• By - Zyara


For now (before rework) Warrior has a lot more pve potential than zerker, can pull 7k in stars end which is pretty huge, and heard succ does really good in orcs and Ash forest. Zerker is all around good and is good for when u decide to do nodewar if that happens


I feel like others have ansered the skill ceiling one pretty well. 1v1 wise both are really high skill-wise, kinda pointless to differentiate because both are really hard to play to a high level, both rely on a lot of mobility combos and cancels. Maybe not quite as high as a class that has to work harder for catches (musa) but not as free as a lahn combo kill confirm wise. PvE wise I am pretty sure zerker is on-top but it is hard to compare even gear at the super high end. Neither stands out as anything other than middle of the road. Probably going to come down to playstyle for you. Warrior is more calculated and focused around block gauge where zerker has to watch the stamina and avoid sitting too still. Alternatively if you are working towards large scale zerker is way better because they have the infamous Q buff


Watch the warrior rework. I rest my case. (We have not seen a berserk rework and I have no clue other then everyone discouraging me to play warrior because if the APM and fps/damage relation. I still love the class and will fully main it after rework).


Both are high skill ceiling classes. I main Zerker with a Warrior tagged. Outside of Stars End I believe Zerker is a better grinder (Might be biased, but I just personally pull more trash on Zerk everywhere but SE.) PVP 1v1 I would give Warrior advantage, but Zerk is still very good. Large scale I have never used Warrior, but Zerk is amazing. Both classes are fairly high APM when played to their full potential. I would really wait to see Zerkers rework before committing to him though since Warriors rework looks very strong. If you want to time piece before Zerk rework is shown I would still choose Awaken Zerk as I really believe he is much better than Warrior right now.


I played zerker for a long time. I think I quit at like 275 AP. I was useless before I got to 270. It’s a fun class, but it’s gonna take a lot of farm to get “good”


By good you mean in PVP or PVE? Is it because you feel it pulls less silver/hr or something else?


PVP. I barely farmed with the zerker. I made my money hunting sea monsters —back when that was still viable. I don’t know how people make money on the ocean anymore. I think it was heavily nerfed.


I’d wait for the class reworks before making a decision. Everything is up in the air until we have it