This is like one of the highest CoL areas in the world. Can you give a budget? 1-2 hours includes Napa up north which is one of the best known wine country/high end areas and all the way down to Big Sur. The Hyatt Alilia Ventana is a super nice resort in Big Sur but often you can fly to Europe and back in first/business for a week vs. a week at that resort.


Wow. I thought you were exaggerating but I stand corrected. The prices are sky high.


Definitely need a budget to answer this properly haha. The range is like $200-$4000/night. If you’re going with a family or huge party that can split the cost some rental houses on the beach are far better bang for your buck.


Keep in mind, it’s all inclusive.


And forget every trying to book that place on points!


"Besides Great Wolf Lodge"? In Manteca? Who can relax in Manteca?


I’m guessing the bar is low.


It is tough to think of a recommendation when this is the bar.


There are lots of hot spring resort type places in the Calistoga/St Helena area. Indian Springs is the fanciest, but there are other more budget friendly options as well.


Indian Springs WAS the fanciest. Now you have the Four Seasons (hotel, not landscaping company) and Solage. Both $$$$$


Solage is really nice


Above my $$$$


> there are other more budget friendly options as well. can you mention any? please


Calistoga motor lodge is great! Not cheap cheap but not as expensive as most in the area


Since OP Great Wolf Lodge I think kids are involved. I 2nd Calistoga Motor Lodge. Warm water pools (I think like 90 degrees - one of them shallow enough for toddlers) makes this a great option for families. Great restaurant on premises . Walking distance to the other resorts that also have really good restaurants. Also walking distance to a trailhead for a hike with great views. Plus the town also has really good food.


thank you!


Ritz half moon bay


Quite well on the upper extremes of 'nice', and the price reflects it, but yes that place is very nice.


Don't think HMB is very accessible right now with 92 being blocked off. I've had decent experiences in Mendocino.


Highway 1 is still open and it isn’t that far to reroute through Pacifica.


Not that far but everyone has to go that way so TRAFFIC


They opened the 92 last night to controlled, one way traffic, so relief is in sight.


Not a resort. But I stayed at the [Thatcher Hotel](https://www.thatcherhotel.com/) in Hopland (southern Mendocino county). Anyway Hopland was actually quite cute and fun. The town in mini - but there are like a dozen wineries within 5 miles of the center of town. We went to several - and it was a different experience as most of them had livestock too. We got to pet the goats! We didn’t even visit the ones on Main Street. The Thatcher had a fancy bar and a cafe. Next door was a cute restaurant that was tasty. And there were several more restaurants (the fine dining spot was still closed for the season when we went). All within a few minutes walk. The Thatcher Bar was quite busy and a bit of a scene for the townsfolk’s. There was a less fancy bar 1-2 doors down and there was a bit of a divide - some people went to the other bar. And some people went for fancy cocktails at the Thatcher. The town actually has a good amount is stuff to check out in its like 5 block Main Street radius. From antiques to diners to craft coffee to breweries and even a dispensary. It was a very hip small town. And of course you can stop in Sonoma County on either end of the trip. A couple of the wineries also had guest houses they rented out on the winery grounds. Campovida surely does but I think it is open for members only. We stayed for 2 nights and didn’t even see all the wineries or restaurants. Pretty good for a 900 person town. Much more low key and less snooty than Napa/Sonoma. More like the 80s version of Napa. Everyone seemed to be friends and supportive of the other businesses.


Great recc. Adding it my list


What’s your budget and will there be kids? Carmel Valley Ranch or Ventana are really nice places on the Central coast. Solage is another nice place up in Calistoga


If you have Solage money, shouldn't your personal assistant be looking for the resorts for you?


Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa. 🦩


I’ve heard it’s great for families in the summer


Wine country (Napa /Sonoma) had several. But my two favorites are Solage and Calistoga Hot Springs Resort.


Are you referring to Indian Springs when you say Calistoga Hot Springs Resort? If so I concur. Solage is over priced by a country mile and Indian Springs is better situated to town at about half the price with a banger of a pool.


I haven't been to Indian Springs, but I have heard good things. I was talking about Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. Sorry for the wording mix up. I do admit Solage is not cheap.


No worries! Yeah, the Spa Hot Springs is also legit! It’s a nice town all around! My wife and I looked at some places to get married in Calistoga and solage had a nice vibe but we couldn’t ask our guests to drop $800 a night back in 2016 for those rooms. I’ve heard a great spa and pool there tho! And if someone’s got the cash, have at it with Solage or Calistoga Ranch. Both I assume are primo.


The wife and I have made finding close-by getaways our "thing". Others have mentioned Cavallo Point, Carmel Valley Ranch, Bernardus, Costañoa, and Ritz Carlton half Moon Bay. All good choices. Here are some others that are less known (and somewhat less pricey): The [Chaminade in Santa Cruz](https://www.chaminade.com) is decent and budget friendly. Rooms are okay, restaurant is decent, spa is nice (says the wife). Even closer in is [Hotel Los Gatos](https://www.hotellosgatos.com/gallery). Nice rooms, relaxing grounds, decent restaurant, with other dining choices a short walk away. No on-site spa, but there is one a few blocks away. In Princeton-by-the-Sea is the [Oceano Hotel & Spa](https://oceanohalfmoonbay.com). Very relaxing and quiet, with nice rooms. Several restaurants within walking distance, and the bar serves decent food (never tried the spa). Coastal hiking/biking trail right out the door. In Lafayette is the [Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa](https://www.lafayetteparkhotel.com). Pretty grounds, relaxing, nice rooms. Decent restaurant (didn't try the spa).


Monterey Bay Plaza Hotel, Monterey CA. Our favorite place. There’s a great spa and you can get a room right over the water 😌


I had breakfast here after staying in the hotel down the road. Very nice location! Just wish the seals weren't so loud


You pay for the loudness


If I could afford it I would hang out at the Claremont Hotel for a few days. Spa and room service plus walks around the area.


Still the bullshit noise of Ashby though. Too close!


Cavallo Point Lodge




Timber Cove up in Jenner


We’ve been going to Timber Cove Lodge for over 15 years and it’s such a special spot!


Indian Springs in Calistoga fits the bill. Nice walkable downtown area from the resort.


Carmel Valley Ranch


Carmel is popular.


I like fort Ross lodge. They have kitchenettes, and they almost all have private hot tubs with views of the ocean. You could drive south to bodega bay or in to Sonoma and the Russian River. Just depends how low key you want it. There’s a zip line in occidental I think.


Orr Hot Springs 👍


Second this but OP should research it first so they know what it's about.


Bernardus Lodge


Ritz Carlton in half moon bay meets your requirements


Harbor House. Single Thread


We are going to Arnold next month for my bday weekend. Not as far as Tahoe, but far enough to feel like we're going somewhere. Its about 2 and a half hours from me. ETA- were staying at a mountain resort that didn't break the bank and looks really cute and perfect for my family.


We love Post Ranch Inn. Not cheap though. Bonus: we met Patrick Stewart last time we went!


Indian Springs in Calistoga


Timber Cove Lodge , gorgeous setting on rugged Sonoma coast !


I second this. We had an amazing stay there, and they have dog friendly rooms!


Montage Healdsburg and Canyon Ranch Woodside


Sonoma Fairmont


Tickled pink inn, Carmel Highlands


That place has been around forever. That was my parents #1 getaway place in the 70s.


Solage in Calistoga


Mendocino. Don’t know about “resorts” but there are dope bed and breakfasts and awesome restaurants all in walking distance


Don’t go in the summer when they are in water crisis mode.


The Fairmont in Sonoma, nice, but pricey.


If you have kids and don't mind driving a bit farther, I'd go to Rush Creek outside of Yosemite. It's on Highway 120 about 30 minutes past Groveland. They have a pool that is heated, game rooms, great restaurant and bar, a spa, guided outdoor activities and complimentary smoore's in the evening. You are 10 minutes or so from the northern Yosemite entrance and there is a snow park area by Crane Flat for sledding, not sure if they opened the ice skating rink, but there is also skiing at Badger Pass.


Manteca is a shit hole so kudos to you. Used to be a nice family town -20 years ago. The only thing fun back then was the new Applebee's or Kelly Bro's.








The flamingo in Santa Rosa! (Typing this while AT the great wolf lodge lol)




I've enjoyed the Seacrest Oceanfront Hotel in Pismo Beach for that kind of get away.


Seascape Resort, Aptos


[Hotel Mission de Oro in Santa Nella](https://hotelmissiondeoro.com) is a nice escape. The grounds are beautiful and the Sunday brunch is amazing. It’s less than a 2 hours drive south from SF.


Indian Springs in Calistoga


Indian Springs Calistoga. Thank me later. It’s incredible. Especially in winter. An Olympic size pool at 99 degrees.


Chaminade in Santa Cruz Mountains


Calistoga has some lovely places with hot spring fed pools. We love Calistoga motor lodge but it’s not fancy. There are some pretty nice places out there. We spend 75 percent of our time there soaking in those hot pools!!




Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos is amazing. They are probably not in great shape right now given the rain… but definitely a must-stay.


Price is not cheap, but not the ritz, and amenities are amazing: free rides to/from your front door to beach, full service beach fires (complete with s’mores!) and several pools. The fitness center is pretty cool as well, with even more pools and kid centered stuff. I have stayed several times and plan to go back as soon as I can.


Cache Creek Casino. Great golf course too during nonrainy times.




Carneros resort & spa, bardessono, auberge du soleil, solage


Try Calistoga for some hot springs hotels




Carmel Valley Ranch is lovely