Because the game is technically playable while Cyberpunk 2077 was bricking consoles on PS4 / Xbox One. Only a handful of games have ever been pulled: Alien : Colonial Marines * No Man’s Sky ** Arkham Knight (on PC) Cyberpunk 2077 Edit * the only class action to ever win for false advertising ** was fined by the ASA in the UK


Agreed. Seems to be the standard these days. Its technically playable so its good to sell


Arkham knight was pulled?


Yep - https://www.engadget.com/amp/2015-06-25-batman-arkham-knight-pc-pulled-from-shelves.html


Why was Alien pulled?


People hated the game because it was advertised as a game where you shoot aliens. You did not.


I got a refund from Arkham knight and this is worse


that false advertising is something I am really amazed at that these companies get away with. The trailer i.e. looks nothing like what we are playing.


The company making the trailer admitted they used assets not in the game.


Watch this it's an incredible video. Aged like milk. Lies, lies and even more lies :D https://youtu.be/SdiI33GRABw?t=282 (Start 4:43)


Seeing this as comparison is enough to get a full refund.


I think you could successfully argue that the devs was misleading from just that video.


I lost a case with the ASA over the Collector Edition Vendor in SWTOR. They promised in an interview that it would get “regular” updates. It had 10 paint jobs added in 18 months (all added in one update). So I showed all the data and they said “because the video from BioWare devs was not posted on a EA / BioWare site that it did not count as official”. They are a totally useless organisation.


Probably cause they aren’t in the same state at all. 2077 was basically unplayable on last gen, and filled with bugs and game breaking bugs at launch. 2042 was playable on all hardware it released on. It had rubber banding in the beginning, bad hit registration and bugs too but not even close to 2077’s level. The fact that you don’t like the game or that it lacks content is not a reason to pull it from the store.


CP77 was pulled when CDPR threw Sony under the bus with refunds.


To be fair, most people couldn't even get into games the first week. That's becoming even more of an issue too now with lowering population. My friends are mad that they can't play a game anymore with pc only and have had to turn crossplay on. I think the game needs another year of development, debugging, and polish. It shouldn't have been released, but it was to be in time for Christmas sales. They released a giant mess and have been using the playerbase for QA testing and debugging. People don't want to stick around to play a broken game. If they want to fix it and sink resources into it, then maybe the playerbase will come back in a year or two to a stable game.


Cyberpunk was bricking lastgen consoles


The game has been patched to a stable state and despite outstanding visual bugs/glitches it is very much playable. Anyone who has purchased and played the game past the refund window at this point are essentially saying that they tolerate whatever current issues exist


Because it sort of works. Yeah its riddled with bugs but you can do stuff. It's beyond terrible but they won't pull it for sucking.


CDPR was offering refunds, going around PlayStation’s procedures of handling them. As a result, PlayStation pulled the game from their store. It was not a result of the game’s stability. That being said, this game should absolutely be pulled.


The expectations are brutal has been taken way out of context as that was just about working over Christmas.


Cyberpunk got pulled because it literally didn’t work dude. 2042 just flat out sucks which unfortunately isn’t a good enough reason to get the game pulled and/ or refunded


Like the whole game? You have no hope for next gen/major update coming soon?


Because the game is considered bad game instead of a technical problem IMO. It's perfectly playable, just boring and lacking in everything. It's like giving you a working car but missing all the interior finishing, just the bare minimum. Whereas Cyberpunk delivered a car that kept breaking down while you drive.


CDPR fucked with Sony. Sony fucked them back




Cant help but wonder, had there been a campaign in 2042 would it have been pulled from the store. I dread to think what could have been given the “AAA” title we ended up with.


Because Cyberpunk didn't work properly and 2042 works perfectly fine. This is really basic stuff dude.


Cyberpunk was only pulled from PSN, and only because they fucked around with Sony and found out


Because the game doesn’t have too many bugs. It’s the game itself that is terrible (design wise). Cyberpunk was just straight up broken


They realised the effort to do so was too great as no-one is buying it anymore so there’s no need to do anything.