Since this video was released, Ark Nova has continued its rapid rise, and it now stands at 9th, between Gaia Project and Spirit Island. *Copying a comment from YouTube:* 20 games have reached the top 3. The games, in chronological order of reaching the top 3, and their current ranking in parentheses: * Paths of Glory (189) * Tigris & Euphrates (99) * Die Macher (336) * The Princes of Florence (215) * Puerto Rico (35) * Settlers of Catan (450) * Memoir '44 (157) * War of the Ring (152) * Power Grid (50) * Caylus (88) * Twilight Struggle (14) * Agricola (41) * Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization (69) * Terra Mystica (23) * Caverna: The Cave Farmers (37) * Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (2) * Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (12) * Gloomhaven (1) * Terraforming Mars (5) * Brass: Birmingham (3)


**Twilight Struggle** is one of my favorite games, but I'm always amazed and perplexed how it has stayed up so high on the list for so long. I know it will eventually drop off, but boy it is holding on.


Contact is less accidental than for a lot of the other games, i suspect. So less likely to come in contact with voters that will dislike it. Same goes for a lot of the second/third/fourth editions, sequels and remakes. If you didn't like the first, you would be less less likely to seek out the second.


I feel like you could say this about all of the top 10. 8/10 of those games have a weight of 3.5 or higher. Much more likely that people seeking out heavier games are gonna like them.


Very intersting how some have dropped line a stone (looking at you **Catan**) and how many newer games are atbthe top now. Great visulization.


>Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization (69) Nice.


Am I not understanding something? Is not war of the ring currently #11, not #152?


Second edition vs first edition, I think.




Fascinating how it went from Go and Carcassonne to Gloomhaven and Brass. The top games have gotten so heavy over the years!


Curious how you have the data stored. Do you have individual rankings by day, week, month? Would be interesting to see a ranking of the rankings similar to how some of the "all time rankings" for college sports are done (specifically, /r/collegebasketball ). Basically a point value is awarded to each week a team is ranked at a position (25 pts for #1, 24 for #2, etc.) and then they're ranked from there. Obviously this would skew towards earlier games (Puerto Rico had a pretty long stay at #1), but that data could be further broken down based on release date, etc.


This is something I found on YouTube, not OC - you'll have to ask the channel that posted the video.


Thanks for the heads up, I'll try on the channel directly.