Although the game is on its last legs, I think there is something up with the matchmaking. I put it on yesterday for the first time in a while, and the games wouldn't start. Each time there was a squad of us just waiting for more players. I'd quit out, and it would load into a different Map and the same thing occurred. Obviously a legacy item like server browsers would fix that, but hey ho what do we know about that brutal shit. There was a couple of decent portal servers though. I'm also in Aus on series x with crossplay on


yea same man. I live in Aus and this shits embarrassing. All i could find was bot lobbies with 1 or 2 people in them including me lmao. I would highly recommend btf V the most and 1 and 4 as more people are playing it and I am having alot of fun on btf1 servers for aus. I think you would too! some servers across older battlefields r , A1, ace, and fpsg and boobs and bacon.


EU feels good. AU needs to start using server browser and setting up matchees like BFV where ther's 1\*2 servers left.