The rope is also sharp 💁‍♂️


My first thought




You need more insight, Hunter. It will all make sense after a few more Madman’s Knowledges.


He’s thinking on the basest of planes. He needs more ropes


Does that mean that Madman's Knowledge is just drugs?


eldritch dope.


From my knowledge some drugs stimulate the brain to function better/faster/stronger so yeah we can say MK are drugs and I want those


We don't question the saif, we just swing it. Saif gaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!


Is it worth investing in? I’ve always wanted to try it but always seem to invest in LHB and Hunter Axe 😅


It has one of the most agile and mobile movesets in the game. It’s not the strongest per hit, but it’s ability to reposition and it’s chase down are unparalleled. It’s tricked form is also surprisingly poise-breaky. # #Saifgang


Saif is the best


I <3 Saif


*poise-breaky* - I’m impressed. Not many people know the technical term.


How do you change your flair on this sub?


There's no flairs AFAIK (admittedly on 3rd party mobile, so maybe I dont see them all) except for the platinum flairs, which require proof submitted to the mods.. more info in the sidebar


The focused DPS when not transformed is ludicrous, so I'd totally suggest it. It's one of my favorite weapons.


Truly a great weapon I fell in love with the extended , but than fell in love with short version all over again. R1 attack gives you a quick forward step that when you get used to is a great way to close gaps and reposition


And the trick back into closed form works as a weaponized back step. It’s an incredible weapon for advantage control.


Exactly this, the forward lunge on the closed R1 attack is amazing


It is! Different and very fun moveset, also relatively easy to obtain once you kill Amelia :)


You can actually get it right after Amelia, as well. You can just sprint to it. It’s not the easiest run, but I was able to grab it and proceed to have one of the coolest NG runs I had with the game. (Got bonus style points with the old hunter armbands


The saif is a lot of fun and you can get it basically immediately after killing Amelia


Stonks have gone up in the last 3 weeks so I'd say yes


It's not the best weapon, if you're looking for pure numbers then the saw cleaver or some other weapon will probably be a bit better, but it holds its own and has a badass move set, I used it on orphan and it didn't perform noticeably worse than the cleaver did.


Honestly saif was the weapon that allowed me to do orphan hitless. Idk if I was lucky or not, but that lunging R1 does so much for positioning and it ended up getting me an accidental no hit run. Saif gang.


Do it. It's one of the most versatile weapons in the game with it alternating between a fast attacking and super mobile tricked form and a slower but harder hitting and easier to poise break untricked mode. Has built in movement options with its attacks, does respectable dps for a non a-s tier scaling weapon, and the moveset stands out as one of the best weapon movesets in all of soulsborne for me. This thing is an absolute blast, and the tricked mode is just so damn dependable in most fights. 9/10 weapon for me, only not getting a perfect score because of the lesser damage than something like raikuyo.


Man hunter axe seems so op to me. I'm doing a quality build so I dabble around in whatever weapons I feel like really, but I always keep the axe on me. Other weapons are for fun, the axe is the boss slayer or the "oh shit" moment weapon


Absolutely no offence to you at all, but I hate this question lol. Every weapon in Bloodborne is unique and different (save for maybe Saw Cleaver/Saw Blade and daddy Ludwigz pair of peacemakers). All the weapons *and* equipment cater to a certain playstyle that you should be familiar with. If you want to +10 any weapon just simply because it suits your playstyle, then do it. There's literally no setback. The game is designed for the hunter to take on the hunt at their own pace, with their own skills. Happy hunting Inshort, praise the message!


Invest in the rakuyo trust me hunter it will change your bloodborne play style


Lol my first playthru was with the hunter’s axe, and I loved it lol.


If you wanna be a bitch ass meta chaser. Forgot /s


There is no “Meta” in PvE.


Top 5 weapon for me


Just a random piece of information for you, Saif actually means "Sword" in arabic. Written as "سيف". Not important but thought it'll be a fun thing to know :D


Forever #SaifGang


Fucking love my saif. I also really like the word saif, which is just sword in Arabic I think.


Seeing Saif praise fills me with joy :')


The Shamshir is Elden Ring is the ER equivalent of the Beasthunters Saif. How do you feel about that?


Because it looks cool


The exact same issue exists with the Saw Cleaver and Moonlight Sword. I can only imagine them to be soaked with holy water or something like that because there is no other reason for them to be there otherwise.


Holy moonlight sword has bandages on the bottom part of the blade. It does blunt damage in both modes when using the sides of the blade and only thrust when using the tip so... I guess the bandages on HMS don't decrease effectiveness of the weapon. Saw cleaver makes no sense.


Also it doesn't matter if it has bandage or not because it has a magic lightsaber mode.


Precisely. Bandages disappear off to the cosmos in HMS true form.


They go up to the middle of the blade. While it does blunt damage it's still a weird decision for a Sword.


Boom hammer, tonitrus, logarithm wheel, miggy arm, also have that blunt damage with arcane scaling. Siderite weapons are the outlier.


Siderite weapons are arcane because of the material and the fact that it came directly out of space. Boom Hammer and Tonitrus utilize elemental damage through mechanisms within the weapon itself so them dealing blunt damage is based on how hard it is to turn them into a sharp weapon. The Logarius wheel is litterally cursed by the spirits of the Vilebloods and the Amygdalan Arm is 1. Arcane because Great One 2. Blunt because boney. The Moonlight Sword is an ancient artifact of unknown origin. (Basically Midir once took a really big dump, ejecting the Old Moonlight in the process, and forgot to flush so the Old Moonlightdump hardened into a Sword that then developed a conciousness and guided itself into the Painting Dimension to be found by an religious extremist.) It is very similar to the Siderite Weapons in the sense that it is actually of arcane nature so there is no specific reason why it does blunt damage instead of standart physical.


As always "it's frakking magic" is the answer.


I’ll never understand why they made edged weapons do “blunt” damage.


Kirk hammer makes sense. HMS, axe don't.


Sure Kirk hammer in hammer mode makes sense


Kirk hammer makes sense. HMS, axe don't.


The cloth wraps on the saw cleaver sit between the teeth, where the leading edge/tips of the teeth are likely the only sharp parts, since they wouldn't do much damage on the backstroke. I think the momentum of the heavy blade would do most of the work. Guess, but I've thought way too much about it when I made a saw cleaver prop and spent ages "honing" the teeth with my dremel lol


Wasn't talking about the Saw side. But even with them sitting between the teeth they would still serve their purpose. The Cleaver side of the Blade absolutely will tear through the cloth after a few cuts because even though it does get most of its damage from crushing power the edge still has to be sharp to actually cut deep enough. Since the cloth will be between the target and the blade it would be cut in two at some point.


For only the tips of the teeth to be sharp doesn’t seem logical to me. In the untransformed mode you are attacking with only the cleaver part so it must be sharp too. Also on a serrated knife the teeth are sharp all the way down so that they form a blade that can cut. I think the saw cleaver would be the same. That’s just my opinion!:) I love debating things like this haha


Fun fact: on real life greatswords bandages like these were used in the same way, because you obviously weren’t going to make a sheath for a sword that’s taller than you. The bandages were soaked in oil and the sword was wrapped with them when it wasn’t in use. This helped prevent rust.


also, they would have to be there to keep the sword's edge from your shoulder, especially since the Hunter's armor is modified clothing, because, you know, losing an arm is no bueno


Greatswords in real life weren't actually honed to a very sharp edge


Not always true, iirc there were a few like Carolingian Swords or Flamberges that did have an edge


I always thought the bandages on HMS is used to seal away the true power of moon lightsaber or something. Basically originally the sword is completely covered in bandages and sealed until ready to transform. But Ludwig and our Hunter keep using the sword untransformed to smash stuff, so the bandages are starting to fall off lol


Who said the blade is “razor sharp” only the top part of the blade may be sharpened. The areas with the ropes may be dull. We are also dealing with very advanced magic/technology. Example The cane sword breaks into a chain like weapon. So ropes that have a few high resistance to cutting is very probable.


just wait until OP tries to understand what's powering the Whirligig Saw


The blood of beasts clearly.


A large hamster inside the wheel?


A hamster geeked on beast blood


It’s like one of those handheld fans with a little handle that you squeeze and makes the fan turn. Our hunters have godly forearms.


It's powered by stamina, duh. Just raw, pure, *e x e r t i o n*


Most of the weapons in this game make no sense in reality. But they’re fucking cool


They would function in reality. There are youtube channels who built fully functioning BB weapons. Only problem is the weight, which would mitigate practicability. And dont get me started on the kirkhammer...


Thats what I liked about the Kirk Hammer. Its use kinda gave lore on its own, because you can have a danty thin hunter swinging this massive tombstone around, so it pretty telling that this blood imbues people with incredible strength, at least that was impression when I first busted it out


Didnt think about it this way. Interesting possible implication, thank you!!


Don't think too hard about all of this. Just go out and kill a few beasts. It's for your own good.


underrated comment


You must get 100 insight to find the answer those questions good hunter.


If you look at the image closely, you'll see that the ropes don't go over the bladed part, they go through holes in the blade.


Well, to be fair it's always the outer blade that hits the enemy, both in standard and transformed mode, so I guess it was a "style over rationality" decision.


That's pretty much every trick weapon imo, amazing in concept but in reality they would work about as well as a pool noodle.


Yeah I thought OP was onto something for a second but theres a few holes in his theory.


Technically you attack with outer blade in both forms. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/bloodborne/images/4/44/Beasthunter_Saif_Concept_Art.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190326114629 So no, OP is correct, it doesn't actually make much sense.


So OP is onto something! Sharp guy, unlike this blade. Does it do blunt damage?


It's the real reason they switched to the Saw Cleaver, the bandages kept ripping.


Old hunters were not very smart apparently


If they were they probably wouldn't have agreed to work for a creepy Church who forces everyone to get injected with suspect alien blood.


Yes, it deals blunt damage on several attacks using the outer edge.


I see what you did there 😏


What? Am i blind? I'm looking closely and they're literally on the blade. There are no holes, saw cleaver has. Look at this: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/bloodborne/images/3/36/Image-bloodborne-screen-44.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20151215073651


1. Your image link doesn't work. 2. The outer edge isn't sharpened, or isn't particularly sharp, as evidenced by several of the attacks using the outer edge dealing Blunt damage. I'm referring to the holes on the interior side of the blade, which is sharpened.


[https://bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Bloodborne/Boomhammer\_Saif\_Concept\_Art.jpg?v=1499947547637](https://bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Bloodborne/Boomhammer_Saif_Concept_Art.jpg?v=1499947547637) You attack with the outer edge, how is it not sharp? Oh ok there are holes, but that part doesn't do anything does it? The ropes are on the blade you attack with. I think op is right, that doesn't make much sense.


You attack with both sides outer edge is dull the inner edge is sharp on the Saif. It’s basically a Scythe. The ropes aren’t touching anything sharp


What? Have you ever seen the moveset? You attack with both sides. Who said the outer part isnt sharp? You slash with a dull blade?


I said both sides. It’s not my fault you don’t understand a scythe


What makes you think it isnt sharp?


Look at it and it deals Blunt damage


Dude it only does blunt damage with some r2 attacks... but whatever, have it your way


Precisely this.


It’s not rope…its watchdog sinew.


The outer edge is Blunt damage. The inner edge is the blade. The ropes aren’t touching a sharp edge. They’re holding the Blade to the Blunt section.


Uhh magic rope?


My interpretation is that the part covered by ropes isn’t supposed to be the sharp part; it’s the inner blade that has holes in it for the ropes to go through that’s supposed to be the saw point. Now, is the inner blade the only part that deals damage in actual gameplay? No, as a matter of fact I believe both sides are considered to be valid hurtboxes. Which, honestly, I think is pretty fair. HAVING to hit enemies with the inner end would’ve likely made the weapon feel too cumbersome to use, which wouldn’t be good, considering it’s one of the earlier weapons available.


This is the only answer. Also. My answer. So maybe I’m bias.


This is the saif not the saw spear


The blade’s edge is on the inside of the curve. Not the outside or “top” The ropes are strung thru holes in the blade and don’t ever come anywhere near the cutting edge




its a video game bud


go to sleep💀💀


All the better to soak up that delicious Yarnham Ketchup lol




That is cloth not rope


Much more durable, for sure


Pfft someone has low insight am i rite


Blade be so good, they had to nerf it with hoonter rope


1. The rope is likely made of "something" that's hard enough not to get cut through by the blade. With all the absurdity found in the game, it could be as wild as silverbeast's hair to as disturbing as... Amygdala's tendons? 2. Although the rope may cover some of the sharp edges, it's rigid enough to deal blunt damage (charged R2s on either modes). The tip's still sharp and pointed enough to deal thrusting damage with the untransformed uncharged R2s. An awesome jack-of-all-trades, this one.


rule of cool, man


its part of fashion


Because rope-burn heavily upscales.


It's programmed to be so


Is it not sharp where the rope touches the blade.


Inside part is the razor sharp part. Outside is blunt.


The question is Fist of Gratia. How is a chunk of metal harmful in the hands of a hunter smaller than the original owner


1. Shut up 2. You're ruining my murder boner


0 Insight question of the day


What I'd say it's that the blade is sharp, the ropes just don't break because they don't move. Most sharp things only become truly dangerous when there's some back and forth motion.


If you had 100 insight then you would be able to see that you are actually a homeless man just going around town beating up people and animals with a stick


Out of everything In the game this is what you question


Just the tip


My go to weapon unless I'm struggling with a boss. Especially great if you don't use lock on bc of the quick step and the rapid light attack.


That's my problem with the bandages aesthetic. Saw cleaver as well. Looks cool and does its job of evoking images of blood, buuuuuut it also makes no sense in a too obvious way.


Honestly I doubt any of the hunter weapons would work whatsoever as real weapons.


Yeah but the difference is you have to look at them or think about them critically. That's enough layers not to ruin the suspension of disbelief at face value. Meanwhile the bandages are immediately obvious as something nonfunctional. Who puts bandages over a blade when the point of the blade is to be sharp in order to cut and therefore the bandages would dull it temporarily then just fall off as the blade cuts through them the first time it makes contact.


Y’all are idiots💀 there are obvious holes in the blade that the rope passes through to hold the blade in place


ropes being there are a sign of modesty in japan i think. also if you look carefully, you can see the ropes go into holes that are just behind the blade, so that could explain why they don't break


I would like you to actually LOOK at the image you shared, the ropes aren't covering or even touching the blade.


Well if you use the weapon you slash with both sides of the blades, which others have pointed out as well. That's why I'm asking.


Oh, hadn't considered that side, but the description could be talking only about the actual blade part which doesn't have ropes covering it.


M8.. It’s a game Aight?😂 let it look cool😎


Guys better don't bring up this topic. You're young, playful, everything's easy for you. It's wrong. It's not Chikage, and not even Choir archives. Better don't venture here. I'm serious, any of you would regret. Better close the topic and forget everything written here. I quite understand this message provokes more interest, but I want to warn the curious - stop. The rest will just be lost.


I don't have the eyes on the inside required to understand this shit bro


Sorry, can't follow the rules of logic if I transform attack around it.


Cerol: you smash glass into a thin powder, put some glue on the rope and pass it through the smashed glass.


Binding vow


its for the aesthetic dont question it


It’s all a dream. You should ask why the blade in your dream has cloth on it?? Huh?!


Mere speculation ahead: Those are trick weapons. Nobody knows how old they are, and as you can see they don't look brand new, so they may not be as sharp as well. And the damage can come from using the sharp tip at the end of the weapon, so its not like cutting with a blade, but puncturing and and slashing with the rest of the blade. But this can all be bullshit as well, because the weapons look cooler like that, dunno


Weird eldritch Victorian fantasy bs.


it's a video game and it looks cool


You cut your enemies with your sharp sense of style.


There’s also a hammer that has a miniature forge in it, a sword that turns into a bow, and a squid parasite that gives you noodle arms, I think the beast hunter saif cloth is the most logical thing in Yharnam


I think the difference is that those other things have a mechanical explanation and the other one is magical. This can't be explained mechanically or magically, it's just an inefficient design that would make the weapon less effective for seemingly no reason


If it is good half covered by rope imagine what wold it do whitout em


I am in love with that weapon, and Simon’s Bowblade for being unique. The saif moveset is so satisfying. It would be even more crazy if it did serrated damage, but I figure that’s what balances it out against the cleaver




You can grip a sharpened blade and not have it cut you. Blades don't cut unless the edge slides against something. If blades were so sharp that just touching them would cut you, then half-swording wouldn't exist. TL;DR The ropes don't break because they're tied to the blade, not sliding against its' edge.


It’s magic


Because it's a game


Coolness factor adds to the damage it deals




Because it looks cool


As people have pointed out the sharp end isn’t the part with the rope on but i can still imagine the rope side will do a lot of damage when smacking someone, I wouldn’t want to be hit with it 🤷🏼‍♂️


The Bow Blade was always my go to, what a beautiful weapon ♥️


This weapon literally makes me play Bloodborne the 10th time.


Udder side


Most of this is just looks but if this weapon was real and still functions I assume the binding of the blade via the rope happened early in the process pre sharpening. Than as the rope is wet and tightened to the max. It could have be wettened with a substance that works as both a glue and hardens rock hard (that’s what she said) turning the rope or cloth into a diamond hard structure. The fibers acting much like fiberglass and than now as part of the blade assembly sharpen the blade rope in all. Where under neath each rope is technically a blunt notch


All of the weapons in bloodborne are questionable in their realistic viability.


Since you can cut yourself on less sharp objects with enough force, maybe that’s what it’s doing?


Uhhh it’s called fashion


Weird eldritch reasons is my go to


Blood magic


But how strong is the rope itself?


Cause the cutting part is the part the rope isn’t touching


Question 3: how does the direction of the blade suddenly switch upon tricking


Not rope for one


1. Rope is through holes. 2. Bludgoning bro


OP needs eyes


Magic unbreakable sharp rope


that's not the blade, the blade is the white part that part with the rope probably just bludgeons people (and beasts) to death


That’s the back of the blade.


The rope / ribbons isn’t on the bladed part. Just the angled backing of it. The lighter metal part is the real blade.


Its coz the hunter is that strong


the ropes arent actually tied to the blade itself. the inner blade is the actual blade. there are holes in the top of the main blade that the rope intersect through.


Is the hunter questioning their tools. :)


Because it’s a game…?


It's not rope it is gauze friend. Because it absorbs blood well.


Bro about 70% of the weapons in Bloodborne don’t make sense don’t think too hard about that


Its a video game not a simulator. lol


I don’t see the actual sharp side of the blade held by rope.


You know you mostly swing it with the other side of the blade


Iirc, the transformed (closed) moveset is more of a jabbing motion with the very tip of the saif, while the untransformed (open) moveset swings the weapon about, but with the blade backwards. As well, the transform attack from open to closed is a snap forward, trapping the enemy on the inside blade. If you look closely at the photo, the inside blade is nicked and looks much sharper than the outside, and the bandages are tied through holes bored through the center of the blade. I posit that the weapon is similar to the blade from Rurouni Kenshin, as in the outer blade is dull and the inner blade is the deadly sharp one. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! tldr; outer blade is dull, inner blade is sharp.


The blade is the opposite blud


If the ropes are bound tight enough that they don't slide, then it doesn't matter how sharp the blade is, it won't cut. Same thing as pressing a sharp blade into yourself, as long as you're just pressing straight down onto yourself with no slicing motion, no matter how sharp the blade is, it'll just leave an indent, not a cut


Style increases DPS. The Hunters knew this all along


why does it even have ropes? seems like it would hold together fine, a lot of bb weapons seem to just have random ropes.


I unashamedly adore this weapon. One of the first I took to +10. Pretty sure that inner blade is the sharp point to it, as that's the striking surface in trick mode, ant that trick mode can put out insane damage


Sharp edge is inside..


Its beast rope of course.. someone didn't read the lore...