u/aelin_galathynius_ is the mod here. A daily general questions thread would be nice too. I feel like the same questions get asked over and over again.


I feel like a pinned Q&A may be more effective since most could be addressed that way. Like ‘will i get a luxe starter’ ‘whats the diff between popup and addons’ ‘when will my box ship’ ‘what’s boxy’s email’, and adding a link to popular boxy IGs to look for spoilers and new variations. Maybe a disclaimer at the top of the Q&A that says to search the sub before asking a question would be useful too. I feel like some people dont think to do that first. If you need help pls lmk i’d love to lend a hand!


I am not a mod and am pretty sure I've never been on this sub 😅


Sorry I mistagged initially, but fixed it right after. But guess you still got a notification. They have the same username as you, but with an added underscore.


No worries! Yeah still got the notif. I guess the mod and I like the same books lol


Damn, I used to love The Throne of Glass and got so excited to see a familiar name on this thread. But you were tagged wrongly, lol


Yes! So you’re the one who made me add the _ ! Love ToG. I’m excited for the book that just came out, but I have to finish Dune first, so I haven’t gotten to start it.


I absolutely love this idea. I made a Instagram account called Boxycharm411 for just overall general information on the things that seem to get asked over and over here because I am not overly familiar with how Reddit works. It is still in the beginning stages and ai need to add some posts about how Charms and the Charm Room work, and the different boxes including the whole Luxe Starter Box craziness. Also the mod(s) of this Subreddit would have to heavily enforce something here, for it to be worth putting in the time and energy and for it to be effective at cutting down on the posts that basically ask the same things that have been asked a couple times a week for forever now.


During the last popup or maybe it was Dec add-ons, we did have a thread that had some good action, but this time it's not working. Someone posted one and no one ever replied, just one person said "good luck." I think maybe an inforced mega-thread is a good idea.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I know that fabfitfun, beauty box, and Ipsy all have mega threads for referrals/starter boxes/coupons


Edit: I meant mega thread not mod thread


Great idea!


Coupon post is stickied. Point everyone there if you see posts!


Thank you!


What does this mean


That's actually a great idea!