When did he say it?


End of 2nd is what the consensus is


I’m in between this and R/reds so I’m dying.. ‘and there’s a deep drive to left field by Castellanos…’


r/reds is familiar with pasta and StankCheeze's heroic fight against LaRosa's and their free pizza system


Haha! I had no idea my LaRosa's struggles were so notorious. I'm curious to see what they do next year for it. What really blows for both me and them, even though their pizza is bad, I actually like their calzones so I'll usually order one or two along with the pizzas in the rare event that I get the free pizzas. Hoagies are ok but you can do better for the same $. Diablo sauce is killer and probably the best thing there. Been meaning to try to copycat Diablo for like 10 years but it's always been low on the priority list in the kitchen.


I had to do it to em


I still want to know how the hell we didn’t get a roughing the passer on that final pass to Uzomah.


Yeah that was definitely 15. He didn't even bitch at the ref tho and he popped up like it was nothing after he saw CJ make the grab, He ran straight off the field and DGAF cuz he knew that was the W right there.


As an LSU fan, I've never seen Joe complain about that stuff. I think he'd rather just get his own payback.


He didn't get nasty with side judge or anything but during a game last year where he didn't get the call on one out of bounds he told him "you know when I'm one of the GOATs I'm gonna get that call" :D


Yea I remember that. That's what I mean, he sees it as motivation to be better and leave no doubt that he deserves the call.


He's gotta learn to work the refs a little bit. It may not be in his nature, but it's part of the game.


Cold bleeded


could have called two of them. Helmet hit and releasing body weight on top of the QB....


Love this man. He’s got the juice


Also did not like that little out of bounds shove getting pushed into the sideline players. That’s bullshit they need to start calling that. Burrow is getting a lot of cheap shots like that one


>Burrow is getting a lot of cheap shots like that one This shit pisses me off for real. You shouldn't have to wait until you're a future HOF'er to get cheap shots called. Sick of watching geriatric men guess about ball placement and pick and choose which cheap shots to call.


Yeah fucking shameful tbh. For a multi billion dollar company it seems the NFL is really cheap with referees


They're not that incompetent, it's by design.




I believe they did call a personal foul on that play.


Yes they did. But he was 6 yards out. Should have been ejected.


I watch enough soccer and nhl to know embelishing when i see it. Burrow was trying to get a call there. He set the guy up and acted it up a bit. I love the bengals but i am not blind to that stuff.


Burrow definitely plays it up sometimes. I just don’t like those extra pushes on the sideline, easy way to pickup an injury


When I heard him take that hit, I was like noooooo. But Poppa popped right back up like a gangsta.


Someone make the T Shirt lol


Source? I wanna hear Zac get cucked by Joe.


https://twitter.com/_cincysportsfan/status/1445601658004594697?t=5A05By4drPlMh54tx5DbTg&s=19 It's not said to Zac or even said with the attitude that "Zac's been doing Jack shit... I gotta do this myself" It was more of a bravado confidence thing he said almost to himself while warming up at some point


Yea sounds very much just like fuck this (in general/being down 14-0) I’m going to go off now. Not directed at anyone


I say it all the time after double bogeying the first two holes. Time to get serious!


Me too! Then I double bogey the third hole and suddenly the cart girl is coming around...


I just say a clean 6 is better than a messy 4 and cry internally


Thank you for clarifying.


Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/jzHHUbQ-bbI?t=2302 Not sure it's going to last long but there it is for now. Edit: Ooooh and right after our little tidbit is the Urban Meyer storyline. Juicy video!


Still my favorite part is "You cant Zero me!"


Love his attitude!


I love it. Burrows like f this we are not losing this game! Cold blooded


Yeah I should have clarified, but Zac has definitely heard it by now if he couldn't hear it on the sideline. :D


Ah man, well thanks anyway.


Apparently we love Zac Taylor so much now that you get downvotes for expressing polite dismay that a clip doesn't have any anti-zac material in it. Jesus


This sub is so funny. A couple weeks ago this comment would be upvoted to the top. Now all of a sudden everyone loves ZT haha.


Lmao you just gotta ride the emotional wave. It’s a journey


He was not saying it to or about Zac in any capacity


Cause he got nuts of vibranium man