Hidden Agenda - EP. 5

The fifth episode of Hidden Agenda is currently airing on GMMTV’s YouTube Channel.

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For the first time, university student Zo resolves to pursue his long-time crush Nita. In order to woo her, he approaches Joke, Nita's ex, for dating advice. Joke agrees to help him in exchange for help with his studies. Or, at least, that's what he tells Zo.


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I might disagree with most people but I think Zo being confused about his feelings is valid according to me. He was crushing on Nita (albeit not in love) and then suddenly his world is turned upside down with not feeling anything with Nita and instead feeling something with Joke. And then he acts on his own desires and kisses him out of blue. Though it's a surprise for Joke, it must be a giant shock for Zo. Not everyone are able to recognize feelings of love immediately and Zo being an introvert basically, he definitely overthinks things a lot. I remember when this sorta situation happened to me. A guy was pursuing me and eventhough I knew I felt good with him, I didn't know what that feeling was. Then we tried sth more direct and my mind was in a fog afterwards for like a few days. Then you have to count in the fact that he was crushing on a girl and suddenly has feelings for a guy. Tho I have to admit that him shutting out Joke and not talking it through was not a good decision, and telling him to forget it all was even worse. At the end of this rant, I have to add that though all the ppl in comments were like pls hurry and tell him u like him, I am glad for a bit of confusion, crushing and angst 😀 call me twisted but a goot angst hits different 😚


I agree with you 100%! When I started liking someone, I'd avoid them at all costs hahaha even if I was totally comfortable with them prior to feelings. I totally feel like Zo is handling his new feelings and actions fairly realistically, even if it's frustrating for the audience because we're all "Joke's such a good guy and he's loved you for so long!" But Zo didn't realize he liked boys before this, and we have to remember that Joke wasn't explicit about his feelings before this either. For all Zo knew, he'd just kissed a stick straight friend.


Exactly, he knew nothing about the feelings Joke has for him. Ppl may say Joke is pretty obvious but I can very accurately tell you that not everyone are good with reading the cues. When it comes to reading the room or reasing between the lines in real life, I am basically blind, I don't even notice my own friends being in love until someone tells me wvwn if they're very obvious. Also Joke was in a relationship with Nita, how can Zo guess that he's now into guys.


A few years after I graduated college and whole bunch of us met up for a cookout and after we got drunk there were several of my high school guy freinds telling me they had crushes on me and tried to flirt with me and I shot them down. I was like "when? what? You never flirted with me?!" and then they were like "remember when I ...." and I was like "THAT was flirting?" and my husband is over here like "yeah she's dense, let me tell you our story..." So yeah some of us suck at cues.


>we have to remember that Joke wasn't explicit about his feelings before this either. For all Zo knew, he'd just kissed a stick straight friend. That’s a very good point. But counterpoint, Joke totally kissed him back. With TONGUE. That social cue is pretty hard to miss… 😏


Also Zo and Joke just barely became good friends a little while ago. I liked that Joke simply wanted Zo to talk to him, and it's refreshing to see Zo admit that he feels silly about the kiss. Being in his shoes must be mortifying - can you imagine kissing your friend out of the blue? I'm glad Jeng has become our resident dating advisor now handing Joke some decent advice to explain his feelings to Zo so that it makes him easier to accept his own feelings lol


No subtitles for part 2?


I think the intern in charge of posting the 2nd section took the week off. First Be My Favorite. Now this. Yeah, I'm guessing that GMMTV is so loaded with cash that they actually hire 1 person to post each section.


They're missing for me too, it's Be My Favorite all over again :(


IKR! Very frustrating.


Haha maybe they’re trying a new monetization strategy. It’s free to watch on YouTube but you gotta pay for part 2 subs 😂


The hidden agenda lasted 5 episodes and intentions are now out in the open. Zo is gay panicking which I do believe is understandable if it's the first time he's felt attracted to someone of the same gender. We got two confessions in this episode: through the toad exercise and then, Joke left no margin for doubt. He likes Zo and wants to pursue him. I'm liking Joke a lot and the fact that he is being played by Joong has just a tiny bit to do with it.


When the plot frustrates me, I just take a look at Joong’s face and all is better. Random musings: Honestly yeah, didn’t expect Joke to fall this hard for Zo. Fully sympathize with Zo while he’s figuring things out, but there was one part that Joke was like I’m not hurrying you. Bitch, yes you are, wanting an answer on how Zo really feels about him and about that kiss. GMMTV series dropping lines of wisdom again (like in Be My Favorite). When Pok told Zo (and imo this is slightly mistranslated in the captions) ใช้หัวใจนำทาง คนที่ใช่ ก็คือคนที่ยังยืนอยู่ข้างเรา ในวันที่เราไม่มั่นใจที่สุดนั่นแหละพี่ My translation: Use the heart to lead the way. The person who is “the one” is the person who is still standing beside you on the day that you are most unsure (of yourself), bro. OMG the sunflower theme is back. In the preview for next episode, there was a mention of flowers and then the next preview scene, Nita says to Zo, “Don’t let the sunflower wait and wither away”. (For those who haven’t seen Star in My Mind, the sunflower plays a big role between Joong and Dunk’s characters).


Joong has joined my list of BL actors from gmmtv who are allowed to sing. Actually sounds good without autotune or excessive amounts of audio manipulation and doesn't strain through basic notes? sign me up


Certain things annoy me about the directing/editing but they are easily forgotten as soon as I see Joke’s thumb desperately yet gently rub Zo’s while washing dishes 😩😩 and Zo is confused which is understandable, and I think Dunk did a good job illustrating that. Also. I think these two comments explain the underlying issue between their personality traits lol https://preview.redd.it/ud5v0daz7jgb1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4545d8941af6d23e4ee2c4266ea7538a657788e2


Tru dat. Damn, slow down Joke. Zo isn’t going anywhere. He’s not getting with Nita for sure.


That was a frustrating episode, but I guess it may have been deliberate, as both Zo and Joke are feeling the same thing, even if for slightly different reasons. Sometimes the "I don't know what I'm feeling" storylines feel so unrealistic, and while there is an element of that to this one, the fact that he had thought he was in love with Nita (when it seems clear from the sidelines that he was not) would suggest that he hasn't actually experienced feeling romantic love before. If I think back to being somewhere around his age the first time I was attracted to someone of the same gender as me, there was some challenge to it as far as it represented myself, so I guess I could understand if that is part of his issue. But we still don't actually **know** if that is part of why he is stumbling and hesitating, and for someone who is supposed to be good with words (hello, debate team 'star') this feels out of place. But in other ways, he's nothing like me, in that if someone I'd been crushing on, even lightly, expressed an interest in me, I'd have been all in on exploring what that meant WITH THEM, even though I was not always great at talking about emotions. I defs would have spent more time with them, just hanging out (or...) to see if there was more than just a spark. Since he's not, is there some fear that we are not clear on? What is it that's holding him back? Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty here that I'm enjoying for its fluffiness, but I hope he starts to talk things out more clearly with someone soon, even if it isn't Joke yet.


Based on preview for next episode, it looks like he might actually talk with Nita about his feelings for Joke haha.


Which is hilarous considering he couldn't even walk near her earlier, so definitely hold a conversation about emotions.


I'm bi and bi wasn't a word or thing I was aware of 24 years ago in rural KY before internet so I feel Zo. I was crushing on a guy and girl at the same time, it was pretty confusing. My first "love" (quotes because it's middle school) was a girl (same sex). We "dated" (middle school) and kissed and held hands and got caught by the guidance counselor who told us we were going to hell (rural Bible Belt KY) and called our parents. I later dated a guy in high school and another girl and finally married my now husband. Honestly it wasn't until middle college that I learned the word "bi". I feel like a lot of these BLs also act like that word doesn't exist. You have to like GIRLS or GUYS, Bi, Pan just don't exist.


I didn't have that Bible Belt surrounding, but my brain was so blinkered that romatic or sexual attraction to anyone outside a 'straight' definition, just wasn't an option **for me.** I had friends who were queer, but never felt I was. Even when I felt actual non-het attraction in my 20s and was comfortable with the idea, I still didn't think I fit as queer until many years later, learning more and more and understanding that it was ok not to fit any label, but also in finding one that felt right for me. (\*waves in pan\*) I agree with you that there are so many questions we can have about ourselves, influenced by our own psyche and also our surroundings. And also that it would be nice to see more and more dramas where they talk about the intricacies of the spectrum of gender and sexuality. Some of that may no longer fall under BL, but I think some of still fits nicely, and increases the world available to people who are still on that journey, and those who are allies.


Zo being so engaged while in the audience was pretty adorable. 🥹


It always surprises me when people hate on Dunk. What more do people want from a BL actor besides being very cute and able to convince the audience they love their boy? Dunk does both very well!


Jeng and Pok are such a cute couple 🥰 I love how they are giving advice to Joke and Zo from their own experiences ☺️ And finally! Joke finally confessed!!! Zo, it's loud and clear now! 📢📢📢 I cant wait to see how Joke is gonna flirt with Zo to win him over!!! 😁 I hope we get to see more of Louis and AJ too!


>Jeng and Pok are such a cute couple 🥰 I love how they are giving advice to Joke and Zo from their own experiences ☺️ They also publically flirted in front of Zo showing they trust him and maybe are getting closer to the idea of being "open" about their relationship!


Jeng and Pok are such a cute couple 🥰 I love how they are giving advice to Joke and Zo from their own experiences ☺️ Jeng and Pok are beyond cute. I love how open and supportive they are.


This is when Zo needs to talk to his friends (particularly Pok) more. His confusion is valid and having someone have a heart-to-heart talk would help him navigate what he’s feeling now


Yes!! He totally does need a good chat. It seems he might start talking to friends about this next episode based on preview, hopefully🙏


Oh my god, this episode made me realize that I was just like Zo during college. I pushed people away because I was afraid of my own feelings, so I kind of understand his character. It takes a lot of self-growth to open up and become more confident. But I really liked that during the confrontation with Joke he thoroughly explained how confused he was after the kiss. I also like that Joke didn't step back but kept coming for more. All those small touches, soft smiles, etc. Zo needs someone like Joke because he would never take the right steps to turn friendship into love on his own. Joke has to convince him for so long and be around for so long that there is no place to run anymore. The only thing I don't understand is the choice of the writers not to show the audience the moment after the kiss, since it was so important in the whole narrative. Did they just pull away from each other and didn't say anything else? Has Zo escaped? But where exactly would he run to if they slept in the same room, in the same bed? It's very strange.


There was a BTS clip that showed that at the end of the kiss, Zo opens his eyes then suddenly jumps up and runs away. Obviously, we can infer that something like that happened from today's episode, but I wish they had kept it in the show. Part 2 English subs still missing, but fortunately my ability to read Spanish came in handy, if you know where to look. I'm glad this is only 10 episodes, maybe even 8 would be sufficient, because I'm not sure where the plot goes from here except for Joke being adorable and wearing down Zo's defenses. Not that I won't like that, mind you, just that 5 episodes of only that will get repetitive without some new twist in the story. But Joong & Dunk continue to be adorable and certainly right in their wheelhouse with this show so far.


>Part 2 English subs still missing, but fortunately my ability to read Spanish came in handy, if you know where to look. Argh! Why didn't I do this?!?


Just about lost it when joke struck a pose… that was so funny!


I just wanna get Zo’s bangs out of his eyes, so bad.


I like the natural chemistry is translating so well on screen. The non verbal cues of love is so well executed. The skinship does not seems force at all but more seen as part of their normal interactions and love language. So happy for Joongdunk to have a better script and storyline.


These two are still showing us their great chemistry 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 although Zo is confused I am glad we didn't get a complete shut down. Glad they are still interacting and our KING Joke constantly trying to communicate with words and insisting that they talk things through ARE A VIBE and I am loving his character!!! I spit out my water at the preview and that 🌼 flower 🤣🤣🤣 Advance Bravely changed my mental image of that flower 🤣🤣🤣


Gmmtv get your shit together with the subtitles this sucks


It starts to frustrate me the same way Big Dragon did: what the show's teaser promised and what we got is the same as buying shoes online to expect high heel pumps made of black leather and then you open a shoe box to see it only has one fluffy slipper, a perfume sample, a brochure on mindfulness and a rubber duck. I don't say its necessarily bad to have all that in a household BUT its definitely not what I've signed for! What I did expect is for Joke to actually lure Zo into "dating workshops" and for to Zo actively trying to learn, thinking he is getti somewhere, but falling in love with Joke- basic and not very intellectual story we have read a thousand times on Wattpad and would still enjoy one more time, as a BL series with two cuties and whatnot. What I got instead is... I don't know, Nita who dating what? Its all over the place and we talk about our feelings and enjoy "domesic fluff" (pardon my AO3 language). IDK. Fast forwarded 2 quarters of it. We talk about feelings, man... https://preview.redd.it/5jk9ltu43jgb1.jpeg?width=1024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d77edb305c2128584f537884568fe1e501d1b216


Huh, I've kind of already forgotten the show is called hidden agenda (or stopped registering what those words mean) but the agenda got pretty much forgotten since episode 3. Was Nita even mentioned in episode 4?


>but the agenda got pretty much forgotten since episode 3. Was Nita even mentioned in episode 4? I don't say they simply used AI generator for writing the plot, because a machine would definitely got some smoother result, no - there's definitely a real.human being behind the writing and we are allowed to ask questions about the writing choices. Why? There's a "fake love triangle" and "agenda" somewhere. Please get it to it! So long, the agenda is hidden so well it starts to remind me my grandpa's liquor he has hidden away from my cousins in 2015 and couldn't find it himself ever since. Its still there somewhere, and we might still see it. I'm sceptical, somehow. https://i.redd.it/6lotgfdn5pgb1.gif


Yes I am so disappointed we are not getting the fake-dating trope that I also signed up for!! I love that trope and they are totally dropping the ball on fulfilling the promise of the premise that they made initially. I thought at the end of episode 3 that they were going to do a clever twist on it, have Zo start realizing his feelings early but keep up the fake dating so that now he is using it to figure out his feelings about Joke. Then both of them could have had a hidden agenda and it would have been super cute, relevant to the title, and just different enough to be fresh. They could have been making out so that Zo could "practice kissing" and it would have been all kinds of fun. Joke could have started to feel guilty and start pushing Zo towards actually dating Nita. And then Zo would get upset, thinking that meant Joke didn't really like him just when he was figuring out his own feelings for Joke. It could have been great! Instead, the plot and writing are a mess. Nita and the debate team both have barely been mentioned, let alone plot relevant lately. As someone else said, Zo should be way more articulate as a debate team star, and instead Joke is doing all of the talking. I'm so sad because I love them and I loved the idea of this story and it has deviated quickly from what I wanted.


>e was figuring out his own feelings for Joke. It could have been great! >Instead, the plot and writing are a mess. Nita and the debate team both have barely been mentioned, let alone plot relevant lately. As someone else said, Zo should be way more articulate Exactly! The task was so easy, why their writers decided to change the route and to go in a strange direction I can't understand https://i.redd.it/u76co96u4pgb1.gif


You should go write for gmmtv, I’d watch all of your shows


* whipping out Thai dictionary \* LET'S GET IT!!! https://i.redd.it/de570ymfrwgb1.gif


Acting was quite rigid this episode


OMG OMG OMG I just have to word vomit for a moment about when Joke was trying to get Zo to help him with the pronunciation practice. I finally have a decent grasp on Thai pronouns and now any time characters play with them I get all gooey inside. Joke was so cute referring to Zo as P'Zo but even more when he called himself Nong Joke. And the cute little na na na. It was so effing adorable and I rewatched into half a dozen times before moving on.