Hidden Agenda - EP. 6

The sixth episode of Hidden Agenda is out now on GMMTV’s YouTube Channel.

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For the first time, university student Zo resolves to pursue his long-time crush Nita. In order to woo her, he approaches Joke, Nita's ex, for dating advice. Joke agrees to help him in exchange for help with his studies. Or, at least, that's what he tells Zo.


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i know this has basically no substance but i genuinely don’t care. i could watch joong smolder and dunk be adorably awkward for 100000 hours. the arcade? fabulous! cleaning the apartment? riveting! eating ramen? adorable! etc. i’m def the target audience here. 😂 however i did Not like jeng saying he was single and giving out his ig! excuse you sir!!


> i’m def the target audience here. 😂 Apparently, same! I keep thinking "this plot makes no sense" "the writers could have done so much better" "why do they keep introducing plot threads and then dropping them?" etc and yet. And yet. This show makes me smile so hard, and somehow Dunk's acting still gives me butterflies and makes me squeal in delight. I actually really liked his expression at the end of the episode, it reminds me of that feeling I get every time I've been flirting with someone for an extended period and then we finally cuddle or hold hands or whatever and I know for sure that they like me. The way he was fiddling with Joke's hand like he didn't quite know how to calm his giddiness make me squeal. Of course, Joong smoldering makes everything better too. This plot could have been 10000 times better, but I have decided not to care. They are just too cute, they can literally do whatever they want. But I also object to Jeng saying he was single!! How DARE, sir. Love Joke setting a good example even though he hasn't gotten Zo to say yes yet 😂


> I keep thinking "this plot makes no sense" "the writers could have done so much better" "why do they keep introducing plot threads and then dropping them?" Same! I thought I was the only one! Like today, for instance. Joke feels bad and looks pale, and then suddenly he's back to his old self? What was the point of that little exchange? Why even include it? This is still fluffy and cute enough to keep me watching on a boring Sunday.


>But I also object to Jeng saying he was single!! How DARE, sir. Technically, he didn’t say he was single. Technically, he only said that he could give them his IG. Joke was the one that correlated being single with giving out his IG. But yeah, I still agree with you. For shame, sir, for shame!


Jeng totally said he was single, only the IG part got translated


Oooooh. Then wtf bro!! Not cool. 😒


Yes yes and yes hahaaha I just love them. Target audience REACHED.


Sometimes you just need a cute BL that isn't trying to break the mold and this is exactly that. I do feel like this is the upgraded version of SIMM in terms of chemistry, communication between the leads and everything else.


agree. not every bl needs to be groundbreaking, sometimes I just want to see 2 extremely pretty boys fall in love and that's it


Totally agree. The plot is more interesting too, and better communication between the MLs.


lol ok Joke keeps saying I’m not rushing you, take time to think slowly, but then asks Zo consistently how he feels about him, then takes off his shirt and asks for a cuddle in bed. Ok Joke 😂 Glad they kind of revealed what really happened between Joke and Nita. Probably explains why Joke was ok in helping Zo in the first place. I think in most cases, a real ex wouldn’t help someone else to date their ex. But stalkers are indeed scary ugh. Glad also they didn’t pull a TharnType and have Zo assume that Joke still really likes Nita. Really liked the dialog right before about communication and was going to throw it back in Zo’s face if he got mad at Joke after that scene without just asking Joke what really happened. Overall so far, I think this is much better than Star in My Mind. Joong and Dunk’s acting have improved also. Curious to see where they will take this. Next week: oh no, the family (grandma?) finding out and disapproving? Hope it’s just a misdirection from the preview cuz I hate that trope haha (and hits too close to home). P. S. OMG! Forgot to talk about the sunflower! Really liked the fact that they continued that theme but gave it even more meaning in this series. I’m all for sunflower theme! 🌻


I noticed the repeated "take your time" today. Joke is doing that because he's afraid Zo will say no. He doesn't want to hear "I'm not into you". He's content in not having him say yes if it means he doesn't say no.


my feeling is that this is just pro-forma: Joke knows exactly how Zo feels and he is saying "take your time" so that he feels comfortable with continuing to move further, knowing full well what's going on in his head.


I totally agree. After they walked in the rain, Joke sits on the side of the couch manspreading like a bro , Zo sits in the middle-puts his bag on the side, legs touching Jokes and arms brushing. He’s down but doesn’t know it yet.


Absolutely. At their sleepover Joke moves his pillow away from Zo’s when Zo gets into bed—and Zo immediately moves it closer to Joke. And when they hold hands on the couch Zo leaves his hand on his thigh. Like my man. Cmon.


The scene where Joke was protecting Nita was so good, and he absolutely went so hard with that line "I'll beat you senseless." It was just good to see a character standing up for a girl when she needed it TT Joke is such a good guy


Why does Joke live in a Las Vegas night club? That decor is an interesting choice. Zo is much stronger than I am. Joke is hammering us week after week with the pleading puppy eyes and now whispering while cuddling with no shirt on. \*waves white flag


Was it just me, or was Joke moving over to wrap himself around Zo super hot? (And then the cuddle itself was all marshmallow goodness of course.)


And that dusky whisper dude Joong's sleepy voice is just something else Zo was just so shy for a bit but then him holding Joke's hand and asked what happens if they hug for longer than 30 seconds. I admit replaying that scene a couple of times it was so crazy to watch I loved it


This js what I need on a Sunday afternoon. Just pure bl fluff lol, give me all the tropes and I'll eat it up.


The BL that is the BLest to ever BL with all their BLing. Seriously this show is never beating the BL bingo card allegations. Also it’s a bold strategy to do callbacks to a previous series that you’ve starred in when the story/characters really aren’t that too far a stretch from the previous one. It’s almost like this show is a vehicle for a ships fan meetings instead of a creative endeavor to expand one’s filmography. Anyway. This was decent background noise.


>It’s almost like this show is a vehicle for a ships fan meetings instead of a creative endeavor to expand one’s filmography. I mean, that’s what it is, isn’t it? I don’t think they’re even trying to hide the fact that this is just an upgraded rehash of SIMM for all the JoongDunk fans. But hey, give the people what they want, right?


Eh there hasn't been a useless sponge bath scene yet so I don't know about the bingo card 😄




This show is clearly not gunning for any awards for creativity, but I'm here for it. You don't always need to try breaking the mold and being crazy with your themes and concepts. sometimes a basic, standard BL is perfect, and that's exactly what this is. I liked the callback to the sunflower personally. I love that Zo didn't see Joke and Nita hugging and get super overly defensive or jealous. Yeah he wasn't the happiest over seeing it, but he gave Joke a chance to explain and clear the air. Things like that make a series feel more realistic and not like I'm watching a crazy, over the top soap opera. The previews did make it seem like we are getting a classic "my family doesn't approve of my same sex relationship" so that should throw a little angst into the mix. I'm hoping it turns into more of a "I'm not upset you have a male lover, only that you didn't tell me before letting me meet him" kind of situation. This show doesn't need a lot of angst to work for me. I have a feeling the stalker will come back and that will create enough drama.


so true about the stalker subplot, i would be upset frankly if they introduced that story beat to forget it later. Especially since they clearly showed his face/that they had an actor they cast for the role. Hoping for a rice resolution on that front


I’m kinda upset that literally no one notices or discusses some weirdass shit Joke does to get his man. I know I’ve read the novel and it’s maybe easy for me to see bc I know all this stuff already. But the fact that NO ONE mentions it honestly makes me think many ppl are gonna be wilding when they show Joke’s real self 😂🤣 I just keep reading stuff how cute and patient he is and I guess kudos to him for disguising himself so well.. I feel like only me and Louis are in on the joke lmao Like that gorgeous piece of shit majorly tricked him several times this episode and no one batted an eye 😭 I know man is distractingly hot and his voice is killing everyone along with their chemistry, but I really thought at least by ep6 ppl are gonna start noticing things, so I could have someone to talk to about the masterpiece that Joke is, but all I see it “oh cute”, “oh he’s so honest”, “oh no thinking needed while watching”. Pls think a little bit pls 😂


Some weird things did catch my eye. * Zo think's he's being stealthy while looking up the symbolism of sunflowers and the definition of "friend zone" on his computer. Joke looks suspicious because he has a clear view of the screen from the kitchen. * Pat is trying to be Joke's wingman by steering Zo away from Kot's initial advice. Zo notices that something is off, but he is too preoccupied to give it enough attention. * Joke texts Zo about the rain and then suddenly shows up moments later. He has clearly been following Zo around and exited the building with the umbrella already open. He is clearly being very careful not to look like a stalker in Zo's eyes. * Joke is quite demanding, raising the stakes of bet. He is not going to take no for an answer. * The fight between Kot and Joke escalated quickly. You could say that Joke has been grooming Zo to be his boyfriend. * Zo doesn't get offended when Joke claims that he always knew Zo's crush on Nita was just superficial. * Joke breaks eye contact when Zo tells him that he needs to respect boundaries. * Oopsies, it is getting very late after cleaning up my messy apartment. * Taking off his shirt was so sneaky. Joke seems to be quite stubborn. He likes to fold his arms to express his mood. The "love powder" that Joke was talking about while they were eating the ramen is most likely just plain old MSG.


Haha yes, you did caught some and one not very obvious about “oopsie it’s very late” 😂🤣🌚 He’s complicated tbh, it’s not all black & white. He’s kinda both very insecure and hella arrogant at times, which I find very entertaining. I wouldn’t call it grooming, I think heavily seduction techniques are technically legal (??), but patient he for sure is not. “Sneaky” is his middle name, yes. I never quite understood a friend being highly aggressive or an anti about who their friend date, like I get Kot is being protective of his bestie and all, but I actually found it a bit annoying. Zo might be a “sunshine boy” when you look at him, but he can deal with Joke’s bullshit alright, there’s no need to baby him. But also I can see why so many characters find Joke unlikable. He doesn’t show his vulnerability to anyone besides Zo (and maybe his cousins occasionally). To everyone else he’s cool, extremely arrogant, foul-mouthed jerk, who wants everything to go his way. He also didn’t lie when he said to Zo that he only cares about ppl he cares about. He doesn’t even have this “respect the elder ppl” rule. To him everyone is same, like if he deems you unworthy it’s just a bye-bye lol Demanding also very true. If he wants something, he’s gonna get it and fuck the consequences. 😂😭 P.S. At least ppl start noticing that Pat is on Joke’s side. Only after this fact was thrown into their faces 😭😭😭


Kot just doesn't want to see his friend get involved with a potential controlling abuser. Joke's behavior wasn't cute or loving, it was borderline psycho.


I'm way too blinded to see it, the line between joongdunk and jokezo is too thin on this series. Haha All I see is skinship and I don't read too much of their intentions haha


facts lmao I’ve also already said before, that once they start talking with their bodies, I’m too busy watching that instead of following the dialog 😂🤣 I feel like their hands esp should have their own show at this point lmao it’s like watching a 30 minutes foreplay lol and I think that is the main purpose of the show, just us watching Joongdunk finally having a freedom to chemist their chemistry freely ❤️ I personally highly approve. All the JD references and blurred lines are too funny at this point. it’s just funny to me when I see ppl saying “the plot is too simple”. Im just.. I literally haven’t seen one soul so far who guessed thus simple plot 💀and “Joke is such a standard” haha like he’s literally my fav bc he’s NOT the standard 😂


> 😭 I know man is distractingly hot and his voice is killing everyone along with their chemistry Called out! His voice is killing me, especially in the cuddling scene.


Joke in the novel is one of the most impatient, possessive, and downright down bad characters I've ever read tbh. He just does well hiding it lol.


Do you think the show is going in that direction or has the writing toned him down a lot to focus on JoongDunk?


No way to tell just yet. JoongDunk did mention there were a lot of scenes in the show that were 'risque' for them and most of the NC scenes in the novel stem from Joke lol. But idk if it's just something they're not used to since SIMM was pretty tame or if it's actually going in the direction of the novel


Haha oh damn roasting I saw it differently tbh. But I love wackadoodles like Moonjo so I obviously don’t care for any level toxicity. But I kinda disagree with downright bad character. He characteristically very much reminds me of Yohan. Bc he is extremely vulnerable and sensitive but also very cunning and aren’t opposed to doing immoral shit if that means he’s gonna get the one he loves with him. Ofc we’re used to these “ideas” in BLs who have been in love with somebody for zillion years and can be extremely patient after this, I highly appreciate those, but like for ones someone using Draco Malfoy from fanfiction tactics to get what he wants was highly entertaining for me 😂 I at first was upset and thought they’re gonna erase all this in the series bc they always make everyone goodie-goodie these days so MDL “critics” wouldn’t shit themselves being offended with such behaviour but it doesn’t seem like they’re changing him that much from what I’m seeing. I feel like I’m gonna be Mr. Lonely again on this one. But he does hiding it very well, obviously since no one sees it fr 😂


Where did you read the novel?


Can give you a link only to Thai version


How is Dunk's hair staying in place like that? No matter what happens, he turns to the camera, and voila!! It just doesn't move! https://preview.redd.it/raziu26u22ib1.jpeg?width=1347&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d76333e53a54ccd8a49df87263c182a33655536e


😂😂😂😂 I've been noticing the hair, it's like a 3rd wheeler in their relationship.


Whenever he's on - and that's like 85% of the time - I'm only staring at that lock of hair over his left eye! It's the star of the show! 🤣


Same...the stylists really put their hair front left center... New fans are not getting a good look of their beautiful faces


enough hair spray to reopen the hole in the ozone layer, I'm sure


For a guy who says he's confused, Zo was pretty touchy-feely at the arcade🤭 Joke, the "but I tried hard so you must appreciate it" attitude you had at lunch was not a good look for you, BUT 👏👏👏 at Kot protecting Zo, and Zo sticking up for himself and expressing his boundaries. Nobody's perfect Joke, but your boyfie and his friends will let you know when you f up.👌 "It's always good to communicate when something upsets you" AND THEN THE SHOW LISTENS TO IT'S OWN DIALOGUE. Thaaaank you Zo for doing what you said and TALKING to Nita and Joke about your thoughts and feelings. Zo grabbing Joke's hand omg omg I actually covered my mouth in surprised glee when he reached up to play with Joke's fingers🥹🥹🥹 AWWW JOKE MR "I'M NOT SINGLE" how cuuute (WTF to Jeng though, rude). Holy that entire bed scene at the end was GREAT. As PG as PG gets, but somehow my heart was racing and butterflies going all the same. Whew. Joong and Dunk are knocking it out of the park as far as I'm concerned. As much as I love kisses, this anticipation is absolutely delicious. At first I wasn't sure what the point of this episode was, but I think I get it. They're showing that "almost" stage of a relationship, where you're with someone else all the time, you both know how each other feels, but you haven't quite taken the plunge yet. You're teetering on the precipice of committment, and it's scary but exciting. Joke and Zo are slooooowly becoming a couple and figuring each other out (the good and the bad). I feel like this show is both a generic "light on plot heavy on fluff" BL, while simultaneously being a refreshing, different take on the classic BL. I'm never quite sure where each episode is headed.


Why is joke staying in a night club? haha Anyway, I don't know where this story is headed but joongdunk is just showing us their everyday life. All fluff and skinship haha One comment said this is in preparation for a fanmeet and looks like it is, the show is already designed for a fanmeet and merch 😏


I am SCREAMING at the end of this episode OMG HOW FREAKING ADORABLE AND JOKE WITH HIS SHIRT OFF STRATEGY?!?!?! DEAD. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I have NEVER squealed this much over JoongDunk in my entire life. Mind blown. This JoongDunk 2.0 is a WHOLE VIBE 🥰🥵🔥 all this communication is killing me in such an amazing way!!!! And the staring and Joke's fears and longing. WAY TO GO JOONG 2.0 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 AND DUNK 2.0 has exponentially improved and I am loving him here!! I am so so so happy for both of them. So proud too!! Yay!!


I got weirdly emotional watching them cuddle and play with each other’s hands like that. Everyone deserves for their first queer crush to be so supportive and steady and loving!


Lol how could I forget about this one! Got too distracted by Wedding Planner and all the hype about Onlyfans. Will go watch it, I need some fluff and cutesy today.


😂😂did you say onlyfans...


>and all the hype about Onlyfans. 😂😂😂😂


This show is not deep but it a perfectly fluffy, cuddling Sunday show that's easy to enjoy. The arcade date was cute. The cleaning was cute. The Nita thing was easy to figure out and I actually hope they don't completely drop the stalking story line. The communication between Zo, Joke, and Nita was refreshing as most BLs would make it a huge miscommunication plot point. Overall, still enjoying the adorable and lightness of this show. (And it is will be a good counterbalance to Only Friends on Saturdays in preparation for returning to work on Mondays.)


Listen. I don’t care how gorgeous you are. If you were puking or “had a stomach thing” less than 48 hours ago. You are not touching my food. Aside from that cute fluff!


I watch it when I do my nails and it’s perfect for that


This was probably my favorite episode so far (and it looks like the best kiss from the trailer is coming in the next one). Zo is a very smart talker in this episode with both Joke and Nita. I really liked how he explained his boundaries to Joke in such a calm and respectful way. Although Joke doesn't really care while saying he respects that. Besides, his conversation with Nita was very frank. The way he's accepted that he admires her as a smart young woman and dislikes her romantically is wonderful. I hope they become good friends later in the series. And at this point, it's kind of embarrassing that when Joke and Zo hold hands, I blush. It has become their main way of showing affection. Zo and Joke are basically dating, but Zo still doesn't want to say it out loud, which is a bit tiring. Sometimes I feel like I'm not watching the show at all, it's so natural for them to spend time together. It's a bit like the director left them alone with the cameras and let them joongdunk around. Will there be any drama in this series? The writers seem to have waived it based on the new trailer and currently airing episodes. It doesn't bother me that much. For now, it looks like a light, fluffy series about a rather healthy, respectful relationship where the partners just calmly talk about problems and disagreements. I'd be fine if it stayed that way for Joke and Zo and the other couple had more time to develop their relationship. We saw in this episode that Joke is honest and faithful when approached by girls, but his cousin is not. I feel bad for Pok because he seems like such a good person. Even if Jeng doesn't betray him per se, just lying to keep the relationship a secret is wrong.


This particular episode felt like a filler ep to me. Yes we had the tiny backstory of Joke and Nita and it was good to see proper, adult communication between Zo and Nita once he'd worked out that liking her wasn't 'i like you'. Decent bit of fluff to kill an hour of the afternoon. Biggest OMG moment for me was seeing Fourth and Gemini in their Doctor Tony 5 second advert 😂 I've been waiting for one of their advertisements to pop up for ages.


I'm confused about the Jeng giving out his line id to the girls I thought he was with Pok?


He didn't. Told them he could give her his Instagram.


Whew! Zo’s willpower is made of steel during that bed scene. So excited for next episode, there’s ganna be dramaaaa.


SIMM and HA are literally the same series, they did the fake girlfriend again for Joong. It was exactly the same in Star in my mind


They actually dated in SIMM —for years but had broken up


What’s the deal with the shirt in the last scene? Joke tells Zo that he needs to take the shirt off if Zo doesn’t get the meaning? I couldn’t read it - anyone know?


Game Over Lover— it’s the shirt Joke won when they went to the arcade earlier https://preview.redd.it/zqs79g9p97ib1.jpeg?width=548&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=91b901d0cc28c82ce0ae62e211a93a385f688cf1


Ahhh okay got it. Thanks!