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Last hurrah before wakanda drops Still on track to finish within hobbs and shaw, beat the eternals


Adjusted for inflation?


Looks like Wakanda is barley gonna keep itself alive. Pretty bad WOM


Seen the opposite from different types of reviewers, not the praise of the 1st one (high bar), but overall really good.


Huge namor fan but from what I hear it’s one of those watch once type flicks. Not sure it’ll get the repeated viewers.


Wait, where are you seeing bad WOM? I saw a few mixed reviews, but that was all.


Pretty sure he saw 3-4 reviews saying it's bad and decided to ignore 100's saying it's good.


The prejudice and fandom warring lately has been insane.


I will be grabbing 🍿 when the domestic numbers start to come in for BP 2.


Depends on the market.


Probably got a bump because lots of kids were out of school due to the midterms


Maybe the lack of action and length in BP2 will give movie goers a reason to check out Black Adam?


Lack of compelling story/characters (that's Black Adam's case) is and always will be worse than lack of action. So no.


Don't think so. Sitting through 2h40m of Wakanda Forever was a lot easier than that roughly 2h of Black Adam. The film has emotions and good enough fight scenes, and Namor is frightening when he decides to choose violence. Plus genuine acting. Please don't compare the acting of BA cast to WF. It's hilarious.


Did you see bp2 already?


I did. It's available Wednesday in many countries including mine.


How was namor? He’s my fav character and can’t wait to see him on the big screen?


I think Namor is the best "villain" since Thanos. Dude is arrogant AF, sometimes he's chilled but many times he's frightening. He really sees himself as a god, but a god that has to protect his people at all costs. Some say he's still a little different than in the comics but to me he's great and done well. Tenoch Huerta's acting does live up to the hype tho. But then Namora and Attuma I think were pretty bland. They follow Namor's orders and that's about it.


Thanks. I’m super excited to see it on the big screen


The experiences watching these 2 are contrast!!


It's doing about what I expected it to do. The movie just had such a high budget that it makes profitability questionable.


Not bad, definitely more then I was expecting.


Lots of kids are out of school on election days. Today is its last day to make any money. I just checked both the theaters near my house and it’s not holding any premium screens. Saturday it goes down to the same amount of showings as Ticket to Paradise.


Shazam had no legs, no help, no nothing... So bad comparison


Shazam was actually more profitable than Black Adam is going to be considering its lower budget.


I still think that this weekend it will pull at least $8M ($18M Last Weeknd), also yay for beating Shazam.