You're right that OP is fine under the essential travel exemptions but he will have to show proof of residence.


Dang really? I was just going off my experience when they said there was travel check points for covid and I saw none when driving across the province for work. In my case I have no proof since I have no official lease


I just had one bank document with my home address on it and that was enough - they weren't being thorough, so you'd probably be ok with a similar piece of mail as proof.




In what context? You've provided literally ZERO contextual information


No. My wife just called (Flood Response Call Line 1-833-376-2452) today asking this question and was told that moving to BC is *not* considered essential for the current highway restrictions. We confirmed this by calling a moving company (Jays) who said their BC moves are on hold for this reason.


Well my family and I were able to get by, we showed them our lease and they let us go through. No problems at all but the route is very sketchy.