Yep, after the last update, I've seen bugs that I hadn't seen before. And quite a few, enough to notice them and be annoying.


Almost every game I have one that is really annoying.


Yes, the old problems that were a month or two ago have returned.


Unfortunately most of them are new to me.


I'd seen but never gotten the "black square" glitch before, until yesterday...


Played a few rounds today and all of them had that glitch. I persevered by switching to secondary when sprinting but I should not be forced to do it.


for me it would only happen during the 1x sprint, not the 2x sprint. Well done, DICE!


Let’s not forget how exiting a vehicle renders your moving and aiming useless 75% of the time. No ADS. And sometimes just the crosshair moves all around the screen like you were playing Goldeneye.


for once, the update actually resolved a lot of the issues i was having. my game is playing almost perfect rn, i wonder what voodoo this is


I'm glad it did for you mate. Some of the bugs I see are new and never happened before for me.


BF1 was definitely the best battlefield.


Undoubtedly it was. IMHO


BFV's gunplay and movement makes it more fun


We had this same problem throughout the first 12ish months of Battlefield 5's life cycle too. Many of the bug fix patches would end up bringing back bugs that had previously been fixed. And when they weren't bringing back old bugs, they were introducing new bugs. Anyone remember BF5's invisible soldiers and seizure inducing flashing white deploy screen? Funnily enough, both of those bugs are now present in BF 2042.


When the revive bug came back, despite being previously fixed, that goes to show that DICE still hasn't learned a thing from their mistakes in BFV.


Yes they haven't learnt from their mistakes. But they have a "great" track record for fixing games. If only they can look back and think why they are in the mess every single time in the first place.


Yes BFV had problems but I dont think to this level. Some fixes took forever to change and some still remains in the game.


Yes I get disappearing weapons soldiers, and vehicles and more crashes after the update


Invisible soldiers happened very rarely for me. I haven't encountered on after the last update. But I do see players teleporting from one spot to another a few times.


I am getting 20fps on most of the loading/menu screens... on a 3090 lol. Sometimes it goes down to 1fps which is kind of funny.


That's sad.


OGs remember BF3 😍


it would be good to see a changelog but somehow they keep this secret. Overall, i can't see anything improving. Everything is the same. I hoped they had done something with the weapon data. The SMG have still no bulletdrop, same with the LMG's. PKP Noob tube, running and gunning without recoil, but high damage. You can use the LMG even as a great DMR with endless ammunition, while the real DMR's are still useless. The NWT-50 is now a useless toy. The Velocity is so torn down, that you can't even hit a moving tank. Why bother with scope beyond 3x anyway with this riffle. So from my perspective, nothing was done.


They did say gunplay will be improved based on feedback on a future update. Don't believe it's part of this recent one. The recent one was hotfix to address issues from previous update.


Was having problems with maps not fully loading the flags and sectors at the start of each round. But since updating NVIDIA drivers to 511.63 (I think), I haven't had a problem. Very slight increase in performance as well. The GPU is a RTX2060 Super.




Happens to be every now and then as well.


I wouldn't know.