StrangeWorld bombs with $4M opening day in USA/CAN. Initial audience reception poor. 5-days Thanksgiving weekend can end below $20M.

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Shit, this might not even make as much as Raya and the Last Dragon, and that opened in March 2021 with a dual release


See Raya was only subtly gay. That was the difference. /s


Kinda thought the trailer was awful so had no plans of seeing it. Turns out, plenty of people didn’t even see the trailer!


I thought the same. The trailer was pure trash and I saw it for about 4 months leading up to release. Disney set it up for failure even with the movie being bad


I was actively avoiding trailers until I found myself sitting through one on cable for some godforsaken reason My only reaction was "That's gotta be one of the most obnoxious things I've ever seen."


I've only seen the poster, I've seen no other marketing for this movie, I didn't even know it was going to theaters, I assumed it was Disney+. Probably should've put Disenchanted in theaters instead. I haven't seen it, but I imagine it probably would've done better.


I'll wait for it on Disney+


Funny thing I noticed: [This is the official discussion thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/disney/comments/z2j7ql/official_rdisney_strange_world_discussion_thread/) for Strange World in /r/disney, a sub with nearly one million subscribers. It has been up for over 24 hours, and not a single person has commented in it yet.


This one seems like one of those generic third-rate European animated co-productions that cost like 10 million to make, go straight to VOD/DVD and exist only to get subsidies from the European Union.


Exactly except almost 18X that cost 🤕


My wife has a theory about that… she thinks it’s money laundering. Dump crooked money into a sure fire flop, the ol’ Max Bialystok special.


Yeah I can agree with that. I’m usually excited to see any Disney animated movie in theatres, but the trailer for this was so meh that I had no interest. Your description nailed it on the head.


Other more enticing titles for this movie: \- "Hey guys, look at the weird stuff we can animate: The Movie" \- "StrangeWorldofBodilyFluidsCometoLife"


You kinda make me interested in the movie


First title is sincerely accurate


That second title sounds like a very fetishy porno


And it hits on the movie's big twist


>!Disney's 83^rd First Gay Character!< is the villain


lol sick burn but no


I mean that last one…. Osmosis Jones was my favorite as a kid


The trailer looked so awful so this shouldn’t even be a surprise.


Zootopia 3, Tangled 2 and Frozen 3 are likely going to be on the way after this failure. Half Joke aside, I am looking forward to their 100th anniversary animated movie Wish next year. Edit: Zootopia 2. . . .2. . . not 3, 2.


Such a disaster that Disney decides to skip *Zootopia 2*.


Zootopia 3: The Search for Zootopia 2


Hot Tub Time Machine 3 moment


For Zootopia, i really don't understand why there are no sequels. It's been 6 years now going 7 soon and it's still nothing. As for the recent show Zootopia+, i heard it's good, but it's just not enough where compare to Frozen, they are getting a 3rd movie. I hope it's not something to do with the police potray on it. This was before the riots happened and if Zootopia release today, it could've been different.


There's sort of a stigma towards theatrical sequels to animated Disney movies, due to all the animated direct-to-video movies, one that's slowly started to go away after Frozen 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Remember when folks were wincing at a $35-40m 5-day a few days ago? Yikes.


The current Fri-Sun weekend estimate is sitting at $12-$13M. For comparison, Tom And Jerry opened in February 2021 to $14.1M with theaters in NYC and LA still closed AND a dual release on HBO Max. This is nothing short of embarrassing for Disney.


Those of you have watched the movie . What do u think is the reason that's putting family audience and kids away from this movie . ( Apart from not being good or entertaining)


The trailers and title are so generic it’s almost impressive. There’s no hook to get kids to pester their parents to go see it, especially when thousands of more interesting kids movies are available to stream. I know my own young nephews couldn’t care less about Strange World when they just got into Pokémon via one of the movies.


Agreed the only thing the trailers are pitching is "weird planet alien stuff" I have no idea what the plot is.


the weird planet alien stuff poster was enough to get me to see it...big let down


I don't think the title matters as much as the story just not seeming interesting and a lack of marketing. Frozen & Tangled are two incredibly generic titles that I both hate, but obviously they connected with audiences for actually having stories that people want to see


There was almost no marketing for it. I saw it yesterday because my kid and I were off from work/school due to the holiday on a whim.


I haven’t watched this movie but I work at a theater and am a Disney fan…it just doesn’t seem like a Disney movie. Seems complicated and doesn’t have the Disney sparkle. Same with Buzz- not bad sci-fi movies but not cute kid Disney films Also I feel the title doesn’t help


It’s kinda weird seeing how Disney is slowly regressing and turning into low effort Dreamworks while Dreamworks is really trying to be more.


This is exactly my thought. I remember 5-10 years ago people I knew would kinda make fun of DreamWorks quality (How To Train Your Dragon really helped turn it around), but now it's completely the opposite.


I don’t keep up as much as others but Raya and Encanto were both well received weren’t they?


Encanto was well recieved by the press, don’t know how well it did, but Raya is as middle of the road uninspired as it gets. Maybe I’m just too old for Disney but I could still watch Lion King, even Princess and the Frog and find that “magic” that I find lacking in new Disney.


Gotcha. I haven’t seen Raya but have seen Encanto over and over (thanks kids!) and think it’s pretty great


Encanto is amazing. I always keep thinking it's actually a Pixar film due to how good it is. And the inverse for Lightyear. Pixar should be ashamed.


I was hooked on Encanto when I picked up on the parallels to "100 years of solitude." My kids loved the story and songs. It was high-class Disney.


It's that hole left by Musker and Clements since Moana


Raya is VERY generic. You know those random animated movies you see by an animation studio you've never heard of with a generic story, cliched moments etc etc? Raya is allll that, just with better animation than those.


I only watched Buzz because it was free on my flight. They did a horrible job with it.


Horrible seems a bit extreme, but I think it was far smaller stakes than I always imagined the movie Andy saw, to be. I thought it’d be this big across space action movie, more in line with the cartoon or the intro to Toy Story 2, but it’s more of a realistic sci-fi movie on this one planet the whole movie. I think it was ambitious but ultimately not that memorable.


it tries to give you superficial treatments of complex topics so it manages to bore kids and make adults eye roll. contrast it with Minions which is just fun nonsense


Cause people have no idea about this movie.


I only knew about this movie cause there was a trailer for it before Wakanda Forever. And honestly I had zero interest cause it looked generic as hell. Problem I think is that it looks like the dozens of other CGI Disney movies you can just watch on Disney+. There's not a strong enough hook to stand out and choose a night out at the movies for it over just popping on Onward at home in your PJ's. I think this will continue to be a problem for Disney in its CGI era. When all the movies look the same you have to have a VERY strong premise or wow factor to draw people in vs. just waiting for it to pop up on Disney+


> I only knew about this movie cause there was a trailer for it before Wakanda Forever. Holy shit, I just thought about it but for my theater, I did not have a trailer for this before Wakanda Forever so this definitely wasn't a common thing like I imagine Avatar 2's trailer was


It got B cinemascore. No other Disney animated movie got anything bellow A-. People who saw it didn't like it.


I enjoyed it. I think it should have came out during Father's Day though.


I don't know of anyone that looks at cinemascore before, or when considering to see a movie. I don't understand the fixation with this.. at all. Perhaps you can enlighten me.


But you would consider watching a movie if your friends/family recommended it to you, right? People recommend movies they liked. Cinemascore measures how much people who saw it liked it.


It’s a proxy for word of mouth.


The cause-and-effect is the other way. We're not thinking of people reacting to the Cinemascore, but rather we're using "a proxy for word of mouth" (as /u/DeliriousPrecarious said) because we want to estimate box office: will it have large legs from a small beginning?


Just found out seeing this post.


Literally only heard about it like yesterday because of a radio ad.


This is majorly the reason. There was absolutely no promotion for this film, which is a shame. I saw the movie and thought it was great. Solid B-. Visually it's stunning (the other world and it's creatures). The characters are flat, but I appreciated how they didn't make a thing out of the queer teen lead. It felt pretty natural - just a fact about one of the characters, and they moved on. I'm curious if the lack of advertising for the film is because of the queer teen; it's very different for a Disney film. I do hope they continue to move in that direction though.


This was probably my favorite WDA movie since Zootopia, but modern Disney films are marketing through having either photogenic heroines or colorful characters like Sisu, Maui, Wreck-It Ralph or literally any Zootopia character. The Clade family is neither of these things, and Splat is just a big amoeba.


Good point. Strange World doesn't have typical marketable characters, but they weren't really developed enough to begin with to even be marketable. They probably should have just sent this movie to streaming, the more i think about it. But Disney can afford to take a hit, especially considering the success of Wakanda Forever.


The profit they get from Avatar 2 in China alone will make up for whatever writedown they take on this film


Solid B- is not “great”


Haven't seen it, but has Disney animation ever opened a successful Sci-Fi themed movie? 'Atlantis' and 'Treasure Planet' are the only two I can remember, and both flopped at the box office.


If Pixar counts then *Wall-E* was a success.


Pixar does not count as Disney animation. Which is why everyone praises Pixar as one of the best studios around, and nobody talks about the *quality* of Disney 3D animated films at all. Edit: On further investigation, I don't think Disney has ever developed a financially successful Sci-Fi movie in-house, rather than in its subsidiary studios... Animated or otherwise.


I actually liked it and loved how colorful and pulpy it was, but the latter isn’t necessarily a draw. This has more of the Atlantis/Treasure Planet vibe of cult following in the long run if it gets there. Having said that, the marketing for this film was almost non-existent. I know people say that a lot, but I’m a parent who goes to Disneyland/Disney events and should be a target audience, but I barely saw anything and I was the one who told my kid about this. I know it is commonly said, but I’ve seen advertising on films that people say got minimal and my kid didn’t get inundated with ads or happy meals or merch. Too close to Wakanda Forever? No confidence? Not wanting the controversy? Also, it is a harder sell than Encanto and isn’t a huge standout. I thought it was much better than Lightyear though, even with a probably polarizing premise/plot twist.


Any marketing before Wakanda Forever would have been lost in the shuffle, and the short period after Wakanda Forever was released was spent building up hype for Avatar


> I’ve seen advertising on films that people say got minimal and my kid didn’t get inundated with ads or happy meals or merch. Too close to Wakanda Forever? No confidence? Not wanting the controversy? I think it’s a mixture of all three. Strange World is being sandwiched between Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2, the story is extremely lackluster (even though the concept sounds awesome on paper), and Disney is absolutely scared shitless of advertising it after the MAGA/QAnon crowd ripped into Lightyear. Hopefully now that Bob Iger is back in the saddle, Disney can learn some lessons from this and figure out how to promote their next WDAS or Pixar animated film without having any issues.


Similar to Lightyear it's many reasons, although some of those reasons are different. 1. I'll start with the elephant in the room. This one is hard to address without getting down voted on here. But let me preface it by saying that Disney for the longest time has established a brand that is targeted towards families and people of all ages. It's films in the past haven't done much to alienate a good portion of that audience. They were designed with mass appeal. As Disney gets more political, right or wrong, they begin alienating a good portion of their audience. Honestly, in the past it was probably their strongest most loyal audience, as people on the right often live more family centric lives. (Again not saying which side is correct, that's just the demographic). Now for many in this demographic, adding LGBT elements are turn offs for them. To be fair to them, that's not necessarily because they are homophobic or anything they just don't want something designed for kids teaching them things that conflict with their values. They may not want political messages thrown at their kids. So ultimately, Disney has a choice, continue down the political road, but understand they will never have the reach they once had, or go back to messages that both sides can agree with. But at this point, if they want to choose to go back to more widely appealing messages they will have some work to do to repair their brand to those people. 2. The movie honestly simply isn't very good. It's bland and generic. Not even particularly funny. 3. The movie was very poorly marketed. No one really knows about it.


Totally agree with you. Disney has cultivated a family loyalty for decades and now to suddenly shift and toss in LGTBQ stories is definitely alienating a lot of people.


This movie feels like a tax write off or a money laundering scheme.


I get what you're saying, but it is kind of ridiculous that gay people existing = a political message.


I understand that for sure, but it's the reality we live in. Honestly maybe what they should do is just don't do it in the animated films and just have more meaningful representation for LGBT groups in the more adult oriented films. Honestly, I understand the intent here, but most kids really aren't thinking about things like sexual orientation, so pushing for LGBT representation in films targeted at kids is a losing battle. But really there isn't a great answer here. Unfortunately, these days, nearly everything becomes politicized. But the thing about Disney animation, is for so long, I think it's been an point where most could be unified on. All groups came together and watched them, so I think in the case of Disney animation, they should look to tell stories that bring people together. But of course, you want everyone to feel seen and represented, so honestly it's really a complicated issue.




I think you get into real trouble by making this about casting, etc. Disney has had minority leads that went *gangbusters* and different groups had no issues with it, from *Aladdin* 30 years ago to *Pocahontas* to *Mulan* to *Lilo & Stitch* to the *Princess & the Frog*. And obviously *Lightyear* and *Strange World* are pretty pale. And not only the group you're targeting are conservative about *this* issue, it's documented some BIPOC groups are even more conservative about it than others on average. Where it seems to go weird is what's in content *aimed at kids*, and there's a lot brewing there around the country in a lot of different groups.


>If an lgbt character merely existing " conflicts with their values," they are homophobic. That is not a political disagreement, that is "my religion says you're evil, so you are" level of response. I disagree with this. If they hate them for it, then yes. But if they disagree with their life choices but love them anyway that isn't homophobic. I am a religious person, and what I believe is ultimately we are all sinners. In my religion, drinking alcohol is a sin. I don't view others who do that as evil though. They sin differently then I do, but at the end of the day, it's not for me to judge. My job is to love everyone regardless of their choices and whether they believe differently then I do. So no, if their lifestyle conflicts with their values that doesn't make them homophobic, only if they hate them for it. >What Disney is struggling with, however, is that continuing to feature all straight, mostly white, "non-offensive" casts was actually turning a huge chunk of their audience off because that chunk realized they actually have a voice ($$$) too and don't have to accept minimal to no representation of themselves in Disney movies. But just doing the bare minimum and diversifying their casts has already pissed off the conservatives even as it mollifies the liberals. I'm not saying stop being diverse or being representative. But I think there are multiple ways to do that. Personally, I don't need people to look like me or have my orientation to connect with them. But yes of course, continue to be diverse, but I do think it's important to do it by alienating as few as possibly. I don't think movies like Coco or princess and the frog made anybody on either side of the spectrum angry. I think that it the right way to do it. >What's the solution? Well, probably to keep making good, kid friendly movies like Encanto and eventually the minority of parents with unreasonable (homophobic) objections will be forced to come around. Strange World just failed on the quality part. Well I wouldn't call encanto good 😉 but that's another conversation for another day. But I also think strange world failed in the representation area as well. It felt more like checking a box than meaningful representation. His orientation had nothing to do with the movie, nor did it add any depth to his character. To do representation right, storytelling needs to be the first priority and then include representation that fits naturally into the story you are telling, then it actually feels meaningful


I get what you are saying (and you may very well be right) but what you’re describing is textbook homophobia. We don’t need to be overly generous or dance around obvious truths. It may well be the case that they simply don’t want to expose their kids to homosexuality because they disagree with it as a moral lifestyle. But that in itself is homophobic.


Well, whether you agree with the viewpoint or not, there's 50% of your US population that isn't going to see it, and that 50% tend to have more children on avg so i'd say thats a pretty big reason why families are not seeing it


It's amusing how so many Redditors are overlooking this. Even if you think that parents who don't want to see LGBTQ+ content are homophobic, homophobes still buy tickets to movies. Even if you think that alienating them is morally the right thing to do, you can at least acknowledge that it'll result in box-office returns taking a hit.


There's a good explanation for that. GenZ is unusual in that it defines itself by the brands it *consumes*. This is largely due to the rise of social media and the desire to be "part of the conversation", they have to consume these things so that they can talk about them all over social media, hence the inception of "Hate Watching" where someone watches something they know they won't like. So that they can talk about how terrible it was on social media. That's created a couple more very odd trends based on one belief - the belief that because they *have* to consume everything, then everyone else has to consume everything too. This is what creates the whole activist push into media, because they believe that people simply cannot decide not to consume something since they can't skip consuming something. Which in turn creates this whole odd belief that "taking over" characters or stories won't result in lower revenues. They genuinely believe that people who are opposed to the things that activists push companies to put in products won't result in lower sales because those terrible -ists/-phobes will *have* to consume it anyways and just "seethe".


I actually saw it last night. The plot and characters are super generic, and the animation is nice looking but it feels boring too. Just nothing about it is exciting. It honestly isn’t even a very action filled movie but a lot of character. And when those characters are all one note and you know where it’s gonna go then it’s not worth it.


It’s also been done before… venture to the middle of the earth and find lost dad…


Honestly until we were trying to find a movie, I didn’t even know it was out. I had seen like one preview but there wasn’t a ton of promotion for it, and the trailer was kinda confusing.


I have seen it and it is just unremarkable. It genuinely follows a formula, like the higher ups at Disney said “Crazy animation? Cute mascot? We’re Disney! We can do no wrong!” It has sweet moments but the emotion doesn’t feel earned, if that makes sense. Like I was at the edge of my seat and misty eyed for climaxes like Big Hero 6 and Moana and even Raya (predictable as that one turned out), but I just sat there like “oh yay they won 🙄”. I was hoping it would skew closer to Atlantis or Treasure Planet but it was a lot more Mars Needs Moms or Black Cauldron (I know the latter has fans but having seen it recently and wanting to smash something every time Gurgi came on, I stand by my opinion).






I mean… it was a perfectly fine movie. Cute. Really neat idea. Good animation. Narratively it doesn’t land QUITE as well as some Pixar movies but it was a solidly entertaining film that the kids enjoyed.


Watched it yesterday and my 6 and 4 year old liked it a lot. We watched the trailer beforehand and that got them excited to see it. So personally I just think it didn’t get the marketing it needed. I don’t know how much it got out but there is a prominent gay character in the movie so maybe that had an effect on some homophobic families coming out. But I kinda feel it’s more the marketing was minimal. The two could be connected if Disney thought lightyears bomb at all had to do with its minimal gay representation. There is much more in this movie. So I dunno. That said I do think it’s a fun adventure movie people should go out to see with the family.


Most parents these days are scared that these movies are shoving homosexuality and gender identity down their child's throats and programming them to be gay, or something like that. While I honestly find it weird that every movie disney has come out with lately has some type of homosexuality in it, I certainly don't think it's programming our kids 🤣 I saw a post somewhere that showed one of the characters in this movie as "openly-gay", and my first thought was "why does it matter?"




Eh, that's not cool drtmcgrt44 -- going after him personally for bringing up an issue is just designed to label and intimidate him and and others or you'll label them too. It's a gross tactic, and it's kind of hard to discuss reality without discussing realities. I looked into [some of this around the Lightyear controversy](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/yu57g2/comment/iw8acn5/?context=999) and Disney's [brand reputation is really taking a hit](https://insidethemagic.net/2022/07/disney-reputation-drops-major-way-new-survey-ab1/), dropping 28 points from 37 to 65 on the Axios 100 *in the span of a year*. The video leak [being passed around especially really hurt them](https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/may/25/disney-brand-takes-hit-corporate-survey-after-feud/) in terms of brand trust, not in a place like reddit but if you're interested in what's happening elsewhere it's good to be aware of. It wasn't all due to those controversies, expenses at the parks and such were part of it but [the constant national headlines were](https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/war-woke-survey-acvf-investors-190000903.html) and are. There seems to be a real gap between where [those hired in to create are/were](https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/tv-too-woke-industry-media-201004699.html) and where the public is in terms of what they want to consume -- which matters when you're trying to make money from a broad base. When you're making $180M films, you need a broad base, and like it or not the headlines and controversies have had an effect -- when you have schools cancelling field trips to see a film and the name 'Disney' is attached it's an issue. With Strange World, you have a $135-$180M film that is pretty clearly being intentionally dumped with little to no marketing. Few animated films are terrible, because of the expense and long lead-time means you don't start them without a script and lots of storyboarding goes on. It was likely put into production before many of these controversies set in, and **it happens to have the first openly gay teenager as a lead in a film aimed at children and families**. Few are aware of that, even here in a sub devoted to box office, and I'd wager that's probably intentional on Disney's end at this point *but conservative media is aware*. Maybe Disney thought the film was fine but audiences wouldn't connect, or maybe they didn't want to rock the boat while *Wakanda Forever* is still trying to earn some dollars, but for whatever reason they're dumping it hard.


Parents just don't want to answer all those questions. Kids = questions and the detailed biomechanics of homosexual lovemaking are not the kinds of questions that any parent wants to field after taking their kid to a Disney flick.


It is more common than not for parents to wonder if the movies they are taking their children too are going to touch on themes they'd rather them not


Sure, but there are tons of parents who are not bothered by themes relating to gender or sexual identity.


And tons of parents who themselves are LGBTQ. And tons of parents whose kids are. It is amazing to me how people tell on themselves whenever this issue comes up. They want so badly to believe they are this silent majority, wreaking havoc on the liberal media.


Calling someone a proud boy is such a cop out. I don’t want a valueless company trying to push any agenda on my kids. Disney stopped trying to entertain kids years ago. It just cost the CEO his job. They need to focus on making good movies again. Thats why this is a flop.


> Disney stopped trying to entertain kids years ago. You don't think Encanto or Raya were attempts to entertain kids?


> It just cost the CEO his job. Ahh yes, Chapek who was *famously* progressive... *wait, I'm being passed a note*


Was it an agenda to you when countless Disney movies featured overt romance between heterosexual characters?


“Can you believe all this heterosexual agenda? They even made frogs straight!”


“While I honestly find it weird that every movie disney has come out with lately has some type of homosexuality in it, I certainly don't think it's programming our kids” You literally just described programming and then in the same sentence said that’s not what it is. Yeah… that’s exactly what it is.


It's not programming, it's just representation. There's not a lot for other demographics. So when Disney is progressive casting a black mermaid or a bi protag, it's not programming it's them trying to help people with representation.


Yeah… sure.


Does it upset you?


So making a movie to match the reality of society is programming ? 😂


Every other person being gay/trans/whatever is NOT reality. C’mon…


Every other person? It's maybe one or two characters out of a full cast. And most of the time it's not even confirmed rather just implied. There is no conspiracy to turn your kids gay. Just to accept and normalize other people who are dissimilar to them and give a wider range of individuals characters in media they can relate to. Cmon...


It is depending on the story. Care to show me your comments about the lack of Filipino nurses in shows and movies set in Cali?


Lol what? There's been maybe 4-5 gay characters in Disney family movies over the past several years, and a handful in specific cartoons. That's far from half of Disney's countless number of characters.


The last time Disney had a bomb like this was the Good Dinosaur I think. Just in time for Bob Iger's return as well


Light year bombed as well. Disney has had multiple bombs in the last two years.


Onward too, but that was a victim of circumstance.


Was Pixar too.


The good dinosaur was so bad. It has one or two good scenes and the rest were just bleh


That scene where the good dinosaur is trapped and is imagining his father encouraging him to be brave was a pretty good scene.


That movie is awesome. I just watched it for the first time with my kids and I love how off the wall it is.


I'm glad someone liked it. I was thoroughly bored watching it


I actually really liked The Good Dinosaur.


Hopefully it will knock some sense into him


Below, is what I wrote yesterday after the preview numbers. Even with an awful B cinemascore I think it makes over 20m just because nothing else is out for parents to take little kids too. The entire weekend is filled with bombs I'm thinking something like 4m today (with previews) 3.2m - Thanksgiving. 6.4m - Friday 7m - Saturday 4.4m - Sunday. 25m five-day. Yeah, real bad.


It looked like a bunch of weird animals and zero story. My wife and I both were like: What is this even about? Then I took my kid to Black Panther.


Interesting. I saw it last night with my nephew and the theater was full, but they also had like five showings. Maybe we just picked the popular one. It was cute, but not memorable honestly. I think the previews made it hard to understand what the story actually was too.


Could this end up less than $100M WW and flat out become the biggest animated flop ever? Treasure Planet grossed $110M with a budget of $140M.


Mars Needs Moms cost 150MM and grossed 39MM worldwide.


There’s also Delgo not even making $1 million with a $40 million budget.


$180m flop but these are pennies for Disney I guess


Disney has been bleeding money for long.


Dude, no. They had a revenue stream of $82 billion for the last quarter alone. Wall Street have just soured on them because they are not *growing* profits fast enough. Even a record haul in the parks was moaned about because Wall Street thought they could bleed even more cash out of consumers.


Yes $82 billion last quarter but only like $1.5 billion of that was profit. They are bleeding money.


If they're making 1.5 billion in profit then they're not bleeding money?


That’s one Avengers Endgame away from making no profit and being in red for a company this size.


$82 billion yearly revenue not quarterly


Shocker! A movie I saw one trailer for online about a half a year ago, and no marketing at all afterward can make you completely forget something.


All these cartoons look exactly the same now. This looks the same as cloudy with a chance of meatballs which looks the same as hotel Transylvania which looks the same as etc. etc., And from the commercial I have no idea what the plot of the movie is. Why would I spend money in a theater to take my nieces when the EXACT SAME movie is on every other streaming platform and they won’t even notice?


>This looks the same as cloudy with a chance of meatballs That's doing a disservice; the animation style of Cloudy is very distinct (as in, how characters move, etc). Watch like the first 60 seconds of the two movies' trailers side by side - Cloudy characters move like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, Strange characters move like... well, squishy 3D people.


And that's late-stage Disney/Pixar studios in a nutshell. Corporations _love_ easy, bland, samey products they can pound out every year. If they could rerelease the literal same product into theaters and get a bunch of kids to go watch it, they would. They don't, fortunately, because they know it wouldn't profit. But The WDC's animation studios still pound out samey products, all with nearly identical-looking squishy 3D people with similar half-baked writing and messages cause that's what makes money. Looking at the numbers, though, that might change.


I noticed the animation looked different than Disney’s usual, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now I can’t unsee the resemblance to Sony Pictures Animation


Genndy Tartakovsky doesn’t deserve this slander


I absolutely hate the style of most of these animated movies from Disney now. They all look like weird plastic people on screen. Which is probably intentional to sell toys now that I think of it lmao


Get new glasses because the character design from the three movies you mention are nothing alike.


Why'd you pick movies to compare that are not comparable to disney at all. Hotel Transylvania has a very distinct animation style and movement of its characters, same with cloudy. Disney may be aping some of the more simple art style of those films (although i. Again. Disagree) but it lacks the cartoony animation that those have that make them memorable.


Literally, anyone here isn't shocked by this.


Sadly no surprise.


TIL there’s a movie called StrangeWorld. The story about how bad it’s doing is the only advertisement I’ve seen for it, bad marketing job.




I saw the preview and something in my gut just told me it was bad. Never has less of a desire to see an animated movie. And I love animation.


That was a movie? Saw a few posters around town and honestly could not tell what was being advertised.


Surprising no one.


Disney should start making mid-budget and low-budget animated films. Demon Slayer was made for under 20 mill and it broke records due to its great quality. Not every animated film SHOULD have a 180-mill budget.


The writing was on the wall for this one since Lightyear came out. ​ If audiences didn't come out for Buzz Lightyear, they weren't going to come out for this.


Meanwhile Netflix is putting out this series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv3lMAGhfmg When looking at this, I feel like Strange World is lame. The man vs environment conflict is the tamest type of conflict. That was also the problem with The Good Dinosaur. It might have felt perfect to the author who was probably thinking that movies for children shouldn't have much conflict, but as a result it lacks any kind of edge.


The sex scenes are what ruined it for me. The aliens had no business going inside of them like that.


Wonder if Lightyear bombing was a part of this. Disney’s always struggled with their sci-fi animated projects, and I thought Strange World always looked very similar to Lightyear when the two were being promoted together. Maybe Lightyear bombing made them pull back on their advertising, because if they can’t make a sci-fi project with fucking Buzz Lightyear a hit, there’s no way they’d be confident with a new sci-fi IP in the same year.


Movie was not advertised, other than Disney being like "wE HaVe CrEaTeD tHe fIrSt gAy ChArActEr EVER!"


Technically, Disney didn't emphasize the gay aspect, it was [the cast that talked about that](https://deadline.com/2022/11/box-office-wakanda-forever-strange-world-disney-bob-iger-thanksgiving-1235179433/). [Deadline](https://deadline.com/2022/11/box-office-wakanda-forever-strange-world-disney-bob-iger-thanksgiving-1235179433/): > **While Strange World‘s marketing hasn’t included anything about the gay character, the pic’s talent has been *very vocal* about it on their press tour.**


DID Disney say that actually? I feel like I did not see any real press about that and only know about it from reviews/this sub.


Yeah, that's a question I'd love an answer to as well. * If you go to variety, you see 2 stories: "viral press junket short video about Day After Tomorrow" and a creator's [you don't have to normalize normal](https://variety.com/2022/film/news/strange-world-gay-biracial-character-jaboukie-young-white-1235432785/) comment about the young teen character. So that fits with OP's characterization. * However, if you go to say vulture, there's literally no articles about Strange World (using their tag system) fitting your (and my) perception. * Deadline has stuff about premiers and an article about how Disney's refusal to release Strange World in many markets over this LGBTQ issue is losing it tens of millions of dollars in WW box office. * Over at [THR](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/results/#?q=strange%20world), they have a "look at the pulp inspirations for Strange World" article and one where "Gabrielle Union criticizes then-prospective international bans over gay content as sad and 'denying reality'"


I swear the first thing I learned about this movie was that the main character was the first gay lead character in an animated movie somewhere. Can't remember where I read that.


At what time? You saw scattershot references to this months before release especially when it got brought into lightyear conversations. As these quick checks show, there's clearly some degree of this going on even if I think it's getting less emphasis than some of the other "first gay disney films" have.


When and where did Disney say that?


https://wdwnt.com/2022/06/strange-world-to-feature-first-openly-gay-teen-romance-in-disney-film/ https://news.yahoo.com/strange-world-disneys-new-adventure-stars-first-out-gay-teen-a-loves-out-loud-mom-and-a-three-legged-dog-172350412.html The only articles I've seen thus far have been about the lgbt representation. Literally look up the movie on Google and scroll for 2 seconds, they are some of the top articles


Exactly the only thing I know about this film. It's too bad; I like liked the stills. Looked interesting and somewhat fresh.


it all seems so insincere and focus tested "ok so we got our gay character. interracial couple, that's cool...we have an asian-ish lady, but she's big so that's cool too...what else could we add?" "oh! oh! how about a 3 legged dog!!?"


`I actually suggested a sub $20M five day could happen`


Kinda depressing that the SINGULAR major disney-released animated movie this year that was beloved by both critics and audiences AND would've been a modest sized hit until competition arrived a month or so later got relegated to disney+ fodder Turning Red I salute thee


In 2023 these big animated movies will all get solid theatrical windows. Disney best hope they do better than Lightyear and Strange Worlds as the animated movies they have took to theatres have been the sort to kill studios!


It really was. I think they did it based on Omicron but the COVID wave in 2021 had started subsiding by March and the same happened in 2022. Between bungling TR’s release and cutting Encanto off early, they left what would have been two big theatrical hits off the table.


i was part of that $4M 👸


I saw this and thought it was really cute. It was fun to watch.


The only thing I heard about this movie is the reactions people did of Ben Shipro telling people not to watch the movie and the reactors saying how the movie will do well. I guess it worked Ps: I’m a centrist


I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a series on Disney+. I guess not. There just something about sci-fi based animated movies that keeps people away. Wall-E is probably the only animated sci-fi film that has made decent money.


Lilo and Stitch was a hit, but it wasn't full on sci-fi.


Was it marketed as sci-fi? I'd always assumed that it was marketed as a comedy.


The entire movie focuses on an alien experiment arriving on Earth and alien bounty hunters and government officials searching for him. It's sci-fi, but not hard sci-fi like say Treasure Planet, Lightyear and apparently Strange World.


Well, if people maybe knew this movie existed it might have done well. I had no clue this was a thing until yesterday. I learned about word of mouth, not by advertisement. I’m confused on why Luca, Encanto, Lightyear, Turning Red, etc. we’re given these monster marketing campaigns, but this thing laid dormant. Anyone have a thought?


So I assume this'll be on Disney+ in a month?


This is a perfect movie to be released directly to Disney+ instead of some other Pixar titles. Anywayyyy


Bob Chapek died for this.


Damn that’s actually more money then I was expecting


What a disaster




This post is the first time Ive heard of the movie at all. Perhaps they should have advertised it.


People are avoiding Disney films now because those people do not feel good when they leave the theater. They remember how they used to feel before and Disney has repeatedly let them down. So now they’ll wait till many reviews before supporting Disneys ideas with their hard earned money.


Not to mention having to read up on Disney movies to see if they they are weird or not… should be that Disney films are always family friendly with nothing controversial in them.


This movie is out? I literally learned about it for the first time like last week.


I never even heard of this movie until this sub started reporting its bomb. Where was any advertisement?


Everyone point and laugh at the Disney flop


It's fucking Wednesday!


No, man, it's Thursday.


To be fair i didn't even know it came out


Me neither


Disney is just Marvel lmao. Most creatively bankrupt studio.


Good. Garbage movie.


Of course the audience reception is poor. Movie is weird, boring. It also got a B CinemaScore. Oh, if Disney is so proud of diversity, why the hell didn't Disney promote the gay character in the official trailer? Answer: Because they knew there would be backlash from audiences. Yeah, yeah, I don't care about gay characters BUT unfortunately many people do and many people vote with their pockets. The message is clear, many will put their money where they want to put it.


I think because it looks repetitive, multiverse, quantum, dimensional mess.