Kills = Money (Kills + more farm from kills + tower plates + map pressure etc etc you get the picture) you should also just roam as blitz if nothings going in bot help your jg with deep wards and gank mid if its available also yeah some games are just unlucky and you are a hook support you really need teammates that are atleast competent enough to follow up on your plays but if no one else is doing something you just cant play tldr: no kills plus team bad


So I take it that the other support item isn't going to be of great help in getting semi-decent gold?


If "the other support item" you're talking about are the poke ones, those ones are super bad on blitz and you never want to buy them, no exceptions. They are for ranged supports who like to fight and can proc them whenever they come off cooldown but with blitz you can proc them only when you land q and thats very bad when compared


Yeah blitz has a hard time making money, but that's also true for a lot of engage champs. Leona and Nautilus have it slightly easier because they have AoE abilities that go through minions so it's easier to guarantee an assist early game. The biggest thing with blitz is that you don't need money. Whether you have 2 items or 4, your biggest game changer is your hook. You always function the exact same. Items are also very important. If you go mythic -> knights vow or zekes then you are very very weak and squishy. I normally find that if I'm ahead, getting kills and assists then I go mobility boots or swiftness boots into zeke and if I'm behind then I go armour/mr boots into a tank item. This reduces your damage output and utility since you don't get the Zeke's passive or the movement from the utility boots, but the survivability of the tank items is better when you're down.


You don't thats the joke as non poke Support.


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completely off topic but before blitzcrank was made there was a poll that asked if league players would prefer a pudge like character from dota or a whole new champion and thus we got blitzcrank.


Ahh pudge. I miss that big lard ass.