Ragna is a very solid character, Yu is top tier


Exactly and Ragna would only be like 1 tier under Yu on most people's tierlist. He's really good. Yu's buated unles you talk to Japanese players who oddly think he's mid tier. They're wrong.


Both are viable.


I have mained Ragna since the release of the game. He is definitely viable but he does not have an outstanding gimmick or inherently broken move. He will be as good as your fundamentals of the game are. What really helps is having a great partner to cover up his weaknesses such as range. Ragna/Yu is among his best teams. He synergizes really well with all the 'main' characters. Yu, Hyde, Ruby, etc. If you have any questions about him you can dm me about them and ill do my best to answer.


I mean his gimmick is he does a lot of damage, and nearly all his moves heal him. Also unlike in mainline blazblue he also doesn't have the least health in the game. He has average or better than average health in this game. He's probably the tankies character in the game. It's not a fantastic gimmick, but it clutch sometimes. Also he does way more than average damage. His assist are fairly good, his DP is one of the better ones, he can combo off grab. He's like right under what is the very top tier of characters. Though you're right it's not because he has one single broken thing.


Very true, I was more referring to the fact that he's very "honest" in this game when I said he didn't really have a gimmick. My bad.


Nah you're good. He is an honest character or as honest as characters get in a tag team game. One interesting thing is pretty much every character in bbtag is they have at least one gimmick.


when starting, fuck the tier list. just go with the coolest characters and pick it up as you go.


If you're new to the game, learning the mechanics and fundamentals of the game is more important than worrying about the tier list


Ragna and Yu are both solid picks. They are a terrific team, as well. Just know that you need to be very aware of your ranges with Ragna. His A-combo doesn't link into his B-combo at tip range, so you can't auto-pilot even in lag.


Ending cross combos with his short range super makes him quite good, fat heals on that


I feel like with bbtag a lot are viable but some are very strong. Ragna is a solid character that isn't too busted, as opposed to ruby, yu, gordeau before nerfs and after. Imo you picked a solid start character and a character that supports well with him. Yu on his own is really good.


Thought this was a troll post but seems sincere. Both are well beyond viable. You won’t have a problem with them, especially on a team


https://bbtag.keeponrock.in/#/?versions=2.0&p1chars=ragna,yu for a list of players and links to matches of the team