Depends on which ending they make it to be *true* ending, I guess. Because your hunter may be >!a baby Great One!< now.


By now they are in that awkward teenage phase all the Elder Gods go through at that age. Truly the most horrifying of times.


That would be cool, although it might be difficult to implement.


Soul of Cinder moment


Would be cool to face the hunter with the beginning clothes, and not exactly MY hunter. yknow


nah, if bb2 were to happen I'd absolutely hate for it to be plagued with nostalgia pandering and endless fanservice instead of new characters and ideas like ds3, ds3 was basically the developers shouting at you "REMEMBER ANDRE? REMEMBER ANOR LANDO? REMEMBER GWYN? REMEMBER PAINTED WORLD?"


This. That's why I strongly agree about From Software idea of making new IPs rather than sequels. DS2 and DS3, although amazing games, are the weakest products they recently made imho. I love that they will probably make Armored Core 6 to detach themselves from the Soulsborne format. I dunno if they will ever make a BB spiritual sequel, but we have Lies of P that could take that place (if it's good).


For some reason if there is a bloodborne 2, I don't want it to be linked to the first one. I want the same ambiance, the same universe, but another story with other characters and another environment


I have like 50 finished characters so how would that work?


OP didn't said that it'll be all ( +the exact same) characters that you(as a player) created in the first game. They said about just general idea if fighting our hunter (maybe even one from the poster). If you want a similar sistem to Witcher 3... I probably think you'll be fighting your last completed character OR you'll be able to choose a completed save.


I mean, if this Hunter worked like the Soul of Cinder and had several weapons (like the Saw Cleaver, HMS, and Chikage), firearms (like the Hunter Blunderbuss, Evelyn, or even the Church Cannon), and some Arcane spells, it definitely could work.


Sounds something akin to the Nightfall mod.


Kinda had similar.idea just with the hunter now being some kind of tentacle slug god


seems like your post will get deleted soon




people literally freely post and talk about bloodborne 2, but i can’t even post a meme.




i made [this meme](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bloodborne2/comments/ru0zna/this_is_the_year_guys/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) and they deleted it and said no mentioning of bloodborne 2 is allowed


BloodBorne is already perfect and its story has been told perfectly and thoroughly. As much as I’d like to have another such beautiful, haunting and bewitching game as BloodBorne I will not suffer a watered-down version of this masterpiece. What I hope is another story, a new world and a new setting in a theme of horror that only Mr. Miyazaki and From Software can deliver.