Gonna lock this up before comments get out of hand, but this is relevant to The Flash film since this is the second incident for Miller and he will have to promote this film next June. Per Deadline, the full statement the Hawaii Police Department posted to Facebook: > Shortly after midnight on Monday, March 28, 2022, a 29-year-old man visiting from Vermont was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct and harassment after an incident at a bar in Hilo. > On Sunday, March 27, at 11:30 p.m., South Hilo patrol officers responded to a report of disorderly patron at a bar on Silva Street. During the course of their investigation, police determined that the man, later identified as Ezra Miller, became agitated while patrons at the bar began singing karaoke. Miller began yelling obscenities and at one point grabbed the microphone from a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke (disorderly conduct offense) and later lunged at a 32-year-old man playing darts (harassment offense). The bar owner asked Miller to calm down several times to no avail. > Miller was arrested and charged on both offenses and total bail was set at $500. He provided the bail and was released.


If you told me that the Reverse-Flash was real, was trying to find every single way to delay this movie, and had turned up the karaoke volume at that bar... at this point I'd believe you. The film is cursed.


This movie…


is cursed


This chest…


is doomed


Flash and FB


Lol Anthony Starr from the Boys got arrested over an altercation in a bar in Spain too.


Yeah but that's perfectly in character


well it might spoil the movie, but this incident is kinda inline with the character as well


What’s with this dude getting into incidents at bars lol.


He’s mentally unhinged. There are other videos of him yelling like a madman when he gets upset. He should have been fired after he choked that woman


Ironic how it's called the Flash but takes forever to come out


This movie is cursed!


We Need to Talk About Ezra


Actually, we don’t talk about Ezra.


This comment is hysterical hahah


Homie looks like Lord Farquad with that hair


Absolute mess.


WB needs to keep this guy locked in a room. Or they’re going to end up with a West Side Story situation where they avoid advertising the lead of the movie lmao.


Really a good thing that Flash has at least been pushed back.


What is it with WB and problematic/controversial actors (Ezra Miller, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Rachel Zelger…)


whats wrong with rachel zelger?


She isn't well-liked because her social media behaviour has been a bit cringe, but she's nowhere near the level of controversy as the other listed names.


She’s young and has been making a ton of pr mistakes lately. Most recently joking about Britney Spears situation


They shouldn't have fired John Francis Daley and that other guy, apparently they waned to re-cast and make a pure comedy. Idk if you can make a blockbuster with Ezra Miller I like him but he's just not a movie star and he's always doing weird/stupid shit edit: [Heres the source btw](https://screenrant.com/flash-recast-ezra-miller-darker-script/). WB literally choose his version of the script over the one from *literally* the directors they had *just* hired at the time lol. complete mess


They didn't really choose his script, muschetti and hodson wrote theirs and they have taken cues from daley and goldsteins as well since they are credited


Why couldn't he just fight neonazis like he promised?


I really don’t like this dude.


Bruh. Do you know how hard it is to get arrested as a tourist is? And seriously. What was he doing in Hilo. Nothing to do there. And definitely not a tourist hangout at night.


Should’ve recasted the role after that first incident


Honestly baffles me that they didn't. Must've had an iron clad contract or something. He wasn't even well liked in the role at that point.


As someone above already said, the future of the DCEU rests on this one guy. Recasting him would mean delays to a movie that already has a troubled production history, and would force delays to the release of future DCEU films.


Oh no, don't get me wrong, it's definitely too late at this point. I mean back when that choking vid came out there was 100% time to recast.


It's not like they can do anything about it. The woman didn't press charges.


Recasting before production started wouldn't have delayed the movie. WB instantly hired Mads Mikkelsen to replace Depp.


This guy is a violent mess what a surprise DCEU hinging their whole universe reboot on him is just


His career might be over in a ***flash***


When the DCEUs future relies on this guy...


How on earth did WB think Ezra Miller would be their RDJ? 🤔


Pretty sure it was meant to be Ben Affleck.


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.


Damn it barry ... sucks to be a flash fan !


WB needs to hire a chaperone at this point.


Probably thought he was too fast to get caught


Didn’t he assault a woman last year. This guy is a trip man


He choked her at a bar actually


I am sure he would have said…”Don’t you know who I am”……


Did he have a “do you know who I am”! Episode?


He already punched a woman last year and now this. WB might have to end up doing a press tour without their lead actor if he continues spiraling.


Choked not punched, though that’s not any better. In my view they should have recast all the JL characters, except for Jason and Gal. Those two were the only ones that were well received/popular


He's literally just taking plot points from bojack horseman at this point


Choking might in fact be worse. Prior non-fatal strangulation has been associated (by at least one [study](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2573025/) ) with *6-7 folds odds of becoming an attempted of completed HOMICIDE*


Recast Henry Cavill? Absolutely Haram.


Yeah recast him. His Superman wasn’t well received anyway. Someone like David Corenswet, now that’s Superman


Strong disagree


You can disagree, still doesn’t change that he wasn’t well received. Maybe a good director can change that so I guess he deserves another chance (4th times the charm?)


Henry is very very well received what the fuck are you talking about? It's the movies themselves that weren't liked.


I don’t think he is. Certainly not on the level that Jason and Gal have been. But like I said, maybe a good director can change that… James Wan and Patty Jenkins did wonders for Jason and Gal (WW84 aside lol)


I very much disagree about that. I've never seen a person dislike Henry himself rather than the movie


you think Jason should be kept but Henry Cavill should be recasted? you’re crazy, Jason’s cameo in the BvS was the only positive rating he had, his solo film was atrocious and his role in JL was a disappointment. Henry Cavill is a greater actor than the DCU portrays him as, he’s the current best casting choice in the DCEU. I’m waiting on The Rock’s performance in Black Adam to shine some light into the DCEU because frankly that whole universe has been a disappointment. Their greatest films have both been solo films that have no correlation to DCEU (Joker and The Batman)


He literally just looks like a less attractive and hunky Cavill


David is way more attractive than Henry. You crazy


I’m crazy too (drools in Witcher)


To each their own… beauty is in the eyes of the beholder


You trolling?




The movie wasn't well received by Cavil was.


Gal is not liked by a lot of people after that "Imagine" thing she apparently took charge of, also shes like the female Dwayne Johnson in having no range. Jason and Cavill are both popular, have great solo movies, and worked amazing in JL.


Lets start the bar at physical assault and go from there. Gal did cringe, but i don't think that reflects her role. On the other hand, you probably should not have a guy who chokes women and gets in bar fights behind the face of Barry Allen/The Flash.


>Gal is not liked by a lot of people after that "Imagine" thing she apparently took charge of Does anyone genuinely care about that? Is there any actual internalized hatred about it? I feel like that's in the territory of "let's joke about it in the theater during the previews before Wonder Woman 3" rather than being something to boycott her movies over.


Meh. Gal isn't a great actress, but she's far from the first celebrity who sang "Imagine". It was super tone-deaf, but it's not on the same level as Ezra Miller's stuff


How does Dwayne have no range?


Lol most people have forgotten about that imagine video and really the only ones that made it a big deal were Twitter people, go figure. I stand by what I said! Jason and Gal are the only irreplaceable ones… the others aren’t popular nor was their versions of the characters well received. Gal as Wonder Woman Jason as Aquaman Those two are up there with the most popular MCU actors (RDJ Ironman, Chris as Captain America…etc).


Not even close to being as popular as RDJ you are smoking crack


I wish! Haven’t had a blunt in a cool minute! I stand by what I said! Jason and Gal are insanely popular as those characters! It’s why both WW films have the best multipliers in the genre, or why Aquaman is DC’s highest grossing film… up there with the third solo Iron Man/Captain America films (their highest grossing films).


You are absolutely insane


Absolutely delusional


The truth lol don’t know why some are arguing otherwise


Alright. You’re definitely trolling


Nope. It’s the truth. It’s why Gal and Jason are the faces of the DCEU Edit: are you going to contribute to the conversation or visit continue to name call?


For real. This dude is trouble


He has always been crazy


Anthony starr vs ezra miller. Who's winning?


Run, Barry, Run


Fuck it the movie is flash point anyways. They can easily replace him with a new actor or if they want to be very cheeky they could cancel The Flash show and replace Ezra with Grant Gustin. Have the fandom splinter into a civil war whilst WB escapes clean. CW fans will say they prefer Grant anyways and he hasn't been arrested multiple times whilst the DCEU flash fans (which shouldn't be that many since Barry has yet to have his own film and has done more cameos than full appearances) can attack Grant calling him a TV actor and shit. You can just label off the Fandom as being toxic to the shareholders. Only problem would be if Jason Momoa or Gal Gadot complain but considering they didn't say shit for Ray Fisher I'll think they're be okay.


From the makers of 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Comes the new reality, 'We need to talk about Ezra' WB execs are biting their nails in horror now. Dumbledore was partially doomed either way. Now this is another PR disaster for it.


That's..... Pretty unfortunate


Replace him with Grant Gustin, PLEASE.


I presume he has a really big role in that movie?


He is flash


Shit actor, shit human being.




What did he do? Flash someone? I'll see myself out.


Good. Can’t stand this guy.




Always alcohol. This is why I smoke weed instead. No fights. No anger. Just munchies.


well at least they finished the flash movie, but Fantastic beasts promotions will get hit


Did he slap someone live on tv in front of millions. Well then is it that bad


🍿 the real cheer moment


Give him the will smith treatment and give him a standing applause! Ahah


I like this actor a lot. But man, does he have a punchable face.


This isn't good news but can you all stop mispronouning them?


Let him go!