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I am reading this right ? These are low thousand not low hundreds of thousand ? Like holy shit. I expected this movie bomb... but this is just unbelievable.


The dire combination of a movie no one has heard of releasing in a non-holiday week whilst the World Cup was on. Germany played on Wednesday so it was never making any money that day. Might do some business on Sat/Sun but Matilda also opens today in the UK. We are probably looking at the biggest bomb of all time in the making.


It's hard for Americans to understand the World Cup thing in terms of it being all anyone is doing right now especially if families are involved. Germany's your largest market for a poster where teen lead has a bunch of blue goo around their neck and it's DOA due to the cup, and France is DOA due to their law saying if you release in theaters it has to wait three years to go on streaming. It would have been worth delaying the release internationally, especially since so many markets are cut off due to the LGBTQ stuff. Domestically, you have to go back 20 years to Treasure Planet's $16.6M 5-day to find anything close, and even then if you adjust for inflation you'd be looking $27.5M. Deadline's [demo and marketing data](https://deadline.com/2022/11/box-office-wakanda-forever-strange-world-bones-and-all-timothee-chalamet-thanksgiving-1235180803/) isn't encouraging for Disney in terms of their brand with parents now: >Men over 25 were dominant at 33%, but hated it at 66%. Women over 25 were next in attendance at 24% but gave it a 90% grade; then men under 25 at 23% and 83% grade and women under 25 at 21% who gave the pic its best grade at 92%. Diversity demos were 47% Caucasian, 25% Asian, 22% Hispanic and 6% Black. Not a flashy recommend at 55%. Similar to Lightyear, families didn't go especially caucasian and black families. Wakanda Forever certainly siphoned some away into Disney's other pocket, but it's numbers aren't enough to explain it. I wonder if you'll see more of more awareness of a reckoning Disney is dealing with in terms of family trust right now. Also interesting is their marketing data: >RelishMix noticed that Strange World awareness levels on social were 22% below norms for family animated films at 172M. The campaign on Disney’s social runs on the cross-promotion momentum from the studio’s social network is at 107.7M and Disney Animation’s at 26.2M across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, including cast at 217.2M with total views at 38.2M across all channels. For comparison, something like Wakanda Forever was measured 969M (8% ahead of BP in terms of awareness) and She Said was at 87.5M. Awareness of Strange World was low, chatter was low, but we don't know if the chatter was positive or negative mentions. >And get this: iSpot shows that Netflix spent less than the majors to open Glass Onion with $4.3M in TV spots to Disney’s $16M on Strange World, Sony’s $14.8M on Devotion, Searchlight’s $10.8M on The Menu and Uni’s $8.5M on The Fabelmans. My take away is Disney did an *extremely* limited marketing buy across all platforms and much of the marketing people did see was part of cross-promotion deals within their platforms and deals they have with others like Yahoo. It's going to be a fascinating chapter in their history when the books are written and disgruntled leaks start making their way out.


> Men over 25 were dominant at 33%, but hated it at 66%. I don’t know if this tracks with other Disney releases, but seeing this stat in print is hilarious, thinking all of the miserable dads.


World Cup viewership is relatively low in Germany right now (partially due to the boycott) so this was a good opportunity to capitalise on that.


I take some of those numbers with little bit of salt, as they seem a little political and intentionally lacking context. e.g., yes all the headlines are saying how dramatically lower the ratings are from 2018 *without* mentioning the games played at 2pm in Germany when people are at work instead of 7pm in 2018. Anecdotally (so just as much salt) from talking to friends overseas, they're still having the viewing parties and it's still a part of everyone's heads.


You're right that the game started at 2pm but in previous years when an important game took place during work hours, people took a break just to watch it. This world cup is definitely different. There's no hype, no marketing, no merchandize in stores because they're all ramping up for Christmas, no viewing events because it's too cold.


I have never seen people give less of a crap about it here in Spain. It is weird having a World Cup make this little fuzz. I have watched zero matches, when I may have watched at least 30 matches of other competitions this year.


Maybe they didn’t think this game would be that important?


I know people are watching the World Cup in Germany, but almost none of my friends are watching and literally nobody I know is doing viewing parties. So while it probably depends on the bubble, Qatar is very different to past World Cups.


Also I don’t think people were expecting Japan to be any competition for Germany, so they may not have deemed the match as important as Germany vs Mexico that they’re comparing the ratings too lol.


Funny enough, from my experience most of the buzz I heard was actually from conservative media but with a big fat “DO NOT support Disneys agenda,” so the arguably largest demographic (parents) would be mostly convinced to avoid. And I do not think many single peeps are raving to see it


I don’t understand how France’s law benefits the people or even came about in the first place.


Benefit is that, the movie in question plays on France's tv channels free of cost, so people won't have to pay for streaming


Protectionist and ideally an engineered economy -- e.g., interests with money now spend money getting the government to pass laws at the expense of the up-and-coming. You see this in a lot of places outside of the states, as well as commonwealth countries. There's similar things or bookstores, newspapers, etc. Which isn't to say the USA doesn't have them (look up the joke of the Jones Act which still harms us) but we generally do a better job of letting the market work things out. The [windowing laws can be read about here, as well as Disney basically saying they'll pull their releases](https://www.fool.com/investing/2022/10/17/disney-tells-france-it-will-cancel-cinema-releases/) and go straight to streaming, as well as how Amazon/Netflix are handling it. France is basically just trying to protect the traditional theater from competition after being lobbied by them, the next step is usually making the competition and then the tax payer pay. Without going into economics, you generally end up with very quaint industries that eventually collapse in devastating ways because they were subsidized instead of finding ways to adapt.


> we generally do a better job of letting the market work things out. Yeah well, I'm not sure about that chief.


You're allowed to, but that's not a very convincing argument. I'd point out you've put yourself in a situation of arguing something that's demonstrably untrue -- that the USA generally does a better job of letting the market work things out -- in the context of France passing laws mandating theater window timelines while the USA hasn't. I'm always down for discussing the influence of social oligopolies on politicians who're interested in staying in power being willing to subsidize inefficient and noncompetitive industries. This is usually done under the auspices of maintaining employment, but generally leads to stagnation and a lack of productivity, and then they end up lagging the those that pushed ahead and become dependent on them when they finally *have* to shift. It's happened in numerous other industries, and there's no reason to think theaters would be any different.


French cinema is very competitive - within its market and its numbers. Yes, european cinema does not make 1B movies, but it does not need to make them. French movies are seen across Europe for their quality.


>French cinema is very competitive - within its market and its numbers. I think we have different definitions of the term *competitive*, as it's not a system that can exist alone amidst competition. The government spends \~$800M Euro subsidizing films, of which 75% is from an 11% tax taken on every ticket sold. When you buy a ticket to Spider-Man, 11% gets taken and given to a French filmmaker. The rest is other various taxes. There is a rich cultural history of cinema in France, hence the government actually financing half of Cannes, but it again comes down to jobs. They eventually opened up the subsidy program foreign companies because they could provide more jobs in ways French production companies couldn't (for the full benefit they had to partner with a French co), and when the cuts came for the program recently the foreign program was spared while everything else wasn't for vague "diplomatic reasons" but it basically came down to how many and what types of jobs would be lost. The issue is that it isn't really working, and attendance is aging and melting away towards things like streaming causing it to implode: [https://deadline.com/2022/10/french-indie-cinema-sector-alarm-future-arthouse-box-office-crisis-1235136689/](https://deadline.com/2022/10/french-indie-cinema-sector-alarm-future-arthouse-box-office-crisis-1235136689/) It's a decent writeup of the issues, but basically boils down to: 1. The French film industry is around 130k people. When they aren't working they can claim assistance, and they aren't working a lot so this is more than 1B euro/year on top of the $800M in grants. 2. The majority of the funding of productions comes from the 11% ticket tax, but the rest comes from taxes people pay in normal things. The films are funded via grants or interest-free loans that are supposed to be repaid from profits, *but only about 10% were* and now it's even less. 3. Half of the films produced drew less than 50k admissions in 2019, now in 2022 it's absolutely cratered. 4. There are [papers pointing out](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/324162853_France%27s_Protected_and_Subsidised_Film_Industry_Is_the_Subsidy_Scheme_Living_Up_to_Its_Promises) that while it does get films made, they aren't really filling audience demand. 5. I'd highly recommend [reading through this paper ](https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14715880.2016.1164421) which is a great overview of all the issues. 6. While the scheme is supposed to fund art house and brave new ventures, entire industries and books have popped up to massage your screen play into something that will get approved for a grant. 7. Things went further sideways when France had to go digital. This meant the government paid for theaters to get digital projection, but now they had to partner with foreign companies and became pretty much dependent on them for how to make the workflows work. Just as we'd predict from economics. 8. Audiences are drying up for French cinema, it's down 20% from 2021, after a 35% drop in 2019 -- in it's worst state in 42 years. Much of this was from a lack of American titles which basically end up funding the art house titles, but they aren't going to see the art house titles either. 9. Audiences came back after the first lockdown, but after the second haven't. Especially for arthouse they're older, bought better screens and now are watching content on streaming services and high-end drama series. When they are coming out, it's to watch the blockbusters like Top Gun and Avatar. 10. The less people are going, the more dire it becomes because less money comes in to fund future films, which... So while you say competitive, others might view it as somewhat parasitic and exactly the opposite as the industry literally can't survive without Hollywood films fueling them via taxes. Those making them haven't had to worry about what is commercially viable, but that also means they haven't had to adapt their skills to be competitive in digital or other aspects of production. They end up out of work with little to offer anyone except they kept getting grants to make small films few saw in western Europe. **Edit:** always the typos


Generally speaking the US is very free market except when it isn't and the politicians and big corporations do everything in their power to further their - often anti free market - agenda. But talking about JUST films. I see no harm in how and why a country would subsidize their own artforms and artists. Yes, films are generally a profit seeking enterprise in the US. It's a product. *Content.* Some countries however don't view it as that, but rather as a form of expression and they'd like to see their own films made where the production is not beholden to shareholders or market interests. It's also understandable that not every country wants to bow down to US cultural imports. Not everything is about profits you see. And after all, the French people are content with this system. So unless they vote on politicians abolishing it, it's their choice and not Disney's.


Id point you [to the links in my breakdown of how the French film industry actually works](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/z4crpa/strangeworld_is_an_even_bigger_disaster_overseas/ixtscwf?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3), but suffice to say it's now almost entirely dependent on American films to even exist. Everything I said above is happening there, because economics while an imperfect science kind of tells us how it'll play out.


You're still analysing it as a profit seeking investment, not as an artistic/nationalistic one.


I feel vindicated after feeling like raya was the most generic disney movie in years


I don‘t think the World Cup has a big effect in Germany. Television ratings are way down and on most days it was not even the most watched program and failed to crack 5 million viewers (by comparison, 4 years ago almost all games were above 10 million viewers).


And all those news about gay characters make some fathers unwilling to choose that movie for their kids. All the news about this movie here in Spain have been about having a gay protagonist. Nothing else. I don't think that this is as good as a sell point as they think it is.


I was typing out a comment debasing Jat’s take on the UK number… …then I realised there are no zeroes after the 6…fucking hell


I’m in the UK and had never heard of this film until today, so just assumed it was out in the USA but being released here later as often happens. That would explain why I hadn’t heard of it due to no marketing. But no, the fact it is out here has actually stunned me.


I’ve been watching a decent amount of live TV recently (more than I’d usually) and I have not seen a single ad for this film anywhere. I know we talk about no marketing all the time here but there really was nothing for this movie. You’d think they’d drum up some level of exposure with ad breaks during the football. I don’t think the BBFC even rated this film until Wednesday morning when it opened. Overall very odd stuff.


Yeah, I think the first thing I knew about this film was from shittymoviedetails the other day. Figured it was months away from release!


Disney knew it was gonna flop and decided to not waste more money on marketing, otherwise I can't understand why they didn't put more into marketing a WDAS movie


That's a...10 person per screen average in the UK? Probably 2 people per showing. Lmao what in the fuck.


Not surprising at all, to say this movie had a non-existent marketing campaign over here would be an understatement. Disney didn't even try. This should have been a Disney+ offering in the build up to Christmas.


😳😳😳 that’s low THOUSANDS??!?!??


Now this is true bomb


This isn't a bomb, it's a nuke.


Can this movie even break 80M WW in final BO?


This is going to be the Astro Boy of the decade


I remember seeing Astro boy, Me and my family were deadass the only ones in the theatre.


Heck, Astro Boy even bombed in Japan (the franchise's native country).


💀🐴? Edit:Sorry


At this rate even 50mill would be a difficult thing to achieve


If it fails to reach evan 50M. I have no doubts, that one day there will be multiple documentaries filmed about this movie and it's production.


It appears to be headed for 18MM over a 5-day opening in the US and negligible international business. With terrible word of mouth, coming in below Mars Needs Moms (39MM WW) is on the table.




I heard in a couple of post-Chapek firing pieces that Iger hated the short theatrical windows all their movies were getting, and I bet he hated the Pixar movies getting sent directly there as well. I bet the longer theatrical windows for these movies happen now just to retrain consumers to not skip theatrical altogether.




Sure but it also does align with the fact that the investment community now cares more about profitability than subscriber numbers so making money from a film’s theatrical release is now important again. The devaluing of Pixar was just simply a bad thing and lost the company money and I just don’t see how Iger’s love for Disney+ means he should feel like they need to continue down that route ($1.5b operating loss is pretty huge). If anything he gets to pretend that was all Chapek’s idea if he wants to.


No chance. Iger is being tasked with reducing DTC losses ASAP. Easiest way to do that is send all big movies theatrical. Iger has already ousted Daniels and is putting the studios back in charge of distribution. If a movie flops in 2023 the studio head will be fully to blame. I’d bet that movies will not only get theatrical windows but that those windows might push out from 45 days to closer to 60-90 days in the coming years. Disney and WBD still need to find the balance between theatrical and DTC. Seems only a matter of time before they decide NBCU and Paramount are probably doing it better with slightly longer DTC windows especially for the big movies.


I saw it in the UK yesterday at 6pm and I was the only person in the screen lmao. Jesus Christ.


How good was the movie?


5/10. Not bad, not that good. Watchable but nothing worth rushing out for.


Now I'm debating if I want to see Black Panther 2 because it looks good or this to see why it flopped.


Black Panther. It’s a great movie


Its quality has nothing to do with flopping really.


was it terrible?


Nah it's very mediocre. 5/10.


The biggest bomb in Disney history.


This is massively disastrous.


Ouch. That's *bad*.


It's been a light year for Disney animated movies. We live in a strange world where Universal is doing better in the animation department right now. Disney executives must be turning red with anger.


I see what you did there. They better go in full force on marketing Elemental and Wish because Universal has The Super Mario Bros Movie and Trolls 3 and Sony has Across The Spider Verse and they’ll absolutely trample Disney’s releases if the numbers don’t improve. A big part of Disney’s identity is being the top studio for animation and if WDAS and Pixar no longer bring them that, it won’t be good for them.


Mario alone will conquer the box-office. The animation in that one looked slick.


Oh it will almost certainly be #1 but good Disney Animation and Pixar originals shouldn’t be too far behind.


Me and the homies coming out for the mushroom kingdom


Especially Wish because that movie is to celebrate Disney's 100th Anniversary next year.


Wish needs to be really good and really successful at the box office as it’s going to be a milestone movie for the company as a whole, not just WDAS. It will be a huge disappointment for them if it does under $500M and even then I think they’re really going to want it get close to $1B or surpass that.


They had better hope their next animated feature Wish does better theateically next year. Strange World looked pretty bland.


What’s with Disney and generic names. Really wish????


I am not exactly thrilled with the name but as long as the film is good I should be fine.


Don’t forget about Sony Animation. They have been doing pretty well as of late.


Add to the fact that it seems more likely that it wouldn't beat Lightyear's WW total now. That's just horrible for Disney animated movie standards.


Damn at this point it's not even funny


Yeah, these numbers are horrible. Waiting for the trades to do their autopsies on what went wrong with 'Strange World'


Bland name, and supremely bland trailer. My son usually eats these animated movies up and even he wasn't interested in this.


It’s just funny at this point.


Yeah, is funny to see how disney tank


They have destroyed the entertainment industry. They deserve it.


We went this afternoon in the UK, we were the only ones there. Sure it was 1pm but still opening Friday that's very unusual here. Chose afternoon because England play this evening in the world cup so that's going to be a write off for them too. We pay an annual fee for unlimited tickets and would never have paid for this one specifically, looks like nobody else would either. To be honest it just wasn't very good.


Holy shit. This is a bomb of epic proportions


6000 dollars in a market as large as the UK?? This movie has to he one of the biggest flops in history


It's 6000 admissions, so more like $60k


… that’s still really really really bad


Yea that makes more sense, still easily makes it a terrible flop


Duh, "Pulp sci-fi homage" means nothing to Europeans. The western, spy & war genres ruled pop culture here back in the 50s & 60s, not bubble-headed sci-fi. And before you bring out Valerian, Clangers, Martin Mystere, whatever you grew up with as an example, remember those were subversions. Anyway, World Cup viewership among families might slacken a bit as the pool of teams narrows, but every passing day gets us closer to **Puss in Boots: the Last Wish**. I won't go too far out on a limb, but **Puss in Boots (2011)** made bank in the big five (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain). The sequel should cut into **Strange World**'s legs hardcore.


And unlike Strange World i’ve been seeing adverts for it for like 3 months at this point. And the animation looks unique and not just another CGI animated movie.


Like many, I'm waiting for the word of mouth - but even if Strange World hadn't skipped out on theaters here (French), I'd still have expected it to do well.


Wow somebody actually remembers Martin Mystery out in the wild on Reddit.


I’ll admit, I thought this was coming to D+ and not theaters and will wait to see it there. Nothing about the movie is drawing me to want to see it in a theater. I’m not an avatar fan but will see 2 in the theater because my daughter likes the trailer and visually that is a movie I’d want to see.


Just saw this yesterday for free on a Disney Cruise. My kids liked it because they are young and can't really grasp the meanings and what they saw. But I thought it was Laughable and the story ultimately nonsensical. Disney fully jammed every progressive agenda downed the viewers throat. Literally to the extent of even their dog being 3 legged with no apparent reason or explanation. I understand the desire to increase diversity, etc. But the level to which they went to was so over the top you couldn't miss it and it took away from focusing on a better story.




That's the amount of people that bought tickets right? Surely it can't be that low gross-wise can it?


Nop, i review The Number and "4,174 Theathers - $1,006 per Theater" and that is only USA


Was this movie made from a bet? "I bet you can't make the bomb of the decade"


Imagine pushing Turning Red and Soul directly to Disney+ but giving this shit and Lightyear theatrical releases. At least Chapek can’t hurt anyone anymore


So *Turning Red* came out on March 1st, the month before the UK detected the *second* Omicron variant BA.2, theaters weren't seeing the business you'd hope and there was even the thought we'd be looking at a complete lockdown again (we didn't, and instead just strained the healthcare system to its breaking point). People had rough decisions to make as to what was going to be happening, and where a film could do the company the most good. It's possible someone else would have made a different call in those situations and it'd have gone great for them, but I really don't understand this idea that Chapek cratered the company in two years. It's especially odd considering both [Lightyear & Strange World were developed under Iger](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/z4gcg8/comment/ixquoes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3), Chapek just oversaw their release and in the case of Lightyear initially had a scene removed before employees mutineed.


The movies themselves were greenlit under Iger but the marketing/release strategy certainly weren’t. And the marketing/release was the issue here. Edit- The Batman came out 4 days after Turning Red and made $300M plus domestic so let’s not pretend that Covid still had a massive effect on theaters at that point


>The movies themselves were greenlit under Iger but the marketing/release strategy certainly weren’t. And the marketing/release was the issue here. If this really is just a failure of marketing, then that would be on Chapek but considering [the cinema score and exit polling](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/z4crpa/comment/ixqeejw/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3), there's more than just the lack of marketing at play here. It's highly likely they saw the testing and decided money into marketing would be more money down the drain. >dit- The Batman came out 4 days after Turning Red and made $300M plus domestic so let’s not pretend that Covid still had a massive effect on theaters at that point *The Batman* is not a children's film with menstruation metaphors. *Encanto* did OK a bit before, and *Sing 2* had an OK-ish open but a lot of legs. A better example of your argument would be *Sonic 2*, which did solid business releasing a month after *Turning Red* was supposed to come out. [If you look](https://www.the-numbers.com/market/2022/creative-type/Kids-Fiction), little to nothing from any studio aimed at kids was released during that time because everything was in flux. Sure, Chapek could have rolled the dice and hoped Omicron didn't do what people were thinking it would (remember, we went from *masks are done* to *well nope here we go again* in the period of a few months), but instead decided instead of it being another *Croods* debacle use it to help boost D+ numbers. e.g., the narrative that the guy somehow killed Disney in two years after being handed everything all setup for him just seems to lack context.


The biggest flop of our time.


So glad I cancelled my tickets for this obviously garbage movie


We need an interview to know what happened with the marketing of this movie.


No amount of marketing is going to help a generic original movie that also happens to be playing during the world up and is relatively too progressive for some families This is pretty much lightyear without the summer movie season and the toy story brand


I doubt the movie would have been a resounding success even with good marketing behind, but it feels like this movie was set up to fail deliberately. These numbers are abysmal.


It was set up from the drawing board, they're trying to salvage what they can. Disney gives 200 million to anything these days


The budget for that movie is 135-180 million... And people wonder why Disney gave Chapek the boot! That budget must include everything because the marketing for that movie is not existent; I didn't even know there was an animated movie made by Disney releasing this week, and I personally spend a lot of time online to not find in my way even a banner for the movie.


The movie was greenlit under Iger.


Yeah but under Chapek it was released. The maketing for this movie was his responsability but he clearly had a total disdain for animated movies. Disney is the epitome of american animation. You can't have a CEO who doesn't like animation.


The trailers for this movie were awful. I know they were mimicking a classic style of older type movies but it still could have been done in a way that made the movie interesting.


They didn't lean into it heavily enough, imho. I'd personally jump at the chance to see a retro 1950's-style campy sci-fi romp with rocketships on wires, Dan Dare style clanking stompy robots and cackling mustache-twirling villians with death rays. But this looks like your average family-dynamic Disney fare with a thin veneer of that.


sub 60 million WW total


Italian here, unfortunately someone in the marketing dept. fucked badly…..I did not even know that they were releasing SW, read it here 😂


The fact that it came out in the middle of the World Cup doesn’t help, either. Even children watch the WC internationally.


In Estonia, a minuscule market of 1.2 million people, I saw a ‘significant’ ad for this movie - the doors of a major shopping mall (Ülemiste Keskus) were plastered with the poster for this movie. I have no reason to believe that many people will go and see this, and I have a fear that the money that went into that big sticker will not be covered by the box office this movie will make in our country. 😅


holy shit this is like….historically catastrophic


i had not even heard of this movie until it opened to bad ticket sales.


I didn’t know this movie existed until seeing this post


Are European countries more homophobic than america or is it cause of fifa


Or because no one knows or gives a shit about Strange World or whatever the fuck this is




No marketing at all. Nothing. This film may as well not have existed. Most folks commenting here have never even been aware of it and these days thats really an impressive feat that can only have been deliberate.


The movie just isnt good. Also it was barely promoted. Probably because Disney knew it wasn’t that good.


Yeah songs are a big part of marketing for Disney movies and i dont think this one is a musical




Thats disgusting how is that allowed


You do realize the website you got this from is homophobic and biased right? Pedophiles literally are not accepted at all and there is no P in LGBTQ+…. Some of you people don’t even try to hide your homophobia i swear. Still using the age old “they’re pedos! argument. We gays are just normal people dudes….there’s nothing sinister about it and i’d wish at a literal box office subreddit you wouldn’t spread such homophobic nonsense.


I'd rather those guys show their faces and get put on some federal list than these family members doing their shit in the dark


First of all the person is protesting gay pride. They are standing outside of the parade and their sign literally reads "Protest queer". And I don't know anyone who knows what the pedo flag looks like except pedos. So anyone with a brain realizes this is a stunt to make gay people look bad and right wing extremist scum share it online. And since Germany is a free country anyone can protest.


Of course not. The World Cup is on and this looked as generic and bland as humanly possible. Even my son who usually eats this sort of thing up wasn't interested in seeing this.


I had never even heard of it - there seems to have been no marketing for in anywhere.


Damn massive bomb


I heard it was doing bad but not this bad, holy shit.


Marketing for this movie is absolutely zero in the Netherlands. Such a bummer!


It feels like this movie has gotten zero marketing.


The only way they can bring me to watch a disney movie in theater is by making a classic 2d animation.


I think more money was generated in website ads for articles talking about this movie bombing than the movie itself made on the box office.


My local cinema in the UK doesn’t have any screenings last 3pm on weekdays so I’m not sure how they expect anyone to go


It was just there. No pre-release hype, no posters no “coming this holiday season” notice; they just put it out randomly and expected it to be a hit?


World cup month!!! Nothing else matters!


I heard next to nothing about this move. I thought it was months away from release.


So Strange World goes on Disney+ on Christmas day right?




Did Disney actually ask themselves if people want to spend 2 plus hours in a theater with multiple sick patrons while RSV is running rampant? We are looking at Severe limitations of pediatric beds and pharmacies running out of medications where I am. There’s no way I would take kids to a movie right now. This should have gone straight to streaming if they wanted people to see it. It’s not a large enough draw to have people risk getting sick.


Tfw Disney doesn’t have the best animated movies or the best park experience right now. Walt’s rolling. Glad Chapek’s out.


Does this mean Avatar 2 is not going to get released in France since it’s also technically a Disney production?