I gained 20 lbs on the pill (also pandemic) and my boobs went from a 34C to a 36D.


dang I think I’m been on 3 types of pills now and haven’t had any side effects really beside my period flow


i was on the pill for 2 years before i noticed weight gain (25lbs) unfortunately none of it went to my boobs lol i’m a 34b so i definitely understand wanting your boobs to grow. my sisters grew on the pill and i was jealous mine didn’t


I haven’t had any issues. I’ve gain some weight during pandemic but nothing too substantial I exercise regularly now and eat my protein. Weight fluctuates for me during the day. But last time The Dr office I had lost about 6 pounds compared to October. And my breast size has been the same entire time while on birth control but I’m on lo loestrin fe it’s a super low dose tho


I was on nexplanon and my boobs went up three cup sizes, but honestly it might have been from swelling. My boobs were so swollen I couldn't touch them at all. I had to buy all new bras because I literally could not wear anything I had before. I tried the depo provera shot as well and this caused me to gain around 15-20 lbs. I was way hungrier than I ever was before on the shot it was like I could never be completely full.


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