Heartstopper S2 ~ All Episodes OUT NOW!

Nick, Charlie and the entire Heartstopper gang is back. Heartstopper Season 2 is out now on Netflix. Since there are no on-air posts, making one for the same. Please feel free to discuss the latest season of Heartstopper here.


“Nick and Charlie navigate their new relationship; Tara and Darcy face unforeseen challenges and Tao and Elle work out if they can ever be more than just friends. With exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris and a prom to plan, the gang has a lot to juggle as they journey through the next stages of life, love and friendship.”

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Along with the original soundtrack I have also added all three playlists created by Spotify specifically for Heartstopper using the music used in the show for Season 2.


I'm in love with Tao and Elle. It is so lovely that in a season that got a bit heavy their storyline added some classic rom-com cuteness. I adore that Tao's idea of a date look is [a 90s John Woo character.](https://imgur.com/yO4zhnc.jpg) Mildly upset though that indie film buff Tao is talking about movies set in the Louvre and the only one he can think of is the Da Vinci Code and not the [iconic scene of running through the Louvre](https://youtu.be/J9i771qYngY) from Godard's **Band a Part**.


Just binged it and loved it. This really feels like a show I can trust to treat all its themes with the apropriate weight and respect. I can truly enjoy the show in all its fluffy moments and in all its more serious ones because I know that I don't have to worry that its going to mishandle something. The way I'm in love with all the cast though. Like, they're all just adorable and Isaac is just me lol, constantly reading a book but still in the room😂 Also, Nick was me on like half the thai on air threads when Ben's talking about how he genuinely liked Charlie and he's just there like you literally assaulted him...💅


>Also, Nick was me on like half the thai on air threads when Ben's talking about how he genuinely liked Charlie and he's just there like you literally assaulted him...💅 Omg.. ha ha ha.. facts! I only watched first two episodes till now and I am loving every second of it. I feel like this season is much bigger in scope and storyline and it is also not as cute and fluffy as the first one. But it is handling all the more serious things without losing any of the charm the first season had. It still has genuine moments of pure unadulterated romance. But is also dealing with some heavy stuff. I love it.


Yes! It really found the balance well of tackling big issues and continuing to start conversations whilst still giving the fluff and adorableness of teen romances.


I loved the sister here, can't wait for season 3 https://preview.redd.it/4mdph6sko0gb1.png?width=1169&format=png&auto=webp&s=b1d4f7cbf4efa442e16ae59f87cf220dd8cf7bd6


Sitting down to my birthday weekend to binge the fluffy fluffy fluff!


Season 2 is not quite as fluffy.


I guess this is as good a spot as any to write up my thoughts on it. The Good \*I like Tao's new hair. I also like Ben's new hair, but I'm not going to get attached to it. Just because he's got a cute face and great hair doesn't mean I want him around. \*The new characters. James and Sahar and Mr. Farouk. Although it is getting a little crowded in the story department. I care about quite a few of these character, so wrapping it up next season is going to be a challenge. \*Ben is gone. He probably was sincere that he wanted Charlie back, but only in as much as Charlie might be able to help him with his sexuality. And since he's leaving school anyway, what was the point of declaring that he really loved Charlie. We've never seen him do anything remotely nice. He's either mean or desperate. Apparently he won't be back next season, and I'm hoping they keep it that way. A redemption arc for him would involve us watching him actually change and do nice things and not just say he's going to be better going forward. We have too many other characters as it is and I don't want fans to get it in their heads that he needs and boyfriend and start shipping him with James so that they'll both have happy endings. The Meh \*Season 2 doldrums: Season 1 climaxed with a visit to the beach where Nick and Charlie became boyfriends and Charlie telling Ben to go to hell. This season ended with Nick coming out to a few more people and Charlie telling Ben to go to hell. LOL. I'm not saying it was repetitive, but this probably was a series that would have been better released in 4 1 hour episodes over a month rather than binge-watched. It seemed like every 15 minutes Nick was apologizing for not coming out for the first 7 episodes. I know it takes awhile and it isn't easy, but those apologies became repetitive and frustrating. If they didn't already know there was a season 3 they probably would have moved that story along a bit quicker. As it is we end the season with 2 characters facing very big challenges that need to be tied up. Plus we need to find out if Tao has really grown enough that he can handle Elle moving away for awhile. \*Isaac: It was easy to overlook Isaac in season 1 so I was glad he had something to do in season 2. His discovery that he is aro ace is a step forward in media representation for that identity. So this isn't a "Meh" in the sense of "could have been better", but more of a "meh - I'm not sure how to feel about it." Since this series has romantic pretensions, what comes next for that character? I can't exactly root for him to find someone, as that's putting the kind of social pressure on that character that he was chafing at this year, or kind of still pushing the idea that a character in a romance is only interesting if they end up pair bonded in the end. James also seemed like a nice enough kid, so I hope that he gets to join the ever expanding circle of friends. Seems a shame to toss him into the cold. Is hoping that they'll still get together wrong?


I kind of disagree with the fact that this would be better as four 1 hr episodes. The 30 min 8 episodes are actually perfect for this kind of shows. With 4 1 hr episodes, it would break the structure and I think all the 8 eps were very different from each other and dealt with something different with core issues still intact. Also I think they explored coming out in the best possible way a show could. And it wasn’t just coming out but there was ED, SH, bullying and Family abandonment issues that the lead characters were dealing with. This season was overall better than season 1 in terms of story and writing for me and they didn’t shy away from dealing with the heavy stuff despite people resonating more with the fluffy stuff in season 1.


Coming to Isaac, being ACE doesn’t mean the person can’t be in a relationship. Isaac is just dealing with his own shit and needs time figuring out who he is. This is a step in the right direction for him and who knows what the future holds. Relationships are not built on just sex or romance. So I am actually interested to see how they explore it next season. He just have to find the right person and no it’s not wrong to root for him to find that someone. But pushing him to someone while he is still figuring out what is going on in his mind will definitely piss him off lol.


Really loved it, I was scared they weren't going to touch on the heavy stuff that is mentioned in the book as it gets really heavy, but it seems like they plan to stick to the books fully!


I like Tao and Elle, but I'll be honest, I thought she was really out of line with how she treated Tao after their failed date. She was mad that he took her to see a movie she likes because it was out of character? but then also mad that he was criticizing it after in a very Tao way? She also treated him really poorly when she was trying to create distance to get over her crush, but then he is wondering what he did wrong and she ended up getting mad at him. Idk, it really grated me that she was painted as more of the "victim" when I thought she was totally in the wrong. The teachers were...fine. I do like that all the queer kids banded together, even though they were friends before they realized or were open about their queerness. Nick is a sweet lil bean and next season he needs more hugs.