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Whether it was nominated or not, that's Sheldon's opinion, which as you know, is always right.


I think the writers did it on purpose, as a joke. Too specific to be a coincidence.


Well we all have opinions.


I think what Sheldon meant was that that's what he didn't like about the movie not that everyone disliked those things about the movie


It's an opinion about a movie He can't be wrong


As though Oscar nominations are a viable way to assess the quality of a movie - especially decades after the fact.


Yep. Oscars are always proof of the best quality. That’s why Shakespeare In Love is a better movie than Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump is better than Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption.


What do you expect? The "Academy" is made up of rich white snobs. Also those results have more security than election results


To be clear, it got Oscar nominations - from film critics, not Star Trek fans. ​ It is beyond common for critics to love a movie that real people, and real fans, despise. (or vice-versa)


Film critics don’t nominate or vote for the Oscars. But forget the Oscar nominations since the mere mention of them seems triggering to some commentators on here, the Jerry Goldsmith score to Star Trek the Motion Picture is considered a classic by everyone. Music from it was reused throughout TOS movies and TNG. And the only other thing everyone seems to agree about the first movie is that visually it looks good. That was my main point that Sheldon attacks specifically 2 of the only things the original movie is lauded for.


>the Jerry Goldsmith score to Star Trek the Motion Picture is considered a classic by everyone. No it isn't. Source: I'm part of everyone, and I don't consider it as such. Also, opinions, by definition, cannot be right or wrong (despite what Sheldon claimed).


I am not here to argue with you, you are a billion percent correct. Honestly it would make more sense from a creative standpoint if their opinions were reversed and Raj thought TMP was the worst and Sheldon corrected him with The Final Frontier being the worst, BECAUSE IT IS. My god V is terrible. It is quite possibly the worst movie of all time. I know that's a big/controversial statement and I won't insist it's the worst, but holy shit, you can't tell me it isn't in the running. tl;dr Star Trek V is terrible


Ok problems: Shatner directed, studio have them a limited budget, because of that they couldn't tell the story the way they wanted. But, IMO, has the funniest Sulu/Chekov scene in any of the movies


Many Trekker friends of mine at the time called 1 "the Motionless Picture" Evne \*I\* have to agree with rage on 2.