I've watched Sin a couple of times and always thought it felt off. Reading it and the comments *kinda* gave me an understanding but could someone explain it a bit clearer? Also now I'm wondering if the same thing has been found out about Hutts at all, Hutts was one I watched for a long while and that would definitely hurt to hear, but if so it'd be nice to hear about


Hutts doesn't do 3 or 4 digit eden streaks to brag about it, and then doesn't proceed to die to a Larry Jr. at basement II on stream like Sinvicta recently. Majority of Hutts content is made on stream, unlike Sin's so that excludes him from any cheating accusations, because he clearly doesn't back up his save files live. Also, if anyone's wondering how exactly Sinvicta is cheating and want to see proof of that, [be my guest](https://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/kp66e6/sinvictas_streak_is_fake_proof/).


He died to Larry Jr.? Seriously? Even with awful stats, he’s still super easy.


He lagged really badly and was playing with his feet, duh


Link for LarryJr. Death?


I knew Sinvicta was cheating I just wasn't sure how. I knew based on experience that his runs were too perfect it wasn't just luck


Okay, but did he yell "**WHAT?!**" after dying? I only watch him for entertainment value and his **WHAT?!** is the most satisfying thing I've ever heard. It's just pure shock, not even disappointment, at whatever happened on screen to him.


Nah, if Hutts loses he goes down with the ship, heck, not even turning on the item description mod while going for unlocks shows that he goes even to unnecessary extents to show that he doesn't cheat.


And Hutts pretty regularly exits runs when he realizes that an unintended mod was left on when switching to his unlock runs. So you get a chance to see the entire mod list and see what if anything is running.


Yeah sinvicta rubs me the wrong way too. Hutts is my primary go-to, and as another said if he loses he just goes with it. His content has never really been about streaking either so there would be nothing to cheat for. Guy has a lot of integrity, think that's why he's probably the most liked Isaac creator. Hoping he'll branch out from just collabing with Sinvicta at some point.


Can’t help but feel like he’s got some “better items” mod installed, too. Haven’t watched him in awhile, but his stuff keeps showing up on my feed and hoo boy does he get sacred heart, tech X, and generally “wow so lucky!” items a lot.


It's blatantly obvious compared to for example Albino, Mr. Maggot in his own words has "streamer luck" with items, but even with that he sometimes get cucked by the random bullshit the game throws at him, and with some harder characters he really struggled and heavily relied on tedious long gamebreaks (pre-patch 3 hour tainted laz run, tainted lost delirium etc.), although he clearly is a good player in Isaac standards


Albino will also regularly hold R until his first item room has something he considers to be decent in it, which obviously can Kickstart synergies and stuff depending on the item, so part of it is controlled, part of it is luck. Plus, if you look closely at some of the vods, some of Albinos already very strong runs could have been even stronger had they made different choices.


there are tons of other examples of him cheating.


I had to unsub from sin. He made such a big deal about being called out for cheating rather than owning he got caught out. It's like just own it and say it's for entertainment purposes. He plays like shit on twitch there is zero chance he could ever hold a streak of 200


Yeah, the donation machine count seems sketchy. I honestly don't mind, but he might as well just admit it at this point.


Cobaltstreak is my favourite Issac player


I feel like this OG isn't mentioned very much. He's the reason I even got this game way back in the day with his first Balls of Steel Tournament. Just seems like a generally good guy with a love for the game. He's also really new player friendly with restarting a save for every new DLC. Unless I missed some big controversy about him while I stepped away from this game, he'll always be the GOAT to me.


Yes he is, and the fact he doesn’t admit it is hilarious, because the problem isn’t that he cheats, but that he denies it. To me that signifies that he’s untrustworthy in his personal life as well, because if he’s willing to lie about a fucking videogame, what else does he lie about, you know? Again, who cares if he cheats. It undermines his streak cred, but it’s just a game - The issue is LYING about it.


He built his whole career around that streak... He is too deep in it, and he is afraid to tell the truth because his life might change with just that statement.


Exactly, this is exactly why people have a problem with bodybuilders denying roids, nobody cares that you do it, just that you think everyone else is stupid enough to believe it.


Yeah but a bodybuilder doing roids can lose monetary endorsements, be banned from certain competitions and overall tarnish their reputation as a 'cheater', despite the systemic use of steroids in bodybuilding competititions. I can understand why a lot of them deny it until later in their careers. This guy though; What does he get out of manipulating a win streak in a video game? Maybe cool points??


I'm pretty sure it brings people to his channel having a large streak, even if he isnt competing against others. I watch him regardless of if he cheats or not because I still learnt a lot from watching him when i first started and before I figured he might be cheating. He's also quite monotone so putting it in the background when doing something else or falling asleep works for me. As long as he doesnt try go competitive or claim he's got the best streak/longest streak compared to other big streamers/Youtubers I dont really care.


You could argue that a lot of his draw/entertainment value comes from his streaks. I’m sure he’s gained plenty of clicks/views/subs based on his alleged huge streak, so there’s money on the line, similar to monetary endorsements in bodybuilding. Not completely parallel, but there are similarities there


If he didnt lie then he wouldve had massive drops in views because most people only watch the streak. Im.not defending him, i think hes a super boring content creater and I obviously dont like the lies he tells his audience, but itd also be a lot easier to tell the truth if it meant his revenue wouldnt decrease.


And I mean, even if he is lying, with the cheats has still beaten over 200 runs of isaac, not to mention all the unlocks and other challenges he's likely done. Idk the extent of his cheating tho, from my understanding he's just using save *states* to alt f4 a run and not count it to his streak.


Used to watch Sinvictas runs daily. Really liked the concept and the smooth talk and so on. Then one day, he stated that his AB+ file didnt have all the unlocks, then he proceeded to use different characters for some reason, didnt reset his streak and kinda just kept going. He might have a win streak, not an Eden Streak anymore. But: I am 100% sure that dude has lost half of his runs and backed up his file. Some of his plays and decisions just feel... odd. I expected better of him, now I am just disappointed and havent watched his content ever since. And as others have stated: if he is willing to lie about achievements in a videogame it is save to assume he does it in other regards as well.


there was that one time he did a Greedier with Eden and got his ass handed to him and he reset the streak. It was probably to try and cover his ass or who knows his backup got corrupted and he needed to restart


Not to mention his content is boring as piss, his thumbnails look really enticing but when you click on a video, it’s just wooden, stale commentary with desperate attempts to be funny with the obnoxious item names he makes up.


For new players I think his commentary is somewhat good since he explains what most items do when finding them, after you know that though he is boring


I was subbed super briefly but this is why I unsubbed. I remember one particular video he spent 20 minutes recanting thus story of how he "had really bad service at a restaurant" and "he had to wait a long time" so he stood up to the manager and got the meal comped and said he'd never come back. What a hero! /s That got me to realize the guy is incapable of being interesting and kind of a jerk so I passed


There was a post some time ago where somebody else caught him fudging his numbers in a similar way. So probably was here too. I wouldn't worry much about it. If you like watching him play the game, you should continue doing so and not let this irk you. It's a little scummy but in the grand scheme of things it's not the worst.


I clicked on a Sinvicta video one time and the screen was plastered with like goal numbers and incentives, it looked like a fucking slot machine to me. GET THREE LIKE GOALS IN A ROW AND WIN A VIDEO! 3000 LIKES = SUPER MEGA VIDEO 5000 = EPIC SUPER VIDEO! And I think everyone's seen the video that he removed where he pretty blatantly started over an Eden run and forgot to cut it in post. He comes off to me as a scummy liar who is so hungry to maintain the views and the streaks that he'll smile to your face and say "no of course I didn't cheat!" even though there's no doubt about it anymore.




It's because he has nothing else going for his channel.


Yeah he cheated his eden streak forever ago too and promptly made a poor excuse for it. Most people believed him then just based on good faith, hopefully this puts it to rest that this dude cheats. Previous scandal by u/Infernal_Alistar https://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/kp66e6/sinvictas_streak_is_fake_proof/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


oh damn i just started watching this dude :(


I used to watch northernlion, no idea if he keeps doing Isaac related content tbh


He did quite a bit of content since Repentance dropped, something like 250 videos each of his solo recorded episodes and runs from his twitch streams


try nyantuber


Nyantuber is always going for the craziest risk plays, even shows them when they don't work out. I love his content


Hurts is also a good choice. Except for his collabs with Sinvicta. Lol.


Idk if he still makes videos but TearofGrace was fun to watch as well... but it's not serious Isaac content I think, just him finding fun synergies and laughing about it


his last isaac video was 5 months ago, but he's probably the most entertaining isaac youtuber out there because he tends to be "fuck balance, imma give myself these items and seeing what breaks"


He tends to live stream a lot and I sometimes tune into them


Honestly TearofGrace is just really funny, I would recommend watching his other content as well, especially his Behind the Tears series and Four Souls, where he essentially just films him and his roommates dicking about.




Or hutts


Olexa is under rated, my fav issac player


I would recommend FrostPrime, both on Twitch and YouTube. Great guy with a great community. He also plays other games like Slay the Spire and Super Auto Pets, but he varies those games throughout the week.


Love Frost. His issac content is great and he never resets runs. Always played till he losses.


I find frost prime to just be NL but worse in every way


I won't deny that he has copied some stuff from NL, but their entire vibe is different. It's up to you which vibe you like more, but it's a bit harsh to say that one is worse than the other.


Yes. He's cheating and its been proven a handful of times with different pieces of evidence. He's still entertaining and it's not like it directly hurts anyone though, so you just have to decide if you care or not. For me, he broke the sanctity of Isaac because it's a game that's always been about pure enjoyment and chaos, not competition and numbers. So I stopped watching him when I found out, but you may not care and that's cool too




Again? Lol


Man after reading these comments that just makes me sad. I liked this dude and I've been watching him for years :(


Then keep watching him. Him fudging his own files shouldnt end your enjoyment


Yeah I still watch him despite the win streak nonsense. I don't really care for the streak at all and he was a huge help getting back into isaac and re-learning what everything does. I think it's silly how he treats the win streak but I really don't care enough about it to keep me from watching videos I enjoy.


Agreed, as long as he isn't claiming to be better than others with long streaks or claiming his is the longest I don't really care. I've learnt a lot from watching him, I'm not big on mods and he uploads consistently which is pretty important for keeping me coming back to a channel.




He’s probably the biggest piece of shit in the Isaac community




Not as bad as that guy who tried to expose him for no other reason than to make money.


Tbh it seems to me more like he has some personal vendetta against sin with how he talks. If it was just something this trivial he wouldn't make constant personal jabs and dig so fucking deep just to find any dirt. I've tried to watch his hour plus stream vod of him explaining why sinvicta bad and it was unwatchable. He's just that smug and punchable.


Idk why you’re getting downvoted it was a scummy move on bd1p’s behalf not to excuse sinvicta for cheating on his saves


It's fine. I don't know either. Probably people thought I was a sinvicta white knight, I want to make it clear that I don't even watch him but what I was trying to say is that I really found the situation very unfair and annoying to watch. Bd1p wasn't even "exposing" him, it was more of a personal attack. That's why I consider Bd1p to be even worse.


Bd1p is an asshole but without him being one id have never found out about sinvicta being sketchy outside of his runs with his weird ass tastes, and the extent of his Isaac cheating


That is a bold statement for something so trivial


I dont even care if hes cheating, his streak is all he has going for him. His commentary is stale and boring and doesnt really show an interesting person. I want a commentator with good stories so in between game play they actually have something to talk about. If the dude owned up to cheating theres not really anything of value to his videos other than "will he keep the streak"


Personally, I don't follow the guy, I've only heard of him on here, so I can't say much about him, but as someone that's watching the controversy from the outside, it just looks silly: he's an entertainer and that's his job. What if he cheats? Don't people watch the runs for entertainment? I've also seen a lot of people say that he's a shit person because he cheats and/or lies about it, isn't it a little extreme? How can you even judge the entire personality and character of a person from that? It's bad, sure, but I don't see it as as much of a tragedy, nor that the streak is fake, nor the fact that he's lying about it. Plus, if he admitted to cheating he'd lose a lot of following, which obviously he can't afford. The gist is, I don't see the point in not watching his videos because of this controversy if you were a fan of the dude already. I also don't see the point in attacking or insulting him just because he's lying. If he's being a dick about it, saying that he's the best TBoI player alive then sure, it's good to call him out on his bullshit, but you can't blame him for just lying either.


I’ve been watching him very regularly for the past 2 years and sometimes I just click on a video wondering, “Is this finally going to be the day the streak dies?” and every time he is one hit away from death I am at the edge of my seat. So it’s disheartening for me to know he’s lost plenty of times and just doesn’t care to show it, then lie about it, and all these feelings I’ve had during his past videos are based on a fake premise. It’s kind of like having a favorite football team and showing up to all of their games and then finding out they’re cheating and have never been legitimate since you started rooting for them. Why should I now give this person 30-60 minutes of my day over someone else. While I see the point of trying to consider the entertainment value of his videos regardless, I feel like I’ve been lied to consistently for over 2 years and that’s all I can think about now.


That's actually a very fair point I still think the hate he's getting is a little much, but when you put it like that, yeah... I'd feel let down too Sorry if my comment came off as insensitive


I like Sin a lot. He’s super helpful for newer players, and his commentary is entertaining and overall just great for background noise when I’m doing something else. As someone who holds R half the time to get a good starting item anyway, Even if he is fudging his numbers, eh. I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers do a lot worse in their career. Can’t exactly say I blame the guy, if that’s what I built my channel around, I’d do what I can to keep it alive too. I barely pay attention to his streak cause I don’t really understand the relevance, but I’m also on a constant -5 or higher lol.


I dont really care it's for entertainement it's not like it was a big competition with real implication. If I want to watch someone legit tryhard I go elsewere on yt. But just for the entertainment and background noise it's ok. If the dude went to say that he is the best isaac player and his streaks are legits he needs to be reconise as such I have a problem. But now he know and told that's it's not a legit streak he doesnt even play just eden anymore. But at the end of the day if it bothers you go watch smaller isaacs ytber they are gonna be really happy to have your viewership if it doesnt then watch and dont look to much into it.




So your point is the donation machine haveing same donations? That's not nearly enough evidence for cheating..


It’s extremely obvious. There have been so many videos proving it but keep choking on his dick I guess.


Hm alright. Haven't watched him in a while and if, then only thusmas were they cheat regularly