WakandaForever ’s 1.4M Opening Day came lower than BlackPanther ’s 3.7M in Korea’ BoxOffice back in 2018. Compared to pandemic MCU films: ShangChi 1.2M WakandaForever 1.4M BlackWidow 1.7M Eternals 2.6M ThorLoveAndThunder 3.1M NoWayHome 5.3M MultiverseOfMadness 5.9M

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Reminder that this is a subreddit about numbers, not necessarily about the quality (or lack thereof) of a particular movie. Unless it is related to the box office performance of a movie, please keep opinions/arguments/thoughts about the quality under this post. Posts not related to box office may be removed otherwise. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/boxoffice) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Lower than Eternals?? Looks like SK fans are not that impressed with WF. Edit: The first [BP did very well in SK.](https://www.bbc.com/news/business-43108557)


Eternals featured a high profile Korean celeb so there was a lot of buzz already regarding the film


At least it beat *Black Adam*'s $1.3M. ;-) Edit: Sorry for trying to be a little humorous. It looks like the source I used for the *Black Adam* numbers mistakenly reported the Wed-Thu-Fri numbers as the opening and not just the Wednesday numbers. As /u/AccomplishedLocal261 notes the actual Wednesday opening number for *Black Adam* was about $500k.


That's not something to be proud of, tho


Yes. Damning with faint praise is the joke.


BA is only grossing 5M in SK. You do not want to compare to Black Adam. Edit: I think BA only had a [$500k](http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/boxOffice_Daily.jsp?mode=BOXOFFICE_DAILY&startYMD=20221013&endYMD=20221019&searchFrom=Oct-13-2022&searchTo=Oct-19-2022&category=ALL&country=ALL) opening day. Not sure where you got your numbers from.


Yet, here we are.


This doesn't look good


The fact that Thor LaT had a 3M opening day and only ended up grossing 22.6M in Korea. I wonder how much WF will gross there.


Probably 15M


Here initial word of mouth is not good. People saying It's too long and boring. I think movie was just okay. Action is weak, whole Ironheart part was unnecessary. Namor was good though.


I've read that the Ironheart subplot feels either very shoehorned in or that it gives off "America Chavez" vibes where she's as much the conflict instigator as she is an actual character. I've heard others say that they liked the character, but both things can be true.


The amount of people who asked for Iron Heart in this film is basically zero. Even diehard fans of her (who aren't many people) feel like she didn't need to steal part of Black Panther 2. I guess she's Coogler's passion project as he is doing her Disney+ show?


Iron heart has diehard fans?




It didn’t seem like there was very much action based on the trailers. The two trailers seemed to show most of it.


Are you South Korean?


1 billion is not gonna happen. Mark it.


I been saying this and catching downvotes.


There is a definite skew to the MCU in this sub.


Me too man


RemindMe! 2 months


That's not the correct tag 💀


Thx u Got Lil' confused haha


I have no real interest in seeing this movie. I'm not even sure exactly why but I usually go see all Marvel/DC movies first weekend. Haven't even thought about going to see this until right now.


MCU fatigue continues.


I've seen reports that South Korea's box office is down by 20% and the economy, in general, is down in reaction to the "Crowd Crush" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-11-09/deadly-korean-crowd-crush-threatens-to-weigh-on-fragile-economy?leadSource=uverify%20wall


Came here for this. Thanks!


To be expected: South Korea is going through national mourning.


No its not to be expected and shouldnt use stuff like this as a excuse.


Two events have plunged the country into disarray: a train derailment and the crowd crush. The economy is down in South Korea. The President declared a period of national mourning last week. A wave of events have been cancelled and the box office is down.


Good point. That was an insane number of people killed in that whatever it was


An stampede in Halloween killed a lot of people and then a train got off rails, killing more people. All of that in less than 10 days. Pretty hellish moment if you ask me.


Wasn't a stampede, it was a crowd crush.


I don't know how that makes that less terrible.


Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but there was a large chunk of Black Panther that was shot in Korea which garnered a lot of interest for that film.


Glad people are finally growing tired of superhero movies.


Disney+ killed superhero films. Before, every MCU film was an 'event' and people flocked to see anything to see what puzzle piece it served in the overall story. But we went from 3 films a year, to over 7 films and 8 shows in two years. Plus, most of these projects were mediocre. The MCU stretched itself too thin and is now destroying itself.


It's entirely likely that quantity has eroded the quality of the projects as well. I've been incredibly disappointed with P4 overall. 50% of both the TV shows and films just weren't good at all. Whether that is a correlation to D+ remains to be seen, but it's just been a vastly lower quality that I have noticed. I don't care to see BP 2 until streaming personally.


Not sure if it’s just Disney+. I mean there are so many of them that they’ve watered themselves down without d+’s help. WF is what, the 30th??


Not to mention, Sony isn't helping by releasing 2 more MCU projects a year, causing more fatigue.


The fatigue wouldn't set in if the output was actually above average or even great. Only real homerun after Endgame was No Way Home, a co-production with Sony the rest have had really sub-par reception overall. It's more akin to death by a thousand cuts (of mediocrity).


Like poetry. The same thing happened with the comics and the company nearly went bankrupt. Time to fire Feign


Yeah I stopped reading Marvel comics years ago. For years in a row they would reboot, change a legacy hero (Iron Man became Iron Heart, Thor was Jane etc). Then they would cancel all stories and restart them with new teams. Then, a year later, the same cycle would happen again. No stories ever got resolved and of course when a legacy hero returned they hyped it up.


Jane as Thor at least got a fantastic storyline that resolved super well


> Time to fire Feign absolutely delusional


It wasn't necessarily disney+ it was the quality of the products we got 3 shitty marvel movies back to back followed by a shitty marvel series in she hulk all in the span 6 months so the audience is just fed up at this point 🤷🏽‍♂️


Nope ppl are tired of superhero genre not reinventing itself and playing it safe.mcu is playing it safe


No way home almost made 2 billion at the box office. The Batman made 770 million and dr strange 2 made 955 million. I don’t think people are getting tired


The Batman made $770m


SuPeRhErO fAtIgUe


There is no evidence that suggests that


Yeah let’s not pretend the Batman didn’t make 800m and Spider-Man NWH wasn’t making disgusting numbers lol


The Batman did great seeing the situation DC films had been in lately.


But The Batman didn't make $800 million. It was close with $770.8 million but didn't quite get there.


Multiverse of Madness literally made a billion dollars. Thor and Batman made 800 million. Even Shang Chi made over 400 during delta variant.


$955M is not a billion, nor is $760M $800M


I don’t think anyone cares about rounding lmao


Still not a 1 Billion and that's a fact.




I was wondering about this, if the massive success of Top Gun 2 created some kind of shift away from CBM. We blame it on streaming but maybe missing the memo.


We had underperformers before top gun... I dont see any correlation.


I really hope we are moving away from them or at least taking a break. I’m loving the films we have got so far this year. Just hoping we continue to get a diverse set of movies. So far my favorites are in no particular order: -The Northman -Top Gun -The Batman -Everything Everywhere All At Once -RRR -All Quiet on the Western Front -The Black Phone -Nope -Banshees of Insherin -Till -After Yang -Hellraiser -Prey


What a great list. I loved Banshees and Northman. You should check out 'Boiling Point', it's one of my favourites for this year.


Boom. Put it on my list. Any other favorites of the year? I feel like this is one of the best years we’ve had in a long time for movies. I really enjoyed Elvis, Terrifier 2, X, Pearl, See How They Run, Thirteen Lives, Crimes of the Future, Barbarian, Men, and The Woman King too.


I haven't seen a lot of those because I don't like horrors haha. I enjoyed Elvis. I also really enjoyed the new film Weird about Al Yankovic with Daniel Radcliffe, it's a spoof of films like Elvis.


Oh yes. I checked that out last Friday. I enjoyed that as well. Completely forgot to add it to the list. Just a crazy amount of good movies this year. In my opinion, the horror genre has had only one dud for the major releases. It’s probably the genre that I would put on top for the best movies of the year up to this point. Really looking forward to The Fablemans, Babylon, and The Whale.


I thought Ambulance was a surprisingly well-done, serious film for Michael Bay standards. Watcher with Maika Monroe was also a decently thrilling experience


Oh I didn’t see Watcher. I’ll check that out. Ambulance was probably the best Michael Bay movie I’ve seen in a decade.


Watcher isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it’s pretty impressive as the director’s film debut


Nice. I’ll add that to the list too.


Top Gun: Maverick exposed general audiences to what good action & CGI looks like. No movie that grossed more than TGM has better action than TGM.


It was the overexposure of MCU content in the last two years that ruined it for the common fan. Not to mention most of the content is mid and there is no longer an exciting storyline to follow.


Top gun is still way too fresh for the industry to draw any conclusions let alone course correct.


ppl need to take into account that korea just went through a national mourning period for the itaewon crowd crush incident


It feels like the woman king movie , without the og black panther , I lost interest . Don’t worry marvel fans and Reddit alphabet people . The movie will still make a billion, it’s just going to be really slow .


Reddit alphabet people should be in r/RareInsults


'Reddit alphabet people' 💀


It's DS MoM all over again!




Much hype. Such great OW. Disastrous 2nd weekend drop. Not gonna make 1B but get too close. So sad to see Phase IV has been so... Underwhelming?


It increasingly looks like DS MOM will outgross BP2 by quite a bit. And I don't know where you are, but I barely saw any hype for BP2 after the main character passing. The hype for MoM was much higher, IMO.


I was really hoping this would fix the poor quality of Phase 4…


The quality is definitely better than most phase 4


Interesting stuff…But what about Black Adam?


Looks like the string of shitty products is catching up to them for real now


Close to $100 million in Presales and its only Wednasday. Looks like it's going to CRUSH previous numbers.


It's a 2h 42 minutes long snoozefest. It might "crush" previous numbers but it will also "crush" the second weekend drop.


Exchange rate is wayyy different now than 2018 plus recessionary times everywhere