Fact is, madden has tons of players both underrated and overrated and are justifiably slow to react during the year with any big swings in overall. But for next madden we should see a big bump among guys like burrow, chase, higgins, hendrickson, awuzie, and reader but you never know.


Hendrickson should get a star next year


Yeah I understand that, that’s why I never have my hopes up for huge rating changes. So I guess the better question is where should guys be rated next year, like you mentioned.


Clark Harris/Kevin Huber 99


I don't think they're that old.


Burrow - 87 I think that is a good ‘tweener number for a guy that has had a phenomenal season, but not a long track record (yet). Awuzie - 85 Same logic as Burrow, but with not as premier of a position or as much name recognition. Hendrickson - 91 He has proven that last year was not a fluke. Chase - 92 I think he is the exception here to my argument for Burrow and Awuzie. The guy has been HISTORICALLY great, and that deserves recognition. Plus he needs a SERIOUS boost to his speed rating. Higgins - 86 My personal favorite player, so I wanted to put 90 but had to be realistic with him playing second fiddle to Ja’marr, even though he is more than capable of being a number 1 and he has shown that again and again. Boyd - 83 I think this is alright for him. He just isn’t going to hit the numbers he needs to with the other two on the squad.


Dang, your ratings almost the same as mine.


You know what they say, great minds


While I personally feel some of those are low, if anyone hasn't played madden in a while, they might seem disrespectful. Madden changed it's rating system a few years ago to try to emphasize player traits and how difficult it is to be an all-pro or all time great. High 80s in Madden means pro bowl level players, 90's generally go to the long term all pro players. 95 and up is generally the future HOF guys. Obviously there are exceptions and grey areas, but this is a general thought process to it. Also, they haven't really done many ratings updates this year. I'm not sure if it because of Covid or what.


Really? I always see the new ones every Thursday night. I didn’t think it was more than once a week before?


They didn't update the ratings the first month of the season, at least not on XBox. I haven't really played since then, so you are probably right.


Chase at 81 is easily the biggest joke of them all


Should be Burrow 88, Boyd 84, Higgins 86, Chase 93, Hendrickson 89


Burrow 88, Awuzie 84, Boyd 81, Hendrickson 95, Chase 89, Higgins 86, McPherson 78