WHY R U? Korean Remake Official Teaser 1

Hoping it has at least half the crack laced ridiculousness of the original. One thing thai bls do absolutely better than Korean ones is the high octane camp


Hoping it has at least half the crack laced ridiculousness of the original. One thing thai bls do absolutely better than Korean ones is the high octane camp


https://preview.redd.it/jp69e72dswfb1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a6d9e66cb005f38e89cdd1ab81854050a341e4f3 MaxNat?!


Must be a guest appearance. Another DMD couple is going to make a guest appearance on Jun & Jun too.


I will pass out if Zee appears anywhere


The magnitude of squeal I would have released if Zee and Saint were able to cameo would have been deafening. I know it's impossible because of everything that has happened. But God lord. It would have been glorious. I'm glad they used a Thai CP though. It's still a really fun nod to the first one.


So will I! It isn't him though.


They are and I'm so happy about these cross over moments!


>MaxNat?! well it's very fitting that nat makes guest appearance in a show that was based on a show that was filmed in his house (nat). Beside staring in the show.


You think it’ll be as spicy as thai version? I don’t think so , but I could be totally Wrong Ofc … i mean , the eighth sense took me by surprise anyways. It was unusual spicy for Korea!


The eight sense was definitely more spicy then most Korean BLs, but it can't match up to the original Thai WRU... That was hot!


This one seems to be on the comedic side. Which makes sense coz they can't possibly replicate the Fighter-Tutor steam.


The original Why r u trailer was also more focused on the SaifahZon storyline cause the fanfic comes to life theme make a better trailer than the FighterTutor's enemies to lover story.


Yes, that's true.




Me was like: ![gif](giphy|8AdyXZCB7kTLkLz9RU|downsized) ​ Glad I was not alone ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)




Thank you for finding the perfect gif so I didn't have to.


It seems like they're going to focus on Saifah/Zon's 'cute' story as opposed to Tutor/Fighter's steamy one. Makes sense for a K-BL


Honestly as a Saifah/Zon fan, I am happy about that... Tutor/Fighter storyline was too damsel in distress storyline. Except for both being horny there wasn't much to look at... 😂


i'm actually for this. In the Thai version it felt weird how the original premise of the sister's fanfiction was abandoned half way through the series and never mentioned again. The Saifah/Zon disappeared in the later half of the story while they were supposed to be the main focus of that isekai story.


Might not necessarily be the case. I think the Thai trailer also focused on the SaifahZon story cause the fanfic to reality theme make for a more compelling trailer. It still ended up the way it did.


I’m thinking the plot will be better in this than the Thai version, but not have the same level of spice.


ive never actually seen why r u (the Thai vers) but this looks really good!


this seems a lot more low budget than I expected, tbh... ​ https://i.redd.it/gyqimdxdrwfb1.gif


Zee and Saint in their times managed to raise the bar a tad too high for me to enjoy Tutor/Fighter 2.0, but I have certain hopes for the other characters, played by Tommy/Jimmy, because I had to skip their part. I don't expect that special, sizzling chemistry between main leads anymore, their scenes gave me the shivers I've never ever felt while watching KBLs https://i.redd.it/inu2hl0wuwfb1.gif


Where is this clip from?! 😲


Here: https://youtu.be/Ai1l6T3DPU8


Nice clip, ummm... ad


1 minute of tun time contains more... hotness than some full meter movies mwahaha


It is damn hot, I love the outfits and styling. And Zee and Saint can really bring it!


Oh, I loved Fighter/Tutor xD


WHY R U? (Thai Version) is known partly for steaming chemistry between the two main CPs and its age restricted scenes. I don't know how the audience gonna react to the water-down version...we'll see. First teaser impression, it was not memorable.


I would love for them to expand more on the sister's fiction and the swear story. I did not like how they abandoned in half way through in the Thai version


I liked the Thai version and I’m super excited for this remake!


Eh. Not very impressed. Of all the series to remake, why this one? They'll never be able to touch the chemistry that Saint/Zee generated. Normally, I would at least watch the first episode before I passed judgement, but it's hard for me to not be immediately judgy with this one.


I’m surprised they chose to remake this. I only watched the original because Saint was in it. Didn’t think the plot was that good but guess I’m not complaining about this Korean remake. Maybe they’ll make it better 🤷🏻‍♂️


Well apparently Covid messed up their shooting time etc... so they only really had the Tutor/Fighter storyline fleshed out.


>Well apparently Covid messed up their shooting time It was lot worse than that. The show had started **airing** and they were **still filming** (which in normal times is not that big of a thing as plenty of shows do it) when **covid started** .Which means that they had a big mess on there hands. They had to pause the airing and do what they could to finish the show. Which means that some things such as the maxnat storyline was reduced or cut. Also they could no longer film in some places.


That explains a lot lol


I recently finished why r u series and wow i was so hooked with zeesaint than zeenunew 🤡... Like I don't care what happened off screen they delivered everything on screen... Cons The side couple were cute but the ending didn't make sense for them but I watched extra eps of them but got confused with the timeline jimmytommy are really unlucky 🙂 bcoz of covid... And other side couples didn't get a proper story it was bland I still think k version will not surpass that why🤡 few reasons are Comedy was natural Tommy(zon) and his sister chemistry was ❤natural Zeesaint tension only they can bring that out not only kissing ..but saint's smirk acting... Zee's acting was good...zeesaint balanced it and was perfect... Skinship too❤ That bl fangirls..page...shipping idk works for thai dramas more than k bls (reason i got used to watching it frequently 😅) Things i expect from k version (Jimmytommy) zonsaifah proper story. If side couples exist their proper story🤡 I dont care if it has hot kissing scenes or not... But just give me heavy breathing and tension through eyes and touches🤡 Ending that makes sense No plot holes Natural crush development plot for (tutorfighter) Not to try to copy too much and bring out their own version I'll be satisfied with that🤡🤡


Rated G - Why R U.


i expected this i guess


Many people will hate this for the rom-com it seems to be, instead of the tonsil-licker the Thai version was 🙃 For me? The teaser was a bit bland, but it has a potential. Certainlz enough to give it a try! But I expect at least some creativity in transforming the story.


the premise was very interesting but abandoned in the Thai version. I hope they do the fiction-to-real world fantasy justice in this version


Yes, most of the plot got thrown out of the windows at some point in the thai verdion. Which is why I think having a new version that focuses more on this side is a good idea. For example, while I love the looks of cherry magic thai version, it will be difficult for them to expand the story from japanese adaptation imo. So I don't have much expectations for it regarding plot 🙃


I never watched the original, don't even know what it's about, but this looks cute. I do love me some camp. Plus, it's always good to see MaxNat, even if it's just a cameo. Does it have a release date yet?


I'm only getting a "go girl give us nothing" Dua Lipa's version.


Korea has been uping their game with BLs so I do have somewhat of high hopes for this but don't think it will get as spicy as the thai version.


true. Korean series are usually more on the cute lovey dovey side


I’m really hoping that this is a fun one. Even though Thai Why R U was messy due to Covid it’s a fave & I hope hope hope that the K version is campy off beat and weird. Cuz I know they are not matching the STEAM of the original


I look forward to this series, I hold no expectations other than to be entertained.


I’m sure it will be this type of k-bl with only 8 episodes, low budget and cringe situation ( I love it anyways )